18 Ocak 2023

Hi Hank

HankHello, my name is Hank, twenty-two years old and making a good buck working as a motorcycle mechanic. Dad was sentenced to ten years in the black bar hotel for the embezzlement of two hundred grand from work so he could bet on horses, ponies and dogs. He figured he’d hit the so-called jackpot and pay it back. What a dreamer. I can’t believe he never saw anything wrong with this. I am so angry with him and Mom is flat out embarrassed. Dad and I were going to get into motorcycling, taking courses so we could enter bike rodeos and other great events in the world of motorcycling. Well, that was a few years ago. I’ll just join a H.O.G. chapter of Harley Davidson. I did pick up a 91 Harley Sporty 1200 that needed a little work. Since I am a bike mechanic, I was able to get this bike in top running condition.Mom is about forty-eight years old and recently started to don half-glasses while reading the paper, phone book, and Daniel Steele novels. What also makes her look so ‘hot’ is the neck chains of small pearls or purple glass beads, the glasses being silver, gold or black in half-moon or half-square style I call ‘granny glasses.’ I like it when Mom has them hanging across her well-developed breasts and the light of the room sparkles in them.EdnaSomething interesting is going on, whenever I need my glasses for reading, I just pick them up and put them on. Sometimes they get smudged and I clean them with the hem of my skirt. For the last few months or so, when I go to use them, they are sparkling clean. Once in a while, they need my hem but quite lately, not so. I begin to wonder that since my son Hank is the only one here, has he taken an interest in his Mom’s half-glasses? ‘Oh, Edna,’ I say to myself, ‘He’s just being sweet and doing something nice for Mom.’HankIn my mind’s perverted eye, I see the light of a candle twinkle in them. They sit part-way down Mom’s nose as her head is going up and down my rod, with another pair she has those beads wrapped around it and strokes my balls with them.Since Mom seems to corner the market on various styles of half-glasses, each pair having a well-made neck chain, I begin to enjoy them when she goes out to bingo with her work friends. So for the last year, I have been having quite the time with Mom’s sweet and rather sexy half-glasses.EdnaOne night I fall asleep in the living taksim escort room on the sofa, I was watching an old movie, ‘The heart is a lonely hunter.’  Hank is thirsty from that big sixteen-inch pizza we had for supper and is getting a drink from the fridge. He’s very quiet so as not to wake Mom. He walks over to the end table by the sofa, picks up my glasses, he kisses and licks them, now he’s rubbing them under his balls, holds them to his cock which takes on a larger size very quickly then goes back to kissing and licking.My mind is doing ninety! ‘Uh huh, Hank has a fetish all right!’  No doubt about it and  I say to myself, ‘Edna, I like his fetish.’ No wonder my glasses have been spotless for a while now. I don’t mind what he is doing at all, at least he likes them and I am sure he has had some fantasies about them and maybe I am in his fantasies. I checked it out on the internet and also spoke to a friend of mine who is a frequent user of the library. Gloria told me that guys have been known to like and use ladies things, their undies, heels and glasses at times.A few months go by, life seems like normal but I have to say, ‘Edna you are somewhat happier as of late.’ I have to agree. The more I give it thought, the more I know I was turned on by what Hank did not know I saw that night, rubbing my half-glasses under his balls, then licking and smooching my glasses. Yes, he so has a fetish and YES I do like it. Hank is a bit romantic, he seems like the type who would love being close to me all night long and not fall asleep after he got off.I go to visit my husband who is doing time for embezzlement in the black bar hotel. I have to wait a bit as the prison is conducting a search, so I am sitting in the waiting room reading about prison food. When at last I am able to see him and am ushered into the room he is is in, my halves are still hanging across my blouse and the moron says, “Reading glasses? Damn you’re getting old.”  I sure didn’t need him telling me that and as ‘Snagglepuss’, the cartoon lion in a top hat said, “Exit, stage left, um outa here even.” As I drive away from prison I decide to levy a fat juicy divorce against him. I mean the public humiliation, anger and flat out embarrassment I sufferer almost constantly.HankMom’s not home, here’s a note saying she will be grocery shopping after work.  beşiktaş escort I look around and see her dark brown half-moon style glasses with a high bridge and their sweet purple glass beaded chain. So I decide to take care of some personal matters and it is quite nice. I make sure they are sparkling clean when I put them back making sure they are exactly the way they were when I grabbed them.EdnaA few weeks later, Hank has Saturday off and is sitting in the living-room in his nightshirt. My black half-square glasses and beads are on the coffee table. I get up to make some fresh coffee and a  few minutes later I see he is cleaning those glasses under his nightshirt. Once again I feel all squishy down there. ‘Oh, thanks so much Hank for keeping your Mom from not drying up.’ I know he is liking the smoothness of my half-glasses and the fact that they belong to his hot looking Mom, yes I really like that.HankSaturday night, Mom goes out with friends to play some Bingo. I decide to once again enjoy my own fantasies. Since I feel she’d be home sometime later, I leave my door open. The way the room is, my back is to the door. Well, here I am with the beads of Mom’s black half-square glasses wrapped around my cock, with her halves under my balls and stroking away with pleasant thoughts.I’m holding another pair of Mom’s glasses, her gold half-moons with their beaded chain over the back of my neck and licking and kissing them with a real passion. I clean them with the sheet, they are sparkling, In those sparkling gold glasses, I see the reflection of a lit doorway and my Mom.EdnaI am so liking what I see and having been watching for ten minutes or so, I am getting moist down there, wet really.  I love that feeling. I am not mad at all. I’m feeling pretty good really and I think that since Hank is a young man, working for a living and helping to support a working Mom, well maybe it is time he started to enjoy life with an older lady.Hank”MOM!””Hi, Hank! I see you are really enjoying my glasses.”I figured this could be handled in a number of ways but to be flat out honest about my feelings would be the best way. “Mom, I never said it but somehow I find you to look so hot wearing half-glasses. For the last year or so, whenever I see you wearing them, it just turns me on, I know I shouldn’t have done this but…””How do you know these are half-glasses?”Mom asks me in a pleasant voice and seems somehow pleased I know what style of glasses she wears.”A few years ago when I was doing maintenance at the office building, there were many older ladies there who wore a similar style of glasses. Being friendly with one lady, I asked how it was she could see with her glasses part down her nose. She said, ‘Some see better for distance and with half’s one could look through them yet looking over the tops to see better farther away.'””And because I look so hot, wearing half-glasses, it gets you hot too?”Yeah, somehow I really get turned on seeing those ladies wearing half-glasses.  Like in the back of my mind, they look so serious and I think I began to like older women because they are serious .””So Hank, it sounds like you really like older ladies.””Well, this lady said, ‘Here try them and you’ll see what I mean.’ She gave me a sheet of the newspaper’s legal notices.  As she said, ‘looking over the tops, you’ll be able to see farther away just as well as you can see better close up with my half-glasses.'””How did this woman dress, Hank?””Quite nice, a skirt and blouse with lace, kitty heels in patent black.””How is it you know what patent black is?””Looking through the Sunday paper, there were ads for women’s shoes, Dillard’s department store I think.””Where was the lace?””On the sleeves of her blouse and around the collar. Sometimes she wore a ruffled v neck in off white with a black skirt and a pair of heels called spectators, black at the toes an heels, white in between.””Do you like the way my half-glasses hang across my breasts? Do they make me look hot like this?” Mom takes the beads in her right hand and jiggles them a bit, the light of the room sparkles in her gold half-square glasses, sending some erotic voltage down to my crotch, which gives me a sexual buzz”Well yeah, Mom.””I have to tell you, I saw what you were doing before you noticed and it did get me quite moist down there. Does it bother you I said that?””No, Mom, it doesn’t.””I liked watching you kiss and lick my half’s, would you like to kiss and lick them as they hang across my breasts?”That would be so nice, Mom.”Mom sits closer to me, “OK Hank, smooch your Mom’s half-glasses, lick them too.””Mom, is kissing and smooching the same?””No, Hank, smooching is real serious kissing, a longer and wetter kiss is what it really is. It is nice to kiss your Mom, but smooching is improper, so save that for my halves.”

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