14 Mart 2023

Hight Art Erotica Ch. 02


Mareka waited for Sergei in one of the abandoned rooms of the art gallery where his latest exhibition was taking place. He had just arrived that day and texted her albeit via an encrypted message lest Serona find out. All the message said was ‘Art Do at Karlson Art Gallery, Pierre Casanova will be there, bring flowers’.

Mareka had immediately realised that it was Sergei who was texting her and she was looking forward to seeing him again.

She had stripped down naked and wore just a robe. Her clothes were bundled away messily in a corner of the room. The room was bare save for a chair that she had placed in the middle of the room and a scarf was draped over the back of the chair. The room was illuminated by the moonlight coming in through the windows. The moonlight bathed the chair in its blue light as if shining a spotlight over what was going to happen there.

Finally there was a knock on the door and Sergei entered the room. Before he could call out her name, Mareka came up from behind him and muffled his mouth. He turned around to say something but she placed a finger on his lips and turned him around. She then proceeded to tie the scarf around his eyes.

She then gently placed her hands on his shoulders and lowered him to his knees. She came around in front of him, put a finger below his chin to raise his face and kissed him, long and wantonly. She then placed a thigh over his shoulder and brought her vagina to his mouth. She put either hand on his shoulders to support herself as she started moving her hips to the movement of his tongue. He used his hands to support her buttocks. Slowly at first he licked her clitoris. He knew that the timing of the movement of his tongue was important and that it needed to be synchronized with the movement of her hips. As she started to moan and become more wet, her hips started to move more urgently. His tongue started to flick her clitoris faster, moving in sync with her hips, his hands helping her work her hips to the movement of his tongue. As her moaning grew more incessant he knew she was about to come. He started to lick faster, her hips now moving quite urgently. Finally she came, her legs buckling under her; he had to hold her up with his hands lest she fall onto him.

She then made him stand and taking him to the chair she made him sit on it. She took Sergei’s hands and tied them at the back of the chair with a ribbon.

“Your turn” she said huskily and kissed him again. Slowly she let her kisses trail down his neck towards the chest and as she unbuttoned his shirt, her kisses trailed down lower to his lower abdomen. She could make out that he was very hard, his penis just waiting to be let out and be made love to. She continued to kiss him on his chest and playfully licked his ear lobes, tantalising him further. Then she spread his legs a little and taking his zipper in her teeth she slid it down to expose his penis, the tip shining with pre cum.

Mareka at this point was thoroughly enjoying herself. She loved to play with Sergei and she loved the effect it had on him, the way her moves made his penis twitch, the way her foreplay made him so hard, a simple kiss on his penis would make him come.

Sergei equally loved these encounters and every time he knew he was going to meet Mareka he would save himself for a few days so that the experience would lead to such heightened pleasures.

Mareka rolled back his foreskin with her index finger. Then she slowly ran it along the shaft of his penis. It twitched as she did it and she loved to see it do that. She did it again and smiled when it twitched again.

“You’re so hard. Do you want me to make you come already?” she whispered huskily in his ear.

Sergei nodded in agreement.

She chuckled and went back to caressing his penis with her index finger. As she rubbed his penis, Sergei started to moan and move his hips to the movement of her finger. Mareka could always tell when he was about to come and she loved teasing him longer and longer. It was all part of the game they played.

Between using her index finger she would also flick her tongue over his penis. She had gotten so good at it that she would alternate between fingering and licking and that would make him more and more aroused.

As she alternated between her tongue and index finger, Sergei’s thrusting started to become more urgent.

Just as he was about to come she stopped and watched as he came, his penis twitching as it blew its load, a torrent of semen that rose high in the air and fell slowly everywhere.

It left Sergei gasping for breath.

Their little rendezvous was far from over. Mareka still wanted him inside her and that was always the best part. But before that she had to make him erect again. It usually took a couple of minutes for her to coax Sergei into readiness.

She presented her nipple to him which he suckled slowly, caressingly as it became harder and her desire grew. She started to finger herself as he suckled her nipple, at the same time offering words of encouragement to him.

“Yeah.. will trent izle you’re making me so wet Sergei.. I want you inside me so bad.. I want you to make love to me.. make love to me like never before. I want you to come inside me.. Do it to me Sergei.. love me like there’s no tomorrow..”

In a couple of minutes Sergei was erect again. She threw down the robe she was wearing and now she was completely naked. She took of his blindfold to stare into his eyes. Slowly, whilst maintaining eye contact, she lowered herself onto his penis. Her eyes never leaving his, she slowly started to move up and down, taking his entire length inside her.

“Hold me..” she said placing her head on his shoulder.

He held her tightly in his arms as he started to thrust more urgently. As his thrusts started to become more urgent, she kissed him and started to move her hips faster and faster.

She knew he was about to come so she told him to hold on just a bit.

“Don’t come yet. I’m not done with you..”

Sergei waited for a few seconds till the feeling subsided then he started to thrust again. They would go like this for minutes, always stopping before he came. As they continued to make love, it always grew harder and harder for Sergei to control himself. Every thrust made Mareka hotter and more wet, her juices flowing down the shaft of his penis, his balls right down to his thighs.

They continued to stop and start, stop and start and finally when Sergei could take it no longer, he thrust harder and harder till he came deep inside her, holding her hard and gasping for breath. Then he lay back in his chair as she continued to sit on him, her head on his shoulder, both gasping for breath, spent and satisfied. Finally she got off him and kissed him goodbye.

Such was the nature of their clandestine meetings. Nobody would know who Sergei’s secret lover was. Serona would never know of Mareka’s infidelity. And it was this secrecy that made their meetings forbidden, so tempting, so erotic.

When Mareka got back home, Serona was waiting for her. She had a book in her hand and half a glass of wine on the table beside her. As Mareka entered and hung her coat on the rack, Serona immediately put down her book and ran to greet her with a long lingering kiss.

“Wow you look very happy to see me.. had a nice day?”

“Yes I had a wonderful day” said Serona taking Mareka’s hand and guiding her to the sofa.

“I got an award today” said Serona proudly pointing towards a trophy that she had deposited on top of their mantelpiece.

She brought it to Mareka for her to examine. It said

“Star of the month”

“Wow Serona this is amazing. All that hard work finally paid off..”

“Yes, they finally took notice of all the hard work I’ve put in.. Couldn’t have done it without your support though..” and she kissed Mareka again.

“I want tonight to be special.. Celebrate with me Mareka” said Serona taking off her tshirt and kissing her again, longingly.

But something in their kiss was amiss.

“”What’s the matter you ok Love?” asked Serona looking at Mareka worriedly.

“Yeah I’m ok” said Mareka kissing Serona but Serona stopped her.

“Whats the matter, tell me” said Serona..

Mareka took a pause. She couldn’t tell Serona that she was exhausted from her little rendezvous with Sergei. So she lied as she always did..

“Nothing I’m just tired and wanted to hit the sack. I’m so sorry Serona..”

“No its completely ok.. I understand.. Lets go to sleep.”

That night as Mareka slept soundly, Serona lay awake wondering why it was that sometimes when Mareka would come back from an art do, she would be exhausted. Of course whe knew nothing of Sergei.. but somehow she felt that there was something that Mareka was hiding from her. Perhaps she was bored of her? Perhaps she had found somebody else to make love to, some beautiful creature she had met at one of these art dos.. But then she shook her head and looked at Mareka as she slept peacefully. She knew that Mareka loved her and would never do anything to hurt her. Even when they had started this relationship, Serona had made it clear to Mareka that there would be no secrets between them. She decided to give Mareka the benefit of the doubt and finally went to sleep.

She was woken up with an amazing feeling between her thighs. It was Mareka.. she had woken up before her and was going down on her.

Serona didn’t say anything, she just looked deep into Mareka’s beautiful eyes as she smiled and caressingly licked her clitoris. Mareka had a few other tricks up her sleeve as well. Slowly as she licked Serona, she moved her tongue in a circular motion to let it slide over her lips and her clitoris. This heightened Serona’s arousal further and she started to moan with pleasure. Slowly Mareka’s licking became a little more urgent and she added a finger to the mix. She thrust her middle finger deep into Serona’s pussy and started to move it inside her, whilst continuing fate the winx saga izle to lick her. Serona was very wet now and it was evident that she was about to come. At this point, Mareka furiously started to lick her and finger her to the point where Serona finally came, her entire body convulsing with the force of her orgasm, her moans reaching a crescendo of pleasure and her juices wetting Mareka’s hand completely.

As Serona lay there heaving with the effort of her orgasm, Mareka kissed her and said

“This was my apology for acting like a bitch last night. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you wanted me..”

“Are you kidding.. I wish you would behave like this everytime.. “

Both burst out laughing. Finally they got out of bed and Serona started to get ready to go to her office.

At breakfast..

“I wish you would take the day off Serona..”

“I can’t darling I have a deadline to meet. If I don’t meet it they’ll just say that she’s shirking now that she’s got that award.”

Seeing Mareka’s glum face though she hastily added..

“Look I’ll try to make it back early ok.. We’ll go out some place nice. Maybe to that new Discotheque that we are hearing so much about..”

“That would be great Serona..”

Finally Serona left for work and Mareka got on with the rest of her day. She took a long shower and dressed up in a tshirt and shorts, then sat down to check her email and update her blog. Suddenly the door bell rang.

Mareka was a little surprised that the door bell should be ringing at that time. She looked at the clock, it was 12 p.m.

She opened the door and there stood Sergei with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Sergei what are you doing here?”

“I had to see you one more time before I left Mareka.”

“You should go Sergei if Serona sees you, she might suspect you’re the reason I’ve been acting weird lately.”

“Oh so you’ve been acting weirdly around Serona.. I’d like to think that has something to do with me.. Won’t you ask me to come in my dear?”

“I don’t think that it’s a very good idea Sergei..”

“Not even if I do this..”

Sergei suddenly put his arms around her waist and gave her a long, gentle kiss, his lips slowly caressing her lips, their tongues meeting each other hungrily.

“No Sergei don’t start something we can’t finish..” said Mareka trying to push him away.

“Don’t push me away my love.. I promise I will be quick..”

Sergei let his lips trail down to her neck as he gently let his lips work their magic.

Mareka’s protests grew weaker.. what wasn’t helping was that when she had made Serona come that morning she had been very aroused too but since Serona had to leave for office, her desires stayed insatiated. And now that Sergei was working his magic on her, that feeling of desire was growing very fast inside her again.

“No Sergei please.. we mustn’t..”

“Please Mareka.. I will leave today and God knows when I will see you next. I have to have you one more time Mareka. I have to..”

He kissed her again, then lifted her and threw her on the couch in the living room. Mareka noticed that he was erect already, his penis pushing against his trousers to be let free. He lay on top of her, kissing her as his hand slid under her tshirt. He continued to kiss her as he unhooked her bra and let his index finger and thumb work her nipple which was getting erect with arousal now.

Finally Mareka could take it no longer..

“I want you inside me Sergei..!”

Sergei took off her shorts to reveal her pink panties wet with her juices. He then stood up and took off his pants and his underwear to reveal his penis, fully erect and twitching with anticipation. He then lay on top of her again and continued to kiss her and caress her nipple.

“How badly do you want me Mareka?”

“I want you Sergei very badly” she replied huskily..

Sergei took of her panties, then he took his penis in his hand and gently slid the head down the lips of her pussy.

“How badly Mareka?”

Mareka moaned and moved her hips toward the head of his penis..


“How badly?”

“Very badly!”

“I need to see it Mareka! I need to hear the desperation in your voice.”

“Dammit Sergei I just want you inside me so badly right now!”

Mareka pushed Sergei onto his back and immediately straddled him. She then took his penis into her hands and gently guided it inside her pussy.

She then lowered herself completely onto him and gasped when he was fully inside her. In this manner she started to move her hips urgently.

“Not so fast my love or I won’t last!” said Sergei starting to feel the build up inside his penis.

“Shut up Sergei.. just don’t.. say anything!”

Said Mareka as her thrusting started to become more urgent.

“Slow down Mareka please slow down!” begged Sergei as the feeling grew stronger.

Mareka instead started to move faster, her moaning starting to with love izle get more urgent now.

Sergei tried to prolong his ejaculation but the way Mareka was moving it was getting very hard.

He grabbed onto a cushion with either hand as her thrusts become more urgent and he had to grit his teeth.

“Stop.. please stop.. Oh My od I’m coming Mareka stop.. I can’t come inside you..”

Mareka simply ignored his pleas and continued to thrust harder. Finally Sergei could control it no longer and he exploded inside her, his cum filling her. Still she wouldn’t stop an thrusted harder..

Sergei’s head was very sensitive now but Mareka told him not to withdraw as she was on the verge of her orgasm.

So Sergei let her continue but now that his penis was very sensitive he had to bite onto a cushion to control the feeling.

Finally Mareka shook with the force of her orgasm, her entire body shaking uncontrollably.

In all this time that they were making love, they had not heard the sound of tyres on gravel and the sound of the garage door opening. They had not heard the jingling of the keys in the door and they did not hear or notice Serona walk into the house at the exact moment that Sergei was about to come.

Serona, shocked to witness Mareka and Sergei going at it was speechless. She just stood there watching them, finally watching Mareka come all over Sergei’s penis and collapsing beside him.

It was only when Mareka lay down beside Sergei that she noticed the light coming in through the front door. She raised her head over the backrest of the couch to notice Serona standing there shocked and speechless.

The colour immediately drained from Mareka’s face. She immediately scrambled to her feet; putting on her shorts hurriedly, she ran towards Serona.

Serona looked at her with a look that accused her of betrayal and immense disappointment.

“I thought I was the only one” was all she said before storming out the door. Mareka ran after her, calling out to her but she just got into her car and putting it in gear, drove off at high speed.

Mareka dropped down on her knees crying her heart out. Sergei came out and went down on his knees behind her, then wrapped his arms around her to console her.

“We have to find her Sergei.. We have to find her” said Mareka turning around and talking to Sergei, a wild look in her eyes, a frightened look.

“I shall do everything in my power to try to find her.”

Sergei wasn’t entirely useless. He had contacts and after making a few phone calls he had a last seen location for Serona.

“Somebody saw her at a gas station off St. Naida Highway. That was her last known location.”

“I know where she is going!” said Mareka.

“Well then let’s go then” said Sergei. “Let’s go get her!”

Lake Menusa was a beautiful lake surrounded by forest and lake houses that belonged to people who came there to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The view was picturesque straight out of a Thomas Kinkade painting; the lake itself situated in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Serona sat on the porch of her lake house looking at the lake, sipping on a cup of coffee. The weather was beautiful, nice and pleasant and the ambience was having a calming influence on her. She was still angry at Mareka, the thought of her being with somebody else, especially a man made it even worse. Serona didn’t really like men, she had an ill view of them. She believed that they just were not capable of truly loving somebody and only made a show of loving women to get into their pants. Her mother had been heartbroken when her father had left them for another woman and eventually she had died a loner, her broken heart finally stopped beating one day, killing her in the process. Serona was in college at the time and the news of her mother’s death had rocked her world. She had been very close to her mother and the news of her demise had hit her hard.

She had never really had any relationships to speak of until that point in her life. Even after her mother’s demise she had thrown herself into her studies to get her mind of things. When she had started working, she was still the same, too focussed on her work to think of anything else. And then one day in walked Mareka, into her life and into her bed and her life was turned upside down. She was happy again, she finally noticed that there were other things in life than work. Mareka had made her alive again.

But now she felt the same way she had felt when her mother had left her. Alone and extremely vulnerable.

Her reverie was broken by the sound of a car driving along the gravel pathway leading to the cabin.

She went to the back of the house to check. When she opened the door and came outside she noticed Mareka standing beside the rover, her eyes red with all the crying.

“How did you find me?”

“Serona please! Please forgive me I love you so much.. Please give me a chance to explain.”

“I.. I can’t Mareka.. I need time. And I think that you need time to think things over too.. about where your heart’s at! Just.. just go back home”

“But it isn’t home without you Serona. Please come back.. come back with me.”

Serona gave Sergei a dirty look and immediately stormed back into the cabin, banging the door. Mareka immediately fell to her knees sobbing uncontrollably.

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