14 Mart 2023

His Empty Screen


I received some good feedback regarding first story “Memories in the Snow” and wanted to use them in this story. See what you think.


The curser on his empty computer screen blinks, taunting him… “You are dry—no more words—you may as well quit now!” He leans back and closes his eyes, “Why can’t I get this damn story to write!”

The jingle of the bell above the door turns his head and a big red umbrella pushes through the door followed by a lovely woman carrying three shopping bags and her purse.

Struggling to close the umbrella, she walks up to the counter and orders a cappuccino. After giving up on the umbrella she set the shopping bags down next to a table and glanced over at him with a smile before taking off her overcoat.

He went back to staring at the blinking screen and his search for words.

The sound of her chair brought his attention back to the woman as she sat down and pulled out a book from one bag. With long slender fingers she opened the book and took a careful sip from her cup.

As he watched her from the corner of his eye, she crossed one leg over the other, exposing a long lean leg. He returned to his computer screen and looked at the time; 2:33…

He opened his eyes, and with a groan, focused the clock; 2:33 AM.

She rolled over, exposing her long toned leg in a pool of moonlight. She touched his arm sleepily opened her eyes and whispered, “You can’t sleep.”

He smiled weakly, “No. I keep thinking about the story.”

Rising up on one elbow she leans over and kisses his cheek. “The story will come. You need to relax.”

“I know.”

Her lips kissed his cheek again and then brushed along his jaw, past his chin, to his lips. He turned to her and slid his fingers into her hair. She kissed him harder and teased her tongue between his lips. With a quiet sigh, he opened his mouth slightly and met her tongue while pulling her over, on top of his body.

His hand wolf like me izle followed the curve of her neck down between her shoulder blades. She broke the kiss with a moan and he kissed the hollow under her chin. Her back arched up and she inched higher as she pressed her neck against his lips. His hand slid down across the small of her back to her bottom.

“Aaahh… your lips are driving me crazy.”

Putting her hands on each side of his shoulders, she slid up and offered him a small breast. Taking a hard nipple between his lips while he squeezed her bottom and raised his hips pushing his hardening cock against her thigh.

She giggled, “I guess he’s awake too!”

With a little chuckle, he gently bit her hard nipple and slapped her bottom. She let out a little squeal and opened her legs. His cock slid along her moist pussy. Holding on to his shoulders, she rolled over pulling him on top of her.

Releasing her nipple, he teased the underside of her breast with his lips before kissing his way down her belly to the top of one thigh. Sliding lower on the bed, he nibbled and kissed his way down the top of her leg to her ankle. Taking her foot in his hand, he sat back and kissed the top of her foot and each toe.

Closing her eyes, she sighed, “Stop teasing.”

He took her big toe into his mouth and brushed it with his teeth. She opened her eyes and jerked her foot away. “Don’t you DARE!”

Laughing, he lowered his head and kissed his way back up the inside of her other leg to her thigh. Opening her legs wider, she breathed a little moan and rotated her hips. He slid his hands over her thighs and hips to her belly; and touched her pussy with his tongue.

Digging her fingers in his hair, she sighed, “Yesssssss.”

His tongue slid down along one side of her shaved pussy and up along the other, before slipping between her already wet lips. Her fingers pressed his head down and he sucked her wolf pack izle into his mouth. Running his tongue between her lips, he sucked and nibbled on her pussy teasing her clit with little flicks of his tongue.

She raised her hips and groaned, “Ohhhh…. Ggguuudd… Don’t stop…”

Taking long slow licks he tasted her juices and ran his hands along her waist to the sides of her breast. She opened her legs wider and flung her arms over her head. He wrapped his fingers around her breast and took each nipple between a finger and his thumb… and squeezed.

She jumped, moaned and thrust her hips up and down. He pressed his mouth harder against her pussy and teased his tongue over her clit. Grabbing his shoulders, she pulled him back up, on top of her body and kissed his wet lips. With one hand she reached between their legs to find his cock. Finding her target, she guided it to her pussy.

Sharing the taste of her pussy, he slowly eased his cock into her body. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him deeper. Digging her nails into his shoulders, she arched her back and pumped her hips.

Breaking the kiss, he pressed his body down on hers. She raised her arms above her head. Reaching up, he crossed her wrists in his hand and held them while he began to move his hips between her legs. She gently bit his shoulder before lowering her head to search for his chest. He moved his body higher and pushed harder, she found one of his small nipples and sucked it into her mouth.

With muffled grunts, he thrust his cock in and out of her body while she sucked and nibbled on his nipple. He reached up with his other hand to find her cotton robe on the headboard and pulled the belt from it. Still moving his hips up and down, he looped the belt around her wrists and tied them to the headboard.

Quietly he said, “Wrap your legs tight around me.” And he moved both their bodies down the bed stretching her arms above woman of the dead izle her.

She arched her back and tilted her head back; he felt her legs tighten around his hips. He thrust his hips faster and harder, she moaned and sighed as he drove in and out of her body. She pulled at the belt, as he felt his cock grow and his balls tighten.

With a long deep cry, she bucked against his body and opened her legs wide, he pushed his cock in deep and held on to her body… she moaned, jerked and clamped his hips between her thighs. He felt his heart pound and the blood rush to his head as his cock exploded. His body twitched as he uttered a hoarse groan from deep within his chest.

As his head cleared, he felt her relax beneath his body. Pushing back, he raised himself just off her overheated body and kissed her forehead. She made a little sigh and smiled. He kissed her lips and reached up to untie her hands. With her arms free, she wrapped them around his neck, lowered her head and giggled softly, “You know how to push all my buttons.”

“Hummm, yes I do…” And he kissed her lips again, before saying, “And you really know how to clear my mind.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, my sweet, sexy woman.”

She pushed him over and laid her head on his shoulder, “Yes, I am… yours.”

The woman takes one last sip from her cup and closes her book. As she stands up to leave, she looks at him and smiles. “Have a nice afternoon.”

Startled, he stammers, “Yyyou too, try to stay dry.”

Laughing, she nods toward the big windows, “The sun’s out. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

She picks up her shopping bags, replaces the book, puts her coat and purse on one arm, picks up the umbrella and bags in her other hand and she walks out the door with a little jingle of the bell.

He looks down at the blinking curser on his empty screen and begins to type.


Thank you to CopyCarver for once again finding flaws and suggesting solutions!! He really is good to work with. And thank you everyone who has commented on my first story and my little poems, I’m trying to learn!

Please take a moment to vote or comment on this story, it helps motivate me to improve and continue writing here.



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