14 Mart 2023

History Repeats Itself


Last year I related the tale of the first time that my girlfriend Christine (who is now my wife) and myself spent a first weekend together in her parent’s home. I was nineteen, she was eighteen and we spent a great deal of the time having sex or resting until we could have sex again.

It was a memorable weekend and you can read the details elsewhere but the connection to this tale is that I set a record that weekend which was not matched for another eight years. In that intervening period we bought a house, lived together, got married and generally laughed and played a great deal. Inevitably, we began to discuss starting a family and we agreed that Christine should stop taking the pill.

In my earlier tale I stated my views on keeping count (there’s rarely much to count) so I must stress that these were two extraordinary days. My wife and I are unremarkable people, we are in good health and we keep quite fit but several days can often go by before we go bump in the night.

It was in early 2010 and it coincided with an offer from a good friend of mine to holiday with him and his wife for a week on the island of Majorca. He was a plumber and could pick his own holiday dates but his wife Emma was a teacher so they were tied into the school half-term week in mid-May. We had been to the island a few times before so we gladly accepted.

It turned out that Conor had spent a few evenings working on his brother-in-law’s house and had been offered the use of his villa in old Pollensa rather than payment in cash. Conor accepted his brother-in law’s offer and I accepted Conor’s offer. My contribution was to pay for all four flights and when I learned that the villa was actually available from Wednesday to Saturday ten days later I was bold enough to ask if Christine and I could set off early and when Conor and his wife arrived three days later we would be waiting for them at the airport with our hire car.

My proposal was accepted, flights were booked and plans were made. Part of the plan, weather permitting, was to have two clear days of our-time which translates as sunbathing, barbeques, nakedness and open-air shagging until Conor and Em arrived. This wasn’t just my plan although I was not objecting, my insatiable wife had made it very clear that she expected to be fucked in a variety of ways and, by way of reminding me of this, she surreptitiously squeezed my cock a number of times on the plane.

Our 3pm flight from East Midlands landed at Palma at 6.30pm Spanish time and for a while things went downhill. Our luggage was delayed and nearly an hour passed before we had our suitcases. There was a long queue at the car rental counter and within seconds of leaving the airport I took a wrong turning and it was long after 9pm before our little hire car turned off the mountain road into the long and winding gravel drive described on our location instructions. Our humour began to return with our first view of the villa, it was a peach, a solid converted farmhouse situated high above the bay with a long distance view eastwards down to the sea. We inspected the deep front porch, the swimming pool, the large rear patio and grass lawn with its shaded dining area and the surrounding scrub landscape before moving inside to examine the rooms with their dark and heavy rural furnishings.

With no time to waste we set off in the car to buy some groceries and find something quick to eat. A late night shop on the downhill strip between old Pollensa town and Puerto Pollensa provided us with enough food and drink to tide us over for day or so and a very average Chinese restaurant near the marina staved off the hunger pangs. It was a warm evening so we finished off with a short stroll along the famous Pinewalk where we discovered some far more tempting menus than the Green Pagoda’s. As we lingered at each restaurant I couldn’t help but notice the admiring glances that Christine was receiving from other men (and women).

Before leaving the villa she had changed into a white linen dress with narrow string straps and the fact that I could vaguely see the shape of her nipples and the outline of a tiny pair of panties through the flimsy material was giving me an erection. It was growing dark so I suggested that it was time to get back to the villa, neglecting to mention that I had a desperate desire to fuck her.

When I last described Christine she was eighteen and pretty with a trim figure, small breasts, rounded bottom and an all year tan. The next eight years had been kind to her and she had grown more attractive and sophisticated as the years went by. Naturally she disagreed, saying that her calves were too muscly, her chin was not firm enough, her bottom was too big etc but the truth was that she was a head-turner despite these real or imagined deficiencies. She had a pixie-like face and a long graceful neck which made my grandmother liken her to Audrey Hepburn.

She ate sparingly and exercised often, her breasts remained small but she weighed little more at 26 than she had at 18. Whatever she wore suited her and with her all over tan she looked good in a bikini, jeans or an evening dress. Even more importantly, she looked great from any angle women at war izle when she was naked and I looked forward to admiring those angles over the next few days.

We drove back to the villa which was now encased in darkness and double locked the solid door behind us. We both headed to bed but I had already tuned in to a few comments from Christine about how tired she was and how long the day had been and all of a sudden the prospect of sex seemed distant. It was too warm to wear anything in bed but Christine decided that a nightshirt was necessary and as I snuggled up against her and parked my dick in the crack of her ass she asked if I would wait until morning and she would make it worth my while. I took the hint and told her that it better be good before I turned over and fell asleep.

I slept deeply until 6.30am when, as usual, the ache from my erect cock awakened me. I surreptitiously pulled my foreskin up and down until I was literally bursting out of my skin. Then I nudged my wife awake. Sleepily she moved her hand down to my groin and she took a loose grip on my shaft and snuggled herself up to me. With no need for haste I allowed her the luxury of another ten minutes of sleep before nudging her again and she slowly came awake. We turned in towards each other and I tugged on her nightshirt until, realising that she was not going to be allowed any further sleep, she finally pulled it over her head and dropped it on to the tiled floor.

We kissed for a while and then I moved on to her breasts and nipples. She kissed me back and then slowly worked her way down my chest and groin before lowering her mouth onto the purple head of my cock. She licked and sucked and wanked me all at the same time and my back arched as I tried to force myself deeper into her mouth. She was too well versed in the art to allow me to choke her and she kept one hand on my shaft to stop me from lunging too far. Her head bobbed up and down and her tongue flashed back and forward over my slit and the sheer pleasure of it all made my buttocks clench involuntarily together.

I could feel that I was going to come if she continued so I reluctantly pulled her head away from my cock and she sat up on her knees expectantly and flicked at her nipples. I loved every inch of her but now I stared admiringly at her tiny brown perky tits which had the most amazingly coloured nipples and areola. Almost burgundy in colour they appeared to glow with inner life and I watched in amazement as the puckered surface disappeared as her nipple expanded to full size.

She loved to shock me, or perhaps she just liked to arouse me and so she lowered her hand to her cunt and seductively drew one finger up and down her lips. “Let me come first” she warned before wriggling her brown body on top of me and inserting my stiff dick inside her. I tried to lie still while she slowly flicked her hips back and forward and with her right hand she flashed her finger rapidly up and down her clitoris, the tiny movement never extending more than half an inch in any direction. Minutes went by and every now and then I would lurch upwards into her but in the main I let her do the fucking and eventually the short, rapid and continuous flicks brought her to the edge of her orgasm.

Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be barely aware that I was there despite the fact that my swollen cock was totally occupying her interior. Her chest was glowing red through her tan, she began to “mmmmmm” continuously and then she stiffened and tightened her groin around my cock as the sensation suddenly flowed through her. She rested her palms on my chest and burst into life, violently throwing her pelvis back and forward in long powerful strokes which exposed half of my cock each time as she milked the sensation for all it was worth before she slowly came to a sweaty breathless halt.

“Oh my god” she gasped, going up on her knees whilst rubbing her entire cunt with the flat of her palm, “that was a big one, now it’s your turn”. Her orgasm was entirely of her own making but I always found it immensely erotic that she could be so uninhibited about sex so I nudged her off, laid her face down on the bed and entered her from behind. For a short while I supported myself on extended arms and smoothly slipped in and out but when Christine whispered the word “harder” I rested my forearms on the bed and pinned her wrists by the side of her head. I held her immobile as I launched myself into her, withdrawing my cock until only the last two inches remained inside and then crashing down into her soaking wet fanny, over and over again, in what can only be described as rough sex.

At one point Christine yelped “you’re hurting me” but I replied gruffly that I was fucking her although I eased off slightly whilst still plunging deep inside her. The truth was that her protests added even more eroticism to the occasion and I let my full weight drop on to her at each brutal stroke. She moaned every time I entered her but made no further complaint and in another dozen or so strokes I felt my hot semen erupt from the depths, pulse out of me and splatter and blob inside her.

I wong winchester izle rolled off her and we lay on our sides facing in to each other. I was panting for air and my back was slick with sweat. Once I had caught my breath I told her that “I was full to the brim” by way of apology and she grudgingly admitted that we hadn’t had sex since the previous weekend. I propped myself up on one elbow and toyed with her nipples and we discussed the day ahead and predicted a hot day just by the brightness of the day peeping in through gaps in the shutters. We both dozed off again and two hours or more passed until I became conscious of Christine asking me if I was going to get up. This particular phrase has a double meaning to us and I gave the familiar reply “the only thing I’m getting up is you”.

She drew back the bedding to check out my pole and upon finding it semi erect she hummed her approval and gave it half a dozen long slow strokes, exposing the glistening head on each down stroke. It was quite delicious and I contemplated letting her go all the way with that one but decided that it would be too selfish so I threw an arm around her waist and pushed her onto her back. “I think I might just fuck you now” said I and she responded with another old faithful “I think I might just let you”.

She reached to the floor for a small bathroom towel and placed it under her before we continued. “A bit late” said I, thinking of the jizz that must have leaked out of her only two hours previously. “We’ve got to sleep in here all week” she said and I conceded the point before reaching my hand down to her slippery fanny. I opened her lips with one stroke of my forefinger before lowering myself down on her and manoeuvring until the first inch or so of my cock was inside her.

I took my weight on both arms and pushed all the way in. She wriggled around and crossed her legs around the back of my thighs and we began to make love slowly and gently as if to make up for my violent excesses on the previous occasion. Every time I pressed into her she gave a slight upwards thrust. There was no rush, we chatted back and forth, discussing the villa, planning our day, predicting the weather whilst we slowly bumped together. We kissed, I kissed her nipples, she chewed my ear then for a while there was no noise, no moaning not even any heavy breathing, we just slowly fucked for minute after minute until I detected a vague sensation deep inside the pit of my stomach.

I withdrew and moved her on to her knees and gripped her pelvis with both hands as I entered her from behind. She buried her head in the pillow as I picked up speed and pushed harder inside her. I warned her that I was going to come so that she had the opportunity to suggest an alternative but, through gritted teeth, she grunted that I should go on. Every lunge was met with a short backward stroke of her own and was now accompanied by a breathy gasp. A beautiful achy feeling in my groin was overshadowed by my spunk rushing up from somewhere deep inside me and spilling into her and I carried on entering and withdrawing until I felt her collapse beneath me. I followed her down, letting her take my full weight whilst I twitched inside her to savour the last remaining sensation from my ejaculation.

I rolled off and lay on my back until my breathing returned to normal. The clock ticked on until Christine finally arose and wound up the shutter. She stood naked at the window stretching her arms out wide and I marvelled at the smoothness of her skin before she disappeared to test the shower. I played with my cock whilst she was out of sight but it was a pale imitation of the rigid pole of five minutes previously so eventually I rose and entered the bathroom just as my wife emerged dripping wet from the shower. Whilst I showered I contemplated my good luck as I savoured every gorgeous inch of her whilst she towelled herself dry and preened herself in front of the mirror. She wasn’t up there in the model/actress category but I knew she was the kind of girl that made you nudge your mates when she walked in the pub and you took it in turns to take sly looks whenever possible.

The morning sky showed all the signs of turning into a glorious day so we laid out a breakfast of coffee, bread and jam, yoghurt and cold slices of tortilla on the garden table and we sat and ate it whilst the sun gathered its strength. Herds of goats, some wearing cow bells, wandered out of our sight through the trees and bushes just beyond the rough stone walls that marked the edges of the property.

Christine was wearing a tiny black bikini top and tight fitting flowered shorts. I had my short shorts on, an elderly pair of faded swim shorts that Christine constantly urged me to consign to the bin even though I never wore them in public. Before the sun had reached full strength I had explored the full extent of the land belonging to the villa, the term “garden” would be too grand a word for the broken landscape of bushes, stunted trees and boulders. However the patio, lawn and gravel drive were as well kept as the remainder of the house and it had been a logical decision to let the yakamoz s 245 izle wild landscape fend for itself.

By 10.30 we had moved over to the sun loungers by the pool, Christine had discarded her top and her shorts to reveal a minimal pair of bikini bottoms consisting of two tiny triangles of black Lycra with string sides. I was permanently fascinated by her small and perfect breasts which, when she lay on her back, barely rose above her rib cage, her nipples standing out like the remains of two cigars surrounded by exactly the right diameter of coloured aureola.

I didn’t think she could improve her tan any further, she took every opportunity to sunbathe and there was one tiny area within our garden at home where she could (and did) lie naked in the sun without fear of being spotted or surprised by our neighbours. I find sunbathing quite boring and prefer to walk or work in the sun but there is something about hot weather that always turns my mind to sex and I could usually nag her into going back inside for a quick shagging session in which she would enthusiastically participate but which was always terminated by her departure for more sun.

Within an hour of getting comfortable it became obvious that we had misread the direction of the morning sun and the opposite end of the pool was a more favourable position. Christine was the first to move, dragging her sun bed away then returning for her book and drink. I was not particularly motivated to move until I realised that my wife was stepping out of her bikini bottoms to lay face down on her lounger. She was side-on to my line of vision with her face resting on her forearms and her ever-so-fuckable arse, looking so brown and round, was irresistible.

It was a moment that will live with me forever and I rose from my lounger and my cock rose with me. I had kicked off my shorts by the time I had reached her end of the pool and in one smooth movement I lowered myself down on top of her, gripping the frame of her lounger whilst taking my weight on my arms. She opened her legs and I pushed and wriggled my dick inside her moist cunt. “I didn’t think you’d take long” was her comment as I began to propel myself in and out of her. For three or four minutes we gently fucked away, my cock felt like a steel rod and I knew I had time on my side. The sun was warm on my back and Christine sighed beneath me every time I pushed inside her.

The sun bed began to make alarming noises as I picked up speed and Christine motioned that I should stop. We wriggled apart and rose from the bed. Taking me by the hand, she led me up a short flight of steps to the side of the house where a small patio was separated by a low balustraded wall from the front porch and a bigger patio. The view from here extended downhill to the sea some five miles or more away. Laying the palms of her hands flat on the balustrade she pushed her bottom towards me and said “come on”.

I had always known that she was an exhibitionist who found more excitement in sex when there was a danger of being observed and it was a bold game we were playing because the rough road continued up the mountain only a hundred yards to our right. Furthermore nobody knew who might be tending the goats in the trees and bushes beyond the villa’s boundary. However, there was no one in sight so I took hold of her hip with one hand, reached round with my other hand to part her fanny lips and pushed myself deep inside her. She was still as tight as a teenager but she was running like a tap so I slid easily back and forward.

We slap-slap-slapped leisurely in the bright sun. I was continuously on the lookout for passers-by but Christine was totally relaxed and minutes passed joyously by. I felt her drop one hand down to her cunt and she began to rapidly stroke her labia and her clitoris as she tried to entice another orgasm to the surface.

Her moans began to build up again, she could be a noisy lover when she wanted to but now she quietly urged me to “come on, come on, come on”, over and over again. I ignored these demands because she was now resting her face on her forearm and any increased effort from me would have pushed her clean over the wall. These cries were not directed at me, I had learned years ago that they were for her own benefit as she moved into a trance like state that always preceded her orgasm. The noise caused me to look around nervously although I could not deny that there was something compelling and erotic about our situation and I barely missed a stroke.

Today was no different, her fingers moved frantically over her clitoris whilst I built up speed and then she suddenly stiffened to a halt and growled and clenched her muscles around my cock as her climax flooded through her. I became totally still, pressed inside her to my fullest extent until I detected a slight relaxation in the pressure around my cock and a change in her grip on the wall so that she now held it with both hands. Suddenly I was fucking her like crazy, holding tightly to her the bones of her pelvis and slamming deeply and violently into her. Sweat trickled down my back and into the crack of my ass and I could feel that my own cum was hesitating deep inside me somewhere but in view of the day’s earlier athletics I was relying on Christine to coax it out. This she did by pushing her bottom vigorously back and forwards towards me perfectly timed to meet my lunges towards her, each stroke was accompanied by a hoarse grunts interspersed with a few drawn out cries of “oh fuck, oh fuck” .

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