1 Ağustos 2021

Hospital Fun


Hospital FunEnglish is not my main language, sorry for bad spelling As people often say, one thing leads to a other.. But sometimes things come.. or let me say cum out from the blue. This is from some years back when i was 25, and stupid enough had been involved in a accident which made me fracture my ankle and in need for operation. Since I’m not in too good connection of my family I didn’t really care too much about it, and as my mother told me on the phone, boys will be boys. But anyhow I got told that I could expect a a week long stay on the hospital after the operation, which again was ok for me. Furthermore I didnt need to work. When I got to the ward I found out I was going to share my room with a other patient, a typical 2 men-room with only a curtain between us that we could drag away if we wanted to talk. The other patient was a married man on 50 with 2 daughters, which was something I found out later. He was waiting for a knee operation. The first night came and nobody of us could fall asleep so we ended up laying there talking about everything and nothing. A bit into the talk we got to the subject of the hospital-underwear which is for 1-time use only, and how they were see through. Lets call him Dave, to change the names up, laughed as he pulled the blanket away to show as he jokingly laughed. And he was off course correct cause you could see the outline of his dick very clear, which made me just bite me lip and stare at his cock, the outline of the shaft and balls. Made me mumble, I can see what you mean. You dont really need any underwear at all if you ask me. Dave smiled and said I was correct before pulling them of. Before he asked me if I would mind if he jerked out cause he always used to jerk of before falling asleep at home. I just shook my head and tunceli escort say go ahead. He wished my good night and began to slowly jerk of as he laid there without a bedblanket.. i felt my own dick get hard under mine as I kept starring at his cock, my tried to pretend that I was trying to fall asleep myself, but I later did. The next day came and we got our towels from the nurses since we didnt need any help in the morning routines. Dave asked if he could use the bathroom first which was ok for me. He went in but never closed the door, which made it clear for me that from my bed, I could see the mirror and sink he was standing infront of. As he slowly used a cloth to wash his face, abs and then his cock, slowly working his way down there, and again I couldn’t take my eyes of how his dick began to grow. He would glance at me in the mirror, but I would always look away when he did. But nothing more happened then that. It became night again and as normal me and Dave layed there talking a bit, before asking me is it ok if he removed the blanket cause he was feeling warm, which I didn’t mind. But again he was naked underneath. And like a moth to light, my eyes went to his cock. Dave suddenly said. You know, I could use a wash before I fall asleep, and I just looked at him confused before he again told me.. What if you come and suck my cock and that way 2 problems would be solved in the same time and he didnt need to masturbate. I got a bit taken back before talking back in a low tone, but what about the nurses? Dave smiled and say that nurses only visit a room 3 times a night, which gave us plenty of time. And since its not my first time sucking a cock I agreed, and made my way to his bed before laying halfway up in his bed guiding my uşak escort hand to his dick and slowly start to twirl my tongue around it . It quickly began to grow in my mouth as I just continued to suck him the best way I could as I felt him begin to grope my ass and slapping it gently making me suck him more furious and faster, I felt his hand grab my ass firm and then he took his other hand over my neck starting to facefuck me before grunnting and cumming right into my mouth, making me swallow each drop before returning to my bed. Night night Dave said as I laid there smiling, Then the 3th day came and I woke up by the nurses bringing us our daily usage of towels and more. Dave came over to me and whispered, Iv gotten you some medication for constipation for me, which made me confused and look at him. But then he smiled grabbed my butt saying, I plan to fuck this later tonight. After Dave was done on the bathroom it was my turn, making me take my time in the shower, making myself all clean and even shaved. I put on my hospital-shirt and went out to see that Dave had gotten visit my his 2 younger daughters. He introduced them to me and where close to the same age. He kept joking that they should feel sorry for me, cause daddy was giving him a hard time sharing room with such a demanding man, and the daughters just laughed. If they only knew what he talked about. Then finished with the joke that its the last night we share a room, he wont be such a pain in the ass for much longer, just this last night. So the last night came and I was just smiling know what to come. The nurses wished us a good night before Dave telling the night nurse that it was no need to come check in on us during the night, we are perfectly healthy and often made him yalova escort woke up, so didn’t want to be disturbed this last night, which they agreed on. And not long after the door was shut Dave was coming over to my bed telling me to turn around on my belly as he began to massage my ass and using some lube he has hidden away, I felt his finger began to play with my hole as he talked dirty to me, telling me that it was a long time since he fucked a boy and would enjoy this last night, one finger, 2 fingers, slowly going deeper and deeper into me making me moan a bit. After enough lube he told me I was ready, as he dragged my ass on the side of the bed, then using the remote to get me in correct height before the tip of his cock began to push against my hole before a pop and it went inside making me bite down on the pillow. He began moving his hips slowly back and forth before i felt his arms on my back and hips holding me tight, slowly picking up the paste and moving deeper into me, my cock was just hanging over the edge of the bed but was stiff as a rock. Dave began to moan and call me his lil whore. Fuck how I loved when a daddy talked dirty, I could feel my own orgasm get closer each time his hips banged into mine making me cock twitch, which let to my ass tighten up. I could hear by the moans that he was getting closer and closer and in the end I couldn’t control myself, I felt my own cock begin to spasm as I orgasme, making my tight hole close even harder around Daves cock making him fuck my ass so hard I was sure the nurse would come before he moaned loudly and released all his cum deep inside my, as I felt his cock twitching non stop for almost 30 seconds, but i felt like heaven and each second felt like a lifetime. Dave then smacked my ass and went back to bed, making me lay there naked with my ass in the air as cum ran down my legs. That night I had to sleep with a towel under me so the nurses wouldn’t wonder about the mess I had made in the bed. But a new day came, and I never saw this man again after that. But was the best hospital visit ever

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