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Close Up

Subject: HOT DATE PART FOUR HOT DATE Part Four � Van T Z Boi 2017 (The usual disclaimers apply, this remains the property of the author and you do not have permission to download and post this anywhere else without the author’s permission. Please remember this is just a story and keep yourself safe. If you enjoyed this then please support and make a donation; without you would not be able to read this and they need your financial support so you can continue to enjoy stories) (HEALTH WARNING: Due to the number of comments from readers you are warned that reading this material may involve the self-indulgent loss of bodily fluid. Please ensure you have a supply of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc to replace that which may be lost whilst reading this further chapter) (Thanks to all who have written it is nice to be appreciated, I do enjoy reading your comments and observations and suggestions and I always look forward to reading your views on this or any of my stories. I am still in the process of adding further chapters to all my stories on following my long break due to ill health and employment problems, so please bear with me as I get round to the story you might be waiting for. I do promise you that once all the stories have been updated I will continue to complete stories. Please note the new email ail. Now please read on. Till the next Time Van T Z Boi) Dean moaned deeply as he felt the huge mantube push further inside him, “Oh fuuuuucckk,” he grunted as Zack’s cock slid back and forth, spreading his teen pussy’s lips wider and wider, sending further spasms of pleasurable pain along his nervous system. Zack grinned as he thrust back and forth; he loved fucking new boys and had long ago lost count of the number of boys that had ended up on the end of his now twelve incher. “Feels good eh,” he whispered as he pressed further in and flexed his cock. Dean squirmed beneath him and drew a huge breath. “Oh fuck,” he gasped as he felt the thick cockridge press against his teen button and the familiar tingling sensations floated across his body. Zack thrust again and this time Dean’s body moved beneath him and Dean grunted sharply. “I don’t think he can take any more,” Mikey who had been watching between Zack’s open legs and caressing Zack’s heavy balls moved into to lick his young tongue across Zack’s manpussy, flicking the tip at the tightly closed pussy lips. Zack arched his back as the pleasure mounted inside him and he thrust hard again at the now unyielding teenage lovehole. “Fuck, oh fuck,” Dean cried as the pain went beyond pleasure for him, “Fuck that hurts,” he yelped. “Sorry,” Zack contrite bent over the teenager, easing his throbbing cock backwards and watching for the look on Dean’s face to tell him when the teen was more comfortable; Dean sighed and Zack took that as a sign, “Better now?” he asked gently as he now carefully adjusted the length and speed of his thrusts. “Oh yessss,” sighed Dean as he felt his body relax as the pain ebbed away to be replaced by the familiar sensual sensations as an expertly wielded cock slid back and forth across his special place; the memory of the spearing pain was completely gone so he happily responded to surges that mounted within his body. His teen rod stiffened and pulsed and he gazed up at the handsome face of his idol his mind whirling as he realised that it was actually happening, he was really here, flat on his back and the famed cock of the England Football captain was fucking his pussy. The long lived fantasy one that most boys in the country wanked through each night was really happening to him and it was so worth the pain. Zack leaned down and kissed Dean, delving his tongue deep inside the teen’s mouth as he continued to caress Dean’s teen button with his cockhead, he could tell by the boy’s reaction that he was really hitting the right spot as Dean gasped allowing his tongue to slide even deeper inside the youth’s mouth. Dean found his legs opening wider and wider as his body adapted to accommodate the footballer and now his pussy expanded too allowing a further inch then another of the thick fleshy manpole to slide inside him. Dean shook, the strength of the feelings as the long cock rubbed back and forth across his special place was producing the most intensive sensations he had ever known, his whole body was now awake and alive and throbbing and pulsing. Again he looked at Zack’s face seeing and understanding the concentration that was expressed in Zack’s eyes as he sought to give the teen the best fuck ever. `And it is the best fuck too,’ Dean filed away the thought and all the other things Zack was doing to him as they fucked away on the bed. Dean squirmed as the sensations rocked him; to add to the intensity Dean felt a warmth on his cockhead, a familiar warmth and he looked down to see Mikey’s head bobbing back and forth on his teen rod, sucking it deep inside his young mouth. `fuck the boy can suck cock,’ Dean added to his memories as he was transported away to another place another sphere of existence as the Captain and his mascot fucked him to heaven and back. Zack grunted as he felt Dean’s pussy walls contract around his swelling glans, he could tell the boy was close, Dean was gasping and trembling and his eyelids fluttered as his teen climax approached, Mikey too recognised the signs and he sucked harder and faster on the drooling teen cock in his mouth, swallowing the sweet tasting pre-cum that almost poured now from the pulsing slit. Dean shivered and trembled and writhed and pushed upwards from the mattress pushing himself against Zack and trapping Mikey’s head between their bodies as he forced Zack’s cock another inch inside his pussy. He had now managed to take nine inches of the fabled cock, nine inches long and eight inches round at this point and it was enough, more than enough, with a growling deep rooted groan he came, came heavily spending an almost continuous stream of teen cum into Mikey’s suctioning mouth as Zack swiftly rabbit fucked his own cock against the vice like grip of Dean’s teen love canal and he too delivered his heavy load, deep inside Dean, further than any cock had delved before, his sperm shooting deep inside the teen’s colon, breeding the teen deeper and deeper. For a moment they remained locked together and then Dean pushed Zack up and away, Zack puzzled and unbalanced fell back on the bed beside Dean who swiftly bent over the footballer and sucked the thick cock into his mouth, quickly he worked his lips and mouth and tongue, swallowing the last strings of Zack’s sperms and then sucking out the dregs from Zack’s mantube başakşehir escort he savoured the taste and flavour of Zack’s semen. `Fuck it tastes so strong and spicy’ he thought to himself and he wanted more of it, `no chance of that though,’ he told himself as he rolled the last leavings round his mouth. Finally he let the thick lump drop from his mouth and moved up to kiss Zack on the mouth. “Fuck that was amazing,” he gurgled as he sank down and again sucked the fat glans back inside his mouth. Dan sucked the sweet tasting tip of Alvin’s cock; he rubbed the slim shaft with his hand and swallowed around the small bud, swallowing down the sugary spicy precum. Alvin groaned as the young boys tongue swiped across his cocklips and then grunted. “I’m cumming, quick,” his party broken voice sounded the warning. Jim swiftly tugged Dan’s mouth of the sperming teencock and placed the plate with the pizza beneath Alvin’s cockhead; angling the heated platter he caught the spermy droplets as they blasted from the thirteen year old’s balls, the shiny strings of teen cum coating the pizza, sizzling as they hit the hot surface. “Fuck,” sighed Alvin and bent down to kiss Dan, his tongue swirling inside the boys’ mouth to taste his own juices. “Nice suck,” he whispered and added quietly, “I’d love to see you again sometime, just us together.” Dan returned the kiss, he also liked the young teen and certainly liked the taste of his cock, he put the thought to the back of his mind, tonight he was out with Jim, but he did give Alvin a hint when he added, “I go to Mountboy Academy,” he smiled as he could see Alvin nod. `Now he knows where to find me after school,’ he smiled to himself. Jim deftly cut the pizza up did not notice the exchange, he licked the edge of the knife, the smear of teen cum on the edge was salty spice and a great compliment to the pizza. “Lovely topping,” he announced and allowed himself a caress of Alvin’s cock and balls, the thin straggly newly grown hairs were almost soft to the touch. “Thank you. It’s been my honour to spunk for you,” beamed Alvin, hoping for a good tip. “Enjoy,” he added as he walked away to the recovery bar where his vitamin enriched drink was already waiting for him. He sat down beside the other boys who were `in recovery’ and talked about the cute boy with great mouth. Jim kissed Dan tasting Alvin’s remaining juices and then they sat together to eat the pizza. Dan kept his hand around Jim’s cock, stroking the thick length and at times his eyes strayed to where Alvin was sitting, he wondered if the boy fucked as good as he tasted. A rush of desire pinged his little inner bud and he wiped his mouth and sucked at Jim’s cockhead, the spicer salty man juice making his pulse and heart race faster as his nose inhaled the strong aroma of mandick. He eyed the nearby table where the boy had been fucking; the boy was now flat on the table and the man was holding his legs wide whilst they fucked hard, another lusting tremor hit along Dan’s spine and his bud pulsed demandingly. Jim his eyes also the nearby fuck slid his hand down Dan’s back and then as Dan lifted his body, slipped his finger into the hot boy pussy. He knew they would be fucking very, very soon. Simon Stringle stood by the door and surveyed the wedding celebrations, `This is one of the sexiest weddings so far,’ he thought to himself. The meal was over now and Reid Senior had stood up to make his speech. “Thanks for cumming,” he had grinned, “now let’s fuck,” and at that boys had been lifted and placed on the white padded tablecloths, the various jars of lube had been reached for and the wedding orgy had commenced. Simon had made sure that his team of boys and teenagers were up to their task. `It was surprising the number of guests who wanted to be fucked by a teenager as they fucked a boy,’ he had noticed and had to take several calming breaths to keep his own cock from rising. He had watched as Reid Senior had not only fucked Reid Junior but then proceeded to fuck his other three sons. The four boys had then rearranged themselves on the central round bed that had been requested and the guests had lined up to fill their boypussies with what seemed to him to be a usual happening for the Reid boys. Reid Senior was now in the process of fucking one of the boy waiters, Simon was concerned as he noticed it was his young boyfriend, Ricky that appeared to be greatly enjoying Reid Senior’s thick dick and his own cock shivered. A hand tugged at the small black flap that covered his groin and he looked away from his boyfriend to see that it was the young bride tugging at him. “Yes,” he paused; his mind in a whirl for the moment before recalling that the boy was to be addressed as `RJ’. “What can I do for you RJ?” he smiled accommodatingly at the well fucked bride. “Fuck me,” RJ smiled and yanked the black cloth away from Simon’s body, the strap causing a sharp pain in his side before the Velcro fastening gave way. His pubes had been neatly trimmed and dusted with the same glitter that coated RJ’s young body. It was somewhat rubbed off by now as those who had already fucked him wore the covering away. Simon looked at the cute boy, the smears of sperm coating his body only serving to make him seem all the more fuckably attractive. “As you say RJ,” Simon led the boy to a nearby vacant bed; it was warm and damp and messed up by previous occupants. RJ climbed up on the bed and reached for Simon’s cock which was already rising to the occasion. He slurped the tip, coating it heavily with his saliva and then flung himself back on the bed, his legs spreading wide, his sperm dripping boy pussy pulsing open. Simon took one last look at his boyfriend who was now riding the bridegroom’s thick cock and he could hear Ricky’s appreciative cries. As Master of Ceremonies he now did his duty and slid his eight long inches of muscular cock into the wet moist pussy. `One of the definite plusses to his job,’ he grinned to himself as he took his turn in fucking the bride, RJ a very amorous mancock lover immediately began writhing and moaning as his young bud was once again pummelled to climax. On the central bed Connor, the red haired waiter lay in heaven as Eddie Reid rode his cock, `the boy has learnt a lot from his father,’ he thought as he felt the inner pussy muscles grab him and rub him with a fierce vicelike grip. As he enjoyed the delightful rushes of pleasure he also recalled the many fucks that Reid Senior had given him and he glanced across to where he could see the powerful back view of Reid Senior as he pummelled the writhing boy impaled halkalı escort on his long cock. Connor, shivered as he recalled the exquisite sensations he had enjoyed as that thick wedge had entered and fucked him. His own cock went into a series of spasms as the memory linked itself to its current embrace and as his climax took hold and sent him soaring it was Reid’s name he called out and not that of Eddie who was riding him. Eddie grunted as he felt the teenagers cock spew inside him, he was still only part way towards his own boyjoy, `Fuck that,’ he decided to himself as he made his inner muscles work hard, Connor moaned in dissolute desperation as the teenager felt his cock massaged once again to sufficient stiffness for Eddie to work it towards his own dry orgasm. Helpless Connor lay under the able Eddie as the young boy writhed and rotated the tight boycunt around his teendick. `Fuck it, at least I’m being paid for this,’ he told himself as the pain pleasure continued, the intense pleasure pressure on his cockhead sending soaring shoots of tortuous electric sensual bolts along his inflamed nerves. Dirk drove up to the front of the Papaboys Diner and naked apart from his driving shoes got out of the car. He stood there his mandick slightly swollen as he handed the keys to the valet parker, the boy was also naked, sensing that his client would prefer nudity. He admired the man’s package and then those of the three similarly naked trio that stepped out of the car. Sloop’s eyes were drawn to the cute boy who was very much in the image of his father; the two handsome thick cocked teenagers who stood either side of the boy were also hot to look at. Sloop felt his own dick swell as the aroma of fucking wafted close to him, despite the shower the two hot teenagers still exuded the hormonal enriched tang of sex and his own hormones rose to the challenge. “Cute dick,” grinned Nick and stepped close towards Sloop appraising the muscular toned body and the slowly filling teentube, he stroked the hardening flesh watching it jerk and bloat, “Don’t think he’s as big as you Dirk,” Nick turned to caress Dirk’s cock which pulsed to its full eight inches; Dirk sighed, the weekend visit by Alan’s brother was becoming more intense than he had expected, already he was dreading the boy’s departure and his manpussy twitched as he thought of the lonely night ahead when the boy had left. “What time is Zack due to appear?” Alan asked Sloop who dragged his thoughts back to earth. “He is due to arrive at eight,” Sloop replied, “the barriers are already in place and,” he lowered his voice, “Papaboy patrons may watch his arrival on the hotel side which since its’ considered private land clothing is not essential.” He watched the flash of understanding as the group realised what he had said. Nick whooped and beamed a big smile, “Does that include Zack?” his eyes were bright with excitement. “No,” Sloop replied and then added, “but once he’s at the door, well there is a small platform he can stand there to wave and greet the crowd.” “Depends on what he is waving,” chuckled Alan. Sloop saw his chance, “May I greet the young sire?” he pleaded. Alan saw the yearning look, “Sure, Gary,” he pushed him forward. Sloop sank to his knees and worshipped the thin cocklet, in seconds Gary’s boydick was pulsing its full four inches inside Sloop’s suctioning mouth. For three full minutes he savoured the taste and texture of hot boycock, inhaling the special perfume of well fucked boy before Alan pulled him off. “That’s enough of a greeting,” he smirked sharply, “to me Gary.” Slightly dreamy from the expert cockworship Sloop had given him, Gary closed to Alan’s side, automatically his hand caressed the teenager’s cock, rubbing his soft hand along the satiny length and gently tugging back the foreskin to expose the purpling head. Sloop along with Gary felt that certain twitch in their respective pussies, despite Sloop’s lust for cute boys, he was still a sucker for a big dick and for a moment he envied the boy. Sloop slid into the warm seat and as he turned the car he admired the sight of the four naked backsides, as ever it was Gary’s tight arse cheeks that caused a dollop of precum to drool down his dick onto the tissue he had placed beneath him. “Fuck I could so do things to him,” he spoke aloud to the empty car. Devon slid up and down Jarvis’s thick pole, enjoying again the sensual delight of riding the huge mandong, at the same time he alternated with sucking the softer pricks of the older wrinklies. He now looked at the pensioners with different eyes; despite their saggy bodies and wrinkled skin they had given him a very good fucking workout. Jarvis’s eyes glittered as his new prot�g� worked his pussy around his cock. `He will make a good addition to my harem,’ he told himself, `he will spread the delights of boy fucking once he has been trained,’ he grunted as another jolt of hot delight bounced up from his dick. Across the county in various places other boys; all members of his boy harem were also riding cock, spreading the dictate of free and easy availability of boycunt and body to all, their mobiles recording their progress for Jarvis’s website which was logging up the zillions of hits. “Hot lips,” sighed Earl as Devon sucked the fat plump head of his old man dick. “My turn,” Stew nudged his mate and as Earl’s cock slipped from Devon’s mouth he rubbed his own along the side of Devon’s cheek, the boy swiftly turning his head to suck the gnarled head of the seventytwo year old’s knob. “Oh so nice and hot and young,” Stew stroked Devon’s hair, recalling his happy times with other similar boys, “such a good cocksucker you’ve got there,” he smiled as he watched Devon bounce up and down on the thick dick that speared his boypussy. Devon sucked the dicks as they appeared, his pussy bud was throbbing now and he felt the certain tremors running through his nerves, his little boy bud was in constant contact with the hot steely shaft inside him, the sensations were just getting better and better. His eyes glanced at the muscular man below him and the look in Jarvis’s eyes, `It’s true,’ he said to himself as the hot itch tingled inside him, `I’ll do anything and anyone he wants me too so long as he fucks me with that huge boy fuckin prick of his,’ and then he trembled and shivered and squealed as he came again, his squealing muffled by the two old wrinklies cocks pulsing together inside his mouth. “Just love the sound of a moaning boy`s mouth around my cock,” smirked Earl. “Fuck yes,” grunted Stew and called down to Jarvis, “can you make him moan again?” In reply Jarvis thrust şirinevler escort his hips hard and fierce into the hot boyhole, Devon felt the hard pulsing thickness rub his inner bud and again the hot heated itch tingled and blossomed throughout his writhing body once more. The two old men grunted happily as they enjoyed the verbal vibrations on their cockheads. Jody grunted and whimpered as yet another tingling spam wracked his lusting body, he sucked deeply at the cock in his mouth whilst managing to work his pussy muscles on the rod that thrust and pulsed inside him. Jake, all thoughts of his date with Randy now a long way from his mind fucked harder and harder at the tight vice that gripped him. “Fuck, so tight, so fucking beautifully tight and hot, hot, hot,” he panted as he worked his hips quicker and quicker. His balls were in overdrive now as he pushed deeper and deeper inside the hotness that encased him, his full eight and a half inches of boy loving dick was heating and tingling up and approaching rocket time. His eyes glazed with lust was oblivious to the similar sounds that Rick was making as he fucked his own mandong deeper and deeper into Jody’s mouth, the excess mixture of saliva and precum drooling down both sides of Jody’s squelching mouth. `I hope tonight’s is as hot as this,’ he said to himself as he moaned and grunted as the hot sensations worked upwards from his eight inch cock. The late sun was still hot on their bodies as it shone down on the fucking trio, the conjoined bodies making disparate shadows on the builder’s yard as the fuck continued. Jody writhed and wriggled and bleated and moaned as the two men grunted and fucked him hard. His head was bent back now to allow Rick to fuck into his throat, his experience allowing him to breathe through his nose as the fat prong tickled his tonsils and he tasted the salty sweetness of spunk enriched precum. His little bud was also swelling and pulsing as Rick’s long dick continued to massage the tiny bud, the sensations of being fucked at both ends only adding to his delight and lust. He reached out and squeezed Rick’s balls, the heavy furriness against his skin was an extra excitement as he pushed the hot tight ballsac against his forehead, his nostrils inhaled the deep earthy man scent and his sinuses soared as the savoury taint swirled around his head. Rick leaned down to suckle at Jody’s stiff four inches of boy dick, lashing the bright red pink exposed tip with his tongue before opening his mouth to swallow Jody’s groin inside his mouth. He too could smell Jake’s fuckscent and it sent his senses into overdrive, nostrils flaring he sucked heavily at the sating texture of Jody’s boy treasures, the hard prong and the soft empty sac. Jake grunted hard as he worked his dong back and forth, Jody’s tight boypussy was undulating along his entire length and the slight swelling of the tiny internal bud was an intense extra on his glans, several times it caught his ridge, sending bolts of pure sexual lighting rocketing through him and making his internal storm of sensation elevate to beyond hurricane force. Jake shivered as he sensed that internal tingle, the sensual warning of imminent release, for a moment he fought to control the climax and then the primal need to breed became paramount; his expectant shiver became a fast fuck action as he burrowed into the tight furnace. As his journey started Rick also sensed his own approaching climax, he stood up letting go of the boydicket and grabbing the edge of the plastic bags anchored himself as his body and cock took over, his cock a fierce piston inside Jody’s mouth and throat, Jody swallowing quickly over and over to avoid the flood that was approaching. Jody’s throat gulped and gulped as the quicksilver of mansperm and pre cum blasted out of Rick’s dick and at the same time as Jake’s prick exploded, his hot sperm coating his boy bud with the milky concoction Jody too went into boyhood overdrive as his entire frame shook and trembled and rocked with the internal heaven of boy climax, his empty ballsac twinging as his young tubes pulsed to release what was still years away from being produced, inside his hot body his immature gonads swelled and twitched as they experienced the depth of his two cock induced orgasm. Luke led the way to the Presidential Suite and rang the hidden bell. The soft two tones sounded sweetly in the room. Dean looked up from where he still had Zack’s cock in his mouth, his sense of duty told him he should be answering the door, it was his job but the taste and feel of Zack thick bloated twelve incher throbbing inside his mouth was giving him other harder thoughts. “It’s okay I’ll get that,” Mikey held a tissue to his nose which was leaking badly now as the reaction to the eaten nuts was still overcoming the medicine he had taken. Luke caught just a glimpse inside the room, his eyes opened wide as he saw Dean with his mouth tight around the fattest thickest cock he had ever seen, his own teendick swelled at the sight. Todger strode forward, pulling Robin tight behind him and Mikey closed the door. Luke stood there his teenrod now unconsciously rubbing against the wooden door, his mind imagining what it was like to ride Zack’s cock, like many other boys who had dreamed about it he was recalling those self-same dreams only now he had a true picture of what the famed cock actually looked like, his pussy throbbed and his teen bud squirmed in expectation. Reluctantly he turned to head back to the lift. “Hi I’m Todger, owner of Todger’s Boys Escort Agency,” Todger was apparently unflustered as he held out his hand to Zack, his eyes however were glued on the famed thick pole that Dean was still sucking hard on. Robin watched with an open mouth and a whirling brain, his one thought was, `Can I really take something that big?’ and his boy pussy twitched and swelled and his pussy lips opened slightly in cocklust. His eyes ballooned at the sight of the teenager’s mouth that was doing its best to take the huge orange sized lump inside. End of Part Four To be continued?????????? (Hot dates all around so far and the night is not yet over or is it? ot Dates all around so farH Well if you want more and want me to continue this story then you have to write and tell me and don’t forget if you like this then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look me up on ‘s prolific authors listing fty//authorslist.html V for Van T Z Boi ) . Please also make a different deposit in ‘s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this further chapter. All the best, Van T Z Boi) (In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that good ole’ have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies’ and `Mummy Said’ from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can’t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. Van T Z Boi)

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