15 Mart 2023

Hot Shower Ch. 07


I feel your hand, caress my leg, and I moan from the pleasure. Your hand continues its ascent up until it whispers across my ass, and then I cry out when you remove it completely, only to cry out again as you bring your hand back down to slap my ass. I turn to look at you, and when only moments before I couldn’t even comprehend moving, I’m now aching to feel your dick inside of me again.

“You really are an insatiable bitch, aren’t you?” Erin asks as she slides off the bed.

“Maybe I am,” I smile at her, then realize she’s gathering her clothes. “Where are you going?”

“You might be used to having your ass kicked all over the bed, but I’m not, I really can’t move. I need a break. Give me a call tomorrow night, I wanna come back.”

“Oh, come on,” I say, grabbing her hand, trying to convince her to stay. I watch you get up and walk into the bathroom, then I hear the shower start. “What’s another couple hours? Stick around.”

“Seriously, I can’t. I’m already worn out, and I have a long day tomorrow. Call me tomorrow evening, I would love to be invited back to play,” she says as she finishes dressing and leans down to kiss me. Her fingers dance along my cheek and play in my hair.

I move my hands up her legs, under her skirt and just as my fingers graze her ass, she steps away from me. “Stop it, I’m serious, I need to go recover, I think a nice long bath will do me wonders.”

“We could arrange that here,” I suggest.

I Escort bayan laugh as Erin rolls her eyes at me, then flips her hair over her shoulder and stops to glance into the closest mirror to gage her appearance. She fluffs her hair a bit and asks, “How do I look?”

“Like you’ve just been fucked.”

“Ah, good, just the look I was going for.” She turned and blew me a kiss as she walked out the door.

I lay back on the bed, pouting, first Erin leaves, and I’ve convinced myself that you are leaving too, that’s why you are in the shower. I’ve lost the argument with Erin, I figure I might as well throw all my efforts into convincing you to stick around a little longer. I walk into the bathroom and shiver as the warm moist air envelops me. I open the glass door to the shower and step inside.

“She gone?” you ask as you turn to watch me close the door behind me.

“Yep, she said you kicked her ass.” I say with a smile on my face as I lean back against the glass wall of the shower. Considering my options, I start to drop to my knees as I reach for you, but you stop me, and move me into the direct spray of the shower. The hot water beats against my back and neck. I close my eyes and enjoy the sensations. I feel your hands drift along my body, sliding down my side, slipping over my hip, then pulling me towards you I feel your tongue slide against my clit and I suck in air in a surprised gasp. “I thought you were leaving Bayan Escort too,” I manage as you are bringing me very quickly towards an amazing orgasm. One hand reaches for the wall of glass seeking something to hold onto, while the other tangles in your hair, pulling you closer to me as I let the orgasm rock my body until I’m dizzy and sure that I’ll drown in the water that is beating down around me. I move to the glass wall and lean because my legs aren’t steady enough to hold me up. I open my eyes and watch you stepping out of the shower and reaching for a towel.

“No, I’m not finished with you yet, hurry up in there, how long does it take you to shower?” you say as you smile at me and walk out letting the steam follow you.

I quickly dip my head under the water again, then turn the shower off and reach for my robe. Wrapping it tightly around me to dry off as quickly as possible, I hurry out to find you. I find you laying on the bed, waiting for me.

“So, I like your friend Erin, she seems nice,” you say.

“Yeah, I thought you might have liked her,” I smirk as I drop the robe behind me and crawl up and over your body until I can move over your dick and wrapping my fingers around it I groan in appreciation. I slide it along my pussy, coating you in my juices. I slide slowly down onto you and my breath catches as I feel again so wonderfully full. I move up, then push down and repeat it just twice more before I have to grab Escort your shoulders to steady myself as I cum fast and hard.

Feeling a little giddy from the orgasms and at the thinly feigned control I have from being on top of you, I lean my weight forward until only the head of your dick is inside of me. I feel you try to move to slide back inside of me, but I only move higher, teasing you. I know that you can take this control away from me anytime you want, but for just a moment, I am the one teasing you. I am the one enjoying the control. I ease my body back down, letting my pussy melt around your dick, and you meet me half way, and I enjoy the rush of excitement. I smile at the expressions on your face, knowing what you want, and knowing I can give it to you if I want, when I want, how I want.

I slowly ease back up until again, I’m just holding the tip of you inside of me. You growl at me and try to push back into me, but I smile and move a little higher. You tell me it’s like taking away your candy, and that I should give it back. I try to keep teasing you, but very quickly, I’m reminded that the control I have is only what you allow me to have. You grab my hips and pull me hard against you. You fuck me hard, controlling my completely, moving my hips down hard against you, I hear the slap of skin as our bodies meet and soon I can’t control my own body as I begin riding the tide of an orgasm as one sweeps into another. When you stop abruptly, and I fall forward, too exhausted to move for a moment.

I manage to lean up and smile at you.

“What’s so funny?”

“That was fun,” I say with a smirk.

“I told you it would be,” you counter, and I know you are right, as usual.

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