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HotTo be perfectly honest, I was a bit ashamed and felt like a weirdo when puberty hit. I was pretty late bloomer, but when puberty hit it did so with force. My voice changed very quickly, my body got a lot more muscles, and most of all my cock grew huge. My trouble started when the other guys in my sport teams saw my cock in the shower. Funny how someone’s body part can make other people either hate you or admire you, some at the same time.I felt like an outcast, since my cock while soft was still more than twice the size of most other guys. Of course, what the guys saw in the shower got out and everyone soon talked about it.I got approached by guys in the shower who said they wanted to see my cock hard so they could see how big it really could get. I was pretty good at sports, but it wasn’t fun any longer when they did not leave me alone in the dressing room.After a while the coach in my baseball team got a word about what was going on in the shower and put a stop to it. He came in and hears what was going on when I tried to get in the shower. This coach was a great guy and reprimanded the team for this behavior. But as he came to talk to me, I was drying off from the shower and his eyes got big when he saw my size. He pretended to ignore my cock, but I could see that his eyes were drawn to it. He wasn’t gay or anything. He was married with two daughters and a wife of 20 years. My life got much better after he stepped in and stopped the harassment.The girls at school had also heard about it and I got many offers to get my cock masturbated. I went along a couple of times, but I realized soon that I was only being used. The girls wanted to touch my cock and sometimes trying to suck it. But nobody wanted to let my cock enter their pussies. After a few months of getting jerked off, I decided to put an end to this unless they let me fuck them. There was one girl who was always very horny and tried to get me to let her play with my cock all the time. After a couple of weeks of not letting her close to my cock, she agreed to let me fuck her. She said she could not stop thinking about this beautiful cock.It was a disaster. I was too horny and she was too scared. It started out nice; we played and had great foreplay. But when it came to let my cock enter her pussy, she tightened up and there was no way of getting inside of her. She was very wet and hot, she begged me to fuck her. But when I ran my cock up and down her slit to make my head lubricated and then slowly pushed my cock into her pussy, she got so tight that not even my finger would enter her. I brought her to orgasm with my tongue and was hoping she was going to relax. I never got my cock inside of this girl, she was simply too scared. Maybe it wasn’t so strange since she was a virgin too.We did become great friends, but we never tried to have intercourse again. When I got into college, the girls did not know about my “secret” and I started to date like most other guys. Unfortunately, every time I got a girl ready to make love to me, she would be too scared to let my cock enter their little young pussies. One frat party, I met this faculty member, a woman in her 30s who seemed to like me. We hung out and talked late into the night. I escorted her back to her apartment. We had not done anything to each other the whole evening, simply sat, drank some beers, and talked for hours. We got a long great and it was nice to talk with a more mature woman than most of the young students.So we when got to her place, she asked if I wanted to come in. I did not even think that something sexual might happen if I got into her place. Oh boy was I up for a surprise. This woman changes a little after we got into her place. She told me to sit on the couch and she would get us something to drink. I told her I was fine with water and did not need more alcohol.She brought back two big glasses with ice cold refreshing water. When she sat down, she sat very close to me. She leaned in and kissed me. I got caught by surprise and had not expected this. She told me not to be shy. She continued telling me that she had never brought a student into her place, but she found me very attractive and sexy. She said after our long conversation this evening she felt that she knew me. She asked how much sexual experience I had and I told her I was still a virgin. She laughed and said no way. I told her that it was not due to lack of trying, but it had to do with the size of my penis. I guess she thought that I thought I had a small penis and told me that it would be OK. Size does not matter is what she told me. We started to kiss and touch each other. She removed her top and let me play with her breasts. I could feel how excited she was getting. Then she stripped out of her jeans and lay back on her couch. I kissed her tummy and she held my head between her hands to lead the way to her pussy. I was not a virgin when it came to licking pussy, so it did not take long before she climaxed. I fumbled with my belt and got my pants down around my knees. She was lying back waiting for me to fuck her with my small penis. She was very wet and ready for a good fuck. I climbed in between her thighs and put my cock at her wet pussy opening. I ran my cock along the slit to make the head wet. When I found her opening, I placed my cock there and asked if I could enter her. She told me to go easy, still not knowing what I was about to give her.I started to press myself into her pussy; she tensed up and told me not to play with her, instead of whatever toy I was using, please put your cock in me, is what she said.She reached down between her legs and found my cock, her hand tried to grab around the shaft but her fingers could not reach around. I looked her in her eyes as I pushed harder and started to stretch her pussy over my cock. She whimpered that I was too big. I stopped and held still to let her pussy get use to my size. It worked, after a minute she told me to continue. I kept working about an inch at a time and after a while finally was deep inside of her. She went crazy and started to fuck me hard. Her hips were thrusting hard into me and she had most of my cock inside when I hit her cervix. She exploded in another orgasm, but I kept pounding away and her orgasm lasted a long time. She actually had multiple orgasms that seemed to me to be one long orgasm. As a virgin, I was surprised how long I lasted before I started to cum. She moaned when she felt my cock expand more as I started to cum. Her pussy got flooded with my türbanlı içel escort cum.It was an awesome first time experience. We only made love once that night, since she was too sore to let me fuck her again. We did start seeing each other once a week for the rest of the semester.After the Christmas break I would see less and less her. She started to get a bit worried about her position at the college and if anyone found out about us. I understood and she was so much older than me that I did not see a future with her. I missed our sex, but I thought it was best to move on.In one class on morning, I got seated next to a blond young beautiful girl. Her name was Linda. She was a year younger than me, but she had an aura around her of much older and experienced person. We started to talk about the class and decided to study together.It was the start of a wonderful relationship. We dated the whole spring and spent much of our spare time together. We also studied together; so much of our time awake was together. Linda was a virgin and did not want to rush into sex. It wasn’t for any religious reasons, more that she wanted to feel ready. I totally accepted it and could easily understand how she could feel that way. We had to spend most of the summer apart, except when I went to her place to spend a couple of weeks at her parents’ house.Of course, we had to sleep in separate bedrooms. But since we did not really have sex, I thought it was OK.Linda’s parents, Mr and Mrs Upton were cool and very accommodating. I felt right at home with them from the minute I walked through the door.Mr Upton was a banker and he was very successful, so they owned a large home with several extra bedrooms. The family had their bedrooms in one end of the house and the guest bedrooms at the other end giving both the family and their guests to have total privacy. I thought it would be nice since maybe Linda could sneak over to my room some night….The Upton’s were not very conservative or strict. I was not sure that they would have really minded if Linda spent the nights in my room, but it was Linda’s choice to not come to my room.After two days hanging out by the pool with Linda and her mother, I felt pretty horny. They were not shy and both had skimpy little bikinis, revealing more than covering. Mrs Upton was a bit on the plump side, but still looked awesome for her age. She had very large breasts and wide hips with a great big ass. She would lie on her tummy, unsnapping her top to not get any tan lines on her back. I got an eye full of the side of her large breast. Her breast would spill out on the sides. I had never seen a large woman like her in g-string, so I had a hard time keeping my eyes away from her butt as she walked around or when she lay on her tummy. At one point, I got so excited that I had a pretty good hard-on. Of course, there was no way I could lay on my back without showing my large cock in my shorts. Mrs Upton asked Linda if she could get us something to drink, like some ice tea. Linda being a sweet heart did what her mother asked. This left me alone with Mrs Upton…. As soon as Linda had left, Mrs Upton asked me if I could help her with putting some sun lotion on her back. I did not want to show my hard cock to my girlfriend’s mother. Mrs Upton face away from me so I decided it was the best route to do what she asked instead of cuming up with some lame excuse.I got up and got the lotion. I had baggy shorts, but you could still see my big bulge. I warmed the lotion in my hands and then started to carefully massage in the lotion. I was careful on not touching Mrs Upton too hard, even if I wanted to really touch and feel this woman. Mrs Upton told me to not be so light in my touch; she said that I would not break her by massaging in the lotion. Then she asked me to put lots of lotion directly on her back. I put more lotion, so much that it flowed down the side of her breast. Without thinking about it, I reached down and scooped up some of the lotion. When I did that I pressed my whole hand into her breast and got a good feel of her big soft plumpness of her breast. I think I might have let out a moan as the feeling from her breast in my hand made me very horny. Mrs Upton did not react at all to my touch, which I found strange since I felt so excited by it. I continued massaging in the lotion all over her back and close to her ass. I was careful to stay away from her ass cheeks, but Mrs Upton asked if I could put some on her legs and butt as well. I moved down to her legs and had a pretty good view of her butt at this point. I put lotion on her upper thighs and started to rub it in. I had to put a little bit more on her butt since her skin absorbed the lotion quickly. Her ass was big, but very firm. It was obvious to me that she must be working out a lot. Her g-string went down between her ass cheeks and most of her ass was exposed to me. While putting the lotion on her ass, she moved her legs apart to give me better room to put lotion on the inner thigh. This also exposed her pussy to me. The thin little material did not fully cover the pussy lips. Her g-string was not even totally straight, so I saw most of her pussy.I had not even seen my girlfriend’s pussy yet and here I was less than an inch with my hands from her pussy. I moved my hand very close to her pussy since there was a bit of lotion on her inner thigh that I need to spread out. My hands were trembling at this point and my cock was super hard. I did not have the best control of my hands at this time, so when I moved up the thigh and found the lotion; my hand did not stop in time. I managed to touch Mrs Upton’s pussy lips with back of my fingers. It felt moist and very warm. Mrs Upton moved a little, but did not say anything. I kept massaging in the lotion and gently touched her pussy a couple of more times. I knew that it was a matter of seconds before Linda would come back out to us now. So in one crazy moment, I turned my hand so my palm was in the same direction as Mrs Upton’s pussy, then I put my fingers at the bottom of her pussy and ran my fingers over her wet lips. Mrs Upton’s thighs closed around my hand as she tightened up. I felt her hard clit under my fingers. I rubbed the clit for a second, but then I heard Linda opening the patio door. Linda could not see us from her position. I quickly pulled back my hand and lay down on my chair. My heart was pounding hard and I thought I might cum in my shorts if I got any türbanlı içel escort bayan more excited. Linda came with the ice tea and apologized for taking so long. She said her friend had called right when she was in the house and they had talked. Linda asked if it was ok if she went to see her friend for a couple of hours. I said it was fine. I could stay here at the pool and relax.Mrs Upton tied her top on and sat up. She looked blushed and avoided eye contact with me. She drank some tea and then excused herself to go to the bathroom. As she walked away Linda gave me a kiss and told me that I was so nice letting her leave me with her mother when she went out to have fun with a friend.Linda said she would be back for dinner at the latest. She got up and left. My cock had calmed down and was not supporting a raging hard on, but I still felt very horny. I decided that I would go to my room and give myself some relief. As soon as Linda closed the front door I headed back to my room to get some release. I was not sure I could handle more of Mrs Upton today. I might just cum in my pants if I was around her much longer.I went into my room, dropped my shorts and lay down on the bed. There was a big wall of mirrors on the closet doors, so I could see myself stroking my cock. I also found the view of my cock impressive and it was almost like watching a porn movie. The difference it was my own cock that looked so big. I watched my hand travel up and down my shaft. I closed my eyes and started to visualize the event in by the pool with Mrs Upton. I could feel my cock grow hard and big again. I did not want to cum yet and slowly stroked my cock. I grabbed my testicles with my left hand and continued stroking my shaft with my right hand. It felt so good and I wished that I was still outside by the pool with Mrs Upton and had a chance to continue touching her wet pussy. Even if my past “girlfriend” had been a bit older than me, it was not like with Mrs Upton. She was a full mature lady with a totally different body shape. I never considered a plump old woman to be sexy, but after running my fingers up her wet slit I had a change of mind. She was the sexiest woman I had ever had contact with. I got extremely hard thinking about her big ass and thick thighs with her wet pussy between these big thighs. I felt a little pre-cum on top of my cock and thought that I would not last much longer. Suddenly I heard a noise and opened my eyes. I saw movement in the corner of my eye and looked over at the doorway. Mrs Upton stood there watching me stroking my cock. I panicked and tried to hide my cock. I did not even look at Mrs Upton; if I had I would have seen her standing there in her robe opened up and her hand on her pussy. I never saw her standing there rubbing herself closer to orgasm. I guess it was some noise she made that I heard, the noise was from her moaning as she got very close to cumming.I rolled over on my tummy to hide my cock and without looking at her, apologized profusely. I felt so bad about being found out by my girlfriend’s mother, even if she was the reason I go hard and was close to cumming. I felt awful and told her it would not happen again.I felt her sit down next to me on the bed. Her hand started to caress my back and she said that she understood a young man’s needs. Even more since she knew that I had not slept with her daughter and must be pretty horny after a few days in their house. I turned my head and looked straight into her naked tummy, as she had not closed her robe when she sat down. I looked up and saw her big tits a few inches away from my face. I looked at her face and she was much blushed. She said she should be the one apologizing since she had not respected my privacy in my room and that she had no right to stay after she found me masturbating. She said that I looked so sexy and beautiful stroking this huge cock, that she wanted to see me finish what I had started. She really wanted to see my cock explode and spurt my cum up in the air.She said she had no right to ask, but still wanted to know if what I thought about while stroke my cock. Could it be the event of my putting lotion on her that had made me so horny?I could only nod and my mouth was totally dry. She told me that it had been wrong, but felt so good when my hands touched her skin. She had not felt any other man’s hand on her pussy for 25 years and that she should have stopped me before I had the chance to touch her. She said she thought I had left with Linda and had to check out the noise from my room. That’s how she found my wanking off. She admitted that the size of my cock had made it impossible to move away. Mrs Upton said she was worried that I would kill her daughter with that big cock, unless I knew how to use it. She used her hands to move me to my back. My cock was not fully erected any longer, but still pretty full of blood. So the size was bigger than she had ever seen up close, she told me as she grabbed my cock and started to stroke me. I grew hard very quickly. She said she wanted to see me cum, then she leaned in and put one of her breasts at my mouth and told me to suck her nipple. She had very large erected nipples. It felt so good so lick round the nipple and then take it fully into my mouth and suck it hard. I felt it grow bigger and much erected. My cock was very hard and it felt great with her hands on it. Without a single stroke missed, she moved her big body up on the bed and straddled my legs. She used both hands to stroke my cock.She leaned down and kissed the head. She licked it a little bit and made head wet. Then she moved up and put my cock on her pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock and impaled herself on it.Slowly I started to thrust my hips upwards and got deeper and deeper into her. She moaned and grunted as I started to pick up the pace. She used one hand to feel the shaft of my cock and then went to her clit and started to rub it. She was tight, I pulled a lot of her pussy lips into her as I entered her and I think it pulled her clit to give her more pleasure. It did not take her long to reach climax. I thought I would have cum before her, but she was so excited that she only lasted a minute or two before she erupted in an orgasm. She rode me hard and I called out that I was going to cum too. She did not slow down and kept cuming. I erupted deep in Mrs Upton and felt a huge load getting deposited in her vagina. I felt her cervix just as my first türbanlı escort içel spurt came out of my cock. Mrs Upton relaxed on top of me and she felt so good this close to me. I felt like I had arrived in heaven. After a while she rolled onto my side and we lay cuddling and having small talk. It felt totally natural to lay there with my girlfriend’s mother, naked, cuddling, and talking like we had known each other for a long time. Mrs Upton told me that her hubby was over 20 years older than her and they did not have much of a sex life any longer. Mr Upton was a bright man and really loved his wife and he had suggested many times that she should take a lover. I don’t think he meant for her to take their daughter’s boyfriend as a lover…..While lying there talking my hand kept touching and exploring Mrs Upton’s body and curves. When she talked to started to play with her big tits, I sucked and licked them. I got hard quickly again and Mrs Upton’s breathing started to get labored again. I let my hand travel down to her clean shaved mound and started to play within the folds of her pussy lips. She had very large inner pussy lips, so they were easy to find. I had seen a lot of large women on the web and they always seemed to have their pussy lips hidden and only to show when they spread their legs. Mrs Upton’s lips showed even when she had had legs only slightly apart. She was wet from my cum, but also from juicing up from my touches. I decided that I wanted to see what she tasted like so I got down between her legs and started to kiss her pussy. She responded by grabbing my head and pushes my face into her wetness. I found her clit and started to nibble on it. Then I ran my tongue along her slit and sucked on her pussy lips. She moaned that I was a great lover and that I would make her cum again soon. I wanted to put my cock in her again, but first I wanted to feel her cum all over my face so I kept working on bring her to her orgasm.She held my head in one spot as she moved her hips to rub my face around her pussy while she reached climax. When she let go off my head, I really needed air and sucked my lungs full of fresh air. Mrs Upton was spent, so when I spread her legs open she did not move. Only her eyes were active and they were watching me intently as I placed my cock at her opening and forced my way back into her heaven. I fucked her long and hard. She started to get around after awhile and thrust her hips into mine. My large cock was completely buried in her body and she whimpered that I was hitting the bottom. I stopped and kept my cock all the way in her body. Somehow it felt like her pussy was massaging my cock, it felt so good that I could not hold back my orgasm. I could feel something touching my cock head deep, deep in her pussy and then suddenly the flood gate opened and I let go of my cum in a strong orgasm. I pulled out maybe half an inch and then thrust hard back to her cervix. Mrs Upton got tears in her eyes as she whined and moaned at the same time and called out that she felt my cum entering her body. It was a strong orgasm that I had ever felt so I kept cuming and cuming. I filled her pussy with a lot of cum and it started to squirted out of her tight pussy.I grabbed one of her breasts and started to suck her nipple like there was no tomorrow. I was so hard and excited that I never got soft. Instead I kept pounding away and Mrs Upton was in an orgasmic bliss. She tossed her head back and forth calling out and saying she thought she was dying. She screamed: It feels so fucking good! DON’T STOP!That was OK, because I had no intention to stop until I wasn’t hard any longer.I guess in the end I had made poor Mrs Upton’s pussy so tender that she could not take it any longer. I started to cum when she told me she could not take it any longer; I pulled out and started to cum over her belly instead. She looked on with wide eyes as I unloaded a huge load. I could not believe how much cum I still have for her, as this was my third time in a short time.This time we did not have much time to cuddle. Mrs Upton checks the time and found that it was not to far from dinner time and Linda would be home soon. Mr Upton was on one of his business trips so he would not be home until later in the week. Mrs Upton left and told me to relax. She told me it might be best if I clean up the bed and sorted out the room before Linda got home. Also it would be best if I took a shower since she said that I smelled of wild sex! As she walked out, she said the smell was perfect for such an a****l as me! She said it with a smile and continued to tell me that she would be back for more at a later time. I cleaned up the room, my messy sex bed, and myself. After that I put on some clothes and went down to the kitchen. Mrs Upton and Linda were sitting at the kitchen table talking. I walked into the kitchen and kissed Linda. I asked how her afternoon had been and she said it was great to see her friend.Linda asked how my afternoon had been and I told her very satisfying. I was happy not having to explain what I meant with that, but I saw Mrs Upton get a big smile on her face.Mrs Upton said that she wanted to order food instead of cooking today; she said she felt a bit tired today did not want to cook.Linda and I went out to pick up some Chinese food. We had dinner in their TV room and watched a movie.Linda’s dad called right after the movie and told Linda that he had found an opening in his business that she could take for a few weeks. He said he understood if she did not want to take it when I was staying with them, so if she did not take it he would be ok with that.Linda looked at me and said she thought she would take it, but she wanted to talk to me first.So it was decided that Linda was going to get some accounting experience for the rest of the summer break, but I was welcome to stay if I wanted to.I wanted to become a photographer and said it would be a good time for me to work on some projects I had in mind. I slept like a baby that night. For once I did not need to masturbate before falling asleep. When I woke up the next morning, Linda came into my room to say goodbye. Then she left for the office and said she would be back in the evening.I was laying in my bed thinking about what would happen when I got out seeing Mrs Upton.When I walked into the kitchen a little later, after a refreshing shower. Mrs Upton had a big nice breakfast ready for me. Not a word was mentioned to what had taken place the previous day. I felt a bit horny again watching Mrs Upton walking around in the kitchen in her summer dress that really showed off her curves. I was wondering if I would get the chance to make love to her again.After breakfast she told me that she needed run some errands and that she would be back after lunch. The rest of the summer was an experience that every man dreams about!

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