26 Mart 2022

Hotel Fun in Greece


Hotel Fun in GreeceRobin and I were on a small Greek island during our honeymoon. One night at around 2am, we were woken up by the couple next door having sex. The woman was quite loud moaning and we could hear the occasional spank on her ass. After about 15 minutes or so, they moaning turned to screaming and grunting as the couple reached their crescendo. Robin became quite frisky, so I went down on her. I had fucked her a few hours earlier so here pussy was still wet and cummy. Immediately she started to moan loudly as she has always been quite vocal during oral sex. This time she was very load, grabbed my head and really fucked my face hard with her pussy. It did not take long for Robin to reach her first orgasm. As she calmed down a bit I tried to come up for air, but her hands on my head said she had other ideas. She was especially demanding, which was very much unlike her. She told me, in a raised voice (so our neighbors could here) to lick my cum out of her pussy, then to lick her ass. I was so stunned! She has never asked for her ass to be licked. I did and the whole time I licked her ass and she was telling me how good and nasty it felt. Soon she instructed me to lick her clit. I went to town on her clit and she started to moan loudly as orgasm number two built. Moans were interlaced with her screaming “YES!” and I could feel her body tense harder than I could remember. A big grunt came from deep within in her as my Robin began to cum. Her pussy squirted (something that has never happened before during oral sex) her love juice as she screamed at the top of her lungs. When we got our wits about us, my face and the hair on the top of my head was soaked with her juice and there was a huge sarıoğlan escort wet spot below her.The next morning, as I left for a jog, I saw the lady leave the room. She was a probably 5-10, with long black hair, brown eyes, and firm b-c cup tits. She definitely looked Greek. We gave each other a knowing look and went our separate ways. Later at breakfast we saw the same woman with a tall, blond man, probably in his 40s. As we walked by their table on the way to the small hotel breakfast buffet, I heard her say to her lover in a low voice, “that’s them”. After we got a breakfast I steered Robin back by their table and surprising, the couple asked us to join them. We sat down and introduced ourselves. The young lady was Ares, and her accent was a bit hard to understand at first, but very sexy. Geoff was the man, he was visiting from Germany and was as my wife put it “one hell of a stud”. We talked and immediately connected but they said they had to leave to catch a bus, but they would be at the hotel bar later tonight. Robin was nervous as she dressed. Her 35 year old body was tan from the summer. I admired her and she was beaming with expectations. Robin, is 5-4, shoulder length blond hair, brown eyed, with a just a little junk in the trunk and 34D natural tits that are about as sexy as they come. She was dressing in a firm fitting deep blue tank top that came right to the top of her jeans. To my surprise, she chose not to wear a bra. We went to the bar and the couple was not there. We ordered a drink and after about 30 minutes in walked Ares and Geoff dressed in the same clothes we saw them this morning. Their excursion ran late so they wanted to freshen up. Later we met them for dinner. We found out some details. Ares was 19 and worked at the hotel. Geoff, implied he was married and lived in Germany but traveled to the island often. When he said that I looked at Ares and instantly knew why he was traveling to the island. Dinner went by quickly, and we asked our waiter for our check. The girls headed to the bathroom and Geoff and I waited at the table. Geoff, leaned over and quietly asked if we wanted to join them tonight. He made it clear it was only to watch each other and not to share. I said I was up for it and I am pretty sure Robin would be too. Actually I was relieved, because we did not want to get into a sharing situation. Robin and Ares had a big smile on their faces as they came back to the table. Obviously, Ares had propositioned Robin and there was no doubt in her face what she said. We hurried to their room and as soon as the door shut, Ares and Geoff were in bed making out and undressing. Robin and I jumped into the other bed and quickly we were naked too. Both Robin and I were looking at our counterparts as they were watching us too. The sexual excitement was so intense you could cut it with a knife. Soon, I went down on Robin and ate her to her first orgasm. Right after she caught her breath, she said “damn he is hung.” I looked over and saw Ares sucking on Geoff’s 10 inch rock hard dick. Soon, Ares got on her hands and knees and Geoff got behind her and slid his rock hard shaft deep into her pussy. Ares was moaning loudly as Geoff slowly fucked her nice a deep. Robin requested her favorite and I said we were not prepared. She said fuck, just lube me with spit. I put down two pillows and she rolled over onto them with her ass in the air. She reached back and told me to lick her ass and get it ready. I immediately went down on her pungent hole licking and lubing it with spit. My tongue darted in and out of her anus. My cock was rock hard. I always wanted to fucker her ass with only spit, and now I would. Geoff was fucking Ares real slow and both had their eyes glued to Robin and I. This turned Robin on immensely. I lined up cock to her hole and she begged for it. I said it would probably hurt, she said” just give it to me, dam it! “ I then pushed into her spread hole and she screamed as I kept pushing in her. Yes, yes, fuck my ass. I could tell she was in pain but wanted it any way. I pushed down on her shoulders as I started to fuck her ass hard and deep with my think 7” tool. It felt so tight and good. The friction was intense and I fucked her deep. I had to slow down wanting to make it last. Robin, somehow slipped her hand down underneath of her to her clit. This sent her into another world. She cursed and moaned as I fucked her tight little pooper. Our friends were stunned in amazement as they looked at us. Robin was reaching orgasm and I knew I was going to be there right with her. Robin yelled and I fucked her tight ass hard and fast as I could. I came right as her orgasm subsided and screamed myself as I shot a huge load into Robins ass. I collapsed on Robin and we watched as Geoff as he started to fuck Ares as hard as he could. Soon both of them were moaning and screaming. Ares came first, and then Geoff went to pull out to cum but she said no, I want it in me. And he planted his 10” dick all the way into her pussy making Ares scream, and unloaded into her. When he finished he pulled out and then looked down at the Ares’s cream pie. He invited me over and I returned the favor by letting Geoff she Robins anal cream pie.

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