14 Mart 2023

Hotel Rendezvous Ch. 03


Sean had decided to go to his room and shower again and we could go out for lunch. I was going to do the same thing, however, I called my best friend and told her briefly that my trip was going wonderfully. I got off the phone quickly and showered and put on a pair of denim off shorts, and a tank top that said, “tease” across the front of it. I moved most of my hair up away from my face but left a large portion of it down my back. Remembering that Sean liked it that way.

I called Sean’s room and told him I was ready to go out to lunch. I met him in the hall. I remembered that he liked the cut off shorts so I made sure I brought pair that was nice and short and tight. We were going to a place on the beach to eat. Sean had eaten at this place before and liked the food there. We sat out on the patio of the restaurant and I sat close to him, my hand on his thigh through our first drink. Before long I found myself rubbing the inside of his thigh gently, moving closer and closer to his cock. He smiled at me mischievously but continued to talk like nothing was going on. He leaned in to kiss me and as he did it my hand slid up his leg to his cock, finding it already hard. I giggled into his kiss as my hand began to fiddle with the zipper on his pants. Slowly I unzipped them and took his cock into my hand, stroking it ever so gently. My fingers gliding over its soft skin as it throbbed in my hand. I smiled as I looked into his eyes; I wanted to make him cum Escort bayan right here on this crowded patio.

I looked around, I knew that some of the people could easily see us if they wanted to. I didn’t care though, god this man drove me crazy. He had made me a cum slut and what was worse was that I loved it. I gripped his cock forcefully but not to forcefully, and began to stroke it in a steady rhythm. I leaned in closer to him and whispered that I wanted him to cum in a glass for me, so I could drink it right here at the table with people watching. “Mmmmm” he whispered into my ear, “feeling a little naughty today??”

I giggled and told him it was more than a little. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked my thumb quickly before sliding it all over the tip of his cock. I began to stroke it steadily now. I whispered to him ” lover I want you to cum for me so badly, I have thought about this for hours and hours. It would be so hot if I could get you to cum this way.”

People were watching us now; I could hear the whispers of some of them. That just made me more aroused. I told Sean that I wore these shorts just for him. I had made sure that they were short enough so you could see my shaven cunt when I bent over or if I opened my legs all the way.

“Mmmmm you are such a tease,” he whispered into my ear, ” I don’t know if this will work, no one has ever gotten me to cum this way.”

“I’m not just anyone,” I whispered Bayan Escort back to him, as I leaned in and licked his ear slowly. Then I kissed him forcefully, my tongue probing his mouth quick and hard as I stroked faster. I sucked his tongue forcefully and teased it with my own; just the same way I sucked his cock just hours before. He let out a moan into my mouth, and the people watching us began to look a little flushed. I smiled at that thought, knowing that there were some hard ons and wet panties surrounding us, wanting to do the same thing we were but not daring. I gently brought his hand to my cunt, letting him feel the lips dripping on the chair.

“Mmmmm,” he whispered once again. I knew that his excitement was growing, and soon he would have something for me to drink.

” Are you going to cum in the glass for me baby?” I asked him. He let out a little moan and I had to ask him again. “Yessss if that’s what you want you sexy bitch,” he moaned out. “You know that’s what I want” I whispered to him and began to probe his mouth with my tongue again.

His hand was still touching my cunt, I decided that he needed a little more of a tease to help him cum. I moved my shorts over and began to tease my cunt for him. Both of my hands were at work now, one teasing me, the other stroking him steadily. I got him to hold the denim over so I could move my fingers freely. I began to fuck my cunt fast with 2 fingers; others must have Escort heard the sound of my pussy. I could smell the sweet smell of my juices flowing freely. His eyes were closed now; he certainly looked pleased, as I teased us both.

” Do you like how sluttish you make me lover?” I whispered to him. “God yes” he moaned out, maybe a little too loud. “Good” I told him. As I handed him the glass under the table, I moved in and whispered to him. “I want you to cum soon, my hot cunt is dripping for you, I need to taste your cum”

Again I leaned in and kissed him, this time more forcefully than ever as my hand pumped his cock fast. I began to feel his cock throb in my hand, and I knew he was close. I moved my hand as fast as I could, paying special attention to the tip of his cock. I felt the pre-cum dripping out of the head. A few more strokes and I could drink his cum.

I continued to stroke it for him, placing the glass on the chair between his spread legs. Tilting it just a little so his cum would go right in. “when we are done eating Sean, I want to go back to the hotel and fuck you again.” I whispered into his ear before purring into it slowly. That is when he came, most of it went into the glass, some landed on my hand. I licked my hand clean and then I pulled the glass from under the table, and drank all of his cum. “Excuse me lover I need to go to the ladies room now” I whispered to him as I got up and walked away. When I came back out all I saw was flushed faces with smiles the size of Texas. We paid and left.

“That was better than I expected,” he whispered in my ear on the cab ride home. I giggled and looked out the window to enjoy the scenery. What could we do next???

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