12 Mayıs 2023

How Did We Even Get Here? Chapter 14


Melissa proved useful to Frankie once again as she helped her to locate and identify the two girls she had seen meeting Dante at the abandoned cabin. One attended Melissa’s college, while the other lived on her own with a young son. Upon meeting them, she discovered Dante’s highest rate offered was ten percent, so she lied and said hers was too – no need to brag that it was more. When she gave them a million apiece, they cried – although the single mother’s sobs soaked Frankie’s shoulder, and she kept repeating, “Oh my God, thank you.”Frankie’s departure day had finally arrived, and she killed time with meaningless tasks such as scanning her room and re-checking her suitcase – all completed hours ago. Every instant she approached the door to leave and talk to Bill, she stopped and turned back. Then she would give herself a pep-talk, walk to the door, turn back, rinse and repeat. Breaking the infinite loop, Bill knocked twice, entered the room and leaned on the closed door with his hand still on the knob.“Hey, kid.”“Hey.” Frankie flicked hair behind one ear and smiled.“Hell of a vacation, huh?”Frankie giggled, rocked on her heels and said, “Yeah. It really was.”“Haven’t had one like that… ever, now that I think of it.” Bill advanced, and she stopped rocking.“I’m guessing you’d do it again?”“You kidding me?” Bill raised his palms and did a ‘no way’ gesture. “Not on your life!”Both snickered and stood within millimetres of each other. Warm breath rippled Bill’s shirt, and Frankie looked up, placed her hands on his chest, then wrapped them around his waist tight. Bill rubbed the top of her head and held her just as snug. No words were spoken, nor did they need to be. The beating of hearts, massaging of hands, and deep breathing spoke louder than all. Frankie sniffled within Sefaköy escort bayan the embrace, opened her mouth to speak, but declined the opportunity.“I’m going to miss you, kid. Never thought I’d say those words, ever. Especially after Amanda first told me you’d be spending some of your vacation here.”“Wow.” Frankie released the embrace and dropped her hands into his. “I could only imagine. Kinda glad we didn’t give each other a chance until now.”“Why?”“Because, seeing you as a stepdad would’ve made things really weird. In fact, we probably wouldn’t have ended up where we did.”“That’s possible. I think if we were closer from the get-go, I still would’ve helped you out with the Dante situation.”“Yeah, that’s part of it too. But we definitely wouldn’t have… you know.”“I get you. Look, let’s not think too much about that. What’s happened is just that; it happened, but…”“Yes?”“We can’t let it continue past your visit here. When you leave, this thing between us has to end too.”“I agree.”“Good.”“Can we do it one last time?”“Don’t you think it’s best to stop cold turkey?”“No.”“Why not?”“Because I don’t wanna spend my life wondering what it would’ve been like having sex… making love for one last time with you. I’m already going to be stuck wondering what being toge–”“You shouldn’t say that.”“I think I shall. I’m going to wonder what it would’ve been like for us to be together for the rest of my life.”“No, you won’t.”“Says who?”“Frankiiee.” Bill drew out the last syllable.“What?” She raised a brow and turned away from him.“God, you’re so young. Look, by next year, these feelings aren’t going to be here. Hell, by next month, they won’t be.”“Wait, what? You think because I’m young, I can’t have strong feelings for you?”“Not at all. But, Frankie, Yenibosna escort let’s face facts.” Bill jabbed his chest with his thumb. “I’m fifty-five, and you…” Bill pointed at her. “…are only twenty-one.”“What does that have to do with anything?” Frankie turned her entire body to him, feet, shoulder-width apart, arms crossed.“Everything. By the time you’re forty, I’ll be seventy-four. Fifty, I’ll be eighty-four; Sixty I’ll be–”“I get it; I get it.”“Plus, your mother and I are happily married. Yes, I’ve cheated on her with you. But other than that girl Melissa, this is the only time I’ve stepped out on her for the five years we’ve been married. And I don’t intend to ever repeat that past today.”“Of course, oh my God, you’re right.” Frankie grabbed her head, pulled her hair upwards and growled. “What is wrong with me? Thinking of being with my mother’s husband? In a long-term relationship? I’ve lost it. I’ve officially… lost it.“Wait.” Frankie stepped in closer to Bill. “What do you mean, ‘past today’? Why didn’t you say, ‘ever again’?”Bill yanked her into him by the shoulders, dominating her lips with a feverish kiss. During the commotion, Frankie took one of his hands and shoved them into her track pants. His automatic response was to finger, twiddle and manipulate her pussy and clitoris for as long as his digits remained hidden. Frankie returned the favour after dropping his pants and boxer-briefs to the floor. Tops soon disappeared, and tongues flicked nipples. Soon after, Frankie’s tongue slithered down his body, but Bill hooked her armpits and stood her up.“I have a better idea. Take your bottoms off.” Frankie complied with this request.In one swoop, Bill picked Frankie up and spun her to a standing sixty-nine position. Frankie’s Escort Halkalı face whacked against Bill’s penis hard which made her cackle.“First thing, Ow,” Bill said. “I’m glad you find that funny.”“What’s the second thing?” Frankie asked while her hair swept along his thighs.“Hold on tight.”Almost immediately, Bill shoved his face into her cunt – treating it like a massive pair of breasts undergoing a motorboating session.  Lapping off her clit and tongue-fucking her sex made her shiver. Whenever she settled to show off her blowjob skills, the intensity of his cunnilingus interrupted her work. Euphoria spread through her head and body as the majority of her sense of touch exploded downstairs within Bill’s grasp. The floor zoomed in, then out, blurred and then re-focused. Throughout all of this, Bill held on so tight; she appeared motionless when in reality, she couldn’t stop trembling.“Fuck, that’s the hardest I’ve ever cum.”Bill planted her on her feet and said, “Get on the bed and bend over.”“Okay.” Frankie folded her lips and smacked her own butt before going face down, ass up on the edge.Bill walked up to her, lowered to his knees and tongue-fucked her again – her cheeks wobbling around his nose. Her jealous asshole winked for attention, so he pulled away and drooled onto the clenching orifice. Two fingers ran around the outer ring and slipped in, prompting an eye roll as if he were her puppet master. His tongue replaced them and wielded the strings to her arousal, tingling his taste buds with the scent of her freshly washed body – Not even a full thirty minutes since she came out of the shower. Frankie reached between her legs and strummed her clitoris, gaping her mouth open, allowing the wet spot by it to expand.“I’m fucking cumming,” she hissed. Within seconds, she nearly ground his skin off by writhing, bucking and shuddering. When Bill stood, his features shined like a freshly crafted ornament. No breaks were given as his dick prodded her entrance in an effort to tease. It worked better than anticipated as she shoved backwards before he could push forward.

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