1 Ağustos 2021

How I made my hubby a cuckold


How I made my hubby a cuckoldI am an asian girl.Well, you know how I look like!If you don’t this is me:I love sex, and I am naughty. I am in couple now, but we are swinger’s couple. We enjoy fucking sometime in swing club. Sometime we invite couple in our home. Sometime we take some hookers for play too. But what I prefer of course is to have new guys….I love my guy, and I don’t ant another for me. He is nice and gentle, open mind and tender, and he fuck me so good. However, I cannot have only one dick in my life! I love to play kinky games, I love to try new things, and I love so much to be a bad girl and make my hubby jealous of me. I enjoy when he look me with another guy, doing to a stranger the same things I do to him. I share all with others: I kiss them on the lips, deep with tongue, I let them touch me everywhere, even the finger inside my pussy, I let them touch me the way they want, I suck them dick, I fuck all the way, the same I do with my husband. The 2 limits I have is I don’t fuck without condom and I don’t do rim job with them (but I love to do it for my hubby).This is really so exciting for me, I love to see his look when he sees me in the arms of another guy, or some time even 2 or 3…. But this will be another story…Anyway this day I was chatting with some men on the net. My hubby is searching on internet some guy who is ok to do 3some with a video. We invite them home, I play and enjoy with the stranger as my hubby is looking and filming. But this day, I wanted to do something new: My hubby was always there when I play with another man, but this time, I wanted to play alone!My hubby selected this man, let’s call him John, and we plan to meet him for do a 3some. My hubby was at work. I was bored and horny. I open my computer and see John online. We chat a little and he proposed me to come over to his place…. This was very interesting: going alone to a stranger place, just for a fuck and go back after to my home. Feel really free, like a very very naughty girl…. I felt hot suddenly between my legs…. We continue to chat, and I get more and more excited by the situation. In 1 ataşehir escort hour my hubby will come back home… So I asked to the guy his address and make an appointment to his place.I prepared myself, shower; make up, sexy underwear and sexy dress. I was ready to go. But I waited because I wanted to do the final touch: waiting for my hubby coming back for tell him everything. 20 minutes later, finally he come back home. He immediately saw me : short robe, perfumed, like if I was going to a party… So I go to him, I kissed him tenderly and I told him that I go out. Where are you going he asked me. I will go see John, I will go to his place and fuck with him, I will come back in 2 or 3 hours… Then I look his face to check his reaction. He was first so surprised, I start to feel bad about that and almost wanted to cancel everything, but he say it’s ok. I open my bag and show him the cam: “I will film everything so you can see me fuck with him”. His look changed, he get more surprised by my initiative, and then I see a little smile on his face. However I was not really sure about myself, it was the first time I was doing something like that, so I did not stay for explain him too much, I kissed him good bye and go out, let him half petrified.I was wondering about my act, should I explain myself more? Should I cancel all? But the situation was so exciting too, and I know that if my hubby really doesn’t want that, he will call me on my cell. He always encourages me to have some initiative, so this time I showed him I can have some…I thought, I am a girl , alone, going to a stranger place for fuck with him, it could be dangerous… But I felt good about John. He was not like all other guys I chat with on internet, asking for sexcam without any chat before, not even say hello or please! He was respectful, nice and with something very kinky in his eyes. Anyway I arrived to his place, new place for me. I seat, he offers me a drink and we start chat. I was looking around and thinking in myself: I will be nude and fucking here with this guy in a few minutes. kartal escort To be in this situation: unknown place with an unknown guy, made me really really very hot…. I asked him about the bathroom, checked my make up, made my short dress even shorter and come back to the living room…He start to seat next to me and touched me a little, kissing and teasing. At that very moment, I take out from my bag the cam, put it on the table, control the video on and recording. I look the cam and think, I will fuck with this guy, in front of this cam, and I will show everything to my hubby…. I was still feeling bad about my hubby, but he did not text me, so I assumed he was ok. Anyway I was there now, with this guy on his couch, horny and half nude already; so I decide to enjoy, seizing the moment, forgetting about everything and just concentrating on the sexual pleasure.We start to kiss, and I kiss him deep, so deep to help me forget about my guilty feeling, put my tongue deep in his mouth and let his tongue searching in mine. I felt his hand on my body and quickly go right between my legs. I spread my legs wide for let him touch me everywhere and show him how wet I already was. His finger searched inside my pussy… one, two, three fingers inside. I was moaning and kissing, let him touch me anywhere he wanted…I was all for him at that moment, dedicated to his pleasure and mine, knowing the cam was recording everything but forgetting about that quit quick, the excitement was so intense…I was half naked, but he still has all his clothe on. He whispered me that he wanted I take off his clothe. So I did, one by one, discovering his body. His chest first. Off the shirt! I touched him, feeling his skin on my body. Then it was the pants. I touched his dick a few second outside of his underpants, but I cannot resist and wait more for it. I take it off, and discovered his nice dick, straight, strong. He did not have to ask me for blow him; as soon as he get naked I craned my head to suck him. It was so good to feel this stranger dick inside my mouth, on my pendik escort tongue, feeling the vibration of his excitation… I sucked down and up, slowly. He asked me to massage his ball, so did I. I was so excited, I wanted him inside me so deep, to feel his dick inside my throat. I could feel his heart beat inside my mouth….He was touching me all the time, grabbing my boobs and knead or searching with his fingers inside my pussy.After few minutes, I knelled. So he was seating on the couch, and me, in this submissive position, on my knees, between his legs, blowing again and again his dick. I sucked him for a long time, a very long time. He enjoyed it so much, and me as well. It last 15 minutes more! (it’s my guy who told me that after when I looked the video, but I was not aware of that! I was just enjoying blowing and feeling this pure excitation flesh inside between my lips).Then, John cannot stand it no more. He quickly grabbed a condom and put my panty down. I thought he will bring me to his room, inside his bed, but he took me just there, in doggy style, fucking me so hard and quick. I was waiting for that too… He made me cum in a minute… And when he came the minute after, I came again….He showered and I washed a little too. When I come back in the living room, I was ready to come back and tell everything to my hubby, show him the video ( I already packed the cam) and see his reaction. But he was still nude. He told me that I sucked him very well, that he rarely felt like that before. He told me that he was still horny and asked me if I could blow him again just a little…. What should I do? My hubby was waiting home, I will be late. On the other side, I came already but if he can get hard again, may be he will do me again?….I hesitate a few seconds, and then without a word, I dropped my bag, I kneel, and I start again to blow him. I can feel his dick getting hard again, but I can feel he do not have enough stamina for fuck me again… I thought: it’s ok, I will blow him a little, just as a desert and I will go, just one minute. After a minute, he start masturbating, but I did not go away. I leave my mouth open, my tongue out, and waited like that… He came in my mouth…. It was the first time a stranger came in my mouth… And I forgot to put the cam on again for show it to my hubby. I never see me let a guy cum in my mouth for the first time, but he saw it after ….This story is all true, and this is the video:

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