15 Mart 2023

How I Met My Wife Ch. 01

Adriana Chechik

Being a Civil Engineer, graduated 1 and half years ago from university I was working my ass off to climb up in the professional ladder. I’m not saying that my salary is insufficient. It was more than enough for me. But still I was desperate for a better salary and that made my social life almost non-existent. I had my share of girls in high school and the university, but since then my sex life was drying up along with my social life. I didn’t have much time for female company and to add to the agony, there weren’t much women in our firm too.

I dated very rarely. But no one looked appealing to me. So there weren’t many 2nd or 3rd dates. If I was lucky, I got laid with one of them. Most of them weren’t satisfying to me. Girls never cared for my needs. All they did was to satisfy themselves and finally make me cum like some sort of a sex toy. I never spent the night with any of them. Everything seemed empty. Eventually I got bored with all those one night stands.

One of my friends gave me the details of one of the brothels in the city. He told me that the sex workers do their best to please the client rather than pleasing themselves. Also he said that all those girls worth the money.

I went there on the following weekend. It was located at a far corner of the city , but most of its clients were high class professionals. I went in and checked the list of the girls. I was searching through their directory when my eyes stopped at a photo of a girl. Maria, a pretty girl with a plump face and black hair. She had blue eyes and in one of the photos she was wearing a pair of spectacles. She looked so hot in that. She had a nice pair of tits, probably 36D, I guessed. All the photos were of her bust. So I couldn’t tell see other than that. There was something alluring in her eyes. She didn’t look super sexy like some of the other girls in the catalog. But I decided to pay for her and have her tonight.

I paid for the girl immediately for the whole night. Luckily she was available. But there was a slight problem. “We are sorry sir. Maria isn’t available for the whole night,” the man whom I gave money said.

“Why? Does she has another client tonight?” I asked.

“No sir. She never stays the whole night with a client. Even we don’t know the reason. And sir she won’t do anal. We can give you another girl if you want.”

I was so infatuated with her just by seeing her photo. So I said, “No no, She’ll do just fine.”

Then I gave them my address and told them to send her to my apartment by 9 o’clock. I was really excited, not because I was going to fuck a whore for the first time. But that alluring thing in her that I couldn’t pin point.

I opened a bottle of wine and I ordered dinner for two. it’s true that the woman is a sex worker. But my mother had always told me to respect women, no matter what their job or social status is.

I wore a pair of quite long shorts and a polo shirt. I had dinner early in case she didn’t want to have dinner and wanted to get to work straight away. My doorbell rang sharp at 9 o’clock. I opened the door of my apartment to see a beautiful angel of a woman standing in front of me. She was about 4 inches shorter than my 5′ 10″ frame. She was wearing a shoulderless, knee length dress and a leather jacket. She had applied a little bit of make up, but her natural beauty looked prominent. She was wearing a pair of half framed spectacles. Simply, she was absolutely stunning.

I must’ve been looking at her for some time. I was snapped out of the trance when she said, “Hi, I’m Maria. And you should be Mr.Shaun McKenzie.”

“Oh… Ummm… Yes. I’m Shaun. Please do come in,” I invited her in.

She walked in and I followed her to the couch after locking the door. My eyes were fixed on her ass. It was neither flat nor too much fleshy. It was the perfect size for a woman of her proportions. She removed her jacket and sat on the couch. I asked her, “Did you have your dinner?”

“Yes I had it at home. Thank you,” She said politely.

“I think you’d have some wine then.”

“That won’t be bad.”

I offered her a glass and poured one for me. We sipped them quietly and I was the one to break the silence. “Maria, how long have you been wearing specs?”

“I’m suffering from short-sightedness. I’m wearing specs since I was 12,” She said.

“You look beautiful in them. Actually, I’m more in to the women with specs. I think it’s so hot and I want you to put them on throughout the night.”

“Wow, you’re my first client to tell me that he loves specs. All of my other clients wanted me to remove them,” She said in surprise.

I had only one glass as I wanted to be sober when I fucked this gorgeous woman. She too had only one. She came closer to me on the couch. “Shall we start?” she asked seductively.

“We better start with a kiss,” I said and pulled her for a hungry, sensual kiss. She responded immediately. She was a great kisser and her lips felt so soft on mine. I groped her tits while she rubbed the growing bulge on my shorts. She broke the kiss tried to pull my shorts down. “Let me see that beautiful cock of yours.” I lifted my body off the couch and my 6 and half Escort bayan inch cock stood up proudly.

“That is impressive,” said Maria and planted a kiss on its head.

She knelt before me and took hold of my cock with both hands. Then she lowered her head slowly and took the cock in her mouth inch by inch. She gagged at the end, but somehow managed to take it all in. I can guarantee you hat her mouth was really made for kisses and blowjobs. I had never felt such a comfortable feeling inside a mouth. I ran my fingers through her soft hair while she deep throated me. Then she started to bob her head up and down slowly. I could’ve taken a handful of her hair and fucked her face with no mercy. But I wasn’t that kind of a man. As I said earlier my mom had taught me to respect women, no matter if she is the president or a whore. Also there was this feeling in me that there should be something really wrong for such a beautiful woman to become a sex worker. I noted that in mind to ask about later. Sometimes she may not tell me. But if I treat her better, then she might open up with me. That’s why I let her manipulate the blowjob.

By the time I came back to this world from my own world Maria had been sucking my cock at least for 5 minutes. I looked at her. “You were lost in another world. I hope I hadn’t distracted you,” She said.

“Oh no, I was thinking about something else,” I said and pushed her away. “I think we should continue this in bedroom.”

I took her hand and went to the bedroom. She undressed while I got rid of my t shirt. Maria was only wearing a black thong under her dress. She removed it too and I saw that she had totally shaven her pubes. “You are so beautiful,” I said. She blushed like a school girl after hearing that.

I laid on my queen sized bed and signaled her to come over to me. She crawled beside me and said, “I think we should start from where we left off.” Then she took my cock back in her mouth.

She was doing wonders on my cock with her mouth. Her tongue was swirling around the knob to add to the sensation of her soft lips and warm mouth. I touched her ass and ran my hands on her back as much as I could reach. Then I touched her tits and tweaked the nipples making them hard like diamonds.

Maria showed her full repertoire of oral talents when she vacuumed my balls in her mouth. That was being too much for me, “Maria, I’m going to cum and I need to cum in your mouth,” I warned her. “Give it to me,” She said while jerking off my cock.

She started to bob her head frantically as I warned. I could feel my balls tighten and cum rising through the ducts. “Here it comes. Oh god I’m cumming………” I groaned and I came spurt after spurt of thick semen in Maria’s mouth.

She sealed her lips around my cock as I came and took every last bit of my cum in her mouth. I was weak after that thunderous orgasm. But my cock didn’t go fully flaccid and it stayed in semi hard state. “Your cum taste so good,” She said licking her lips.

I motioned Maria to lay on the bed beside me. Then I parted her legs and moved between them. Her pussy was dripping from all the action just happened. I kissed her bald mound gently. She shuddered a bit from the excitement but pushed me away quickly. I looked at her. “Please don’t do it Mr.McKenzie. Clients don’t go down on whores.”

“You are not a whore. You are just a beautiful woman laying on my bed. And please call me Shaun,” I said.

“But….” She tried to protest. I said, “Shhhh…. a pretty woman like you should deserve this,” and kissed her clit this time.

Her pussy lips were so puffy, just the way I loved in women. I licked it as she began to moan. Then I inserted 2 fingers in while sucking her clit. This was driving her wild. She was driving her pussy to my face while holding my head with her hands. I did this until she experienced a mammoth orgasm. She was shuddering with the after shocks of her orgasm as I laid beside her. She looked at me and weakly whispered, “Thank you.” I just smiled and rubbed her cheek.

My cock was hard again and ready for some action. I mounted her in missionary position and said, “I need you now.”

Maria hurriedly pushed me away and ran out of the bed room. I laid on my bed while I couldn’t understand anything. But she returned a moment later with a packet of condoms in her hand. She sat on the bed and took a condom out of the packet. “I’ve never had sex with a client without a condom. I don’t want to take any risk,” She said and rolled the condom on my cock.

I got what she said. It was totally understandable on her side and besides I too always used condoms when having sex. But actually I forgot everything when I saw this beauty who happened to be a sex worker. She laid on the bed and parted her legs. I positioned myself over her and guided the cock into her moist vagina in a slow single motion. She was quite tight considering her job. I thrust it in slow long motions and I increased the speed by every push. She was contracting her vaginal muscles and trying to milk my cock.

Both of us were moaning as I fucked her harder and she responded by pushing her hips up matching my downward Bayan Escort thrusts. Then her body stiffened and her mouth opened. Suddenly she came with a loud cry as her pussy clamped around my cock. It was enough to take me over the edge. “I’m cumminggg……….” I cried and released another load of hot sperm, but this time into the condom.

I kept fucking her through the orgasm and it was like she had a chain of orgasms lasting for so long. Eventually our orgasms subsided and my cock went limp as well as her body. I rolled away from her and laid on he bed panting. Then I put away the condom. Maria was the first to speak as we were laying there regaining our drained strength. “Wow, that was really good. I can’t remember the last time I came that much in one fuck. I think I should be the one who should be paying,” She laughed. She was even more beautiful when laughing.

“I’m glad you liked it,” I said. I shouldn’t have been thinking about whether she liked it or not. She is just a whore who got paid to fuck me. But it was like I was under some sort of spell during the whole evening.

I got another condom and rolled it on my hard cock. “I need to fuck you from behind,” I said kneeling on the bed. She was quick to position and I was quick to insert my cock in her vagina. As I had cum moments ago, I fucked her for so long that she came at least 3 times before I unloaded in that condom.

We went for another round as she went frenzy from her orgasms. I came for the 3rd and final time for the night. Covered in sweat, both of us were exhausted from that marathon fuck and we just tried to catch our breaths laying still on the bed. Finally she turned her head towards me. “I can’t believe what just happened. I’ve never been fucked like that. Oh my god, I’m still shaking,” She said looking at her body.

“Same for me. You are the best fuck I ever had,” I said.

We laid there in silence for some time and she got up and went to the bathroom. Then she started to get dressed. “Can’t you stay the night? We can sleep here and have some fun in the morning. Then you can go home,” I asked.

“I’d love to. But sorry, I can’t. I have to go home now,” She said.

“Did you come by your car?”

“No. I’ll catch a taxi,” She said.

It was about 12 mid night. “This isn’t a good time for a woman to go alone. Please let me drive you home at least,” I looked at her pleadingly.

“You were a special client to me. You did somethings that other clients had never done. So please don’t take more trouble for me,” She said in concern.

“It’s no trouble at all. My mother had told me that all the women should be treated properly.”

Finally she had to agree with me and I drove her home. She lived in an apartment about 20 kilometers from mine. I asked as she got off the car, “Are you available tonight?”

“No any appointments yet.”

“Great. Then most probably we’ll be meeting again, tonight.” I said tonight as it had passed the midnight. She smiled and I winked at her as I drove past her.

We had sex in quite a few times during the following weeks and she went home around midnight each day.I drove her home most days like a good gentleman. I paid the brothel owner for a full night on each and every time. She got friendlier with me as the days passed. She gave me her personal number and we became quite good friends. But I started to have feelings for this beautiful woman. This might be little strange. Yes, I was falling for a whore. But I didn’t have the guts to tell her about it.

She was opening up with me little by little. She was 28 and her husband had divorced her a few years ago.I knew that Maria wasn’t her real name and she didn’t tell me about it. But something in my mind was telling me that she was hiding something much bigger.

But all changed on a Friday morning when I called her mobile phone to check whether she was available that night. “Hello Maria. How are you doing?” I asked as she picked up the phone.

“Hello, who is this?” I heard a voice of a little girl.

I was confused to hear the voice of a child on Maria’s number. “I’m Shaun. I want to talk to Maria. Who is this?”

“I’m Sara. This is my mommy’s phone. She is Melinda, not Maria,” I heard that cute voice again.

“Umm….. Sorry for….. disturbing,” I stammered and ended the call.

I was shocked to the core. Maria’s real name was Melinda and she had a little daughter. Then it dawned to me that she should be the reason why Maria goes home at midnight. May be she wanted to stay by her daughter’s side when she woke up in the morning. I could imagine her life story, if what she had told me about her husband were true. A single mother turned to be a whore in order to build a good future for her daughter.

I was having a conflict within my mind whether to call her again or not. Finally I decided to call her and get to know the truth. I called her again in about an hour. She picked up the phone and I didn’t tell her about Sara. Probably Sara hadn’t told Maria either. She wasn’t available that night. But she was available on Saturday night. So I called the brothel and ordered her for the Saturday night.

Friday Escort I was busy with my job and Saturday I tidied up my apartment which had been a mess. But I couldn’t take my mind away from the fact that Maria had a daughter and who knows how much secrets she was hiding.

We were laying on the bed after a steamy fuck on Saturday night. I thought that it was the best time to pull out the topic. “Melinda, how is Sara doing?” I asked her.

Maria looked at me in total shock. Just like she saw a ghost. “What….. How d……….” She was stammering.

“Shh…….. Don’t be afraid. I can put together the story. But I need to fill in some blanks,” I consoled her.

She covered her face with both the hands and started to cry. I couldn’t watch her cry like that. So I pulled her to me and hugged tightly. She cried and cried until she felt it was enough. I rubbed her soft hair for the whole time letting her calm down.

She cried for a while, then composed herself and sat on the bed resting her back on the head board. I too did the same. “You know about my daughter and I don’t think there’s anything I should hide from you. But I have one question. How do you know about Sara?” She asked me.

“Well, do you remember I called you yesterday morning?”I asked.

“Yes. That’s when you asked if I was available yesterday.”

“Yes. But I called you about half an hour earlier and it was Sara who answered the phone. To tell you the truth, I was shocked to hear a little girl’s voice on your end. But then she was the one who told me her name and your name. Then I ended the call.”

“Hmm…” She was thinking. “I was in the bathroom. But she didn’t tell me about anything,” Maria said.

“So, will you tell me your story? Only if you want. Just for your knowledge, I’m a good listener,” I said.

“I’ve never told this to anyone. I didn’t have to. I didn’t have any friends since I moved here. Who wants to be a friend of a whore?” Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she remembered her past. “Even the girls in brothel didn’t care about me. I was the only parent there. So I just stayed alone not bothering any of them.”

“I was pushed away by everyone just like a garbage bin. Some of my clients even spit on me and some live out their most perverse fantasies on me. But I bear every pain for my little Sara. You are the only person that’s been kind to me and you are the closest person to a friend that I have. So please don’t push me away,” She started to cry again.

I don’t know what came over me. I really wanted to share her sorrow, console her. That’s probably because I was falling in love with this woman. She being a mother didn’t bother me at all. Her love towards her child only made me love her more. So, I wrapped my arms around her and I embraced her. Then I kissed her head while she cried hiding her face on my chest. “Please don’t cry Melinda. I want you to know that I wouldn’t even think to push you away.” I held her face with my hands. “Now please stop crying and smile.” She smiled with much effort as I wiped her tears away with my thumbs.

We settled back and she started her life story. “As you know, my name is Melinda, Melinda Jones. My father died when I was 14. Then it was just mom and me. I had a relationship with a high school teacher. He was about 15 years older than me and I still curse myself for falling to that man. Actually he was the one to make advances on me and I couldn’t say no. I got pregnant when I was 18 and then we married just as I turned 18. I couldn’t even finish high school properly. But it was a still birth. I was devastated after hearing that my child was dead even before his birth. Then I got pregnant again 3 years later. That time my mom came to stay with us to take care of me during pregnancy.”

“Sara was born after 9 months and I thought he’d be so happy to have a child. But he acted like he wasn’t interested in her or me. Even our sex life became almost non existent. Then on one weekend I went to the town to buy some groceries keeping Sara with my mom and my husband. I returned home about an hour later but I didn’t see anyone in the living room. I put the groceries on kitchen counter and I went to Sara’s room. She was sleeping on the bed. Then I heard some noise from our bed room. I went there and opened the unlocked door. I couldn’t believe what was going on in my bed.” Melinda’s expression turned into a pure anger. “My husband was fucking my mom,” She said shaking with anger. “How can she do that to me. She was fucking with her daughter’s husband and god only knows for how long they’ve been doing it behind my back.”

“I was standing there shaking with anger. Then mom saw me and she pushed him away. I ran to Sara’s room before she could say anything and locked the door from inside. Then I cried until night and I made up my mind to divorce him and let mom have what she wanted. I stayed the night in Sara’s room and packed my belongings on next day morning and left with my one year old daughter. I stole some of my husband’s money before I left. I stayed at one of my friends’ apartment until I rented an apartment. The divorce was over pretty quickly and I got a substantial sum as the settlement. Then I moved here and tried to find a job. It wasn’t easy for me without having at least high school graduation. Finally I got a job as a waitress at a local bar, but my salary wasn’t enough for me and my daughter to live.”

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