17 Ocak 2023

How Polygamy Begins 1-2


[Heathers Narration]Sue and I came from the running a path around the ranch perimeter when Mrs. Donner came up behind us and invited us both for a relaxing sauna. I tried to make a polite exit by saying I really needed a shower.“Nonsense,” Katherine exclaimed. “You mise well take a sauna first, it will relax those tired muscles.”I had been dreading the conversation I had known was coming. I didn’t know why, I didn’t have anything to hide from Katherine. I just didn’t have a good raport with most women. I had definitely grown up a daddies girl, as my mom and I always fought from an early age.Katherine hooked both Sue and me by the arm and pulled us down to the basement. I caught Jay’s eye with a pleading look as she pulled us away, but he just rubbed his butt, smiled, and waved at me.Katherine whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, dear, I don’t bite… much.”“I hope you ladies don’t mind, but I prefer to sauna au naturel. You’re welcome to use a towel if you’re modest,” said Katherine.We all dropped our clothing, Katherine pushed a few buttons on the sauna panel, we entered the sauna and took a seat.“Katherine, you must work out often, you look very fit,” said Sue.“Yes, dear, Betty, Angela, and I all work out every morning at 7:00 for an hour and a half. We saw the two of you leave for your run this morning, so I decided to wait for my sauna until you got back. Where did you run?”“We ran that path that follows the fence line,” I said.“Oh, that’s a nice run, it’s just over five miles. Did you stop at my workout stations?” Katherine asked.“We did the stretching station at the beginning, and the pull-up bars in the middle,” said Sue. “How large is this ranch?”“It’s just shy of a thousand acres, dear.””We really appreciate you having us during the holiday,” said Sue.“You’re welcome, dear, I’ve enjoyed having you girls. You’re all such great conversationalists, I’ve enjoyed our chats. But, you’ve been avoiding me, haven’t you, Heather?”“Mam?” I said questioningly. “I’ve talked to you several times.”“Yes, dear, but only when we’ve been in groups. That’s why I invited Susan along with us, I thought you would feel more comfortable with a friendly face.”“Well, Katherine, I guess you could say I avoided being one on one with you. It wasn’t personal, it’s just that I don’t get along with my own mother. Every time we’re alone, we fight,” I responded.“I understand, your mother can be a difficult woman,” Katherine responded.“You know my mother,” I asked.“Yes, dear, your mother and I used to be friends. Angus and John are still good friends, but your mother and I had a falling out after we moved here. Did you not realize you and Jason were best friends until you were five?”“No, mam, I didn’t think I had met Jay before college,” I responded.“Yes, Gina and I were college roommates and best friends. When I started going out with John, I was the one that introduced your mom to Angus. The four of us actually got married in the same church in a double ceremony. Then Gina and I both got pregnant together and had the two of you, two weeks apart. Your mother and I actually betrothed the two of you in a play wedding when you were five. Is the picture of you and Jason in the wedding dress and tuxedo still hanging in the library?”“Yes, mam, but I didn’t know that was Jay. Mom always told me it was just some little boy I used to play with. She never told me who it was, she’s never spoken of you.”“Well, Gina, always could hold a grudge,” Katherine responded.“Katherine, what did you and my mom fight about?” I asked.“She was upset when John built this place and moved us out here. We invited you guys to live here with us, but your mother loved the city. She said she would never leave. Then… you know, I don’t even remember what the argument was about. However, I do remember Gina picked up a twenty-thousand dollar vase and threw it at my head. So, we haven’t spoken since, sixteen years, I guess.”“Wow, Heather, so you never realized you already knew Jay?” asked Sue.“No, when I sat next to him that first day, I thought şişli escort bayan he looked like my next victim. I was bummed when Connie told me he was gay,” I responded.Katherine raised her eyebrows and asked, “victim?”“Oh, ahh, oh… crap, I’m sorry, Katherine, I ah… well, I didn’t treat guys very nice back then. I would find shy, quiet guys, and make them my slaves. I kind of have this DOM fetish, and I would find willing victims to play with.”“Do you do that to Jason?” asked Katherine.“Ah… yes, but I’ve let him dominate me too. He just needs more confidence to do it well, but I liked it when he did it to me.”“When did he dominate you?”“Oh, our first date actually. You see Jay, and I had talked about my fantasies quite a few times, and he tried to act one out for me. He did good, but he hesitated a bit. I know he can do it, he just needs a little more time,” I responded.“What are your intentions with Jason?” asked Katherine.“I Love Jay and want to be with him always. Jay saved me last year, and I can never repay him, so I’ll spend the rest of my life trying.”“Saved you,” asked Katherine, “saved you from what?”“Oh, he didn’t tell you? Well, he saved me from my own worst enemy… myself. I was out of control, and I got in trouble with the law. It wasn’t the first time, and daddy told me he had had enough and wasn’t going to help me out this time. I got a public defender and was about to go to jail for three years. Jay stood up in court and said I was his best friend, and that he hadn’t done his job to keep me out of trouble. He promised the judge if he gave me one more chance, he would make sure I didn’t get into any more trouble. Connie, Rachel, and Susan agreed to the same thing. So the judge gave me a suspended sentence, a year of probation, and weekly counseling. And, the judge made them put up a bond that they would lose if I broke bail.”“What did your mom and dad think about that?”“I don’t know, I haven’t talked to him since. He calls me every Sunday and leaves a message, but I guess…well… I guess I’ve been too ashamed to talk to him.”Sue got up and gave me a peck on the lips. Then she said she was too hot and left us.“Heather, dear, do you think you’re with Jason because you feel obligated because of his kindness, or do you really love him?” asked Katherine.“I love Jay with all of my heart. He is my mo chuisle mo chroi, that means,”“Yes, dear, I know what it means. Angus said that to you from the day you were born. John has told me Angus has been sad this past year, but he would never say why. Now I know why, his heart, his pulse has been missing, his mo chuisle mo chroi. You know John has a video conference line set up in his office. Wouldn’t you know, speed dial number one is to Angus’ video conference. Imagine his surprise if he were to pick up expecting John, and his beautiful daughter was staring back at him.”“I don’t know if I can face him yet,” I responded.“Dear sweet girl, there is nothing you could do or say that your ‘Da’ wouldn’t forgive you for. I know you must have felt abandoned by him, but it sounded like you needed a wake-up call in life. He gave you what you needed, just not what you wanted. Call him sweetie, it’s been over a year, it’s time.”“I’ll think about it,” I answered.Katherine and I left the sauna and jumped in the pool to cool down. I brought her up to date about my mother and other things that went on over the years. Melly came down a bit later to tell us lunch was ready.Melly whispered in my ear, “Jays going to have a meltdown if he doesn’t find out who he was with last night.”I whispered back, “We’ll tell him tonight, come to the lounge at nine.”Katherine handed me a big fluffy robe, and we went up to our rooms to change for lunch. [Jay’s narration]As Heather and Sue were being pulled to the basement, Heather gave me that save me look. I rubbed my ass, smiled, waved, and mouthed ‘bye.’ She furled her brows, flipped me the bird behind my mother’s back, and was gone from sight.I figured Heather and Sue would be an hour, so I asked Rachel and şişli escort bayan Connie if they wanted to go four-wheeling.Melly immediately spoke up, “Oh, great, I’m driving.”“Oh shit, anything but that,” I said. I covered my mouth from Melly and mouthed to the girls, ‘She’s crazy.’“Bro, don’t think I don’t know what you said. I’m not crazy, and I hardly ever wreck anymore,” responded Melly.I strapped Connie and Rachel into their seats with a five-point harness. Then I climbed into the front passenger seat and strapped in myself. Melly asked if everyone was ready and gently pulled out of the garage. This was just a setup, she usually left the garage at warp speed. Melly drove about a thousand feet and stopped at the top of a deep ravine.“Where’s the barn?” asked Connie.Melly pointed at a building in the distance.“Oh, that’s not too far, but how do we get around this valley?” asked Connie.“Not to worry, Connie,” said Melly, “I have a shortcut.” She gave me a wicked little grin and drove over the side of the ravine.Connie and Rachel shrieked in terror as the front of the four-wheeler dipped over the edge. The ravine is about a hundred feet deep with a twenty-foot wide stream at the bottom. We rocketed down a fifty-degree slope, leveled out at the bottom, and hit a rise at warp speed. That sent us skyward sailing over the stream. We landed well past the creek and accelerated to an incline and up the other side. This incline was a little more gradual, but Melly never took her foot off the gas as we rocketed over the top edge. We caught about twenty feet of air, then down a slope and skidded to a stop.I turned to Rachel and Connie whose terror faces had changed to glee after the initial adrenaline rush. I said, “see Crazy!”Connie said, “We’re okay, baby, that was fun. How many times have you done that?”Melly giggled. “Shutup, Smelly Melly!” I said.“Oh, now I’m definitely telling them,” said Melly. “Last time J.J. tried that, he landed in the middle of the creek.”The girls all erupted in laughter. “Oh yeah, all funny until someone… we won’t mention any names, comes down sideways and rolls this thing. What was it, Melly, five rolls?”“It was two and a half you big baby, and you didn’t get a scratch… or wet!” retorted Melly.We continued on to the stables to show Rachel and Connie the horses.“Where’s your horse, baby?” asked Connie.Melly looked at a location chart on the stable wall. “Says he’s in the south pasture with the mares, oow, Bullet’s getting his grove on.”“What kind of horse is he?” asked Connie.“He’s a Thoroughbred,” said Melly. “Daddy got lucky. Bought a controlling interest in a horse farm, and the dam Take Charge Brani had been bread with California Rome. Both were top racehorses, so daddy acquired the foal, Bullet, for half the going price. So Bullet is a real stud, just like his owner.”The girls giggled as I blushed bright red. “So Melly, any boyfriend prospects lately,” I asked.“Oh, you know, no one special, but there was this one guy… recently… he’s nice, but kind of kinky.”I blush again as the girls giggle. We all walked back to the four-wheeler and rode back along the road to the house.“Why don’t we go back the way we came?” asked Rachel.“The hill we came down is too steep going back,” said Melly. “Remember J.J. said I rolled this thing, well, that’s how I did it. You get about two-thirds of the way up, hit a little hump, and over you go,” replied Melly.“Yeah, let’s not do that… again,” I said, looking straight at Melly. Melly looked over at me and stuck her tongue out.Melly kept the ride back tame until we were just about back to the house. Then she floored it, ran off the side of the road, and hit a little dip that sent us sailing through the air. We landed hard, skidded around the side of the garage, and came to a stop.“Thank you for riding Melly Airways, please deposit all airsick bags in the receptacle to our left,” Melly said jokingly.The girls all hopped out and headed to the house while I was still unstrapping myself.Just before they entered the house, mecidiyeköy escort Melly called over her shoulder. “Hurry up, slave, it’s lunchtime, and I’m hungry.”Oh my god, I thought it was her last night. I walked into the house and heard laughter coming from the kitchen. I walked in, but only Connie, Rachel, and Betty were there.“Where’d Melly go,” I asked.“She went down to check on your mom, Heather, and Sue,” said Betty.For the next several hours, we all sat around the house, talking, eating, and drinking. Melly was in a jovial mood and was really having fun with my girlfriends. Melly was a lot like me, very reserved and shy around people she doesn’t know, but she had taken to my girlfriends like a duck to water.Not that making friends with the girls bothered me, but Melly had also become more flirtatious with me. This concerned me most because I believed it was her with Heather and me last night. We had kissed and even made out a few times when we were younger, but we never crossed the line into anything sexual.Melly was the first to wander off for her nightly routine, and the rest of the girls filtered off shortly after that left me engaged in a conversation with Angela. I had known for a long time that Angela had a special relationship with my parents, but I had always let the sleeping dog lie.“Angela, can I ask you something personal?” I asked.“Sure, sweetie, you can ask me anything,” she responded.“What’s your relationship with my mom and dad like? I mean on a personal level?”“Oh wow, there’s a loaded question. I mean, what do you think my relationship is with them?” she responded.“I think it’s a lot more than just friends.”“J.J. sweetie, you know I think of you like family, and well, your mom and I have talked about having this conversation with you together if it ever came up. Oh, wow, so, I have never lied to you about anything, but I thought it would be Kat and I that had this talk with you together.”“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me, I just… well, with the way my relationship with the girls is… I guess I just thought,” I said.“J.J. sweetie, it’s really fine, I mean, you’ve seen your mom and I being affectionate with each other, so we just kind of thought you had put two and two together, and just didn’t care. Okay, so your mom and I have been best friends and lovers since high school. Your dad, well, that’s been more recent. He has always known about Kat and me, he would occasionally watch us. Still, it was only about five years ago that we actually had sex. I came in one night in an upset tizzy, utterly oblivious to the fact they were in the middle of making love. I just sat at the end of the bed, talking out of my mind. They stopped what they were doing, and both put their arms around me. Anyway, that was my first time with a man. I always had just wanted to be with your mom until that night. Your mom was always honest with me that she liked men also, so when she met your father, I supported her. Kat told John about me on their first date, he told her he was okay with us being in a separate relationship. I guess you could say I grew to love John over the years, and he loved me too. So I guess you’re not the only one in a polyamory relationship.”“I guess I’m not, but why don’t you just move in here?” I responded.“I’m here a lot of the time, but I kind of like having my own space,” Angela said.“Well, if it’s Melly or me you’re worried about, don’t. We both love you, and while I wanted to hear you say it out loud, we both knew.”Angela leaned over and gave me a hug and a kiss, then whispered in my ear. “Thank you, J.J., it means the world to me to hear you say that. Well, your mom is probably wondering where I’m at. You have a fun night.”We walked up the stairs, and as Angela turned to my parent’s room, she reached over and slapped my bum, “Go get um tiger.”I walked into the guest suite, it was dark with just a few candles going. I couldn’t see well at first but could tell the girls were all sitting on the couch. I counted, wait, I thought, there are five.“Melly, are you in here?” I asked.My eyes were adjusting, and I could tell all the girls were in a negligee, including Melly.“Baby, sit down, we need to talk to you,” said Connie.I sat on the table in front of the girls.“Jay, honey,” said Heather, “we…

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