24 Mayıs 2023

Howling at the Moon


The branches and twigs whip against this alien body as I rush through the trees. My unnatural eyes see through the darkness of the forest, the trees blurring as they fly past, my claws sinking into their bark pulling me onwards. Your scent filling my nostrils, my muscled legs tear up the distance between us. The silvery globe above me flickering and dancing through the canopy of branches. Always seeming stationary, guiding me, and leading me on. This heart pounds within my chest, pumping fire around this foreign carriage, my throat sucking huge lungfuls of air to feed the powerhouse barely under my control. The features of the forest floor picked out in an eerie monochrome, your footprints as well as the smell of your sweat and musk pulling me forwards. A fallen tree lies across my path; I leap across it, clearing the upturned branches easily. This beautiful machine that I am enclosed within lands with a grace completely at odds with it’s’ size. Ankara escort I sense the woman before I see her, I fly around the rocky outcrop to hear her ragged breathing further ahead and down in the valley. I race in to the clearing, the moon above calling her siren song as I run towards the sheer drop ahead. My paw lands on the very edge of the cliff, a fifty foot drop below, and I leap without hesitation into the air. The wind flattens my fur to my flesh, as I sail through the night, the moon seeming to guide me. I howl loudly to the mistress of my soul high above. The forest below rising to meet me, my eyes pick out the cowering female below. A branch slashes one of my huge outstretched arms as I drop through the trees, my huge paws slam down into the forest floor as my knees bend to take the impact. Momentarily, my front paws grasp the earth as I search the shadows ahead. The woman, curled up in a Ankara escort bayan fetal position only feet away screams loudly, her eyes betraying the madness inside her, as I turn briefly towards her. She shakes violently before fainting. The sudden absence of her scream opens up the landscape around me to my senses. I leap from my crouching position and resume the chase, the sound of twigs and branches cracking ahead of me. I can smell you all the better now, your scent driving me on, my member ‘steel’ hard to my stomach bouncing slightly as I stretch my stride to close the distance between us. I hear a large splash ahead and know you have dived into the river running along the bottom of the valley. I pull up hard at the river bank, the water reflecting the moon light as I search the banks for some hint of your whereabouts. I open my jaws wide and roar with anger knowing that my heightened sense of Escort Ankara smell will not follow you there. I am still roaring loudly, the forest coming alive as the birds fly from the trees and small mammals disappear deeper into the woods. I even hear a large bear stumbling away woken from the beginning of his winter hibernation. The next moment I am flying through the air as no other animal on the planet but you could do, the world turns to ice as we plunge into the flowing river. I feel your claws grasp my shoulders pushing me down, my lungs vacant from the body blow that took me under. I buck up hard against you, my cock still hard slamming against your crotch, you squirm momentarily. I grab the opportunity and slam my sinewy forearms inside your elbows breaking your grip and thrust hard upwards sending you up into the air. I leap out of the water to see you splash down beside the bank, I shake myself violently, water flying from my fur, the night darkening, as the moon hides behind a cloud. You rise up from the water and crouch facing me, a snarl on your snout. We slowly circle, our eyes playing across each others forms, you glance down at my hardness, and I see your nipples, hard, protruding from the fur covering your large breasts.

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