16 Mayıs 2023

Hunting for Mushrooms


A couple of weeks ago, I meet with a friend I knew online to go mushroom hunting. We agreed to meet on an unpaved trail that leads into some woods in a nearby town. Before we went into the woods, we sat on the tailgate of my pickup, just chatting and smoking. You know, getting to know one another a little better.

We finally felt comfortable enough with each other to venture into the woods. Walking slowly, side by side, we worked our way deeper in the forest. Sometimes she would lead, at others I would. Through it all, we kept up a light, easy conversation.

Eventually we came to a small clearing where we sat down to rest for a while. Pretty soon, the talk turned sexual in nature as I asked her what it was she would like to do now. When she replied she would like to see me naked, I laughed and said, “OK.” My heart was pounding when she offered to help me and then proceeded to unzip my jacket and slip it off my arms.

I was sitting flat on the ground and she was on her knees in front of me. Our lips meet in the first kiss as her hands stroked my chest while our tongues danced together inside our mouths. Her fingers rolled my nipples, gently pinching them as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer, moaning into her mouth.

My heart was pounding in my chest as she kissed her way across my face to my neck. My breathing became harsher as her soft wet tongue delicately flicked in my ear, her hot moist breath following it. I groaned as her hands dropped from my chest into my lap. Grabbing my hard cock through my jeans and stroking it.

“Do you want me to remove my pants, Brenda?” I stammered. The feeling of her tongue and breath in my ear was so incredible I almost couldn’t think straight.

“Please,” she whispered in my ear.

At that point, I would have faced a charging bear if she only asked! Removing my clothing should be simple, right? My hands were shaking so badly that Brenda had to help. I still can’t believe how excited I was. It seems like it has been forever since I was that turned on by a woman I was actually going to have. The women on TV or in magazines don’t count.

The feeling of her warm, tight fist closing on my throbbing Escort Beylikdüzü cock was incredible. I could do nothing but hold her tightly as she continued to stroke me with her hand as she nibbled lightly on my neck. Her teeth captured my earlobe and bite down as her tongue flicked it back and forth before gently releasing it with a kiss. Her tongue licked down my neck, teasing me as she moved lower and lower.

She lifted my t-shirt up, exposing my chest to her wandering hands and mouth. I gasped as she bite down on my nipple, softly grinding it with her teeth. Her hot wet mouth then sucking on it, making it stand up like a hard red berry on my chest as her fingers caressed the other one.

So slowly she kissed her way down my body as I lay back in the soft grass. Her broad flat tongue licking me with quick strokes as she slide further down my body. I held myself tense almost breathless with anticipation, waiting for that first touch of her hot tongue on my cock. I moaned loudly as she softly caressed my hard dick with her tongue. Her tight fist holding me straight up to allow her tongue full access to lick me, teasing.

Her lips finally closed around me holding me so tightly as her tongue flicked the opening on the head of my cock. She quickly slide her wet hot mouth down me until I was buried in her mouth. The head of my cock was touching the back of her throat as my hands pressed her head tighter against me. I could feel her mouth vibrating around me as she moaned at the taste of my precum. I held her hair back as long as I could, wanting to see her mouth on me as well as feel it as she rocked her head faster and faster on me. As her tongue flicked back and forth under me, I could hold back no longer and shot my hot, salty cum into her mouth.

I lay there, softly trembling as she swallowed my cum then continued to lick and caress me. It was as if she could not get enough of the taste. I could feel her warm lips kissing my thighs before gently biting down on me, being oh so careful not to leave marks I would have to explain to my family. Her long soft hair falling down around us, tickling my cock and balls as she nibbled Beyoğlu escort on my thighs and my stomach. Gently I pushed her away and sat up.

I brought my hands up to her breasts and began to massage them through her shirt. What a thrill as she arched her back, pressing her large tits into my hands. I could feel her nipples burning like hard little marbles through her layers of clothes and had to get a better look at them. I lifted her sweatshirt up, exposing a baby blue bra against her pale white skin.

Her eyes were dark blue with passion as I glanced up into her face. “Very sexy, ” I told her about her bra before bending my head and sucking on her nipple. Her moans of passion echoed through the forest as her back arched again, her body quivering with desire. What a thrill to feel a woman grow so quickly responsive in my arms. To feel her fingers grasping my head, trying to push more of her deeper into my mouth.

I reached around her as she continued to tongue my neck and ear to unfasten her bra. Making a joke out of needing her help as I struggled to release the snaps while she tried to remember how many snaps there were. Finally, I got the last one to release and her tits were free. Moving my hands quickly back to the front, I pushed her bra up out of my way so that I was able to fully see her for the first time. Her tits were large and full with big dark pink nipples proudly sticking out, begging for my attention. Her head fell back as she arched into me, moaning softly as my teeth ground against her nipples. I could feel her trembling against me.

My hand slide down her stomach to the button on her jeans, tugging on it with one hand, I finally got it to release. Then I slowly unzipped her pants, the sound of the metal teeth slipping apart ringing in my ears. I slipped my hand inside her pants, sliding directly to her pussy, as she wore no panties. I was amazed at how wet and hot she was just from my playing with her nipples.

Quietly, I whispered to her “That really turns you on doesn’t it? Having your nipples played with.”

Her voice was hoarse as she replied, “Yes” between moans as my finger began stroking her clit. Bomonti escort bayan Soon her hips were rocking to the rhythm set by my fingertips and I quickly stabbed a finger into her soaking wet pussy.

Her pussy spasmed around me. I could not believe how tight she got around my finger. I withdrew my hand, asking her to touch herself while I watched. As one of her hands grasped mine that was leaving her pussy, she began to rub the clit with the other. I watched as she raised my hand to her mouth and began sucking my fingers clean of her juices. “You like the taste?” I asked her as her tongue curled around my finger, making sure she was getting it all.

“Yes,” she moaned, “it tastes so sweet.”

As she released my fingers from her mouth, I bent lower to watch her fingers play. With one hand she held herself open for me to watch as she continued rubbing her clit. Her moans soon turned to cries of delight as her body shuddered through an orgasm. I nervously glanced around, not wanting anyone to catch us naked in the woods. “Shhhhhhhhh,” I whispered to her as I wrapped my arms around her, bring her head to my chest to lessen her noise.

I held her against me as her body slowly stopped quivering. I noticed that her breathing was still very fast and soon she was trembling again. “Still have a handful?” I asked her. The only response was a moan as she quickly came again. I stroked her back, feeling her muscles bunching in her back as she rubs her clit even faster.

Her hand slips down and grabs my wrist. Pulling my hand until I am touching her hot wet pussy. I can’t believe how wet she was. I can feel her fingers rubbing her clit as she places my hand flat on her pussy. Her head is resting on my shoulder, my other arm around her, holding her tightly. Suddenly her pussy is throbbing against my hand, cum squirting out, flooding my palm. I tighten my grip around her, holding on tight as her body quakes. I can hear her moaning softly against my neck as she cums so hard for me.

Slowly her breathing returns to normal as she rests against my shoulder. I bring my hands up to caress her nipples again. Her body is coated with a thin layer of sweat, drying in the cool breeze coming through the trees. It is just incredible how excited she got. Gently kissing we separate to get dressed again. Unfortunately our time has come to an end and it is time for us to return to the real world once more. But one day soon, I hope, we shall meet again for another stroll in the woods.

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