26 Mart 2022

Husbands Fantasy Comes True 2


Husbands Fantasy Comes True 2Having sex with my son a few nights ago has made me a better person all around. I can see myself as a changed woman now, for the good of life. Ever since the other night, I have thought more positively about myself. I feel more beautiful. Maybe it was because my own son wanted sex with me as much as I did with him. I just know, deep inside, my love for him and my husband is starting to develop more strongly than I have ever imagined.I was laying there on my stomach feeling my husbands dick tearing my pussy apart as he fucked me incredibly hard from behind. I had my face buried in my pillow concealing my screams from every push my husband was making into me. Tonight for some reason it was hurting a little but every time he went deep inside me, but I still found myself cumming a few hard times.It was impossible to lay there now and have sex with my husband without imagining he was my son. And, my husband knew it. He made small comments, but he did not seem to mind. He really had a thing for hearing me tell him about that night as it always made him fuck me harder and harder. “You and your son can both fuck” I would breathlessly say to my husband as he laid on me fucking me. My husband would ask me “what did you feel when he first went inside of you?”It was hard to really explain, but I tried by replying in words such as “I just closed my eyes to feel it, and I was very scared.”The truth is, I was scared. There is a major line that is frowned upon in society, and I crossed it. I do not regret it in the least bit, but apart of me wonders what my son thinks of me now. Does he think bad of me, and does he regret what happened between us? Between my husband and I, it has provided us with a new sexual experience to help with us getting off ourselves. I wonder if my son has masturbated thinking of what we did and what I did to him the next morning. I rolled over on to my back laying there as my soaking wet pussy has now started to drip streams of my juice down my inner thighs as my husband commenced fucking me missionary style. I looked at him and said “I want to fuck him again.””Yeah?” My husband asked questioning my comment.”I do.” I replied back.And with that my husband responded with “go for it.”I looked my husband dead in the eye and just smiled at him then biting my lower lip in excitement. I knew I wanted to do it, and my husband knew it also.After my husband and I finished having sex, we laid there in silence when I faced him and asked him if he would allow me to take a weekend trip to Gatlinburg and rent a cabin for Adam and I? Financially I thought we were fine and so I wanted to ask, and sure enough to my expectation, my husband asked me to search for a 1 bedroom cabin for the two of us.The next morning I was getting ready for work when I realized I needed to make sure Adam was ok with it. While he was at school I sent him a text message regarding my plan with going to Gatlinburg with him and claimed I needed to have a break from work and all the stress. Adam agreed and said he would love to. That settled it, I thought to myself, so I began searching for a nice cabin. I wanted one with a romantic view and one with a hot tub that I could relax in. I found the perfect one. It was called “Forever Together!” It had an amazing view, a hot tub, a pool table, an türbanlı bayburt escort indoor jacuzzi, and a king size bed. It looked so romantic, and I booked it for 2 nights for the upcoming weekend. I was very excited and texted Adam quickly letting him know the details. He couldn’t wait!That friday came quickly and I kissed my husband goodbye on the porch and made my way to our car. Adam wanted to drive us so I let him without giving any grief. Three hours of a trip in front us and just me and my son. I seemed to be in heaven as my son and I already knew what was in store for us this weekend.About 10 minutes into our drive, I asked Adam what he seriously thought of us having sex earlier in the week. He said he was in shock afterwards but during he was completely into me. I reached down and grabbed his hand and held it and told him how much I loved him. We held hands for about the whole trip as we talked and laughed and planned what all we wanted to do this weekend. I told him no matter what happens, I didn’t want him to call me mom, but instead, to call me Keri this weekend. He said it sounded weird saying it but he would get use to it eventually. We arrived at our cabin about 8pm, and I went in while Adam brought in our bags behind me.”What the hell did you bring Mom? This shit is heavy as hell!” He asked me.I laughed and said “Nothing out of the ordinary Adam, but please, call me Keri.”He took our bags into our room as I made my way to the balcony and leaned over the rail. I couldn’t see that much because it was dark, but I could hear what sounded like laughing. I tried to look closer and noticed it was a family, out on their balcony next to us. Adam soon walked out standing next to me brushing against me as he came to rest on the wooded railing. “I love this cabin!” He said with excitement.”Yea?” I asked.”You did a good job selecting it.” He said.With that I leaned in and put my head on his shoulder. “I am so glad you came with me this weekend. I really wanted us to be alone and have a weekend together since what happened. I really needed this.” I stated to him.”Are you ok? He asked.”Yea absolutely. I was thinking a lot about you and me and your dad and everything, and I just wanted some alone time with just the two of us. Your dad respected my wishes and told me to take a weekend away and said to take you if I wanted.” My son got behind me and put his arms around my waist holding me there in the dark. “I love you so much mom. Ever since the other night I have been quiet because I didn’t know what was going through your mind.” He said.I broke loose from his hold on me to turn to him and faced him. I planted my hands on his upper body and took a quick look to the family next to us and then back at Adam. I looked in his eye and leaned in and gave him a kiss on his lips then followed with my opening my mouth letting his tongue reach out to explore mine. We stood there kissing softly for awhile before we broke it and I rested my head back on his shoulder as we were hugging.”Adam, do you want to go to bed with me?” I asked”Yea we can go.” He stated.I broke loose of Adam’s hold and walked back inside and to the room as Adam followed. I opened my suitcase and got my stuff to get ready for bed and made my way to the bathroom. “I’ll be türbanlı bayburt escort bayan right back” I said to him and shut the door behind me. Walking in the bathroom I felt happy. It was an unusual feeling for me and I didn’t know why. I brushed my teeth and my hair and took off my shirt and my shorts and was prepared to put my night clothes on but decided just to go with my underwear. I had brought a sexy black laced thong that I figured Adam would like and slipped it on.Before I made my way out I inspected myself in the mirror looking myself up and down. I looked deeply into my own eyes while thinking about what was going to happen again with Adam this weekend. Then, I sighed and walked out to him.I smiled at him as he stared at me when I was got in the bed beside him. He had came to bed in just his boxers. I turned the lamp off beside the bed and rolled over placing my right leg over him and rested my head on his chest. Adam had turned on the TV to ESPN to catch up on some of the scores.We laid there for about fifteen minutes watching TV before I started to move my right leg around on him. I wanted him. So then, I leaned up and started to kiss him on his neck. He got the clue as he turned the TV off. I started to feel his dick growing harder with my leg and I reached down inside his boxers grabbing it and slowly with one finger, ran it up and down the length of his dick slowly,”Adam” I said quietly.”Yeah” he responded.”Do you like it when I rub you like this?””Yea it feels really good and calming.” He said.I lifted the blanket that was over us and positioned myself in between his legs, spreading them apart with my hands.I pulled his dick outside of his boxers and slowly massaged it and stroked it while staring at it. I leaned down and licked around the head of his dick and then down his shaft to his balls. I wanted to get his dick really wet and I did so by licking it over and over using the saliva build up in my mouth. I wanted this to feel really good to him. I started to slowly stroke him letting my hand slide up and down his slippery dick before I opened my mouth and placed it over the tip of his dick before sliding my lips downward slowly and as deep as I could take him in. I slowly sucked his dick deeper and deeper. I wanted Adam to really feel it. I could taste the beginning of his precum as I had begun to get a saltier taste inside my mouth. I took his dick out my mouth and inspected it as it gleamed in the light from the porch. It shined from all my saliva mixed with his precum. I stroked his dick fast sliding it up and down creating a wet sound every time my hand moved. I aid there as I stroked his dick for about 20 seconds before sucking it again. Adam laid there glancing down at me as occasionally his eyes made contact with mine. His hips would move thrusting upward inside my mouth. I knew he wanted it deeper and then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and guided his dick to the back of my throat and down it a little causing me to gag on his dick. I quickly pulled it out of my mouth wiping all the spit away from my lips while I continued to stroke his dick. “Do that again” he said. “I like it deep like that”With that I did it guiding his dick in deeper as my lips touched the root of his shaft. I had engulfed türbanlı escort bayburt his entire length. I went up and down over and over.Adam started to moan “oh god, yeah”I knew he was close. I had the head of his dick in my throat and his cum shot out right down in my throat lasting for about 10 seconds. I kept my mouth over his dick until he was finished cumming and my lips released their grip from his shaft as I slid his dick out of my mouth and it collapsed flat against his body. I looked up at Adam and said “raise your hips” and he did so. I slid his boxers off of him. I stood up beside the bed and slipped my fingers inside my thong and slid it down to my feet maneuvering out of them. I stood there in front of him for a few seconds letting him stare at my naked body. My pussy was clean shaved. I moved the blanket around on the bed as I slid under the blanket getting close to Adam. I reached down and massaged his dick which had become a little soft since he exploded his cum deep in my mouth. I started to stroke him and he became hard once again. “Adam I love you a lot” I said. “The way you feel inside me was amazing. We made love and I want to again!. I spoke to him.I rolled him over on top of me instantly spreading my legs apart for him. He lays there on top of me kissing me. Our lips parting ways and tongues touching. My hands on his back running my fingers up and down the line of his back. I feel Adams dick trying to find entrance to my body. My feet are tingling, my legs are tense and shaking. The head of his dick finds my pussy hole as it enters slowly stretching it wider before pulling it out again and trying again. With each push I open up more for him. Our lips locked. Breathing out our noses. “Adam” I whisper. And then he pushes into me spreading my pussy fully open and his dick shoving right inside me and out of me and right back in me. Our bed creaks on the hardwood floors of the cabin.”Ohh baby Adam” I moan to him. “Yes Adam!! Right there! As his dick finds my soft spot inside of me. I hear the smacking of his body against my pussy. Not to loud and not to quiet. Just right! “Could you see yourself doing this forever Adam?” I asked softly.”Yeahhh” he moaned in satisfying pleasure.I closed my eyes concentrating on the feeling of his dick rubbing against my pussy walls. I could feel in detail the softness of the head of his sick as it slowly inched its way in and out of me. The more I thought about how it was my son making me feel this way, the closer I was to orgasm myself. All of a sudden Adam is picking up his pace and he is going harder and faster. The smack of my pussy against his dick was no longer quiet but has grown to loud. “Fuck me Adam, fuck me harder” I moaned loudly to him as the headboard was grazing against the wall behind us. His dick racing inside of me felt like he was trying to win a race. My tits no longer rested in place but bouncing vigorously up and down. Adam is no longer kissing me as he supports himself up with his hands propped on the bed. I can look down and clearly see my pussy getting ripped apart by my sons 6 inch dick. I shout “ohhh god Adam you’re gonna make me cum!””Adammmm ohh god!” I yell.And then I feel his warmth from his cum spraying once again inside my wet pussy making my body hips jerk as my orgasm hits me in full steam. We cum simultaneously before Adam collapses on my body. I lay there frozen, breathing heavy, sweaty and pleasured. What a great weekend this was going to be I thought for a minute. I could feel Adams dick still slowly pushing in an out of me as if he was teasing me for more, and I laughed at him to stop. Our trip has finally begun and I was ready for all of this. Adam was to!

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