13 Mayıs 2023

Hye-Jin joins a water festival in Tokyo


Hye-Jin joins a water festival in TokyoEvery August, in the town of Fukagawa located near the center of Tokyo, locals put on one of the best water festivals in all of Japan. The Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri (matsuri means festival) features dozens of teams from the community carrying mikoshi (portable shrines) along a winding parade route that extends for several kilometers. Local residents and volunteers line the route with huge tanks of water, buckets, pails, and water hoses to drench the mikoshi carriers with cool water to relieve them in the stifling summer heat and humidity. Even the local fire departments and volunteers hook up fire hoses to drench everyone, including the onlookers and anyone who wants to cool off and join the festivities.This hot August summer, I decided to enjoy fun in the wet, wet, wet festivities. I’m Hye-Jin, a lover of fine lingerie and old-style nylon stockings. And I love wet nylons and wet sex. I can’t get enough of it.In my Asakusa apartment, I prepared to go to the festival, about thirty minutes away by subway. What shall I wear today? I knew it would be another hot day according to the Japan Meteorological Agency forecast. Temperature in the nineties, high humidity, little wind, and “real feel” of over 100F. It would be a scorcher out there in the sun. I chose a light summer dress—actually a swimsuit coverup—in white with a floral design. I figured it would be quick-dry Side Escort with 95% rayon. The coverup was short, just above the knee, allowing air to cool off my crotch.Underneath, more importantly, I would wear something naughty and nice—white Felina garter belt, sheer white panties without a gusset, and pair of the finest Hanes RHT nylon stockings in “Barely There,” one of my favorite shades that mimics a nice tan. No bra needed in the hot weather.For footwear, I needed to wear something casual and comfortable for walking—clear plastic slip-on beach sandals—that would also show off my RHT heels and toes. I got moist inside thinking of how erotic that would look to any stocking lover guy. Actually, everyone would be focused on the mikoshi parade and festivities and no one may notice what I was wearing. But half the fun was being an exhibitionist in public, getting soaked, and occasionally flashing my stockings and underwear.It didn’t take long to get dressed and all prepared. Knowing I would get soaked, I took a small bag with some cash, room key, IC card (for the subway), small bottle of water, light towel for my neck, cap, and iPhone. I also carried a ziplock bag to protect my belongings from the loads of water that could be expected. The festival is an annual event, so I learned from past experience that it’s important to expect to get thoroughly soaked.It was 9 am, perfect manavgat escort bayan time to leave for the parade which started around nine. By the time I got to the Monzen-Nakacho Station on the Tozai subway line, the parade would be underway and mikoshi teams would be passing the water stations. I started from my apartment to the nearby Tawaramachi subway station to catch the Ginza subway line to Nihonbashi Station. I stepped out of my apartment building and walked for about ten minutes to the subway station. Several bicyclists rode past me on this fine Saturday morning, paying me no attention as I was suitably dressed for a hot summer day. I descended the long, steep stairway into the station and arrived at the boarding platform. In a few minutes, the subway train arrived and I got into the car. It was a little crowded so I found a little space near the door. Being an experienced subway rider in Tokyo, I am able to stand in a swaying car without holding onto anything—a skill many younger riders develop while texting on their smartphones or reading manga. As the train proceeded toward Nihonbashi, I felt a little hot underneath. My right hand reached under the hem of my coverup and I slid my fingers along my slit through sheer panties. I closed my eyes and imagined that a beefy, handsome guy was stroking me.“The next stop is Nihonbashi,” announced the Escort alanya PA system in the car. I opened my eyes to end the brief reverie and prepared to get off the train. I proceeded to the neighboring Tozai subway line. Along the way, I passed a new toire (restroom) installed in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This was a really modern restroom with all the amenities: washlet toilets, ADA-friendly private rooms with the works, modern sinks and fixtures, and spotlessly clean. I dashed into the women’s restroom and stepped into a stall fully equipped with a modern bidet toilet. After finishing my business, I pressed the “bidet” button and rinsed my nylon-covered pussy, soothing my heated crotch. At the sink with an infrared sensor, I reached under the faucet and turned on the water. Scooping some cold water, I reached under my coverup and splashed more water on my panties to rinse off the juices which were already flowing—and to cool off my hot pussy. Ahhh, that felt so good. The front of my swimsuit coverup got a little wet and revealed the white garter straps and dark stocking tops through the thin rayon material. Now I was really getting excited at the thought of flashing in the water-soaking parade!I got to the boarding platform just in time as the next subway train pulled in. It was a short ride from Nihonbashi to Monzen-Nakacho, so I held off doing anything exciting along the way. The train was a little more crowded as hordes of locals (and some tourists) headed to the matsuri. It was packed enough that some tall guy was practically attached to my backside. I could feel his body pinned against my back, but more sensually, I felt something hard and rod-like in my ass-crack. 

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