12 Mayıs 2023

I Blew My Str8 Landlord


After my morning walk/swim/coffee today I got back to my unit complex and crossed paths with my landlord.  We chatted for a few minutes, he thanked me for having him for drinks last night and we both said that we were a little bit hungover this morning but nothing a swim in the ocean couldn’t fix.The last thing he said to me was, “Thanks for… you know.”“Anytime,” I replied as I headed back to my unit.I’m glad he remembered what we did last night, and I’m glad that it might happen again.A few months ago, I moved up to the Sunshine Coast; it was a little bit tricky finding a place to rent/lease but eventually I found this great unit which is a short walk to the beach and furnished. It also has its own private roof which is where I pretty much live when it isn’t raining (as it has been a bit too much lately).When I inspected the unit I was on my best behaviour, and I got along with The Landlord and his wife.The building complex has six units in it. I’ve rented the top floor at the front of the building, and The Landlord who owns my unit also owns a unit on the ground Büyükçekmece escort bayan floor at the back of the complex near the little swimming pool, where they live.  I think usually they travel and aren’t home much, but the whole Covid thing, right?The Landlord and his wife are late forties; she is a cute brunette who looks like she has some Italian in her heritage. Russ looks like a grown up surf bum with blond hair, tall, slim and fit for a guy approaching fifty years old.  He made his money in IT and that is what I tell him I do for a living (don’t really tell too many people I run some Speedo fetish gay porn sites).I’ve only really chatted with The Landlord a handful of times, and it is usually when we run in to each other in the complex pool.  I don’t use it a whole bunch and I can’t see it from my unit, and I don’t think anyone else in the complex uses it, but The Landlord is often there.  When I’ve seen him at the pool he wears a black Speedo.  He is married and from his tan it looks like he wears Speedos Escort Çatalca a lot.  I always wear a speedo at the pool and he never said anything it.Had I know what would happen, I would have embarrassed myself by getting a boner in my Speedo all those times we hung out.I wouldn’t haven been able to stop thinking about how The Landlord was sitting on my couch, legs spread with me on my knees between them.  His Speedo pulled down under his balls, my right hand stroking his cock, my mouth open, tongue just touching the tip of his cock and him exploding the biggest load of cum I have ever experienced.  I had warning that he was about to cum, I was expecting it, but it still surprised me the volume of man juice that came rushing at my face.Unlike me, I couldn’t take it all and ended up with cum on my chin and dripping down his cock, on his balls and a little bit on his black Speedo which he was going to have to explain to his wife.It started yesterday afternoon; I had been for a walk to get groceries and getting home I was a little hot, Esenler escort so decided to grab a couple of beers and go for a quick dip in the complex pool.  I had been in maybe two sips (of beer) when The Landlord walked in to the pool area.  There are signs everywhere about no glass and no eating or drinking in the pool so I immediately apologized to The Landlord but he told me it was fine.  I offered him my second beer, which he accepted.Once those beers were finished, he got out and grabbed a couple more each from his unit.Just two straight-acting, Aussie blokes, chilling out in the pool, drinking beer on a Friday afternoon, wearing nothing but the tiny amount of material that makes up a Speedo.The conversation was just normal in the pool but that would change when we went up to my unit and went from beer to whiskey.Once the sun set, it got a lot cooler, and since I owed The Landlord a beer I invited him up to my place for another drink.  Whiskey or beer; we both opted for beer.  When we got up to my unit, The Landlord asked me if I had another towel and I threw him one.  I was in the kitchen pouring us some drinks and to my complete surprised, The Landlord dried himself off really well with his towel, then put the dry one on the couch and sat down, wearing nothing but his black Speedo. Wow!  This straight guy is really comfortable with his body and wearing a Speedo.

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