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“I Can’t Stop Loving You,” Ch. 05


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I dedicate this story to Walter.


A devoted husband, 68-year-old Walter, an older man, found love again with 39-year-old Susan, a much younger woman after his beloved Mary died.

Continued from Chapter 04:

Being careful not to make him feel small and ruin her chance with him, she continued with her explanation for her sexual attraction to Patrick and his hope for sexual attraction to her too.

“With me never having a Dad and not even knowing who my father was, Patrick was my surrogate father as well as my boyfriend and lover. He was my heart, my soul, and my everything. He was there for me when I needed a strong shoulder to cry on and when I needed a cool head to give me counsel,” she said with self-confident fortitude.

Walter looked from her to stare down at the ground before looking at Patrick’s headstone and before returning his focused look to Susan.

“I see,” said Walter seeming uncomfortable with her confession.

“Besides,” she said giving him a sexy look and a naughty smile. “I’m older than I look,” she said with a laugh. When he looked at her as if he wanted to ask the question of her age, she answered the unasked question of her age by volunteering her answer. Something she’d never do with a younger man or with even a man her age, she never told anyone other than an older man her age. “I’m 39-years-old.”

Seemingly satisfied with her explanation, Walter nodded his head before giving her a look of astonishment.

“Wow! Thirty-nine-years-old. I never would have guessed your age. You don’t look your age. I figured you for being in your late twenties to early thirties,” he said.

Susan touched his arm with her hand and left her hand there longer than necessary to get him to make eye contact.

“Thank you for your compliment,” she said. “You made my day.”

As if her hand was touching his cock instead of touching his arm, he looked down at her hand before looking up at her. He looked at her as if seeing her for the first time. He looked at her as if he wished he was Patrick, albeit still alive and not dead. He looked at her in the way that William looked at her before Patrick looked at her in the sexually interested way too. He looked at her as if he wanted to make a move on her and ask her to go out with him.

“You make me wish I was twenty years younger,” he said suddenly reverting to being a nervous, teenage boy instead of an elderly man.

Seemingly, not wanting her to leave, he continued their conversation. Not wanting him to leave either, she gave him a smile while touching the back of his hand with her manicured fingertips. As if she was about to take hold his hand, she kept her fingers there in contact with his hand longer than necessary to get his attention.

“Don’t be silly. I love older men. I have a soft spot for them,” she said giving him a long thoughtful look while more appropriately thinking that she had a wet spot for them. “If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”

Giving her an odd look, he seemed embarrassed by his age and that he was so very much older than she was.

“I’m 68-years-old. I’ll be 69-years-old in November,” he said. “Compared to you, I’m an old man. Compared to you, I’m old enough to be your father.”

‘Her preferred age,’ she thought. ‘What’s wrong with that? I need to have another Daddy.’

Chapter 05:

“My obvious attraction to older men stems from having never known my father,” she said. “I’m sure a psychiatrist would love to have me on his couch,” she said with a sad laugh.

Judging him by the look on his face, she wondered if he was thinking of Patrick with her sexually before thinking of himself with her sexually. Judging him by the look on his face, in the way he was suddenly looking at her, she wondered if he was undressing her with his eyes. The first thing that men noticed after her naturally blonde hair and her big, bright, blue eyes were her big tits. All men stared at the impressions her big tits made in her clothes as if she wasn’t wearing a blouse and/or a bra.

Look up, she wanted to say. Look up at my big, beautiful, blue eyes instead of staring down at my big breasts. Yet, as if their eyes were drawn there, men have been staring at her tits since she was 13-years-old with a C cup. She felt sorry for the short women who had massive breasts, a D or double D. At least with her being 5’9″ tall, she could carry her D cup tits without her looking like she’s all breasts. Nonetheless, sacrificing her back, it’s been a curse as much as a blessing to have big tits. Yet, if she has them and if he was admiring them, she may as well use them to sexually tease him and erotically entice him. She’d be willing to give him his wicked sexual way with her body if he gave her the use of his credit cards.

As soon as she thought that he was undressing her with his eyes while staring at her tits, an involuntary reaction, her nipples erected to show him Escort Esenyurt the huge impressions they made through her bra and through her blouse. Obviously, he had sexually excited her by his continuous stare. As if she was standing there topless, she watched his eyes dart down to her breasts to stare at the impressions that her nipples made. An involuntary reaction on his part, his lips moved in the shape of a goldfish looking for food or a baby looking to suck a nipple. Obviously, he was aching to suck her nipples. Obviously, she’d sexually make his wishes come true if he financially made her wishes come true too.

A huge understatement, sex with an older man was different than having sex with a younger man or even with a man her own age. Another huge understatement, sex with an older man was much better than having sex with a younger man or even with a man her own age. Sex with an older man was better because, no longer full of themselves with youth, older men were more mature. Older men thought more of their partner’s sexual satisfaction than they did their own sexual satisfaction.

Older men were more grateful to be with her, a woman young enough to be their daughter. Older men took care of her sexual needs first. Older men enjoyed giving her sexual pleasure as much if not more than her giving them sexual pleasure. Knowing full well that they can’t take it with them when they die, older men enjoyed lavishing her with money and gifts. If she had to choose between the three, a younger man, a man her age, or an older man, she’d chose an older man every time. Older men made her feel like the woman she is and needed to be.

It didn’t matter that he wasn’t as good looking as a younger man or a man her age. It didn’t matter if he was totally bald or had a pot belly even. Looks didn’t matter to a woman as much as they mattered to a man. With men more visual, women were more emotional. She more cared what an older man could do with his fingers and his tongue than with his cock. Tired of prima donna men who thought they were God’s gift to women, she wanted a real man, an older man, and a man who knew how to treat a real woman.

Even though William was impotent, he was still able to become sexually excited enough to enjoy feeling her naked body and eating her pussy. Even though William was important, he still enjoyed her stroking his flaccid cock and sucking his flaccid prick. Even though he was unable to get and maintain an erection, it still sexually excited him for her to look up at him with his hairy cock in her mouth. He was such a generous lover when it came to giving her oral sexual orgasms that she only wished she could return the favor of giving him a real blowjob where he ejaculated his cum instead of dribbled his cum.

With William, unable to get and/or maintain an erection, he enjoyed kissing her while feeling her through her clothes. She loved kissing, French kissing while being felt through her clothes and while feeling his cock, whether hard or flaccid, through his trousers. She loved hugging him and cuddling with him while he slowly and lovingly undressed her. He loved eating her pussy as much as she loved him eating her pussy.

‘Just because I can no longer cut the mustard doesn’t mean that I still can’t lick the jar,’ he enjoyed saying before going down on her and licking her pussy while fingering her pussy. With him knowing his way around a woman’s pussy, he was such a good oral lover.

* * * * *

Patrick, on the other hand, rather than mounting her and making love to her, enjoyed her doing to him what his wife wouldn’t do in all the years they were married. Patrick loved her giving him blowjobs. He loved cumming in her mouth and he loved watching her swallow his cum.

When his wife, Maureen, had become terminally ill with breast cancer, Patrick had gone a long time without sex before Susan happened along. He enjoyed her giving him hand jobs before giving him blowjobs. He loved it when she stared up at him with her big, blue eyes when she had his hard, hairy cock in her mouth. He loved watching her lick his prick and suck his prick. He loved the sensation of her licking his testicles while cupping his testicles in his hand. With his wife having never sucked his cock in all the years that they were married, Patrick receiving Susan’s blowjobs.

Doing more sexually than William ever did with her, Patrick loved feeling her tits and fingering her nipples while she sucked him. She wondered what Walter would think of her, if only he knew her special friend William licked and fingered her pussy while feeling her tits and fingering her nipples. She wondered what Walter would think of her, if only he knew that her special friend Patrick enjoyed her hand stroking him and her mouth sucking him. With her already knowing that he was enamored with her big breasts, she wondered what Walter would enjoy doing with her if he could. No doubt, typical of the passivity of all the older men she had intimately Etiler escort known, he’d love for her to suck her cock while feeling her big tits and fingering her nipples.

“Old man? I prefer thinking of you a mature man, a man who is in the golden years of his life and as a man not wasting his time with much of the nonsense and folly of youth,” she said. “I think of an older man as a man who knows what he wants and how to treat a woman to get what he wants. I think of an older man who knows what a woman wants and knows enough to give her what she wants for him to get what he wants,” she said.

Judging him by his devious smile, Walter obviously and insightfully took what she said as a compliment. Obviously, he was just as interested in her as she was as interested in him. Yet, she wanted more than just a friend. She wanted a friend with benefits, sexual benefits. She wanted more than just a friend with sexual benefits, she wanted a Daddy. Just as he was seemingly sexually interested in her, she wanted to show him that she was sexually interested in him too. This may be her only chance to show him that she was ready and willing to accept him as her new Daddy.

“Well, obviously, whatever your relationship was with Patrick, you made him very happy. When his wife, Maureen unexpectedly fell terminally ill with breast cancer and succumbed to that horrible disease, he was so very sad, practically inconsolable. Then, after he met you, he did things he never did and went places that he never went with his wife,” said Walter with a big and seemingly envious smile.

Susan gave him a soft smile.

“We did have fun together,” she said.

She looked at him as if she was psychically telling him that they could have fun too.

“His angel of mercy, as he enjoyed calling you, you were good for him. Getting him out of the office and out of his house, you made him appreciate the life he had left. Working late at the office and pining away in his house, he never would have done any of the things he did had it not been for you. For sure and without a doubt, he would have followed Maureen to the grave had it not been for you showing him that he still had a lot of life to live,” said Walter.

She gave him a long, pensive look before speaking. Not wanting to misspeak, she was careful in choosing her words. She didn’t want to scare him away or give him the wrong impression that she was being insincere or conniving. Moreover, she didn’t want him to think that she was eager to jump from one deceased wealthy widower to the next live wealthy widower she met at the cemetery even though she was. She didn’t want him to think that she had an ulterior motive in her interest in him, even though she did. Yet, more than looking for a Daddy to financially take care of her, if anything she was lonely and he seemed like a nice man.

Judging him by his brand new, expensive, top-of-the-line Cadillac, he obviously had money. Men who had money, especially older men who had money, were careful of women who looked like her and were especially suspicious of women who took a sexual interest in them. There was a reason why older men had money. Most older men weren’t fools to be taken in by a tall, pretty blonde with big tits. They subscribed to the notion that if it looked too good to be true, then it was too good to be true. Yet, with her smile of interest and attentiveness, it was up to her to quell his caution and to ease his suspicions by showing him that she wasn’t one of those women when she was. It wasn’t an easy task for her to allay his caution and erase his suspicion that she was one of those gold digging women, especially when she was.

* * * * *

“Interestingly and coincidentally enough, just as I’m meeting you here today, I met Patrick here too when he was visiting his wife. At the time, I was visiting William, a friend, an older man and an admirer and benefactor of mine, who had suddenly and unexpectedly died,” she said.

As if saying a silent prayer he folded his hands in front of waist and bowed his head.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” said Walter seemingly meaning it.

Susan smiled him a sad, thoughtful look before saying what she was thinking.

“It’s funny, with all of these bars, clubs, and online dating sites, that I should meet the man of my dreams in a cemetery,” she said with a laugh while looking at Patrick’s headstone before making eye contact with Walter.

She gave him a sexy smile.

“I agree with you,” he said looking around the desolate cemetery. “The last place to make a romantic connection would be at the cemetery,” said Walter with a laugh.

She gave him a naughty look.

“If only women knew the best place to find a good man is at the cemetery,” she said with another laugh.

With him now on the same page as her, he responded in kind.

“With women generally living much longer than men, the final resting places all over the country and all over the world would be crowded Eyüp escort bayan and alive with lonely, eligible woman looking for Mr. Right,” he said.

As if she was one of those women looking for Mr. Right at the cemetery, and she was, she gave him a sexy grin.

* * * * *

As if he was a hungry fish that she captured in her small pool of retired, well-to-do, widowed men, he took her bait. In the way she had latched onto William and Patrick, she now had her hooks into Walter too. A two way street and a win/win for both, with nothing for free, as long as he gave her what she wanted and needed, she’d give him what he wanted and needed too. A business relationship with sexual benefits that could turn into real love in the way she loved William and Patrick, Susan could see herself falling in love with Walter too. Only, friends and companions first, especially after having a glass of wine over dinner, there was never knowing what would happen when coming home from the museum, the art gallery, a show, or a play.

“Being that we have Patrick in common, I feel as if I already know you,” he said nervously. “May I buy you a cup of coffee? I’d like to share my thoughts and stories about him with you. Perhaps you can share your thoughts and stories about him with me too. Perhaps you can tell me some things that I never knew about him just as I may be able to tell you some things that you never knew about him.”

In the way she did before when she was on her knees kneeling before him, Susan flipped back her long, natural blonde, lush hair as if getting ready to blow him. She looked at him with her big, blue, bright eyes and, as if she already had his hard, hairy prick in her mouth. Adding to the sexuality of their first meeting, she gave him her sexiest smile and her naughtiest look. She gave Walter the same look that she gave Patrick when first meeting him and that she gave William so many years ago when first meeting him too. In the way he looked at her with sexual lust when staring down her low cut top, she looked at him with romantic interest.

“Sure. I could use a cup of coffee and would love to hear what you remember of Patrick,” said Susan taking his arm. “I’ll follow you in my car.”

* * * * *

Over the next three years, no longer having the need to visit his wife’s grave and with her no longer missing William and/or Patrick, Walter and Susan were a couple. Constant companions, they went everywhere together. Doing fun things that he never did with his beloved Mary, they went to parties, to functions, to the casino, to museums, to shows, to plays, to musicals, to the opera and the ballet, and out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

With them meeting somewhere in the middle, he did the young things with her, such as bowling and miniature golf while she did the more mature things with him, such as attending cocktail parties and art galleries. They golfed and played tennis together. They laughed while holding one another, hugging one another, kissing one another, and touching one another. Then, after becoming sexually intimate with her, he took her with him on vacations.

Just as she loved taking a cruise, he did too. With her having a fear of the open water, Maureen would never step foot on a boat. She had a fear of flying too. Preventing Walter from traveling other than traveling alone while on business, Susan was now Walter’s new traveling companion. They had sex in five star hotels from Paris to Rome and to London. With him retired and neither having any pets to care for, they spent two glorious weeks in the Bahamas.

Just as Patrick did before him, just as all of the things that his beloved Maureen refused to do with Patrick, Walter did all of the things with Susan that Mary refused and/or was unable to do with him. Seemingly, he never had as much fun, especially sexual fun, with Mary as he had with Susan. After a while, with them seeing one another nearly every day, already best friends and constant companions, it was inevitably that they’d soon become sexually intimate. After a while, in the way her relationship blossomed and morphed with first William and then with Patrick to become more of a sexual one, she was much more than friends but lovers with Walter.

Combining the best of William and Patrick rolled into Walter, in the way that William loved eating her pussy and Patrick loved her blowjobs, Susan loved making love to and fucking and sucking Walter’s big, hard cock. God Walter had such a big prick, the biggest cock she had the pleasure of sucking and fucking. Only, in the way that William was impotent and Patrick sometimes had difficulty getting and maintaining an erection, Walter had his trusty penis pump.

As did many of her older men, Walter experienced erectile dysfunction too. Unable to take Viagra because he was taking nitrates for his bad heart, he had a penis pump. Pumping his cock as big and as hard as if he was a 30-year-old man, she loved being fucked with that huge monster of a prick. Moreover, with Susan looking the way she did, Walter did sexually things with her that he never did with his wife. Without a doubt, as if he was a man thirty years younger, never failing to make her cum, Walter was her best lover. Never leaving her begging for more, he was insatiable in his sexual desire for her.

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