12 Mayıs 2023

I Lost My Job, What Will I Do? Part Five


My stepfather had informed me that my mother is going to be away for the next six months. My mother is a doctor and went to Africa to work. They just built a new hospital and many doctors left the country to help out there. Now my stepfather is going crazy with all his fantasies. We’ve been having sex every day and save his dark fantasies for the weekend. I’ve really been missing my boyfriend. I don’t want to lose him and try to see him at least a few times a week. My stepfather is just going to have to deal with it. I’m in love with my boyfriend and enjoy having sex with him too. My boyfriend is on his way over here. I’m sure my stepfather will watch us having sex. I really don’t even care. I have to fuck my boyfriend too or he’ll become suspicious that something else is going on here. Knock, Knock “Ellen, open the door it’s Allan.” I ran to my bedroom door and opened it. “Allan it’s so good to see you. I’ve missed you.” “I’ve missed you too.” Allan left my door partially open and came into my room. “I’ve missed kissing you and having sex with you. It feels like such a long time.” Allan is such a good looking guy. He’s twenty like me. He is 6’3” and weighs two hundred and twenty pounds. He has black hair and blue eyes. He has a very athletic build and has muscles all over his body. Lucky for me, he has a big cock. We have sex all the time. He’s as horny as I am. “Let me show you how much I’ve missed you.” We both stood up and I helped my boyfriend off with his clothes. I untied his sneakers and took them off of his feet. I pulled his shirt over his head. I unzipped his shorts and pulled them down and took them off. I removed his boxer shorts. I then knelt down and stroked his cock from the base to his head. His cock was semi-hard when I first started, but in a few minutes he was hard as a rock. I then wrapped my glossed lips around his cock and took him into my throat. I was cupping and massaging his balls, while I sucked his cock. “Ellen, you’ve gotten really good at this. My God, I’m so excited.” I held his hips and my boyfriend started to face fuck Bahçelievler escort my face. I kept pace with him making all those wet, sucking, slurping noises. My cheeks were bulging, spit oozed down the corners of my mouth, while I gave him a deep and wonderful blow job. Allan was holding my hair so he could see me sucking his cock deep. “Fuck, Ellen you’ve never given me head like that. Who have you been blowing lately?” I took his cock out of my mouth. “Nobody silly. I’ve just missed you.” I then stood up and took off my tank top. I unzipped my jean shorts and took them off. I pulled my panties down my long legs and stepped out of them.  “Get on the bed. I’m going to ride your face.” My boyfriend got on his back and I stood on my bed with both feet on the side of his head. I then squatted down, while he licked my bald cunt. His tongue danced around my pink folds. I was rocking and moving my pussy so he could tongue fuck me deep and hard. “Allan, that feels so good. I’m so horny and wet for you. Oh God.” My boyfriend shoved his tongue into my warm wet hole. His cock felt like a small dick fucking me. I was so aroused and feeling my pussy about to have an orgasm. I was smothering my pussy on his face. “Fuck, I’m coming. My pussy is coming.” Allan was slurping and drinking all my juices up and I was coming all over his face and neck. I then got off of him and positioned myself over his hard cock. I pushed his cock into me and rode him cowgirl. His cock felt so good deep inside of me. I rocked and moved and leaned down so we could share a deep and passionate kiss. His hands played with my breasts. I was moving my pussy up and down over his hard cock. Allan started to buck up inside of my pussy. His cock was hitting my g-spot. “Fuck, I’m coming.” “I want to come in your mouth.” I got off of my boyfriend and put his cock into my mouth again. I took him deeper and faster down my throat. “Shit, I’m coming.” Allan blew his load down my throat. I swallowed it all. We then were on the bed together. We kissed deep Bahçeşehir escort bayan and passionately and held each other. “Ellen, that was amazing. We’ve never made love like that. Are you sure you’re not fucking anybody else?” With that my bedroom door opened and my stepfather walked in. “Peter, what are you doing in here? Get out of my room!” “Ellen, I think you should be truthful with your boyfriend. We’ve actually been having sex for the last month or so.” I just was in complete shock. I couldn’t believe my stepfather would have the balls to tell my boyfriend that we’d been fucking. I didn’t know what to say.” “Really. Ellen is that true? Are you cheating on me with your stepfather?” I just looked at my stepfather with a very rude look. “I don’t want to lie, but yes we’ve been having sex together. I hope you’re not mad. We’re not related and he was just showing me how to be a better lover. As you can see, I’ve learned lots of things.” “I’m not mad. I guess I’m grateful for you that you have taught her to be a better lover. In fact, I really think it’s rather hot. Peter would you like to have a threesome with us. I’ve never done that with Ellen. I think it would be really hot.” I couldn’t believe this. I think men must have a conspiracy theory. My stepfather just told my boyfriend that we’re having sex and now my boyfriend wants to have a threesome with my stepfather. I think I’m just destined to be a whore. “Shit, I always love a ride in the hay with Ellen. Let’s have a threesome. I’m always a bit horny. Come on Ellen, let’s have a threesome with your boyfriend. You know I always want you. Let’s show him all the naughty tricks you’ve learned to do.” “Yes, Ellen. Show me all the tricks you’ve learned. You’ve gotten much sexier since we were last together. You’re like a real pro.” I really didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing that my boyfriend just said. I mean my stepfather whores me out and I guess I have picked up some tricks. “Allan, Ellen enjoys anal sex. Has she ever let you fuck her anus?” Escort Bakırköy “No, we’ve never done that yet. That’s something I’d love to try.”  My stepfather got undressed and we all were on the bed. I was in the middle of both men. My stepfather gave me a deep and passionate kiss and then I turned to give my boyfriend a kiss too. “Get on your back, Ellen. Let us both enjoy you.” I turned on my back and both men started to play with one of my breasts. They both were sucking at my nipples. Lightly chewing and biting on my nipple. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter as they played. My stepfather then got between my legs. He licked and adored my bald pussy. Allan was squeezing my breasts together and licking at each nipple. He then sat on top of me and we shared a deep and passionate kiss. My stepfather was brushing his tongue against my clitoris. He was lightly chewing at my pussy lips. He then shoved his tongue right up my pussy and began to tongue fuck me fast. My pussy was starting to drip as he licked and adored my cunt. My boyfriend was kissing me very hard and groping at my breasts a little harder. He then got off me and joined my stepfather down at my pussy. They both took turns licking my cunt. It was very arousing to feel two tongues inside of my pussy. “I’m going to lay on the bed. I want you to ride me cowgirl and Allan will fuck your ass. Let’s show him what a naughty girl you are.” I grabbed the lube and threw it at my boyfriend. I positioned my pussy over my stepfather’ s cock and started to ride him. His cock felt so good, while I rocked and moved over his hard cock. I leaned down to give him a deep and passionate kiss. “Ellen, put your ass high in the air. I want to lube you up so I can fuck you.” While I was riding my stepfather, I put my ass high in the air. Allan lubed me up and put his cock into my anus. It felt very tight as he pushed himself into me. Once he was in, he held my hips and fucked me. I was fucking my stepfather and his cock was deep inside my pussy. My boyfriend’s cock was deep inside my anus. I could feel both of their cocks inside of me. It felt really good. I was getting fucked hard. “Fuck, this feels so good,” I screamed. “Ellen your ass is so tight. I’m going to come in your ass.” “Kiss me Ellen. Share a deep kiss with your loving stepfather.” I kissed my stepfather deep and passionately, while I rocked over his cock.

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