12 Aralık 2022

I tried to warn you- P.1_(1)


The pain was way to great for me to handle. I couldn’t help myself. The anger, the love, the need, it was all to great for any man to handle. My name is Mathews. Mathews O’Neil, I am a 23 year old male, with no life, no job and no girlfriend, tho many girls have asked, offered, cause of the same reason. And that’s how I want to keep it. I like the solitude, the emptiness in the air. Ever sat alone in the room all by your lonesome and thought the quietness was bliss? That’s me… but constantly. I was blessed with a high motabolizm and a ungodly huge cock. But from a young age… nothing caught my intrest.. in the woman department – that is… except two. My 19 year old sister, Amanda, comes by unannounced every so often, with my mother, 45 year old Amber M. O’Neil, it’s annoying, when people show up without calling. But I make an exception for them, cause you see…. I’m in love with both woman. And why shouldn’t I be? They are both loveable, sweet, gorgeous, and VERY shapely. Any man would look at them and want them… unless you have other Preferencenes. But my fantasy scared and intrigued me, but I still feared for them if they ever came over. And sadly… they did. It was a Friday morning, spring break for high school students, I was lying in bed completely naked, staring up at the ceiling, unsure of what to do, and not to sure if I even had the motivation to even sit up. But then a nock at my fort door sounded, followed by my mother’s caring and lovely voice. “Mathew dear, it’s us again. Please open the door” at the sound of her voice, my dick hardened, and i groaned as I sat up. “On my way” I called out reluctantly and wrapped myself with a towel. As I reached the door a wicked thought flitted across my mind, but I pushed it escort bayan back, not wanting to believe it could happen. But when I opened the door, the thought flooded back in like a flash fire. There, standing in front of me was my biggest fantasy, two woman, both my blood, and both their double D tits being hugged in their tight shirts, and both of them where here…. together. In their bathing suits. Instantly I felt a intense pull near my groin, and I gritted my teach as I allowed them in. ” you guys now better than to show up like this ” I growled grumply. Amanda ran up to me and hugged me her tits pressing against my crotch and lower stomach. Amanda being 19, was short for her age, but that didn’t stop her… she was 4’9″, and when she hugged me she would be looking up at me… and I stood 6″3. Once again the pain mixed with the lust. I closed my eyes and pushed her off, “Stop! Both of you… leave, Now!” I demanded. Shocked looks came over both their pale faces, Amanda’s blue doe eyes fixed on me, and my mother’s brown ones looked away… ” I was thinking maybe I could leave Amanda here, with you…” No you can’t be here… “… so I could do some shopping…”Suddenly, without any warning, I launched myself at my own mother, lust and pain, driving me. I dragged her to the ground with my weight and with one swift moment slammed her head against the ground, hard enough to knock her out. “Mathew!!” Cried my sister ” what… what’s wrong with you” I turned my attention on her, and smiled ” you” and the I was on her… my lust and love for the both of them driving me crazy, I had to satisfy this sensation… it was now or go crazy. My sister kicked and screamed, but I held her down.”Amanda!” I barked, and she went quiet, “listen, please, don’t kocaeli escort bayan fight me, let me… let me do this…. I need to to..I had warned the two of you to not come here… for your on safety. But no… you wouldn’t listen.” She shook her head and cried ” brother, please… you know I’m a virgin, and this… this is wrong! We can help you!” I smiled ” yes… yes you can” suddenly I kissed her, the sweet soft taste of her rosy lips was bliss…. but suddenly I was shocked… when she moaned and kissed me back. Stunned I lurched back slightly, ” you where just fighting me… why…? ” Amanda shook her head ” I still hate this, but if it’ll keep my brother… sane… and happy… I’ll do it… for you.” I smiled, but this time sadly, but I nodded and kissed her again. I scooped Amanda up into my arms and carried her to the couch, the blinds where already closed so I just threw her down. Taking a step forward, I neeled down in front of my sister and pulled aside the cloth covering her pussy and dived down like a hungry bird. I stabbed my tounge into her soft and virgin clit, moving it up and down the small slit. I continued till she was gasping and moaning, and my cock was so hard it hurt. Quickly I stood up and let my towel fall off revealing my hard 13 inches and 4 inches thick rod, Amanda’s eyes bulged at the sight and before she could objec, I kneeled slightly and inserted it all in, with one mighty pus, she screamed, but I ignored her, and I moved my hips, slowly at first but harder and harder with each second. She moaned and screamed, tears appeared, but I fucked on, blood caked my cock but I loved it, I pushed and fucked, till I was ready to cumulative, and I pulled out and shoved my cock into Amanda’s kocaeli escort mouth and she sucked as I came, drinking it all, and once the last drop was swallowed, i pulled out. Amanda sat up, red in the face, ” we done here?”. I looked at her with a smiled…. ” no, no Amanda…. where just begining “. I gripped my sister by the hair and threw her onto the ground, forcing her o to her knees, “what….” she whimpered. I didn’t answer, instead I sat behind her on my knees and gripped my soaked cock, and placed it against her asshole. “No, brother…please” she begged. Once again I didn’t answer, instead, I pushed and pulled, again and again till I felt my cock give way against her tight asshole, and slowly, inch my inch, it slipped in. Her cries and curses not effecting me. Finally I was all the way in and I hissed in pleasure. “It…. hurts…brother”. “Shut up” I hissed and without warning I begin to pounds her tight asshole hard, and relentlessly. She cried over and over again, but it only made me harder and want more. I gripped her bright red hair in my fist and used it to steady myself onto of her. I closed my eyes as I fucked my own sister, and I couldn’t help but grin. The pleasurable sensations was intense, better than what I had imagined. I fucked her and fucked her till finally I came again, and this time inside her. As I pulled out Amanda Laid on the floor, crying and exhausted. But I wasn’t done… I stood up and walked back into my room and opened my dresser, and grabbed a few objects and walked back into the living room. as I turned the corner I tossed a strap-on to Amanda… she looked at me curiously… I shook my head ” put it on and I’ll show you what where doing.” I walked over to my mother and kneeled beside her and began stripping her.. ” Mathew I am not fucking mom with a strap.” Argued Amanda. I looked at her with a stare, ” yes you are and I’m going to fuck you as you do so”
To be continued…..

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