26 Mart 2022

I wish I Could Be A Beautiful Soft Submissive Girl


I wish I Could Be A Beautiful Soft Submissive GirlSearchExplore Experiences Ask Questions Find People Post 115 estephania55 MeShare on FacebookShare on Google+I So Wish I Would Have Been Born With a Female BodyI Envy Women and So Wish I Could Be A Beautiful, Soft, Submissive Girl I love to watch xxx adult films. Mainly, because I love to watch heavily hung male studs do the things they do to women. Most of the women in the adult films are beautiful and I wish I could be the girl. Watching a woman allowing a man to penetrate her and take full advantage of her feminine charms is thrilling, and I would happily trade places with her. I fantasize about being soft like a woman with tender breasts and a tiny shaved vagina. In a short revealing dress I show off smooth, shapely, spectacular legs on top of sexy high heels. The heels show off dainty little feet and perfect pedicured toes. The dress can’t hide a breathtaking round butt made for hard male slaps and pinches. The top is revealing, showcasing lovely, scrumptious decolletage cut right to the nipple. The look is topped with salon perfect hair made for ragdolling and manicured delicate, girl hands to wrap around a rock hard love muscle. The perfect face sports painstakingly applied salon make-up, eyeliner and luscious, lickable, kissable, wet lipstick. It’s all the bait a rough man needs to come and get me and work over my petite little body. I fantasize about sitting across from a horny guy and I spread my legs wide so he can look directly between my spectacular, creamy thighs all the way to my pretty panties. The see through g-string can’t hide the tiny, camel toe he is going to get. The budding pink lips are also tiny, but they are swelling with desire and moistening and bursting through the cloth. My eyes look deeply, directly and hungrily into his so he knows I am spreading my legs for him. But he can’t take his amazed and widening eyes off the heavenly view I’m treating him to up my sexy dress. When he approaches I tell him I want to be his humble, subservient love slave. He takes me by the hand to a place where he will have the privacy to take complete advantage of me. His talented hands quickly and expertly slide off my beautiful dress. Standing behind me he lowers my bra straps giving him full access to the lovely globes of flesh. As he fondles them I begin melting inside and feel my love tunnel beginning to ooze my girly lube. The tongue nibbles and licks up and down my long, lovely neck. His teeth and lips become more forceful and he humiliates and marks me with hickies. In gratitude I turn my head and his tongue slides between my soft sweet lips and we passionately swap spit. Knowing he is in total control he lifts me in his arms to the bed where he is going to deflower me. I am literally melting in his powerful arms. He begins by suckling and licking my tender breasts and I feel his warm saliva all over them. I spread my legs wide open, thrilled about what is about to happen to me. He spits a thick wad on his fingers and rubs my clitoris and forcefully spreads my pulsating passageway. He slides his tongue down my smooth stomach until he reaches my pink vagina lips. He pushes my dainty panties aside and slides his tongue inside my tiny slit and gives me a deep darting inspection. His tongue bathes my lovely pink lips and clitoris and my erupting passion mixed with his spittle is dripping between my thighs. His tongue probes up and down between my creamy, spread butt cheeks and beautiful legs to my tiny toes. He kisses and licks my smooth gams again and again from my sexy heels to where the legs meet. The passion is uncontrollable and with a girly moan I surrender a shuddering and trembling release. I reward him by taking his blood engorged spear in my soft hand. Just touching that burning rocket erupts a new fountain of love juice in my creaming honey pot. I lick the sides and lube his rod thoroughly with my tongue. I lovingly and repeatedly kiss the pink head and eat his pre-come. To show him that he is my master, I lick and kiss his wrinkled and hairy testicles. I take each of them in my mouth and then lick them like they are delicious chocolate-covered strawberries. There is salty man juice in there I can hardly wait to be injected with. I intend to milk every last drop I can get out of those testicles. I beg him to shower me with a cloudburst of come from his balls. On my knees he rubs my beautiful face all over his hairy, sweaty scrotum and I wallow with pleasure in his masculinity. He grabs my long, beautiful hair and lays me down on my back. He forcefully puts his thick, engorged weapon in my little mouth. With his strong hands wrapped in my hair and my head pinned to the mattress, he uses his powerful hips to thrust brutally and cruelly in my mouth. My head is literally filled with manhood and the tears spurt out uncontrollably. I absolutely love it! He is relentless and more tears türbanlı bursa escort stream out making a mess of exactingly applied eyeliner and make up. Unable to breath, I gag on the manhood filling my head releasing streams of my own spit like a river into my nostrils, eyes and hair. He sticks a big hand forcefully down my throat and triggers the gag reflex to release a whole new layer of spit on my face. To complete my humiliation, he rubs his thick tool all over my face creating a beautiful, perfect mix of tears, spit, makeup and mascara. I’m hoping he doesn’t burst my tonsils with testicle wad. I want that life-giving liquid to thoroughly inundate my awaiting, fertile womb. Sensing my need, he pulls out and pulls me up to my knees by my long beautiful mane and he looks down at me and stands over me triumphantly. Kneeling helplessly at his feet, I am a whimpering, sobbing, degraded little girl wallowing in a thick facial goo. I am crying uncontrollably and the tears are spewing and streaking all down my face. I am loving every second of it and I beg him for more. Fortunately, having completely demolished my face, he is ready to do the exact same thing to my defenseless puss. He pins my stilletos all the way back to my ears and sticks his enormous tool so deep inside me I can feel it in my stomach. My pretty panties are still wrapped around my creamy, white thighs. I love the thought of the man nailing me in the missionary position so I can look into his lust filled eyes. My little hands grab my high heels and hold them down behind my head. His massive male hands squeeze my inviting, sensitive melons. His ragged beard and mouth part the delicate cleavage and he sucks deeply. He suckles me like a thirsty man in the desert. Then he plants his thick, manly beard on my soft mouth. With his strong hands behind my head he plasters my delicate face and mouth with his coarse, rough beard. With his tongue planted deep in my throat I feel his hot male saliva filling my mouth. My feet are still pushed back to my face and I watch my gorgeous high heels wiggle uncontrollably. Once again he takes my little toes in his mouth and sucks deeply on them. His hairy, masculine chest is mashed against my soft, womanly breasts. My pretty hands run through his matted male chest rug and I can’t resist licking his thick carpet and tasting his bitter sweat in my mouth. I look down to see his manhood impaling itself deep within me. He is truly bursting and splitting my vagina wide open. He is screwing me so hard the bed is shaking, creaking and rattling loudly. My perfect pink camel-toe is turning shocking red as the blood flows to it from the relentless pounding it’s receiving. Without warning he pulls out of me and spits thick glop in my cleavage. His tongue slobbers the spit over every inch of my bosom. Still on my back, his tool slips between my jiggling breast flesh and his hands push them together and he gives them a hard, painful squeeze. His manhood pistons into my soft rack with power and speed. I watch as the thick member appears and disappears in the large mounds of pillowy soft flesh. Even though they are covered in our mutual slobber, my defenseless milk jugs are beginning to ache under the merciless assault from his powerful weapon. Thankfully, he is ready to return to plundering my equally defenseless puss in the same exact way he plowed my quivering, heaving breasts. I am afraid the bed will finally collapse into rubble underneath us with the merciless screwing he is giving me. Although I love the feeling of being conquered and overpowered when I’m on my back, there is another position I love almost as much. My stud pulls me off my back and lays me on my hands and knees. My sublime butt is hiked up, but my smooth kneecaps, pretty hands and gorgeous face are pushed firmly to the sheets. I’m perfectly positioned for rough male hands to alternate between slapping my bottom, squeezing my sensitive nipples, fingering my clitoris and fish-hooking both sides of my mouth. I only wish he had four or five hands so he could swat and squeeze me the way a woman should be. He forcefully spreads my pouting vagina lips apart and spits thick gobs of saliva on them. The spit shots that miss my panochita splatter all over my alabaster white thighs and hanging panties. I look between my legs and adore seeing his spit and my girl come dripping down between my legs to the sheets. He can’t resist stuffing his thick male hands in my little hoochie coochie to give it another rampaging finger screwing. His fingers heartlessly widen and pull my vagina lips and walls apart. Then he spreads my beautiful legs as wide as they will part. For good measure, as his schlong penetrates my puss, he inserts a wide thumb up my rectum and I have that completely full feeling. While screwing me doggy style with a thumb up by butthole, he squeezes my tiny türbanlı bursa escort bayan waist and forcefully swats my smooth and firm behind until it is dark red. He marks his territory by leaving a red hand print on the side of my smooth bottom. As he takes me from behind his rough hands squeeze my tender breasts still covered and dripping with his spit. I love the rough way he squeezes them so hard. He pulls mercilessly on my long beautiful hair to show me he is my master and I absolutely love it. My pretty hand reaches back instinctively and softly fondles his sweat drenched balls. My hand is quickly covered in ball sweat and his pubic hair. I greedily eat his testicle hair and sweat. He is gaining power and speed with each thrust and it feels like a jackhammer between my lush, ivory thighs. To degrade me further, he decides to press his pole into my virginally tight sphincter. The pain overwhelms the pleasure as he travels that muddy road. But I am determined to be ravaged and scream in pain but beg him to continue buggering my butt. While pulverizing my bottom, he can’t resist plunging four fingers into my ravaged vagina that is drenching my panties and thighs in girl come and man spit. I am hoping he doesn’t deliver a mud pie inside my aching guts. I want to feel his sweltering hot load inundating my pink vaginal walls. Fortunately, my puss has a way of milking him he can’t resist and he quickly returns to ravish that forcibly widened tunnel. Although he loves mounting me doggy style, he uses one quick and powerful motion to chop my legs out from under me and force me down on my stomach. I am pinned down on my belly in total submission. His full weight and muscle is on top of me and I cannot move. I am totally helpless underneath him and can barely breathe. I am thrilled how powerful and masterful he is and how weak and powerless I am. His testicles slap against my pink turned dark red vagina lips and tattered panties. He pulls my long locks repeatedly and hard to remind me who is in charge. His hands roam from squeezing my milkers and hips to swatting my aching bottom. He shreds my still-hanging panties to ribbons. He stops the hard pounding long enough to leave his swollen manhood impaled to the balls, motionless and buried deep in my belly, pressing uncomfortably against the womb. I am thoroughly enjoying the power he has over me as I feel his baby maker throbbing inside me with ready to erupt passion. I hope and pray he is going to explode and flood my insides with baby batter. But he is not through enjoying his compliant love object. He lifts me and holds me up in mid-air, still buried inside me. In a reverse cowgirl with my legs dangling in the air, he thrusts his muscular hips with all his might. I am suspended in the air, helpless, and boned deeply. His massive arms can dangle my petite, feather-light frame in the air like this for an hour while I wiggle helplessly on his spear. I am creaming and quivering in ecstasy on the thick pole. I cry out loudly, THANK GOD I AM A WOMAN! With brute strength he flips me around and I am facing him, but still wrapped in his thick arms in mid air. I wrap my arms around his neck to hang on for dear life, knowing my widened thighs are about to get knifed into. He again forces my perfect, delicate face across his rough, whiskery mop. The brillo pad beard rubs my face raw and red with pain and pleasure. Fortunately for me, I have many avenues of pleasure for him to take advantage of, and my little body is spinning in yet another direction. With agility and prowess he lays me on my shoulders in the pile-driver position. He can now penetrate me with total abandon and he is in even more complete control than ever. My smooth bottom is in the air and he forcefully spreads my silky, curvaceous legs as wide as he can. My beautiful high heels are planted firmly on the the floor behind my head. I am his completely overwhelmed and submissive **** object. His hot masculine sweat drips down like rain on my bosom and face into my open mouth and mingles with my sweet feminine scent. I swallow his salty sweat like it’s beautiful pure rain falling from heaven. My vagina is covering his thick male pole with another thick coat of white girl cream as I tremble with both pleasure and pain. I beg him to pull out long enough so I can lick his mast and eat my girly pearl. He obliges and I taste a delicious soup of manly pre-come and spit intermingled with girl come and tampon. For good measure I take his testicles in my mouth again and I eat the sweat from his balls. He enjoys the wick cleaning but quickly returns to pile driving into my defenseless puss. He rips my shredded panties from my sweat and spit drenched thighs. His big male hands stuff my throat with my own panties to silence my cries and screams of perverse pleasure. Now he can’t control his passion any longer. türbanlı escort bursa With a thundering male groan he busts his impregnating virility in waves deep into my unprotected womb. I love the thought of being injected with a thick, massive load of male essence. As much as I would like the seeds to implant themselves in my core, I can’t help but stick my pretty fingers inside so I can capture his come and eat as much of it as I can harvest. I love it as it spurts and gurgles of out my girlhood and covers my creamy thighs. Or, maybe he will grab me by the hair and shoot a thick load that splatters all over my beautiful face and in my hair. Thick gobs of goo drip off my forehead onto my eyes, lips and mouth. Long loogies drip off my chin and coat my gorgeous cleavage. Other streamers run down my throat and puddle on my lovely milk wagons. I fantasize about being degraded with long streaks of his testicle juice in my hair that dribble all the way down my back to the crack in my thick and firm butt. I am bathing in his sweltering sweat and millions of his come babies . He finishes me by taking his pole and using it to spoon thick splatters off my face and milkers into my mouth. I hungrily lick the remaining splooge off his throbbing spear. My mouth is full of his seed and I savor and love the salty and bitter taste. I swish it around in my mouth for what seems like forever. As much as I love that testicle come in my mouth, I know I must swallow every heavenly drop for his conquest of me to be complete . I want his domination of me to be to be undeniably thorough, to show him I am a soft, submissive woman. If he did his job correctly, my head will throb with pain and I will be sore from head to toe. I will walk funny for a week and everyone will know I was on the receiving end of an intense, brutal pounding. I have another fantasy that a group of four or five male studs come by and give me the same treatment. I can imagine taking three at a time inside me as they penetrate each opening while the other two slap me silly and verbally abuse me while waiting their turn. Sandwiched between three powerful male studs I am corn holed, vaginally skewered , and throated. I wriggle and squirm helplessly like a bug on a pin as they screw me mercilessly. For their added pleasure two of them stretch me to the breaking point by double penetrating my fully ravaged puss. My delicate body is drowning in the stench of five dirty men covering me in their profuse, a****listic sweat. Finally all five bust nut all over my face and hair. I am completely screwed and come-gooey. But I am greedy and I imagine what dozens of loads would feel like not only on my face, but in my screwed puss and battered bunghole. Afterwards, I wonder if any of the many loads that traveled the tunnel of love managed to split the egg. My deepest desire is to be impregnated by a virile man and watch the changes to my body. My double penetrated baby hole has been excruciatingly widened for just this purpose. And I further appreciate how my soft and lovely c***d bearing hips were made not only for rough pinches and hard swats from cruel male hands, but to bring my man’s baby into the world. My man loves to grope my prego stomach and enjoy what he has done to me and the power he has over me. He also can’t resist my softness and femininity and he continues to screw me silly and release his passion on my body even as his is c***d growing inside me. To add to my submission he releases his love juice all over my now growing belly. Even though his c***d is incubating in my heavenly oven, he continues to use me as a complete **** toy for pure pleasure. My body aches from the pregnancy and even my tiny, delicate hands swell with water. Though I am bent over on my knees with morning sickness, I get up off the toilet to cook him breakfast. Then I get down on my knees and give him his morning BJ and my breakfast is the distillation of the same eggs and sausage I just served him. Yummy! As the gestation progresses, my breasts begin to feel like they will overflow and burst with milk as I am ready to give birth to his c***d. Just days before I’m set to drop he continues to use me, sodomizing and screwing me vaginally. I imagine the agony of c***d birth as the baby enters the world. I fantasize about what it would be like to repeat the cycle of sex and insemination again and again. I’m in heaven with the thought that many men will use my beautiful body completely and repeatedly to satisfy their unquenchable a****l lust. Whenever I see a beautiful young woman, I look at her and I wish I was the one in the short revealing dress, high heels, beautiful makeup and long luxurious hair. When I see her sit down and cross her smooth, perfect legs, showing off her stunning, breathtaking femininity, I ask, why couldn’t that have been me? Every hour of every day I ask, why couldn’t I have been born a woman? Why couldn’t I be the girl in the overflowing tank top showing off my smooth, delicate mams? Why couldn’t I be the girl in the itty-bitty bikini, the shorts cut right to the crotch that show off my smooth butt cheeks, or the short-short skirt revealing breathtakingly smooth and curvy legs? There is nothing more beautiful on planet earth than a stunning, perfect woman!

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