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Subject: I Woke Up 110 I Woke Up 110 by M.P. Arsent Copyright to this story remain strictly that of the author. No other publication or use of this story is allowed without the consent of the author. This story contains male on male sexual content both implied and explicit. If this offends you please do not continue. All characters and implied situations are strictly those of the author and are not based on any real life events or characters. If you are under 18 years of age please exit this story now. I welcome all responses to my stories. Please make sure that you list the name of the story in the email line. If your email is to alert me of misspelled words or improper punctuation or grammar save your time because it will be deleted. I hope you enjoy my vivid imagination. Please let me know what you think at ail and don’t forget to donate to Nifty as they do an amazing job. “Do you have any idea what’s inside here Mrs Hines?” “No sir none what so ever.” “I think I’ll be taking this home now. Whatever it is was something my father thought should be for my eyes only. Mrs Hines so good to see you again and when I come back to work in the summer, mums the word.” “Of course sir.” Karl and I headed out and got into the car. When I pulled out of the lot I noticed a car pull out behind us. It wasn’t black or even a 4 door. Still I kept an eye on it. Nothing said whoever it was couldn’t change things up and the guy held to his pattern today was a day he would do something. Several miles later I had no doubt in my mind that the car was following me. I wasn’t about to take him back to the house and just randomly started taking turns. I was paying so much attention to the car behind us that I barely noticed when another car pulled out from a side street. It was 4 door and black and it pulled up beside us. The person in the passengers seat raised what looked to be a pistol. I slammed the car into a right hand turn into another side street as the black car kept going straight. The car that had obviously been folowing us took off after the black car. I pulled over and shut off the engine. “Damn it that was too damn close.” “Breathe lover breathe.” Sirens could be heard in the distance closing in our direction. Soon enough one patrol car rolled up behind us and an officer got out. I rolled my window down as the officer came up beside me. “Mr Sawyer are you alright?” “So far I am officer. Any idea what in blazes is going on?” “Officer Pembrose was erdemli escort following you in case something like this happened. Last report I got was that he was still in pursuit of the black car. No plates visible on it so no way to really trace it. You best head home sir. We’ll have a unit out front from now on.” I made my way back to the house at that point. The squad car followed us and pulled up in front of the house. Karl and I made our way into the house and went into the office. “You want to be alone for this Den?” “No. I have a feeling whatever this is will end up affecting our lives profoundly. You’ve the right to know what’s going on as far as I’m concerned.” I put the key into the lock and turned. The key and lock worked fairly smoothly and I opened the lid. There inside was a simple envelope. I opened it and the only thing in there was a slip of paper with a six digit number. “Is it stupid of me to say I’m not so sure I really want to know Karl?” “I don’t think so love. You want me to get the parents over here for you?” “No I don’t think so. Hell, and no offense love, I’m not even sure I want you here when I open that thing.” “I think I understand love. You want me to leave?” “Not to sure that’s what I want either. I am going to wait until after Mrs Ohanlon has left for the night.” I tucked the slip of paper into my pocket. “Ok boyo lunch is ready for ya!” “Thank you Mrs Ohanlon we’ll be right out.” Karl and I made our way out to the kitchen for lunch. “What are you going to do after lunch love?” “Actually I think I’m going to go out to the back and keep loose in the equipment room.” “Probably a good thing to do. When’s the next meet?” “Near the end of January. I’ll have plenty of time to practice when we get back, but why wait?” “Plus it will help you take your mind off of things. You want me to stay and spot you?” “Yeah that too. No I think I might need a little alone time.” “Suit yourself. I can always use the time to get a little ahead in my reading for the rest of the year.” Karl headed out the back door and I changed into some work out clothes and made my way out back. The room was just as I had left it. I had a few pieces of backup equipment left here so I got what I needed and spent some time on the parrellel bars and the Pommel horse. There wasn’t really enough room to work on a floor excercise and the room wasn’t tall enough for rings,high bar or a vault. Mainly tarsus escort I was working out just to remain “limber”. I spent a good hour on what apparatus I had there and then did a round on the weight machine. I was headed for the shower when the doorbell rang. “”I’ll get it Mrs Ohanlon!” I did check to see who it was before I opened the door and it was Dana Pembrose standing there in civilian clothes. I opened the door. “You’re in civies so this can’t be good, can it?” “This can be very good Dennis.” “Then you had better come on in.” We went into the office to keep it private. “So?” “We caught them. That was me following you this morning. When you cut that turn I was on their tail. They may be able to outrun my car, but they for damn sure can’t outrun my radio.” “And?” “Your first instinct was right. It was Larry’s father and his little brother.” “Joey?” “Yeah the dad has him completely brainwashed. He has the kid convinced you had it in for his brother. The department shrink thinks it might not be reversible, meaning if and when he gets out of juvenile dentention in about 8 years this kind of shit could start up all over again.” “Wonderful, but for now they are both off the streets?” “Oh yeah. The city attorney is going to push for no bail. We’ll keep you posted if he doesn’t get it.” “I’ve got no sympathy for the father, but is there anything that I can do for Joey?” “Not that I’m aware of Dennis.” “I’ve got to try.” “That heart of yours is going to be your undoing Dennis. Look I don’t know if there is anything to be done, but check with your lawyers. Who knows given time and a lot of work Joey might well turn out alright. I’ve got paperwork to go finish.” “Thanks for the headsup Dana.” I saw him out the front door. “Well looks like for the time being the bullshit is over Mrs Ohanlon.” “An aboot time to boyo. You should tell Mr Karl.” “Right after I shower.” “Sup will be ready in aboot an hour.” “Thank you.” I went in an showered and get some clothes on and then just sat in the office and tried to relax. I couldn’t think what my father would want to lock away from me, and at the same time I wasn’t really sure I wanted to know either. Eventually Mrs Ohanlon called me out to supper and not to long after that she bade me good night. Soon enough Karl came walking through the back door. “Mrs Ohanlon is gone for the night?” “Yeah.” “Then let’s do this and get it over with lover.” akdeniz escort “Before we do that, Dana was here a little while ago. They caught the guys and it was Larry’s father and little brother. The city attorney is going to push for no bail, so we should well be out of this mess at least for a while. Problem being that Joey’s father might have screwed him up for life. I’m hoping there’s something that can be done for him.” “Let me guess. You’re going to foot the bill to see that everything that can be done will be done?” “There isn’t anybody else left is there?” “Not that I know of lover. Regardless, let’s get this done.” Together we moved to my parents bedroom and into the closet. I punched in the six digit number and the safe clicked. I looked at Karl and he nodded his head yes and I opened the safe. Inside there was a wad of cash, our family passport and an 8×10 envelope with my name on it. I reached in and drew out the envelope. “I’m not sure I really want to know what’s in here.” “But you know you need to Den.” I took the envelope and closed the safe. We went to the office and I sat there and looked at the envelope for a few seconds. “Time isn’t going to change whatever is in there love.” “I know.” I opened the envelope and drew out several pages. On the top was a letter in my dads handwriting. Dennis, If you’re reading this something devastateing has happened. What I’m about to tell you we would have on your 18th birthday regardless. I know you must really be hurting son and what I have to tell you isn’t going to make things any better. Just remember that we have always loved you from the first day you came into our lives. Dennis,you were adopted. Your birth mother died bringing you into the world. She told the doctors that your birth father was gone as well. The only good thing is that you have a twin brother out there somewhere. We would have dearly loved to have been able to take you both, but for whatever reason at that time it wasn’t allowed. Enclosed you will find all of your paperwork and whatever we were able to get our hands on about your brother. Turn it all over to the lawyers if you wish to try and find him. That is a decision only you can make son. Remember always that your mother and I have always loved you with all of our hearts. We hope that there is someone in your life that you can lean on at this time. We will try to watch over you from the other side our dearest son. Mom & Dad I must have been sitting there slack jawed. I hadn’t read it outloud so Karl came around the desk and read it over my shoulder. I felt his arms come around me. “I had no idea Den. You’ve always been here as far back as I can remember. Den?” “I have a brother.”

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