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Subject: Ian Hits A Home Run – Chapter 1 Preface: This is another of my patented love stories between an adult and gay youngsters. There is sufficiient detailed consentual sex to keep the wankers happy but primarily this is a story with the usual twists and turns that life brings. Hopefully you are over the age of consent and all of the normal warnings apply. If you enjoy my wriring look me up in the authors section. I also love to hear from my readers. Send comments and questions to ail A small contribution to Nifty will go a long way to keeping this resource alive. Enjoy! IAN HITS A HOME RUN Chapter one Standing in the batters box I hit a ball sharply to the boy’s left. Ian momentarily stumbled, then deftly recovered, scooped up the ball and threw it accurately to first base. “Great hands Ian, great hands. However you have to work a little on those feet!” I yelled. Now I thought was a great time to demonstrate the proper stance and footwork. I called all the players in to home plate. “Look, keep your feet spread apart and your weight evenly distributed. As our pitcher releases the ball bend your knees a little like this. That way you’re ready to move quickly in any direction the ball is hit to.” I had them all practice the proper stance before returning to their infield positions. I hit some more grounders and an improvement was immediately apparent. “Way to go guys,” I yelled. “Now you all look like pros!” The practice was soon over and the boys all gathered around me at the edge of the dugout. One of our more zealous parents had cold drinks waiting. “We’re doing great huh coach,” Sebastian our catcher said exuberantly. It was true. We had started very slowly but now we were winning more than we were losing. It was just a community team. There were no tryouts. We were assigned the boys at random and everyone made the team. I had come to terms with myself long ago. I was a boy lover pure and simple. However I loved sports too and coaching these boys was a perfect outlet for both loves. Not that I let my attraction for boys show. No, far from it. I worked hard at keeping my libido in check. Patting their rumps, hearing them laugh, and knowing they appreciated my efforts were reward enough. Then Ian came along. Oh I had my favorites. I couldn’t help it. But like a wise parent I tried to hide that too. Ian, my shortstop, was at the top of my list. A cute twelve year old with curly brown hair, a button nose, sparkling green eyes and a winning smile, he oozed personality. He had real talent too! He loved the game but unlike most of the boys he also loved the practices. He constantly sought me out with questions regarding the finer points of the game. I loved it and always made time for him Invariably he would thank me after the advice was given-. Ian was a touchy feely sort of boy too. Whenever he spoke to me he almost always made physical contact with me. He would place a hand on my shoulder or my bare arm or, if I was sitting, on my knee. I never objected of course. In fact I returned the favor in spades. Once or twice I let my hand linger on his bum perhaps a little too long. Ian never once complained. In fact my actions seemed to make him happier. Perhaps I was naive but I never saw anything blatantly sexual in any of our actions. I had some sympathy for him too. I never saw his parents. He always walked to the games and practices. He was always the first to arrive and the last to leave. I offered to drive him once but he politely refused. Perhaps that was a good thing. I could see myself getting drawn into his life very easily and who knows where that could have led.. Drinks in hand I gathered the boys in closer. “Boys, I have a surprise for you. Next Saturday instead of a practice we are driving to Wentwood to play an exhibition game.” “Yeah!” the boys cried in unison. “We need at least three parents to help us drive there. Let me know on Wednesday at the game if your parents are available. Okay?” Aubrey immediately chimed, “Mine will come for sure!” “Mine too!” added another. I hadn’t seen Henry since I left high school when I unexpectedly bumped into him on a downtown street a couple of weeks ago. We got to talking old times and ended up doing lunch together. It seemed he had been far more successful financially in life than I and now lived in his words in a ‘palatial ranch estate’ in Wentwood some two hundred kilometers away. His boy also played baseball and as luck would have it, he was the same age as my charges. One thing led to another and now this exhibition game had been arranged. The plan was to play the game upon arrival and then retire to the ranch for a swim and a BBQ. The big day arrived soon enough. The weather didn’t look too promising but a check on the computer verified a sunny warm day in Wentwood. Four parents volunteered in the end, more than enough for our needs. I gave copies of my home made maps to each driver. At about 8:00 AM we pulled out of the parking lot and headed north. Three boys had chosen to come with me. Not surprisingly Ian was one of them. He promptly insisted on sharing the front seat with me. Cody our center fielder and Sebastian sat in the back. Ian soon snuggled up beside me placing his head high on my chest as I wrapped an arm around him. Ian had lots of questions about the scenery around us. I had the impression he didn’t get out much. As the kilometers slipped by Ian became quieter. At one point I thought he was asleep. A half hour or so later he stirred and repositioned himself. His left hand slipped down and landed on my right leg very close to my groin. Both of us were silent. Was it an accident I wondered? My rising erection said it was deliberate. I gave myself a reality check. A twelve year old boy would not be interested in me. To him I’m an old man for Pete’s sake. I debated whether or escort bayan not I should make him move away. In the end his hand stayed there and I remained erect. I hoped Ian hadn’t noticed. The clouds gradually broke up and the sun peeked out for the first time as we pulled into the ballpark. “Good to see you again,” Henry smiled, “I hope you had a pleasant journey.” I shook Henry’s offered hand warmly. “It looks like you have a great park to play in.” “We’re proud of it,” Henry agreed. “I thought we’d let the boys mingle a bit first before we start the game.” As it turned out the game started too soon for my liking. It was obvious almost from the outset that we were over matched. We kept it close for a couple of innings but in the end both coaches agreed to shorten the game based on the mercy rule. The final out made, I gathered the boys about me as I always did after each game. “It was an exhibition game guys. It doesn’t count in our league and I’m proud of the way you hung in there. Now we’re here to have fun right?” “Yeah,” the boys yelled somewhat reluctantly. “Well we’re driving to Mr. Robson’s house where I understand there’s a large olympic sized swimming pool waiting for us. Okay?” The cheer was more enthusiastic this time. I wasn’t worried about the team’s mood. It never failed to amaze me how quickly boys can rebound from adversity with renewed enthusiasm. Henry wasn’t kidding about his ‘palatial estate’. We drove up a long tree lined driveway Beyond the trees on each side were fields enclosed by white picket fences. Each field contained some horses and while I was no expert on the subject they appeared to be Arabians. Henry was waiting at the base of the front stairs directing the boys as they arrived around the back to the pool area. “Don’t forget your swim suit and towel,” I reminded them. All the boys from both teams gravitated to a large sauna slash change room. Oh how I wished I could have supervised in that room. I knew damn well most of the boys were sneaking peaks at each others equipment as I certainly had done at their age. I was inwardly drooling at the thought of it. I wasn’t going to be shut out of the fun stuff altogether though. Thinking quickly I told Henry, “I’m not sure how well my boys can swim. Perhaps it would be best if I sat by the pool.” “Fine by me,” said a smiling Henry. “I’ll bring you a beer.” Beer in hand I took a position on a chaise lounge at one end and began to partake of the visual goodies. Most of the boys wore those damn baggy shorts. Five of the lads, including Ian, wore speedos.. I mean I saw enough gorgeous faces, nipples, and bare flesh to give me ample wanking material to abuse myself for a couple of months. However if I was honest with myself it was the basket between their legs that interested me the most. One of the five speedo boys stood in my estimation well above the rest of the assemblage. Tall for his age he was strikingly handsome. I loved boys with long blond hair and he was blond in spades. Add to that, azure blue eyes and lips that formed a perfect rosebud. What I would have given to get him to transfer to our team! But I haven’t mentioned his greatest attribute. His equipment was enormous.. He had to be thirteen right? I mean with that package he couldn’t be twelve. I stared at him again and again. I couldn’t help it. He gave me ample opportunity to view him too. I was convinced he was more interested in showing off around the pool than in swimming. He passed me a couple of times and I was stunned. The closer he got the better he looked. I mean half my team could have been drowning and I would not have noticed. I spent considerable time admiring Ian too. How could I not? It was the first time I had seen him bare from the waist up. He was more enticing than I had imagined. He had a touch of baby fat but somehow the fat seemed to add rather than detract from his appearance. Muscles on his chest as well as his abdomen were clearly defined. His flat nipples were larger than average and he had a cute slightly depressed innie. The skin had a slight red tinge to it and he glistened in the sun. In one word he was exquisite! My attention was finally averted by some shouts heard above the regular din. Several Wentwood boys and Ian were playing tag yet I saw no touching when the ‘it’ boy caught someone. Then it dawned on me. They were playing cock tag! Were they just touching or…..? Package boy soon joined the game and quickly became the centre of attention. He hardly tried to get away from the ‘it’ boy. Far from it, he appeared to be inviting tags. From the amount of time he spent with the tagger it was obvious he was being groped inside his speedo.. I was drooling again. “How’s it going?” Henry said to me out of the blue. He was gripping another beer in his outstretched hand. Totally startled, I shot bolt upright in a sitting position on the edge of the lounge chair. I covered my obvious erection with my arm. “Er…….. fine Henry, fine. The boys are having a wonderful time. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done.” “No problem. I believe my son and I are having as good a time as anyone,” he grinned. I doubted that but of course I didn’t comment. “We have steaks for the adults and hamburgers for the boys. We should be ready to serve in about ten minutes.” With that Henry thankfully walked away. The ten minutes expired much too quickly. Henry rang a dinner bell and the boys scurried to the BBQ patio. What a feast we had! I can still smell those steaks. I was too polite to ask the cost but I did offer to help defray the expense. Predictably he thanked me but declined. The food devoured, the boys changed back and we all said our goodbyes. The trip home awaited. The trip began as one would predict. After a long eventful day boys usually kocaeli escort bayan crash out rather quickly. Sure enough I soon heard heavy breathing and snores emanating from the back seat. Ian assumed his position against my shoulder and I expected that I would soon be abandoned to ponder the day’s events alone. Twenty minutes passed before Ian proved he was still awake. “Chris Davies sure was big wasn’t he coach.” I furrowed my brow and glanced in Ian’s direction “Chris Davies? Who is Chris Davies.?” “You know.” was the curt reply. “No I don’t,” I confirmed, “Who is Chris Davies?” “You know,” he repeated, “The Wentwood player with the blond hair.” I felt a sudden surge of hormones flood my body. I did not need that. The day’s events already had me in a state of near sexual frenzy. I gritted my teeth and forced myself to use proper decorum. “Yes, ” I admitted, “I did notice him . He was rather tall for his age wasn’t he.” Ian laughed. “Shhh Ian. You’ll wake up the boys in the back. Why are you laughing?” “I wasn’t talking about his height. I saw you. You were looking at him all the time, Once I was standing right beside you and you didn’t see me. You were staring at Chris. And you weren’t just looking at his face either. You were looking at his dick!” To say I was startled by his comments wouldn’t do justice to the way I was feeling. I”d been outed! By a twelve year old no less! In a near panic mode I felt I had no choice but to squash the conversation. “That’s enough Ian. Your conversation is entirely inappropriate. I don’t want to hear any more. You could get us both into a heap of trouble. Do you understand me?” After my harsh comments I expected Ian to push off me and retire to his own seat. He didn’t. He stayed put and I was left a sexual wreck working hard to contain myself. I adjusted the rear view mirror so that I could peer into the back seat. Thankfully Cody and Sebastian were still dead to the world. The silence that followed proved to me that I had taken the right course with Ian. Fat chance! Several minutes passed before Ian stated simply,”I saw his dick you know.” I stayed silent hoping that that in itself would show him I wasn’t interested in his observations. Ian it seemed interpreted my silence as meaning he could continue. “You shoulda seen it coach. It was huge.! I never knew dicks could be so big. When we changed in the sauna he walked around for a while with nothing on. We all seen it!” I shook my head in disbelief. How do I stop this sex maniac? In as loud a tone as I dare I admonished, “Ian. That’s enough!” The ensuing silence lasted perhaps ten minutes. “I felt him too!” God, would he ever stop? “Yeah, we were playing tag in the pool and he let me feel inside his bathing suit. He liked it!” I felt another surge of hormones course through my body. Had the age of consent been twelve I would not have been able to contain myself. I took a firmer grip on the steering wheel and stared straight ahead without saying a word. Several minutes passed without another word from Ian and I hoped that the matter was over. I had a bad habit of often driving with one hand, usually my left, allowing my right hand to rest on my knee. While contemplating what the events in the car all meant I felt a small hand rest on top of mine. I could see no harm in it so I let it stay. He wasn’t finished though. This randy tart had no quit in him. A momentary rest and then he gripped my hand and moved it an inch or two towards himself. I quickly cottoned on to his antics and another spurt of hormones flooded my system. It took a while but he gradually moved my hand to the point where it was resting on his crotch and I had let him! I was so sexually charged that I was barely in control of my actions yet I knew this could not continue. I tried to return my hand to the steering wheel but it wouldn’t budge. Ian flexed his boyhood several times inviting me to explore further. With difficulty I was able to hold my ground. Then he pressed from above forcing my fingers to take a reasonable grip on his member. I admitted to myself that he was well proportioned for his age. “No!” I suddenly shouted yanking my hand back to the steering wheel. The silence that followed was deafening. All kinds of thoughts were swirling in my head. I needed time to sort them all out. I mean I was a boy lover not a boy liker, and if I hadn’t realized it before, I certainly loved Ian deeply. “Are you mad at me?” a small voice trembled. I didn’t respond immediately. I knew I had to be careful in what I had to say. I had to consider not only what he asked but how he said it. Ian’s sudden timidity told me he was reaching out. He wanted me as a friend….perhaps more. It was important to me and probably to him too to repair any damage to our friendship. “No, I’m not mad at you at all Ian.” “Does that mean you still like me then? I still like you.” Wow! Ian sure new how to pull my strings. “Ian you are a wonderful boy and a great shortstop to boot. Of course I like you.” While I couldn’t see his face while I was driving I could feel his smile. He shifted a bit and cuddled up closer. “I know you REALLY like boys,” Ian whispered. I gulped hard. Another minefield! How do I respond to this one? I felt I had but two choices. I didn’t want to get mad at him again. so I opted for the second choice, to be honest instead. “Look Ian that’s dangerous territory. Let’s keep that fact a secret between us , okay?” “Of course,” he quickly replied. “You promise?” “Yup!” More silence. No doubt we were both lost in our own thoughts. Ian then grasped my arm with his hand and whispered, “I really, REALLY like you coach. I wish you were my dad.” If I wasn’t floored already kocaeli escort I sure was after that statement. I felt all fuzzy inside and if it hadn’t been for the boys in back I would have pulled over and taken him in my arms. Instead I settled for saying, “I’m honored that you feel that way Ian.” Nothing else needed to be said and Ian settled down again. I expected him to finally fall asleep. Of course I should have known better, I mean how many lessons did I need? This was Ian and he had his own agenda and one way or another he was going to achieve it. His left hand slowly moved across my lap. I knew immediately where it was headed. After all that had happened I couldn’t get mad at him again. I reasoned he knew I was a boy lover and he obviously was gay so why not let him have his way. Besides my juices were still rampant. I relaxed and let it happen. Taking a big gulp I whispered, “It’s okay Ian. Do what you want. I won’t get mad. I promise.” “Thanks coach,” he replied softly. Ian immediately placed a hand on top of my erection. But then he paused. It was if he was testing me; to see if I meant what I said. Satisfied that he did indeed have a free rein he bored ahead. Electric fingers began pushing, shoving and groping up and down my appendage. “Whew……………it’s big coach, ……………REALLY BIG!” “SSSHHH,” I responded. I quickly glanced in the rear view mirror to confirm two sleepy heads were still zonked. To say that I was euphoric would not have done the situation justice. I was so aroused that at that point he could have done anything to me and I would not have objected. I was his slave. I was able to , thankfully, force some attention back to the road. It was important to make sure my driving skills were still up to par. It wasn’t easy. Meanwhile, while my attention was averted Ian had decided to up the ante. My breath was taken away as I suddenly felt flesh on flesh. Somehow the randy little bugger had pulled down my zipper and negotiated my briefs until he was gripping my tool with his bare hand. “Wow!” he said quietly. “Double wow!” I responded. Ian proceeded to feel every square centimeter three times over. He said , “Wow!,” at least five more times.. I was hoping he would shag me. Just a yank or two is all it would have taken to erupt. I’m sure I would have put Mount St. Hellens to shame.. However I knew it was Ian’s call. I didn’t want to push too far too quickly. My wank was not to be. We pulled off the highway and entered the city streets. As we passed each lamp post a flash of light flooded the front seat. The staccato lighting effect might have been enough to waken Sebastian or Cody. I thought I should warn Ian. “We’ll be at the ball park in a few minutes Ian. It’s time to get ready.” “Okay coach,” he replied. I thought he might protest but his hand retreated and he even did up my zipper. I took the last few minutes to breach a subject that had been bothering me for some time. “Why don’t your parents come out and watch you play Ian?” “I don’t got no parents,” he replied quietly. “I live with my grandpa.” “Oh, I’m so sorry……about your parents I mean.” “That’s okay. I only know them from photos and stuff. They died the day I was born.” I should have apologized again and let the subject drop but my curiosity got the best of me. “How awful Ian. How did it happen?” Ian took a big sigh before continuing. “Mom went into labor with me in the middle of the night.. Dad rushed her to the hospital and took a corner too fast. He lost control and hit a big oak tree head on. He died right away but they kept my mother alive long enough to have me. I guess I’m lucky to be here coach.” I was already shocked by this sad story but Ian was not finished. “I love my grandpa. He taught me all about baseball He told me to sign up. He’d love to come to the games but he is very old and quite sick. He lives in a wheelchair. After every game I have to tell him everything that happened. I have to tell him about the practices too. When I told him about the drills you taught us he said that you are a very good coach.” “I’d love to meet him Ian. He sounds like a wonderful man.” “He is,” Ian confirmed. “His doctor keeps trying to put him into a health centre or something. He says that as long as he has me and John he’s staying put.” “John? Who’s John?” I inquired. “Oh, didn’t I tell you. John is my older cousin. He comes over all the time to help out. He mows the lawn, does the laundry, and the shopping and all kinds of stuff like that. I help some but John does most of it.” “Why doesn’t John come and see you play?” Ian continued, “I’ve asked him to a few times. He says he’ll come but he never does. John doesn’t like sports.” “Well you tell him from me that we have the playoffs coming soon and we need all the support we can get..” “Okay coach,” he responded. I intended to end the conversation by stating, “Ian do I need to tell you that what happened in the car today has to stay our secret.” “What happened? Nothing happened. You just drove me home. That’s all.” I smiled to myself. This boy was twelve going on twenty. He then startled me by cheekily adding, “Can we do it again sometime?” I shook my head. “Are you serious?” I asked. “Yup,” he responded, “Me and John do sex stuff all the time. He showed me some pictures in a dirty magazine he has. We done a whole bunch of things just like in the pictures. It was lots of fun.” “You’re making me hard again Ian with talk like that,” I told him. Ian didn’t hesitate. He reached between my legs and groped me heavily. I almost drove off the road. “Yep,” he declared , “You’re hard again.” The conversation should have continued but I saw our ballpark just up ahead. As we pulled into the park I could see parents waiting in their cars. It had been an eventful day to say the least, one I felt I would remember for the rest of my life. For sure I knew that I, and probably Ian too, would never be the same. ………….to be continued.

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