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I’m glad you like them, now good night, honey


I’m glad you like them, now good night, honeyWhen Jacob was about **, he started to notice me in a way he had not before.I had been divorced for a long time by then, not dated much. I got looks and some offers, but I kept myself pretty busy — too busy — between work and Jake at home. I was almost 40 at that point, and I guess peoplewould say I am pretty, but I’m not one of those women who still look like they did when they were 20. My face is round and my dark blond hair is still natural if interspersed with a few gray hairs. I am short, so probably the word “cute” was used more than “pretty” when I was younger, but I am kind of perky and girlish in my manner. I have gained some weight, so I am a little plump but not fat; that did not make my breasts get any smaller, and they were pretty large to begin with. And gravity has had an effect there too.But I guess that when he started noticing me that way, at **, Jacob didn’t mind what he saw when I got ready for bed. He had been noticing girls and women for a while, and sometimes his body provided a little evidence that he liked what he saw, which I discreetly tried to not notice, but I couldn’t help noticing that when he started noticing me! I saw that my son could not take his eyes off me at bedtime when I changed into my nightgown without going right to bed. I walked around doing this or that for awhile, or watching some TV. And I no longer had my bra on. Well, in recent years, I had gotten used to seeing him stare at the floor sometimes when I spoke to him — but it was new to have him staring at my chest.I didn’t say anything the first time, because I didn’t want to embarrass him or myself, but in the long run, I think I encouraged him without meaning to. I liked the attention, and I liked making him happy. I started getting changed for bed earlier in the evening, and I walked around more. I could tell his eyes would follow me and I could see that it wasn’t just his eyes. Another part of his body was on alert, as I could tell pretty easily when he was tuzla escort wearing sweat pants or loose shorts. And, my nipples in turn responded too! So we had a little thinggoing there that we didn’t talk about.One night after I had spent about 15 minutes downstairs in the den doing this or that, with him watching me, I went into the basement for a few minutes. When I returned, he was gone. I walked down the hall and knocked at his bedroom door. “Just a second,”Jacob responded quickly, sounding a little tense. After a few moments he said, “Okay, come in.””You came up here while I was in the basement,” I said as I walked in; I pretended to pout a little. “I just wanted to say goodnight.” He had been lying down, but he sat up as I approached. It was a warm night, and he was shirtless, the sheet covering him only from the waist down. He looked very good, his youthful slim body was rather smooth but he was no longer a c***d. I was standing by the bed, and I bent and kissed the top of his head in the usual way. His head was at my chest height; with my right hand I pulled him toward me just a little bit, but then I realized that I should not press him against me, and I paused. I had to pause, because there really was not a lot of fabric covering me. But he moved his head toward me anyway and leaned against me right under my shoulder — against my right breast.There was not a lot of fabric covering him either. His slim muscular body looked lovely to me. He was mine and I loved him so much, of course, and I always liked to look at him. And now, below his waist, the light sheet was being pushed up by his rising erection.”You’re still my baby,” I said. It sounded so stupid. “What a weird thing to say,” I thought. I had this image of giving him a pat on his bottom when he was a little boy. But our minds were going in the same direction, backward perhaps to a time earlier than that.He reached up toward my left shoulder as if to pull me down for a hug, but his hand brushed against my left breast. That nipple too was already tuzla escort bayan hard. He held my shoulder lightly. I pressed his head to my right breast. Then Jacob put his left hand on my belly, on top of my nightgown.I pulled my nightgown up, the fabric sliding up under his hand and right up under his cheek as I pulled the nightgown off. I was now naked from the waist up, wearing only my panties, my large breasts hanging down abit onto my belly, in front of this young man — my **-year-old son.He was still sitting on the edge of the bed; the sheet no longer covered him, and his cock stuck up so stiff and straight that I had to stifle a giggleI lifted my nipple to his mouth and said, “Go on, baby.” And he did. He pulled my nipple into his mouth and a deep moan came from his throat. My boy sucked his mother’s nipple into his mouth. He sucked so eagerlythat a thrill went through me, a deep shiver, and I felt a little hollow pain in my belly. I put his other hand on my other breast. He held that one tightly for a minute, as he sucked the other.I whispered, “You can play with me, baby” and he began to gently stroke my breast. My nipple was so hard, and he was feeling it. My knees felt weak but somehow I was able to stay standing up.For a few minutes we were in a trance. He grasped my right breast in both hands and sucked just like a baby, deeply, sucking it all the way into his mouth, and I held out my other breast to him and turned toward him so he could continue to suck me without rising off the bed, where he sat with his flagpole high saluting me. My panties were getting wetter and wetter every second, and I realized he must be able to smell me.When he came up for air, he looked up at me, his eyes wide, and I smiled down at him. “I’m glad you still like them!” I kissed his head again, and stepped back, “Good night, honey!”* * *We did this for about three evenings at bedtime. I didn’t let Jacob touch me anywhere else, and neither one of us touched his cock or really any of him, except for my stroking escort tuzla his head. On the second night, he took his right hand off me at one point and started to stroke himself, but I stopped him.”No, don’t. I want to see you, you look so good like that, all hard. Keep your hands on me, here,” and I put his hand back on my breast.And that’s how we did it: he would sit on the edge of his bed, naked, while I stood next to him wearing only my panties. He would be sucking my breasts and massaging them with both hands, while I stroked his hairas I watched his rigid dick pointing straight up into the air, sometimes bobbing a little.I liked to murmur to him softly as he sucked: “You are such a handsome boy… my fine young man… such a beautiful body… I can see you’re happy, aren’t you, honey?… you good boy!I loved it, standing by his bed in only my sopping wet panties as my son massaged and sucked my breasts voraciously, his penis sticking straight up for me as he sucked just like when he was my baby boy.And then after a few minutes, I would kiss him goodnight and go to my room and do what I needed to do, leaving him behind to do what he needed to do.Sometimes I could hear his bed creak; I think he was fucking the bed. Sweet boy!We did this at bedtime for weeks, never speaking about it during the day.And then when it had become a routine, he got bold and started to feel my bottom through my panties. The first couple of nights night he touched me lightly, feeling me out, so to speak. But the next day he was squeezing my big soft butt while he sucked, and his position shifted and sometimes I could feel his hard hard cock touching my leg.If I was going to forestall the utterly forbidden, I would have to give him more. I could see exactly where this would go — if I stood by his bed without even my underwear on, stark naked, as he sucked on me, I knew what I would want him to do. I was always so wet anyway, but I was not willing to have him fuck me. Certainly not! (Yet.)Sucking my breasts had not really taught him anything. His mouth had already known all it needed to know — my baby’s mouth had been there long before, and the sucking came naturally.But his fingers had a lot to learn — and I was so wet and ready for them!

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