28 Nisan 2023

In Need of a Man Pt. 08


I had loved seeing Earl’s shadowy face while he hid in the kitchen, watching me take my first black cock. But, seeing him naked, blindfolded, limp-dicked and patiently waiting beside our marital bed, only ratcheted up my confidence and enhanced my wetness.

Earl turned in our direction, hearing Devonne and me padding across the bedroom carpet, approaching him. I spoke first. “D, this is my husband, Earl.” Devonne was naked, but for his white ankle socks, and denim shirt. I wore the assigned patent leather mini skirt and bustier, as well as a pair of black 4-inch spiked heels. They did little to equal my height to that of my African dominant.

Devonne had his right arm slung around my shoulder, and his flaccid, meaty dick hung lewdly, barely inches from Earl’s blindfold. I wondered if my accomplice might force feed his soft hose to our supplicant, just to prove that Devonne was the alpha in the room.

Earl raised his head up, trying to guess where the tall black man might be standing. I couldn’t stop thinking how Earl’s meager package looked so prepubescent – so immature, for a man in mid-life. It contrasted to the thick, but still soft, shiny blackness of Devonne’s ample manhood – which already well eclipsed in length what my husband could provide when fully erect.

“Stand up, when your wife enters the room, cuck,” Devonne ordered in a low voice. I recognized this as part of the play. Had Earl stood up when he heard us enter, I’m sure Devonne would have told him that he had no business moving without being so directed. Earl quickly rose, and Devonne positioned me in front of Earl. “Do toy want to feel what your wife is dressed in?”

“May I,” asked our submissive.

“Yes, because once she removes your blindfold, it will be the last time Maggie will be yours to have, and to hold – at least until I am done with her.”

Earl hands trembled as he reached out blindly and found the shiny front of my bustier, just below the push up bra. His dicklet began to respond, the wrinkles stretching until his not quite five inch shaft became fully taut. Earl’s hands toyed with my nipples, twisting and pulling on each one while I moaned softly and stroked Devonne’s firm, muscular, and round backside. A pearl of precum filled the small slit of Earl’s cock head, whereas a long, thin tendril of Devonne’s honey stretched almost to the floor.

“Reach under and see what happened when Maggie sucked my dick at the front door.” Earl lowered his right hand from my breast, down to the slick hem of my skirt, and reached beneath. My nectar filled the crevice of my sopping wet lips, and Earl recognized that its texture indicated that the dewy slime was just my own arousal rather than something Devonne had deposited inside me.

“Oh, God you already have her panties off!” said Earl.

Devonne replied, “The panties were never meant for Maggie,” which left my husband confused, but nonetheless titillated by my wetness. “Maggie loves my dick in her mouth, don’t ya, babe?”

“God, yes. I crave your dick in my throat, D.”

Devonne took hold of my shoulders and spun me around to face the bed, Earl’s hands gliding along my curvy body, as my head was pushed forward to the mattress. Earl now had one hand on each of my hips, his fingers savoring the texture of my slutty skirt. Devonne commanded, “Get on your knees and eat Maggie’s ass. Wet her tight, pink hole up for me.” Earl left both hands on my hips, and lowered one knee, then the other, until my wide, leather covered ass was in his face. Earl had never suggested doing such a thing as to lick my ass, and it made me quiver at the anticipation of feeling his tongue tease my dirty pucker.

Earl leaned in until his nose touched the cool material that stretched across my wide arse. I held my lover’s hand while my husband pushed the skirt up over my hips. I felt the tickle of the satin of his blindfold on my ass cheeks, while Earl’s nose burrowed into the cleft.

Each hand grasped a cheek, and thumbs forced my heavy globes apart, to expose his prize. Earl tentatively licked at the tender opening, tasting for the first time, my pungent flavor. I moaned into the bedspread while Earl acquainted himself with the texture and taste of my ass, in his darkened state. His tongue lovingly circled round the puckered folds of my sphincter, but when his talented tongue darted its way into the lining of my anus, I exhausted an audible gasp.

“That will do. Are you ready for Maggie to remove the mask?”

Earl pulled back from me, letting go of my ass, and answered, “God, yes.”

Devonne turned me around and held me close to my husband; my lover’s long black fingers sprawled around my right hip. With both of our bodies nearly contacting the kneeling man, Devonne nodded and I carefully pulled back the elastic of my husband’s blinders. I removed the mask and set it on the nightstand, next to the unopened box of magnums.

As light flooded into his eyes, Earl saw the dangling black phallus so near his face. “Is this Kıbrıs Escort what you want to see inside your beautiful wife,” asked Devonne from high above Earl.

Earl nodded as he surveyed the veins coursing along the softened cock, looked up into the coal black eyes of his dominant, and verbally confirmed with, “Yes”.

“Well,” offered Devonne, “It isn’t much good to Maggie in this condition, is it?”

The look in his eyes told me that Earl knew what was being asked of him. His eyes darted to mine in confirmation, and I nodded back. Earl leaned back on his haunches and raised a hand to wrap around the intimidating shaft. His discomfort was obvious and he handled the floppy cock clumsily.

“Listen, bro. It’s just a dick – it may be a big dick – but jack it the same like you do with that pencil dick of yours.” Devonne reached for the night table and held out the tube of K-Y, and added, “You can spit on your hand, or use this stuff for lubrication, but you’re not going to like the taste of it.”

Earl raised his other hand and spit on it. He took hold of the cock and began to earnestly manhandle it. The ebony hose started to straighten, growing wider all the while. “Don’t forget the balls, bro,” he directed.

Earl cupped the sagging nuggets, while I unbuttoned Devonne’s blue denim shirt all the way down. I savored the nap of Devonne’s tight chest hairs while my husband tended to his assigned task.

Once the dark helmeted cock was nearly vertical, Earl showed great relief when, instead of ordering him to suck on the Negro’s phallus, Devonne commanded him to stand up.

With my husband on his feet, we both saw that his breakfast sausage was already rock hard. “Oh, I think he liked doing that,” said Devonne as he pointed to the erect little cock. The difference in the height of the two men meant that Devonne’s junk was more in line with Earl’s belly than with his junk.

Earl turned crimson at the comment. He looked down at his pathetic tool, precum drizzling from the excitement so far. Devonne looked at Earl and announced, “You know what I need next…”

Earl looked to my lover, and then me unsure as to what he actually meant. Devonne shook his head and squatted, until his nut sack butted up to Earl’s. “Show your wife how we compare. Rub our dicks together.

Earl lifted up on his toes so the head if his erection touched the mushroom shaped dome of the black man. He used two hands to jack both of their cocks together, his shaft sliding up and down the lengthy blackness of his well-endowed counterpart.

Devonne asked, “Can you see why there is no contest between us?”

“Yes,” answered Earl, looking solemnly at me. “I can’t compete with that.” I smiled at Earl, more in a way of reassurance, than of pity.

“Now, you need to ready me for fucking your wife.” Devonne then peered at the nightstand, eyeing the box of condoms. “Oh, that,” said Earl, and he reached for the box and pulled out the string of prophylactics. He peeled one of the packets open and pulled out the rolled up ring of latex, pinching it in his fingertips for Devonne to take from him.

I had never seen an oversized condom before, and it looked grotesquely huge in comparison to a regular one. Devonne jutted out his hips to hint that he wouldn’t be handling it, so Earl laid the latex atop of the tip of Devonne’s dick. Devonne held me close at his side while my husband used both hands to roll it down the nearly eight inches of black licorice.

Once in place, Devonne laughed out loud. “Ya know, bro? I NEVER wear rubbers. I didn’t last time I fucked your wife. And I ain’t this time. Let’s see how it fits on you. Take it off my dick, and put in on yours.” He laughed again while Earl rolled the latex up the girthy length. There was a pool of precum in the small reservoir at the tip of the dome.

Earl looked down his own tumescence and laid the condom on his purplish helmet. It followed the mushroom shape and hung an inch down his shaft, like a floppy summer hat, due to its wider circumference. I honestly tried not to laugh, but a snicker escaped when my husband unrolled it all the way down his pencil dick. There was yet another few inches if the baggy rubber yet to be unrolled. I said, “God, it looks like you just put a sandwich bag on it.” Even Earl joined us in laughing at his folly.

Devonne added, “There is enough leftover to bag up your sack as well. But, leave it where it is.” Devonne then picked up the plastic bag I had brought up; with the boy short panties that the salesgirl assured me would fit my cuckold well. He handed them to Earl and added, “Wear these. I don’t want to be distracted by that silly little thing.”

Earl looked at me with despair, but obediently held them out and placed a hairy leg into each leg hole. When he pulled them up, their snugness betrayed an oddly shaped bulge beneath. Devonne patted Earl’s shoulder and offered, “Look at it this way, if you get over stimulated, and do go off prematurely, Lefkoşa Escort you won’t soil the carpet, or your panties.

Earl had no sooner snapped the waistband into place, that I heard a female voice whisper, “Oh, my gosh!” My eyes snapped to the doorway. It was Jackie. She stood in the entrance to our bedroom, next to Kevin; the two of them stared at the three of us by the bed.

Devonne’s deep voice resounded through the room, “Hey, you’re here. Come on in.” No one was more surprised than me, at the appearance of my sister and my son. Kevin wore a polo shirt and khakis. Since Jackie was wearing exactly the same outfit as me, (the only difference being that there wasn’t much of her tiny A cups to be gathered in the bustier), and my son was beaming brightly, it was obvious that their trip to the adult shop was planned by the boys. Jackie was beet red and held her mouth agape at the sight of my subjugated husband standing between Devonne and I, clad only in a pair of pink panties. So, I doubt they had let her in on their plan. She just stared at Earl in disbelief.

Devonne asked Earl, “Did you ever think you would see your wife and your sister-in-law dressed up like this?” Earl was staring at Jackie in her skimpy lingerie, but answered, “No. I could never have imagined any of this.”

“Well,” said Devonne, “you might be surprised at what is beneath her skirt!” With that, Kevin brought his lover over to where we stood, so Devonne and I laid on the king-sized bed to watch the action. Devonne said to Earl, “You two can pretend you are teenagers, and you can show Jackie what you’ve got and she will show you hers.”

My husband, now fully emasculated, pulled down the frilly pink panties to his knees, and showed Jackie his jacketed dick – which, in fairness, had maintained its angry, red engorgement. Jackie tilted her head, and asked, “Is that…?”

Earl announced softly, “Yes, it is Devonne’s condom. He made me wear it.”

Jackie quickly responded, “But he doesn’t wear condoms.” As the rest of us giggled, she realized that it was all part of a game we had been playing. Jackie put her hand over the baggy rubber and felt Earl’s stiff, spongy erection sheathed beneath it.

“Oh, God I’m sorry, Maggie. I thought for sure that Earl was bigger than…” but her words caught in her throat. “Er, um, sorry, Earl. That came out all wrong.” She let go of his throbbing cocklet.

Devonne spoke up. “Jackie, show him yours. Earl, you will get a better view from your knees.” While Earl worked his way to kneeling, my sister used both hands to raise the hem of her leather skirt up and squatted a bit, showing off a very thick set of beefy labia, which hung like flaps beneath her vaginal slit.

Jackie proudly peeled aside her meaty flaps to exhibit the longest and thickest clitoris that either of us had ever seen. It was nearly two inches in length, and as big around as my pinkie.

The miniature penis-like shaft stood erect, with a pink mushroom crown adorning its tip. Her abundantly wrinkled hood draped around the erect nubbin, like the hood of a monk. Jackie used her thumb and index finger to stroke her girl-cock, much like Earl does with his when he plays with himself.

Earl licked his lips at the lurid sight of seeing his wife’s sister jacking herself off for him. Devonne grinned and said to Earl, “That might be a good size for you to learn to suck on.”

“Suck gently. It is very sensitive,” Jackie warned, as she jutted her hips for my husband’s lip service. Earl used his thumbs to part Jackie’s meat curtains, stretching the taut skin to make her mini-dick stand proud. He took it between his lips and gently sucked it into his mouth. Jackie curled her fingers around Earl’s head and murmured salacious sounds.

“That’s it. Suck her dick,” Devonne directed, and my husband’s movements truly looked like he bobbing up and down on a small penis. I was wet as fuck, and noticed a lava-like flow of precum filling Earl’s latex dome.

By then, Kevin had joined Devonne and me on the bed. He and Devonne were lying on their back, each proudly showing off his own beautiful dick; Kevin’s seven inches manly girth, and Devonne’s nearly eight slender inches of slick, crude-hued dick.

Devonne ended Jackie’s pleasure with another demand. “Get on these dicks, girls.” I was first aboard my dark lover’s pole, using one hand to slip the velvety dome inside me. Jackie left Earl in a heartbeat; she walked around the bed and climbed up to squat above her favorite nephew’s generous rod.

Earl pulled his panties back in place and sat in his assigned seat while my sister and I impaled our bodies onto the fleshy masts. Jackie surely had a more difficult time accommodating Kevin’s fat cock, whereas I had been teased to self-lubrication through Devonne’s denigration of my cuckold.

Once I wriggled my way down to the hilt, Devonne told my husband, “Feel free to reach into your panties and play with yourself. You can take Girne Escort off the rubber and go to town. We are going to be a while.”

Earl’s subjugation only intensified my pleasure while I rode up and down my ebony bone, slathering its length with my girl juices. I turned in time to see Earl dropping the condom on the carpet next to the chair. Our eyes met as he tugged his cock while I plunged my pussy again and again, taking Devonne’s dick cervix deep.

I looked to the other side of the bed to take in Jackie’s facial contortions while my son eased his heavy throbber into her tight cunt. Her pink, puffy nipples were all that could be seen above the bra, not even a handful to be had. I did brush my hand over her right nipple and pinched it between thumb and finger. She looked at me in a dreamy haze; my tweaking pinch only added to the immense sensations of being stretched to capacity by a formidable cock.

The room was full of moans, groans, slapping of bodies, and the sloshing sound of cock meat in wet holes. At nearly the same time, the men flipped us onto our back, and proceeded to fuck us missionary style. Seeing Earl staring at the long black pole driving in and out of me was thrilling; his hand stretched the hot pink panel of his undies, while he pulled and tugged at his cock.

Devonne and I tangled tongues, the scent of his African pheromones driving me crazy. I loved looking down at his mucus-soaked shaft pulling so far back, then carefully pushing until it rammed my cervix once more. My legs splayed wide and my spiked heels flailed wildly with every impact. I knew I would be sore for days from this, but I needed him to fuck me hard. The delicious assault that our real men provided, lasted a few more minutes.

I looked into Devonne’s eyes, and called out, “I need you to fuck me like a dog!” I pushed the black man off of me and turned over to hands and knees, exposing my ass and pussy to him, like a bitch in heat. He looked to Earl, placed his ebony thumb against the pucker of my anus, and pushed his thumb entirely inside my ass. My face was buried in the pillow, and I felt the bed moving as Kevin easily threw Jackie’s diminutive body over like a toy doll, taking my little sister from behind in the same way.

Kevin had only thrust his fat cock a few times into Jackie, before she screamed, “Oh, fuck! Fuck, Kevin. I’m going to squirt!” Devonne wasn’t letting up on me, forcing me flat on the bed so he could fully prone bone my pussy. It hurt and felt so delectable at the same time. Jackie screamed into her pillow when her g-spot let loose all over Kevin’s dick, balls, and thighs.

Hearing Jackie go off seemed to have an effect on Devonne. He was lifting high on his toes and pile driving his skinny dick into me, bottoming out with more and more force. I slid my fingers under me and flicked my engorged bean to orgasm. Soon after, Devonne let out an enormous grunt, before making a number of short, quick thrusts. I felt each squirt inside me; my vagina pooling full of his hot, creamy seed. After a half dozen slower, determined thrusts drained Devonne of the last of his nut, he rolled off me. His long cock already started losing its length and girth. The silvery spunk that drizzled along his veiny shaft, contrasted with his jet-black tumescence, as he lay exhausted beside me.

Kevin had a firm hold of Jackie’s slender hips, and his face told that he would nut in her soon. Devonne got up from the bed, gathered his clothes and said to Earl, “Your wife is ready to be cleaned up. Pull off them panties and get in there.” He leaned over and gave me a kiss as I lay on my back, chest still rising and falling from our play. “Call me, anytime,” he said softly, “with or without him.” I smiled and blew my lover a kiss.

While Earl was making his way between my widespread thighs, my son was emptying his cum into my sister, who was enjoying every second. “See you kids later,” he said to Kevin and Jackie, just as Kevin grunted his first volley of cum into Jackie.

Earl’s smile was wide; all the humiliation was easy forgotten, at least for the moment. I knew to play along. “You heard my bull. Get down there and clean me up.” But my husband was already licking his way to my overflowing pussy.

As my son and sister gained their breathing back, Jackie looked on with great interest as she watched her brother-in-law lapping up fresh cum that another man deposited inside me. Earl was voracious, using his tongue as a scoop; he savored the salt and goo as it spilled from me. I helped by peeling my lips wide; showing off my own tender clit, so he might get me off once he was done feeding.

Jackie placed her hand in mine, and our fingers interlocked while Earl feasted on my exposed clitoris. I felt my climax less than thirty seconds of Earl’s creamy tongue flicking back and forth across my swollen bean.

When Earl finished eating me, he rolled onto his back between Jackie and me, nearly breathless. Kevin was happy just seated at the foot of the bed, having spent his seed within his Auntie Jackie. It was then that my sister surprised all of us. Jackie climbed up and on top of Earl, straddling his body, looking down at him. His face looked like that of a boy who had eaten two scoops of an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

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