15 Mart 2023

In Person At Last


“Don’t turn around.”

The voice was not at all familiar, but she knew who he was in an instant. They were finally meeting in person. It was crazy, and yet…

“You’re teasing me.”

“Of course I am, wouldn’t you be disappointed if I didn’t?”

She felt his breath on the back of her neck. She inhaled sharply at the intimacy of this small act and started to turn towards him. But he stopped her with his words.

“Not yet, my dear. Close your eyes. Let me have a look at you.”

She felt his eyes on her. Under the weight of his stare, hoping that somehow he would like what he saw. It was driving her crazy, this silence, not knowing what he was thinking.

He had her picture, of course, as she had his, but pictures can unintentionally deceive. She knew he was tall, with a broad, muscular body of the type she had always liked. A certain boyish charm despite his age, with a smirk on his face and those beautiful eyes. They didn’t match his grin. Even when the face was smiling, the eyes held something darker and more intense, and she wanted to wipe that sadness out of them.

Not that his looks were what drew her to him. It was his intelligent wit, the sarcasm, so much like hers, and eventually the friendship. It was almost a surprise to find out what he looked like, by then it hadn’t mattered. Moments passed and then he spoke again.

“Look at me.”

She turned to face him, the first thing she saw was that smile. The same one that taunted her from his picture. A pirate smile, he had called it. No shit. The next thing was how conventionally good-looking he really was. He had always downplayed his looks, saying that he didn’t really believe it himself. He was going to start having to believe it.

“It’s good to see you. Finally.” The smile turned into a grin, his eyes crinkling up at the corners. He laughed for a moment, and then his face turned serious.

“You too. I’m glad I’m here. Can I get you a drink?”

She nodded and he crossed the room to pour it for her. He didn’t ask, he already knew what she would want: vodka with cranberry juice, rocks, and a wedge of fresh lime. His remembering that made her smile. He poured his own and motioned for her to sit. She took a spot at the other end of the leather sofa, turning so that she was facing him, her feet under her and her skirt tucked around her knees.

“Are you scared of me? Is that why you’re sitting all the way down there?”

“I’m not scared; I just want to look at you.”

He blushed, the color spreading down his neck into the collar of his shirt. Nice. It was cute to see him nervous, maybe even feeling a little vulnerable. When he looked at her, she felt the same way. Like he knew what she looked like without her clothes on. She smiled to herself, now she was the one blushing. He shot her a questioning glance. She shook her head and he smirked, “Yeah, I probably don’t want to know…”

Then they started talking in earnest. All the questions that seemed too personal for email, the ones that were asked anyway and never answered. Now they were friends for real, with a connection that didn’t coincide with the amount of time they had spent together. Hours passed and they were still talking, the afternoon sun settling into dusk. They stopped occasionally to fill each other’s drinks, making brief contact upon passing back a glass, the electricity that neither one acknowledged.

“Should we go to dinner?” She nodded and rose to leave. He led her to the door, pioneers together in this new adventure. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to share him with the rest of the world, but they were both starving. And maybe the cool night air would settle her nerves. He sensed it and knew just how to put her at ease. A campy, “your carriage awaits, ma’am”, and he bowed as he opened the door. She giggled as she got into the car. He caught a brief glimpse of her thigh before she adjusted her skirt back down over her knees, and it tempted him. But there was all the time in the world for that.

They drove to dinner, a local place she loved. And as she knew they would, people turned to look at them. They ate and drank, listened to the music and talked some more. His good looks drew stares. She wondered what sort of comments they were making. Not that she thought herself unattractive, but he was truly striking, and with the body to match, there were at least a dozen women here who would love to be in her place tonight. He had been talking to her and she wasn’t paying attention. She stopped to apologize.

“I’m not looking at any of them.”

“Excuse me?”

“Any of the women here.”

“I didn’t say you were.”

“But you’re thinking it. Stop, I’m here with you.”

She hated this insecurity of hers, but she trusted him and believed what he told her. She shook the thoughts out of her head and once again immersed herself in their conversation. Dinner was soon over, and they relaxed over coffee. He leaned in to speak to her, his voice low and husky with desire.

“I Escort bayan want you to do something.” She nodded, all at once anxious and unable to speak.

“Take off your underwear and hand it to me.” She hesitated for a moment. “Now.”

She complied, it was unthinkable to her that she wouldn’t. She discreetly slid the soft silk off her body. Her cheeks flushed as she felt her wetness on them; he would feel it when he took them from her. He reached under the table for her underwear, stuffed them into his pocket, then brought his fingers up to his nose. She closed her eyes and heard him laugh.

He went on talking to her about when he lived up here and she could barely hear what he was saying. Her naked flesh burned under her skirt, she was more aware of her arousal than ever. And, to all outward appearances, he was just having a friendly conversation, nobody but the two of them knowing what he had asked her to do.

She forced herself to stay in the moment, to not think about him down there, feeling her heat. Thank god the lights were dim, she hoped he couldn’t see her blushing. Finally he was finished with his coffee and he stood to leave. He helped her up from the table, leaning in to whisper in her ear.

“You’re gorgeous when you blush.”

He had noticed after all. And damn him for looking so very amused by it. “It seems you do have a shy side. I bet you’re wondering what I’m thinking about.”

How could she not wonder? But he didn’t say any more, so she would be left with her questions. Nothing more than brief physical contact from him, and she was as excited as she ever remembered being. They drove home, not saying much, but he pointed out places he recognized, buildings no longer there and she started to relax once again.

Then they were alone again and she bolted the door, effectively shutting out the rest of the world. She turned and he was standing right next to her. The darkness in his eyes, just a few inches away from hers. He bent his head down, and told her to close her eyes; she obeyed. She felt his lips brush against her forehead and she could feel the coarse hairs of his moustache on her skin. Her lips parted and she exhaled, feeling his body so close and yet not touching her.

Then, placing his hands gently on her shoulders, he continued kissing her. Her cheeks, her neck, then finally, finally her lips. She felt him lean into her, his muscular chest pressing into her breasts, his lips warm and yielding against her own. Even with her high heels, the difference in their height was still nearly a foot, and he soon stopped to stand up straight, laughing softly.

He led her over to the couch, her hand small in his larger one. She felt his fingers close protectively over her own, and all her apprehension vanished. He sat down beside her, taking her face gently in his hands. He kissed her again, this time feeling their tongues soft in each other’s mouths. Kissing for long stretches at a time, like high school kids. Kissing like there was nothing else to do.

But there was, and soon the kissing only served to enflame him. He knew she was excited already, having felt the dampness of her silk panties a short time earlier. He could only imagine that their kissing had made her more so. His strong hands stroked her legs, over her skirt, until he felt her start to stir. Carefully reaching higher, he felt her naked thighs and the heat radiating from between her legs. Her breathing deep through their kisses; he knew she wanted him to touch her.

He knew that she couldn’t resist, nor did she want to. She was completely submitting to him now, none of the conversation or joking banter they had before. She was aching for him to take control of her and he couldn’t wait to break into that seemingly innocent exterior. She would remember tonight what it meant to be a woman, he was man enough to give her that.

He reached and tilted her face up in his hands. One soft kiss and a small moan escaped from her lips. Things had to be absolutely clear between them, right from the start. There was no going back.

“Are you sure?”

She opened her eyes and looked directly into his. She put her finger to his lips and nodded. It was all he needed. Her touch broke something open in him. His hands found the buttons of her blouse and he quickly undid them. His hands slipped it off her body and he saw she was wearing a silk slip, a matching companion to the panties already in his pocket.

He brushed his fingertips over her breasts, feeling her nipples harden. He saw them pushing against the fabric as she responded to his touch. He continued caressing her, loving the feel of her body through the silk, trembling, her breath deep and shuddering. He slipped a strap off her shoulder, pressing his lips to her skin.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him tight against her body. Her fingers tangled in his hair and her face buried in the curve between his neck and shoulder. He could feel her quivering. He felt her reach to Bayan Escort untuck his shirt and he helped her then, pulling it over his broad shoulders and dropping it to the floor. She pressed herself against his chest, the crisp hairs rubbing against her, and the quivering turned to moans.

He leaned into her, pushing her back onto the couch, the supple leather cool against her hot flesh. She felt her legs open as he pressed himself against the length of her body. She loved feeling the weight of him, his body hard and strong against her slim curves, feeling the friction as he rocked his hips against hers. They kissed, long and slow, leaving them breathless when they finally stopped.

He raised himself up onto his forearms, looking into her eyes. He saw the anticipation in her stare. As he ground into her with his hips again, he knew that she could feel his excitement, the erection that strained against his clothing. Her mouth opened and head tilted back, her eyes shut tight as she rose to meet his body. He kissed her neck, his tongue marking wet trails, then his teeth too. God, if he didn’t stop rubbing against her, he was going to come before they ever started. He had to give himself time to cool off.

He sat up now, on his knees between her legs, running his hands over her body. Her small soft breasts, the curve of her hips, and her gently rounded stomach. He unfastened the clasp of her skirt, unzipped it, and lifted her hips to pull it off of her. The slip underneath was short, barely covering her, and he could see the shadow of the cleft between her legs. He could smell her then, perfume mixing with her womanly scent.

He took her legs in his hands, pausing at each foot to unfasten her high heeled shoes. Sweet little toes wearing red nail polish. Oh, what a tease she was. She was taunting him with the knowledge of things he had told her he liked. He saw a smile play across her lips and she winked at him. That little vixen, he’d show her a thing or two about teasing. He moved to the other end of the couch, her feet still in his hands.

Her feet were small, soft and smooth, a treat for him to play with. He massaged first, his capable fingers hitting every nerve in the sole of her foot. Then starting at her heel, he began to kiss the bottom of her foot, the tip of his tongue tickling her as he did. She squirmed under his grasp, but he was stronger, all she could do was to lay back and enjoy it. It seemed to take forever, but finally she felt the wet warmth as his mouth closed around her toes. She felt the suction of his lips as they drew her toes into his mouth, the tickling turned to amazing sensations running straight up inside her.

It was as if he found in her foot the nerve endings that aroused her whole body and took hold of them with his lips. The sucking grew harder, she felt the vibrations of the groan that escaped him. And when she thought she couldn’t take any more, he started again on her other foot. The same slowness, the exact same pleasure throughout her body.

He stood up then, eyes looking right into hers as he finished undressing. The light was dim, but she could see well enough to know that he hadn’t lied about his size. He was at least as big as any man she had ever known, and quite probably even bigger. Her breath was deep and ragged, the anticipation of feeling him inside her was almost more than she could bear.

Her legs opened and he could smell her scent again, a heady combination of sweet fruit to be tasted. But not yet. He was wild with desire, aching to get inside her, there would be time later for more. He wanted her now. He was between her legs, looking down at her, trying to read the expression on her face. Then he felt her legs spread wider, taking his cock and guiding it inside her. No more questions. No need to speak.

The exquisite friction of her sex around his, he lingered, enjoying the sensation of opening her up. His slow thrusting continued until he was as deep inside her as he could get. She was moaning aloud, her hips rising to meet him and her legs encircling his body, holding him close against her. He couldn’t think; all he wanted was to get to her, to break through whatever reserve she had left. He grabbed her legs, forcing them farther apart with his hands.

He pumped into her, feeling her tight despite the wetness. She was moving under him, rhythmic strokes matching his, until suddenly he felt her clench around his cock. Sounds of pleasure with no real words came from her lips and he couldn’t stand it any longer. Slamming his body against hers, he was fucking her now. Pure animal heat until he felt his excitement match hers. It took all his strength to keep from crushing her and he carefully slipped out of her, then collapsed on the couch alongside her.

They were both spent, but wide awake. They had wasted too much time before now to spend these hours together sleeping. He watched her walk across the room, still in that little silk slip, seeing it ride up over the curve of her ass as Escort she reached for a glass to pour a drink. She came back to him, offering him a sip of the ice cold water. It dripped a little down his neck and he yelped. She giggled. God, he loved that sound.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

“You are not sorry. You love to torture me.”

She bit her lip and nodded, grinning at him. Her face still a little flushed, her hair gorgeously messy. She should always look like this; fresh from their shared pleasure. He’d keep her like this forever if he could. He felt like he was seventeen, already feeling the stirring between his legs, getting hard just looking at her. She saw his arousal building once more and she straddled his body, her secret place moist against him.

With their initial urgency satisfied, they could take the time to explore each other’s bodies in earnest now. He reached down for the hem of her slip, she raised her arms and he lifted it over her head. He watched her nipples harden from exposure to the cool air, deep rosy pink against her pale breasts. He teased them with his fingertips and felt her pulsating, her wetness dripping onto his cock.

Her nipples firmly pinched between his fingers, he watched for her reaction. He felt her arching her body towards him, and he sat upright, her legs still around his hips. He took her nipple in his mouth, his tongue lapping at it until he felt her start to squirm. He then crushed her breasts together, his mouth moving from one to the other, not stopping until she broke free from his hands and lips, untangling herself from his grasp.

Now it was she who was the aggressor, leading him to the bedroom and lying him down. She straddled his body, kissing him deeply over and over again. He felt her hair spill over onto him as he felt her lips against his neck, his shoulders, down to his chest. He felt the warmth of her tongue in circles around each nipple and he shuddered. Her mouth traveled, tracing the line of hair down his belly and he squirmed, willing her to go lower.

She did, but taking her time, kissing and licking everything she could reach. Her breath and that soft pink tongue tasting his skin, working up the inside of his thigh with excruciating slowness. He felt the wet heat of her mouth close around his scrotum, gently sucking it between her lips. The sensation caused him to cry aloud, grasping the sheets on either side of him.

The pleasure caused his cock to become fully erect in an instant and she grasped it in her hand. Stroking slowly and firmly as she continued to lick and suck at him, until he thought he would come, or die trying. He felt her head pull away and he moaned, it was too much to bear. Then she closed her mouth around his cock, taking it deep into her mouth, her tongue swirling around him. It was driving him crazy, he couldn’t take any more. Releasing his grip from the bed sheets, his hands were on her head, pushing himself into her mouth.

She took him impossibly deep, the length of him thrusting between her lips. The pleasure increased immeasurably as he felt her hands as she entered him. He gasped, her fingers finding those spots inside him, the firm pressure on them and he was gone. His orgasm exploded into her mouth, but she didn’t pull away. Holding him inside her until she felt him relax, he opened his eyes to watch her lick him clean.

She was incredible. As uninhibited as any woman he had ever known, they did things this first night together that he often hesitated to bring up to other women. Would she ever cease to surprise him? He hoped not. He felt her brushing against him as she slid up his body, her legs entangled with his. Her face nestled into his shoulder and her arm around his neck, she was totally at ease. No shyness or reserve left now.

He loved this. Her skin under his hands, just a little quiver as he touched between her legs. He rolled her off of him, onto her back by his side. He ran his hands over her body, feeling her curves all soft and warm under his hands. He ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, feeling her muscles twitch. Just one fingertip tracing, all the way from her pussy to her ass. Over and over, until she was shaking and her lips opened themselves up, wet from his delicate touch.

He moved down to the junction of her thighs, his breath warm on her skin. She felt his lips on her first, kissing her softly there between her legs. Her smell was intoxicating, pure woman, and he had to taste her. He dipped his mouth down, right at her opening, and he felt her juices dripping onto his tongue. Salty sweet, she was opening herself up to him, wanting more. He continued licking at her, until she was begging for it. “Please,” over and over, her mouth hardly able to form the word.

He pressed his mouth closer to her, his tongue reaching lower, to tease her. She moaned aloud upon feeling his tongue on her ass. Her body responding, so close to orgasm from that sensation alone. Then he entered her with first one, then two fingers. He found her clit with his tongue, licking and sucking at it as he continued to work her with his hands. She was screaming now, unable to hold back. He felt her juices squirt out around his fingers, her body contracting with her pleasure.

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