12 Mayıs 2023

In The Bush With Linda.


I will never forget the first time I had sex with Linda, my seventeen-year-old step sister. It was during our high school’s mid-term break. After a week of rain, this particular day turned out sunny, so I decided to go for a walk through a local scenic reserve to try out a new, high-quality, compact camera that I’d bought with some of my my hard-earned savings. I also invited Linda, who was all too happy to get out of the house for a while.Apart from my camera, I brought along a raincoat – just in case the weather packed up – a couple of water bottles and some muesli bars, all of which went into a small backpack. Linda brought her own small backpack, plus another water bottle that we shared. She was her usual, cheerful self and I was looking forward to having her company for the day out.In the ten years since becoming my step sister, Linda had grown from a skinny seven-year-old, into a hot, seventeen-year-old. She was about five feet, four inches tall, with long, wavy, honey-blond hair and attractive green eyes. She had a gorgeous body, with pert, rounded breasts, a peachy little bum and curvaceous hips and thighs melding into long legs.I had, on and off, been sexually attracted to her since we had been teenagers, but I also loved and respected her as a sister, a friend and an occasional confidant. Linda often let me know that she felt much the same way about me. Little did I know that our relationship was to become a whole lot steamier as we set out for our walk.The place we were heading to was typical Australian bushland, dominated by gum trees and wattles. We elected to take a track that wound up the side of a hill to the crest, then down the other side. It was a pleasant autumnal day, and we were in high spirits, laughing and joking as we walked slowly up the hill. All the while, I was snapping off photos and videos, testing my camera’s capabilities.Unfortunately, there wasn’t much wildlife around and the trees all looked pretty much the same, so I started filming Linda, who was Escort Akbatı sometimes a little shy when a camera was pointed at her. As soon as she saw what I was doing, she blushed and walked a little faster until we got to a flat section of the track. Suddenly, she turned around and, with a mischievous smile, pulled up her top and bra.“Whoa!” I gasped, as I stared at her bare breasts.Her pinky-brown areola were like small, domed peaks on her sweetly rounded, 34b orbs. Centred on her areolae were darker brown, pink-tipped nipples. Her flat stomach and abs were full of lovely, womanly curves, with an oval ‘innie’ navel. Linda’s face and chest were flushed, her eyes hot and aroused.“So-o, what are you waiting for?” she asked sweetly, rocking her shoulders and making her breasts bounce.“Huh? Are you sure?” I gulped.In response, Linda lifted her clothing slightly higher and stood square on to me. I felt an erection coming on fast, as I focused on her lovely tits and squeezed off some photos. When I told her I’d taken enough images, I expected her to cover up, but instead her blush got deeper and prettier. She reached behind her back, undid her bra, dropped it to the ground, then lifted her top again.“How about, like, trying a video?” she suggested. Up until now, the only time I had seen Linda even semi-naked was when we were kids. Part of me wondered what was happening with her. It finally dawned on me that she trusted – maybe loved – me enough to want to take our relationship to a whole new level. The thought was exhilarating, but sobering as well.My heart was thumping, my erection throbbing as I switched to video mode. Linda sensuously cupped and squeezed her breasts, and ran her fingertips around and over her nipples and areolae as I filmed her. It was obvious what she wanted. Touching her left breast, I looked into her eyes. She smiled a little nervously and nodded.“Oh, jeez Linda,” I said, gently squeezing and kissing her breasts, “they’re gorgeous,” Aksaray escort I felt them swell, her areolae became more erect and her nipples became stiffer, “I love the way they look and feel, just…beautiful.”“Mmmmm, thank you,” she sighed. She undid my track pants, slid a hand into my briefs and touched my naked hard-on. I touched her under her chin and kissed her lips.Linda kissed back, with plenty of tongue. Her breath was hot, musky ambrosia that made my head spin. Raw passion took over; I slung my camera around my back and held Linda close as we made out. Soon, I slipped a hand into the top of her cargo-pants. Linda pulled my hand out and stepped back. For a few seconds, I thought I’d gone too far. But she smiled again, and undid her fly buttons.As Linda pushed her pants down her legs, I got to my knees in front of her. For a while, I just took in the contours of her mound under her tight, red panties. She tucked her hair behind her ears and sighed heavily as I ran a fingertip down her groove; I could feel her wetness seeping into the fabric, so I leaned forward and kissed her womanhood, savouring her warm, feminine scent.Taking a deep, shaky breath, I pulled her panties down her thighs. Below the triangular thatch of curly, black hair, her mound was smooth; her crinkled, soft-pink, inner labia were pouting, wet and puffy, through her slit. I shot more video, as Linda eased her labia apart with both thumbs, exposing her hot, wet, salmon-pink vulva.“Oohh, wow!” I gulped, my heart and cock pounding, as Linda teased her clitoris out from under its hood. It was a beautiful, glistening, deep-pink bud, about the size of a sweet pea.Her body shook and she gasped, as I carefully touched it with a saliva covered fingertip. “Uhh yeah, play gentle with her,” she murmured.“Oh, jeez Linda,” I murmured, my heart aglow, “you’re just…wow…you’re beautiful all over.”I kissed her thighs and stomach, then ran the tip of my tongue from her perineum to her Ankara escort bayan clitty. Linda whimpered happily, her body trembling as I began lapping at her vulva. I, too, was trembling, light-headed and intoxicated by her warm, clean, oestrogen-laden nectar. After a while, I eased a saliva covered finger into her vagina and felt for her g-spot.Fortunately, I’d had some experience of find-the-g-spot; Linda giggled, then sighed as my fingertip touched a slightly harder, ridged bump a couple of inches inside her outer wall.She gave a deep, shuddering “Uhhhh!” as I gently stroked it.I looked up at her. “Is that okay?”Linda opened her stance a little and smiled. “Mmm, hmm, she’s, like, the same as my clitty? Play gently.”“Gottit,” I said, kissing her stomach, “gentle wit da g.” I leaned back and took ‘reference photos’, making Linda laugh.Just then, we were reminded that we were in a public area as we heard the crunch of gravel under shoes and people talking. Fortunately, the noise came from some way down the hill and around a bend in the track.“Shit, shit shit!” grumbled Linda, hurriedly pulling up her pants. I picked up her bra, stuffed it in my pocket and stood in front of her to shield her.She just had time to button up and calm down a little, when a group of eight or nine touristy looking people meandered into view. As they wandered past, they all smiled, nodded and ‘halloed’, and Linda and I politely did likewise. Once they had gone, we looked ruefully at each-other and sighed.“Sorry babe,” I said, giving her a hug and a kiss, “I kinda got carried away.” I was feeling a little deflated and couldn’t help thinking that Linda would lose interest in continuing. I was wrong.She pursed her lips thoughtfully and a blush crept onto her cheeks. “Yup, so did I,” she paused for a few seconds, then added, “anyway, how about we, you know, find somewhere more, you know, ah, private?” She nodded to the side of the track.I took her hand and we walked into the bush, carefully marking our route to avoid getting lost. It wasn’t long before we found an area of long grass that was nicely shaded by trees and out of sight of the track – and, hopefully, any nosy tourists.Linda looked around approvingly. “This looks good,” she said, walking up to me and sliding her arms up around my neck.

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