15 Mart 2023

In the Woods


I’m riding alone in the wood. It’s early evening and just starting to get dark. I stop by a large tree and leave my bike on the ground while I sit on a low branch to fish lights out of my bag. It’s been a long hard ride, the muscles in my legs and bum ache and my skin glistens with sweat. A breeze whispers through the trees, pleasantly cool on my damp shoulders.

I hear the snap of a branch behind me and turn to see who’s there. I can’t see anyone so I assume it was an animal of some kind. As I turn back to my bag, the hair on the back of my neck prickles as though someone is standing right behind me. I ignore it. The wood is deserted, and peaceful. The ground is soft from recent rain but today has been dry and warm. I’m tired but alert as I sit there, my mind still sharp though my body is fatigued.

I feel the prickling sensation on the back of my neck a second time. Scared to turn around, I can almost feel your breath on the back of my neck. I freeze as you reach out and touch my bare shoulder, stroking your hand down my arm. You lean in behind me, kissing my neck and reaching around to take my breast in your hand. I relax as I realise it’s you. I’d know the touch of your fingers anywhere.

My nipple hardens as you gently squeeze it between your fingertips. Your tongue caresses my neck and shoulders, tracing small circles on my moist skin as your fingers circle my nipples. I breathe in sharply as your teeth sink into the soft flesh of my neck. I lean back into you as you suck my flesh, leaving your mark on me. I can feel you pressing into my back as one hand strokes my leg, slowly moving towards the heat at my centre, but always staying away.

I moan softly in disappointment as you stop touching me. But it’s only so you can move round in front of me. You’re naked from the waist up, your Escort bayan t-shirt discarded on the ground behind us. I can see the bulge of your hard cock under your shorts.

You push my knees apart and move between my legs. One hand goes under my t shirt to my breast, the other slides under the waistband of my shorts to roughly grab my ass. I wrap my legs around your waist as you pull my body against yours, your tongue in my mouth as you kiss me, your cock stiff between my legs.

You break off the kiss long enough to pull my top over my head. You unclip my bra and let it fall to the floor, my breasts pressing against you. You start to move against me, your cock rubbing my pussy through my shorts, my nipples rubbing against your chest as you pull me close and kiss me deeply and passionately.

You bend and take a nipple in your mouth, flicking it with your tongue. I lower myself off the branch so I can slip my hand into your shorts and take your firm cock in my fist. Your hips move in time as I start to pump up and down, your dick grows even harder under my hand. Your tongue on my nipple sends shivers of pleasure to my pussy, my juices flowing freely as your hands explore my back and ass.

I step out of my shorts as you slide them over my firm, round ass, my fingers already undoing your buttons to send your own to the ground. I shiver slightly as you run your hands down each side of my body, hooking your fingers into the waistband of my scarlet underwear but leaving them in place. Your lips and tongue trace a path between my breasts and down over my stomach. You gently push me backwards so I’m leaning against the branch, giving you a better angle to kiss between my legs, your lips feeling how wet I am beneath my underwear. I wind my fingers into your hair as your tongue Bayan Escort begins to probe my pussy through the thin fabric, sending a warmth spreading throughout my body.

Finally, you pull my panties down over my hips, exposing a neatly trimmed strip of hair above my pussy. Your tongue moves slowly up my slit, relishing the taste of my desire for you. With long, almost lazy strokes, you lick me, just lightly brushing my clit at the top of each stroke. You start to increase your pace in response to my moans, varying the rhythm and the pressure as the heat rises inside me. My fingers tighten in your hair as you start to concentrate on my clit, alternating tight, hard circles with light flicks of your tongue. My muscles begin to tense as my orgasm starts to build and you respond by thrusting a finger into my hot, wet hole. My eyes close and I lean back further as your finger curls to rub my g-spot while you suck my clit. All I am aware of is you between my legs as my clit starts pulsating and my vagina tightens around your finger. I cry out as I start to climax, but you keep thrusting into me with your finger, you keep up the pressure with your tongue, dragging out my orgasm as long as you can.

Just as I feel I can’t stand it any longer, you lift me up and slam me back against the tree trunk. Your cock finds my opening wet and ready for you, there is a fiery passion in your eyes as you thrust into me. My legs wrap around your waist and I reach above me to grab a higher branch as you slow your pace, sliding almost all the way out of me before slamming back in. Your hands clasp my ass, pulling me towards you as you thrust into my pussy. I tighten around your dick as you fuck me harder and faster, I cry out my pleasure with each long, hard stroke. The bark of the tree trunk scores my back, Escort but all I care about is your thick, hard cock, sliding in and out of my tight pussy.

You lean into me and sink your teeth into my neck, the pain mixing with the pleasure radiating from my pussy. My arms wrap around your neck as you lift me away from the tree trunk. Still thrusting your cock into me, you lower us both to the ground until I’m straddling you as you lie in the soft earth beneath the trees. I dig my fingernails into your chest as I grind my hips on your dick, rubbing my clit against you as I fuck you. You reach up to grab my breasts, pulling me towards you so you can take them in your mouth. You lick and suck my nipples, massaging my big, supple tits with your deft fingers. I start to increase my pace on your dick, lifting my hips almost fully off before slamming my pussy into you.

Your eyes lock on mine as I curl my fingers through yours, raising your arms above your head and holding them there as my hips bounce up and down, faster and harder as I see the look in your eyes that means you’re getting close.

I adjust my angle slightly so that the head of your cock slides over my g-spot with every stroke and I soon find myself teetering on the brink of my second orgasm. Your fingers tighten on mine and I know you’re close too. I watch your eyes roll back as I squeeze your dick in my pussy, maintaining my quick thrusts. Your hips are thrusting upwards in time with mine, you’re breathing heavily, you’re about to release…

I pull away from you just in time to take your throbbing, coming cock in my mouth. Your come fills my mouth and I swallow, licking the excess off the tip of your dick as you lie still, savouring your release. I lean over and press myself against you. My lips still taste of your come as I kiss you. You wrap your arms around me and kiss back, your tongue deep in my mouth.

Finally, we recover enough to realise that it is now properly dark. The stars twinkle above in a clear sky as we retrieve our clothes and begin the long ride home.

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