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Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 8: Punishing the Naughty Mommy


Incestuous Flesh Massage

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Eight: Punishing the Naughty Mommy

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Cum dripped off Mrs. Armstrong’s face. My brother’s cum.

A shudder rippled through my body. This was so hot. Melody, my half-sister, and I made the MILF cum. She wasn’t supposed to. Her wimpy husband, being trained to be her dominant master by my brother, had given her orders.

I was surprised she held off from cumming as long as she did. Mr. Armstrong wasn’t the most dominating man even now.

“How shall we punish her?” Clint asked Mr. Armstrong. “She came, she sucked my dick without your permission, and she licked Zoey’s cunt.”

I loved it. Clint just rammed his cock into her mouth while she was riding my strap-on dildo. I licked my lips, Melody’s sweet pussy juices coating my mouth and cheeks. She tasted so good. I loved the incestuous flavor.

“Well?” Clint asked again. He was such a strong, young man. Tall, his hair dark, his body muscular. He must have taken one of those super Viagra pills because he was still hard, his dick thrusting hard before him. He stood over the MILF, her lush face dripping with cum. His seed fell down onto her round breasts.

I loved his cum. He had bred me with that incestuous seed. It was so hot. I only found out today.

“Uh…” Mr. Armstrong was a slender man. He was still holding his cock, jerking it off as we played with his wife.

As Clint used her mouth.

“Be a man,” Clint growled. “She came. She indulged in her pleasures.” A smile grew on Clint’s lips. “She sucked on my cock.”

“Spank her,” Mr. Armstrong said. It almost sounded like a question.

I rolled my eyes.

Melody giggled as she pressed against Clint, her round breasts swaying. She had loose, sandy-blonde hair spilling around her flushed face. I made her cum hard. She held our brother the way a lover would. She was his first sister. One of the two of us he loved the most.

“That’s it?” asked Clint. “Just spank her? We’ve already done that.”

I nodded my head. Clint spanked her hard and then her husband took it up as punishment for her being a lying cunt. She came to the lesbian massage parlor I worked at, founded by our friends Juana and her sister-slave. After enjoying our services, she’d freaked out when she realized her daughter had made her cum.

She almost destroyed the Lady’s Touch Massage Parlor with her selfishness.

She hated Stefani, her daughter and my lover, for being in a lesbian relationship with me. Then she came to our massage parlor multiple times. Clint had convinced Mr. Armstrong that his wife was a cheating, dyke whore because the wimpy guy wasn’t a strong husband giving her what she needed.

Control and pleasure.

“She needs more than being spanked.” Clint grinned at Melody. She winked a hazel eye. “Bondage.”

“Um…” Mr. Armstrong said. “Well, I have the rope in the car you had me buy. I haven’t tied her up since last week.”

This was the Armstrongs second lesson Clint had given. Last week, he taught Mr. Armstrong how to safely tie up his wife without hurting her.

“No, we need more than that,” Clint said. “Let’s go to our dungeon.”

“Dungeon?” squeaked Mrs. Armstrong.

“Does your wife have permission to speak?” Clint demanded.

“Quiet, whore,” Mr. Armstrong said, his voice cracking. “You… you don’t speak right now. Not after sucking his cock.”

She flushed and lowered her head, more cum dribbling off her cheeks. She wiggled her hips. I rolled my eyes, my hands playing with the harness of my strap-on dildo. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Stefani peeking into the living room. We were in the third house our family owned.

The play house.

“You have a dungeon?” Mr. Armstrong croaked. His face was pale.

“It’s in the basement,” Clint said, nodding his head over his shoulder at a short hallway. There was a door there.

Mr. Armstrong marched towards it, passing Clint. My brother sighed, shook his head, then grabbed Mrs. Armstrong’s dark-red hair in a firm grip. She gasped as my brother hauled her to her feet and dragged her after her husband, the woman half-bent over.

Pussy cream dripped down her thighs.

I smiled at Stefani as Mr. Armstrong opened the door and headed down the stairs, Clint following, dragging the man’s wife like she was his personal sex slave. Melody sauntered after with a sway to her rump.

I winked at Stefani and followed, my fingers undoing the harness of the strap-on soaked in the MILF’s juices. I dropped it on the ground and, as I headed down the stairs, I saw Stefani snag it up. I giggled as she licked at her mother’s juices off the dildo.

She was eager to join the fun.

My large breasts jiggled with each step. They swayed back and forth, the thick carpet on the stairs muffling our footsteps. Clint made sure there was the most comfortable flooring for us to play on. This house saw us having sex everywhere. None of the kids were allowed in here.

At least, not until they were eighteen.

I reached the bottom and entered our dungeon. Pam, my half-Japanese sister, waited. You would never know she was actually one of our family members, but our father, like Clint, had a thing for Asian women. My mother and Aunt Vicky would bring him sexy, Far East beauties for him to enjoy.

Both my mom and aunt were good sex slaves to both my dead dad and Clint.

“I knew she would break,” Pam said. The petite, Japanese woman wore a black corset about her torso, lifting her round breasts into two delicious mounds. Her dark-brown nipples thrust out hard. She wore her hair in a French braid, falling black down her back, a few errant strands tumbling down her porcelain cheeks. A bubbling laugh burst from her lips, full of her amusement.

“I have plenty of delights to use on her to punish her,” said Pam. She motioned to a table where she’d set out a variety of wicked delights.

“Darn,” muttered Mr. Armstrong as he stared at the massive butt plug sitting beside the other items. Clothespins, clover clamps, vampire gloves, a Wartenberg wheel, several leather straps, two paddles (one with holes drilled through the polished wood), a pair of flails (one with thick leather straps and the other fine, thin tails), a whip, a coil of red rope, handcuffs, and a spreader bar.

“What do you want to use on her?” asked Clint as he pushed Mrs. Armstrong down on her knees. Pam came up to him, pressing against his side, her eyes bright.

“I don’t know,” Mr. Armstrong said. He picked up the Wartenberg Wheel. It looked like a pizza slicer except the wheel had small, blunt teeth that would roll across your skin. It was a medical device to check nerve function.

It felt wicked rolling across your flesh.

“This is… I mean…”

“Fine,” Clint growled. “A man shouldn’t hesitate. He needs to be in control. Make decisions.” He snatched up the red rope. “Watch.”

Mrs. Armstrong gasped as he pushed her down onto belly, her breasts flattening on the ground. Her hips wiggled from side to side. He pulled her arms behind her back and bound her wrists together. She shuddered as he wrapped them up, braiding the rope around her arms as he worked higher and higher.

“Oh, wow,” groaned Mr. Armstrong as he watched Clint work with skill.

Melody hugged Pam from behind. She nuzzled into our Japanese half-sister, cupping Pam’s tits. She moaned, wiggling in delight, melting into Melody’s embrace. The two loved each other as much as my brother.

My pussy clenched as Melody pinched Pam’s nipples.

Clint pulled Mrs. Armstrong up into a kneeling position as he went to work on her body. He wound the rope around her stomach, then did a complicated braiding to wrap the rope up her belly, the red cable beautiful against her pale skin. He then looped the rope around her tits. He squeezed her mounds with the rasping hemp.

Mrs. Armstrong moaned as first her right tit then her left were wrapped, her breasts jiggling, looking swollen. Her nipples were hard. Cum dribbled down her face. She licked her lips, tasting the cum. She whimpered, her body shifting, kneeling there as Clint finished his knots.

Stairs creaked behind me.

Clint glanced up and smiled. “Well, if your father can’t decide how to punish your mother, what do you think?”

I threw a look behind me to see Stefani peeking around the corner. She blushed. What, did she think we wouldn’t notice her? She stepped out naked, her round breasts jiggling, her fiery hair sweeping around her shoulders. She had a sleek stomach that flowed down to her shaved pussy, her dandelion tattoo looking so hot on her pubic mound.

“You’re being naughty, Dandi,” I purred. I loved the pet names we had for each other.

“I have, Yunie,” she said, winking at me.

My hands idly brushed my unicorn tattoo on my shaved pubic mound.

“Well, let’s see,” said Stefani. “How to punish my bitch of a mother… Hmm…”

Her father gaped at her, his hand covering his hard cock. Her mother squirmed, staring down, her cheeks going scarlet, making my brother’s cum really stand out. Stefani had a saunter to her steps, juices dripping down her thighs.

“How should I make you suffer for being such a hypocritical dyke, Mother?” hissed Stefani. She grabbed a Paddle. “Maybe I should spank your ass until it’s black and blue?”

“Mmm,” moaned Melody, her fingers pinching Pam’s nipples. Both their eyes watched with molten lust in them, Pam’s slanted and dark.

“Hot,” whimpered Pam.

“Or should we whip you?” Stefani asked. “I’m pretty good at the whip. I can raise welts across your ass. One for every time your tongue licked through my pussy.”

“What?” asked Mr. Armstrong.

“Oh, Daddy, Mommy ate my pussy and loved it,” purred Stefani. “She had her tongue deep in me. She feasted on me. Oh, she’s a pussy-licking fiend.”

“Yes, she is,” escort I purred.

Mr. Armstrong swallowed. “Why is my daughter here?”

“She’s not supposed to be,” Clint said, giving my lover a hard look. “But she’s a concerned party. She was hurt badly by your whore-wife’s actions. She has every right to punish her.”

“She ate my pussy, Daddy, then called me a freak,” hissed Stefani. “She pretended she didn’t love the taste of my cunt. She feasted on me.”

“Oh, yes, she did,” I purred.

Mr. Armstrong swallowed. “Well, honey, I’m sorry. Your mother is… is a whore. She shouldn’t have eaten your pussy at all. She should have been a faithful wife.”

“I should have,” whimpered Mrs. Armstrong. “I’m trying. I just…”

“You need to be a man, Daddy,” said Stefani. She picked up the vampire glove. It was made of fine, black leather, the palms and fingers covered with fine needles. “Now this is naughty. If you’re not careful, you can draw blood. It scratches. Lee always howled when Clint rubs her with it. The way she cums with it…” My lover shook her head. “No, no, this isn’t right.”

She passed the clover clamps, a type of nipple clamp with springs. When you tugged on the chains at the end, they tightened, squeezing the nubs harder. She brushed the massive butt plug, shaped like a smooth Christmas tree that flared nearly as wide as my wrist. She touched it, rocking it, before she moved to the box full of clothespins.

“Mmm, these,” she said, picking it up. “Shall we decorate her, Yunie?”

I smiled at her and sauntered over, passing the MILF, my brassy hair dancing about my shoulders. My pink nipples throbbed. Once, I’d let Melody clamp one. It hurt and yet felt exciting. It wasn’t for me. I wasn’t a pain slut like Mrs. Armstrong clearly was.

I took one from the box and opened it. It was a regular wooden clothespin. The spring snapping the jaws back shut when I released them. Mrs. Armstrong trembled, her bound tits looking so swollen. So in need of being decorated by them.

Stefani and I knelt before her. We both reached for her breasts, for her mother’s hard nipples. Just as we were about to clamp her nubs, Clint said, “You’re not even going to say it’s okay, Mr. Armstrong?”

“Okay?” the weak man said.

“They’re about to play with your wife,” Clint said, “and you’re not objecting? Are you just going to let us do whatever we want to your wife?”

“Well…” The man swallowed.

I clamped Mrs. Armstrong’s left nipple as Stefani snapped her clothespin on the right. The wooden jaws pinched both pink nipples, compressing them. Mrs. Armstrong gasped. Her back arched. She let out whimpers, pain and pleasure crossing her face.

“Whoops,” I said. “Should we take them off, Mr. Armstrong?”

“Yes, should we, Daddy?” Stefani asked, her eyes smoky.

“It’s okay,” he said. “She needs to be punished and… and… I’m sorry if she said the things she said, Stefani. After all… The things your mother has done.”

My girlfriend and I grinned at each other. Then our hands darted into the box and pulled out the clothespins. We attacked her mother. We clipped them on her breasts, pinching her skin. Her mom moaned, her green eyes wide. Her head threw back as the clothespins swayed while her swollen breasts jiggled.

One after the other, we circled her tits. She moaned louder and louder. Her face contorted. I breathed in deeply, inhaling tangy musk. Her mother dripped juices as we applied more and more of them. I’d heard Lee or my mother making noises like this, that mix of pain and pleasure.

Agony and rapture.

“You like this, don’t you, Mother?” hissed Stefani, clamping a clothespin on her mother’s upper tit.

“It’s… it’s…” The woman’s face contorted. “It feels… It hurts, but… but… It feels… It makes me… I…”

“You love it,” I purred, clamping another clothespin on her tit. They swayed. There were dozens of them per breast. “Don’t you? You’re just a naughty slave that loves the pain.”

Mrs. Armstrong whimpered and nodded her head.

“Do you see, Daddy?” Stefani said, her hand grabbing another clothespin. She pinched this one on her mother’s stomach between lengths of red rope crisscrossing her torso. “Mommy’s just a submissive whore.”

“She is,” groaned her father. “She just needs to be controlled, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, I do,” moaned Mrs. Armstrong. “I’ll just be wanton. I want to eat our daughter’s pussy. I lied. I loved it. I was just shocked. I felt I should hate it. I was ashamed she knew I loved pussy. I’m such a hypocrite. Yes!”

I clamped a clothespin on her belly, pinching the toned skin. She shuddered, whimpered. We went lower, working down her stomach, adding more and more clothespins to decorate her body. We were heading to her auburn bush.

My girlfriend grinned at me as she darted her hand down between her mother’s thighs with another clothespin. She nudged through her mother’s pubic hair and found thick, engorged labia covered in pussy juices.

She clamped her mother’s cuntlip.

“Oh, my Lord!” gasped the MILF, her clothespin-studded tits bouncing. Her swollen breasts looked so delicious, her skin stretched taut. Her dark-red hair danced about her contorting face. “Oh, that hurts! Oh, yes, yes, punish my disgusting pussy! I’m such a wicked mother! A whorish wife!”

I grabbed another clothespin. Grinning at my girlfriend, I found the MILF’s other labia. I clamped it. She gasped and bucked, her juices running down the clothespin, soaking the wood. The tangy passion swelled, my own cunt aching with delight.

“Mmm, that’s hot,” moaned Stefani. “Don’t you think, Daddy? Isn’t she such a beautiful whore?”

“Yeah,” groaned her dad.

“But she needs something else. Daddy, fetch that butt plug for me.”

Mr. Armstrong obeyed his daughter. He grabbed the thick, black cone and rushed it over to his daughter, his cock bobbing before him. It was so small compared to Clint’s. My brother watched, standing beside our sisters as Melody played with Pam’s tits.

Their three eyes on us were so hot. My pussy was on fire.

Stefani smiled as she moved around her mother. I followed, wanting to watch the fun. The MILF moaned and whimpered. Stefani licked the tip of the butt plug. Her tongue danced around the end of the rubber cone. She soaked it in her spit before she grinned at me.

This was so hot. I parted her mother’s asscheeks, exposing that puckered asshole.

“Mmm, Mommy, I couldn’t help noticing how hard you came from the anal beads,” Stefani purred. She lowered the butt plug to her mother’s crack. “You’re going to love this, aren’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” the woman moaned. “Stefani!”

Her back arched, her arms wiggling against the bonds. The rope rasped as her daughter drilled the butt plug into her asshole. I shuddered, watching that tight, brown anal ring swallowing it as Stefani pressed it deeper and deeper into Mrs. Armstrong. She groaned as her asshole stretched wider and wider.

It was so hot to witness. Stefani drilled it deeper. Her mother moans grew louder. They were throaty and passionate. Mrs. Armstrong’s body wiggled back and forth. Her moans echoed through the dungeon. Everyone watched her.

“Oh, Lord, that’s huge!” the MILF whimpered. “Oh, that’s so big. She’s stretching me out, honey. Our daughter’s stretching out my asshole! It’s incredible.”

“Are you… are you going to cum?” groaned Mr. Armstrong.

“Yes, yes, yes!” the MILF howled as Stefani thrust it harder.

I groaned as the massive butt plug vanished into her mother’s asshole. Her hole squeezed shut around the stem, the knob nestled between her butt cheeks. Her mother’s body bucked and heaved. Pussy juices gushed down her thighs, coating the clothespins in her cunt cream. That tangy passion filled my nostrils.

Her moans echoed through the room. It was so incredible. I loved it. My pussy clenched as Mrs. Armstrong kept proving how much of a pain-slut she was. It was incredible. I once thought this woman was the most prudish cunt on the planet.

She was a kinky whore.

“Ooh, Daddy,” Stefani purred, standing up, “looks like Mommy disobeyed you again. She didn’t ask permission to cum, did she?”

“No, she didn’t,” groaned her father. He stroked his cock again, staring at his wife with such lust in his eyes.

“She’s just a whore,” moaned Melody, pinching our half-sister’s tits.

Pam whimpered in agreement while Clint had a big smile on his lips. He had his arms folded across his muscular chest, not stroking his hard cock like a desperate wimp. He controlled his desires. He wasn’t a slave to them.

Stefani rose and headed to the table. She grabbed both of the flails. She grinned at me, her breasts swaying. “Well, Yunie, thin or thick?”

I stared at the two flails. The thick one had broad strips of leather wider than two of my fingers combined. The other had dozens of thin strips, almost as fine as a whip. One produced a thudding slap and the other a stinging kiss.

“The thick one,” I purred.

“Mmm, you are thicc in all the right places,” my girlfriend purred, staring at my curvaceous body with hungry eyes.

I winked at her.

She handed me the thick one. Then she grabbed her mother and hauled her to her feet. The bound woman gasped. She stumbled, her round breasts jiggling. Her clothespin-studded tits looked so swollen and ripe. Just perfect to enjoy.

“Now stand there, Mommy,” Stefani purred, taking such delight in this, “and let us punish you for cumming without Daddy’s permission. Or mine.”

“I’m sorry, Stefani honey,” she groaned. “I shouldn’t have, but… The butt plug feels amazing in me. I’m such a slut! And the clothespins… They hurt so sweetly.”

Stefani grinned. Her arm swung.


The thin straps striped her mother’s rump with dozens of red lines. Her mother’s back arched. Her auburn hair danced around her head as she whimpered and groaned, that throaty sound of a slut who loved being izmit escort bayan punished. Mrs. Armstrong wiggled her hips.

She didn’t retreat.

I drew back my arm and swung the flail.


The thick straps landed heavily on the woman’s rump. She jumped and gasped. Her back arched.

Her arms bound behind her pulled against the ropes. She made this amazing sound of pain and pleasure.


More stripes blossomed.


The impact shuddered through the MILF, her ass jiggling, glazing red.


The sounds were so exciting. Pussy juices ran down my thighs as we punished her.


We alternated. We struck her over and over, driving her wild.


“You’re just such a whore, aren’t you, Mommy!” moaned my lover.


“Yes, you are,” I moaned, watching those scarlet asscheeks jiggling.

“I am!” Mrs. Armstrong moaned. “I deserve this. Keep spanking me, Stefani honey! Punish your mother! I was so wrong! I was so jealous that you were open to your desires. That you loved another woman the way I always wanted!”


“When I had the chance to do it anonymously, I leaped at it!”


“I loved it! And then you showed up!”


“I was so ashamed that you knew I was a lezzie whore! After the way I treated you, I reacted badly!”


“I’m so sorry, Stefani honey! I’m a whore! A slave to my desires! I have to be controlled or I’ll just be such a filthy, disgusting slut!”

“Yes!” Stefani hissed and slammed her flail into her mother’s ass.


The sound was the loudest yet. Her mother threw back her head and gasped out in pain. It was incredible. I trembled, watching as my lover’s tits heaved.

“You’re such a whore!” hissed Stefani!


I gasped as Pam hugged me from behind. I felt her corset against my blouse, her breasts rubbing into my tits. Her nipples caressed my nubs. Her arms went around me as I watched Stefani whip her mother’s ass.

“You made me feel like I was a disgusting thing!”


“Like I wasn’t good enough to be your daughter!”


“You’re better than I am!” moaned her mother. Her voice was throaty. Tears fell down her cheeks. “Keep spanking me. I deserve it. I love you, Stefani. I don’t hate you. I hate myself for how I treated you!”


I shuddered as Pam kissed at my neck. Her lips nibbled on my flesh, feeling so naughty. Her left hand cupped my large tit. She kneaded me as the cracks hissed through the air. Then her hand shoved down to my pussy. I felt something hard in her hand. Something round.

A clit vibrator.

It buzzed to life as she pressed it into the folds of my pussy. Pleasure sparked through me. I groaned as my sister massaged my clit. She pressed the vibrating delight into me. My clit drank it in. My pussy, primed by the naughty fun, burst into overdrive.


Pam rubbed her little toy in circles on my clit. The buzzing delight assaulted my bud. Pleasure surged through me. My toes curled. My breasts jiggled, her hand squeezing my left tit. She nibbled up to my neck, teasing me with her lips while my pussy juices dripped down my thighs.


“Mmm, she’s just so beautiful, isn’t she?” Pam whispered in my ear. “Your lover.”


“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my heart pounding in my chest. “Just amazing. I love her.”


Stefani winked at me.

“I love her so much, Pam,” I groaned, my hips undulating as my half-sister massaged my clit and gave me such pleasure. My body rushed towards my orgasm. I couldn’t fight it. Not with that buzzing delight massaging my most sensitive bud.


Stefani looked so passionate. Her fiery hair danced about her shoulders as she drew back her arm. Her firm tits heaved. Her golden nipple rings glinted in the light of the dungeon. She slammed the flail down hard.


Her mother’s butt-cheeks rippled.

I groaned as my lover cocked back her arm again. I wiggled my hips, feeling Pam’s ticklish pubic hair on my rump. Her leather corset creaked as she ground against me. She pressed the clit rocket hard against my aching nub while her fingers found one of my nipples.


She twisted my nub.

“Pam!” I moaned, my toes curling. “Yes, yes, Pam, I’m going to cum!”


“Mmm, cum,” purred Pam. “Just enjoy yourself. Mr. Armstrong is.”


The pathetic man fisted his cock as his daughter did his job for him. Stefani was wild. Beautiful. Perfect. My body trembled. The pleasure swelled through me. I groaned, my heart racing in my chest. I couldn’t handle this any longer. I bit my lower lip, this wild passion surging through me. It built and built, threatening to drown me.


My eyes fluttered. My cunt clenched.


I exploded on the buzzing vibrator. My head threw back as I trembled in Pam’s loving embrace. My Japanese sister sucked on my neck and twisted my nipple. Wave after wave of rapture rippled out of my cunt.


“Yes, yes, Pam, you’re amazing!” I moaned. “Oh, my god, yes, yes!”

Stefani turned, the flail held low in her hand, tails swaying around her right thigh. She watched me, her green eyes hot as I trembled. I bucked and shuddered, my pussy convulsing. Waves of rapture washed out of me. They inundated my mind.

“Ooh, Yunie,” groaned Stefani, the flail slipping from her fingers. Her thighs gleamed with her cream. Her juices ran down her thighs. “Isn’t she gorgeous, Mommy?”

“Yes,” whimpered the trembling whore. Mrs. Armstrong’s entire ass blazed red. Her bound body twisted, her clothespins jiggling on her tits as she squirmed around to look at me. “yes, she does.”

“Don’t you just want to eat her up,” Stefani moaned as Pam kept the clit rocket pressed on my sensitive bud.

“Uh-huh,” the MILF whimpered.

The pleasure soaked my mind. The ecstasy washed out of my pussy. My tart passion filled my nose. That wonderful musk filled my every inhalation. My eyes fluttered as my heart pumped rapture through my veins.

Stefani groaned then threw herself at me. She seized me, pulling me to her and ripping me from Pam’s embrace. Our breasts came together as her lips captured mine in a wild kiss. I melted against her, our nipples brushing. Our mouths worked with wild passion, tongues dueling.

I felt everyone watching us, especially her mother. Mrs. Armstrong panted and whimpered, envying her daughter. I grabbed Stefani’s rump, pulling her tight against me. My hands kneaded her flesh as I savored the delicious flavor of her mouth.

Our hips wiggled, shifted. We pressed our pussies against the other’s thighs, legs half-entwined. Her skin felt so hot against my twat. Pleasure rippled through me. I groaned into her mouth, my hands massaging her rump while hers stroked my back.

“Aren’t they beautiful?” Melody purred.

“Mmm, they are,” Pam said. “Inspiring.”

I heard my half-sisters began kissing, loving each other the way I loved my Stefani. My clit throbbed against her, drinking in fresh delight, driving me towards my orgasm. I wanted to cum so badly. I wanted to writhe in my lover’s embrace.

I wanted to feast on her and feel her devouring me. A wild, wicked delight. My heart thundered in my chest. I wanted it so badly. To just fall to the floor and devour her. She would taste so delicious. Tangy, like her mother.

I broke the kiss and stared into Stefani’s feverish, green eyes.

“Yes, Yunie, let’s do it!” she moaned before I could say it. “Let’s sixty-nine.”

“God, I love you,” I moaned, my heart beating so fast. My fingers kneaded her rump.

“That’s so sweet,” moaned Pam. “They’re so hot together.”

“Mmm, they are,” Melody purred. “Want to join them?”

“You know I love eating your pussy.”

I shuddered as Pam and Melody were already sinking to the floor, Pam ending up on top of Melody. My two half-sisters were so eager for each other. They twisted around, Pam planting her furred muff on Melody’s hungry mouth.

“Damn, they are beautiful,” Clint said, awe in his voice.

“Yes, they are,” I said.

“Yunie, let’s eat each other!” moaned my girlfriend. “You got to cum, but I haven’t! My pussy is on fire!”

“Oh, I’m going to make you explode,” I said, pulling my lover to the floor.

I settled on my back, my breasts piling into two plump mounds. Stefani squirmed atop me, her nipples rubbing into my nubs. Her nipple ring caught on my left nub, teasing me as she squirmed. My pussy clenched, heat surging through me.

Then she spun around on me, our tits rubbing against the other’s stomach. She threw her leg over me so her pussy hovered right above my head. Her labia spread open wide, her pink depths exposed to my hungry gaze.

A drop of tangy passion landed on my lips.

I moaned as I licked it up, her aroma filling my nose. I seized her rump and pulled her down. Her pussy melted to my face. My tongue lapped through her labia while she buried her face into my cunt. Her tongue darted through my petals, teasing me.

It was incredible.

She darted through my folds, licking me with such hunger. She squirmed on me as my tongue attacked her clit. She needed to cum, and I wanted to make her explode as fast as possible. Then I was going to take my time with her.

Tease her. Love her.

“Yunie!” she squealed into my pussy as I sucked on her clit.

“Oh, my, Zoey, you’re loving my daughter,” Mrs. Armstrong moaned, such envy in her voice.

“Always!” I moaned, trembling on the ground. My hips wiggled back and forth.

My tongue darted around Stefani’s sensitive, pink nub. Then I sucked on it. My hands kneaded my lover’s rump as izmit sınırsız escort she squirmed atop me. Her tangy juices soaked my lips. They spilled down my chin. My eyes stared at her taint and her asshole winking between her butt-cheeks.

I loved the sight.

She moaned into my pussy. Her tongue stirred around inside of me. She teased me. Drove me wild. It was an incredible treat to enjoy. I groaned, savoring this passion surging through me. It was incredible. I whimpered out in delight. The rapture burned through me. My body trembled on the carpet.

“Yunie!” gasped my lover.

“Are you going to cum?” Mrs. Armstrong asked. “Are you, Stefani honey?”

“Yes!” she howled. “I’m so hot. I… I… Yunie!”

Her wonderful cream gushed out of her pussy and bathed my face. I lapped up the delicious flood. I groaned, savoring every moment of drinking her tangy delight. My tongue danced over her pussy folds. I teased her. Drove her wild. She whimpered atop me, grinding back and forth on me. Her hot cream ran over my cheeks and chin.

It was incredible. A wild treat that I was lucky enough to enjoy. I moaned into her cunt. I worshiped her as I savored her wild flavor. My tongue danced over her folds, licking up her cream as she squealed into my cunt.

“Yunie! Yunie! I love you! You’re the fucking best! Oh, my god! Ooh, yes, yes, lick up my cream.”

A shadow fell over me as I did that. Clint dropped to his knees, holding his hard cock. I stared up at his dick as he lined up at Stefani. I pulled my mouth from her pussy, gasping, panting. My tongue flicked out, licking at his shaft.

“Fuck her!” I moaned. “Breed her! We have to be pregnant together!”

“Yes!” my lover moaned into my pussy. She thrust her tongue into my twat.

Clint rammed his dick into her cunt.

I watched my brother’s big cock vanish into my lover’s pussy. His balls slid over my face. I sucked on them for a moment before they drew back. His cock emerged covered in my lover’s tangy cream. I licked him, savoring the flavor. He slammed in again, his hairy nutsack caressing my face.

I smelled his manly musk. I moaned, licking his balls as he fucked my lover. She moaned into my twat, feasting on me, driving me wild while my brother pounded her. Clint grunted and groaned, fucking her hard.

“Pam!” whimpered Melody in the background as the rapture shot through me.

“Yes, yes, Melody! I love you!” gasped Pam.

Their passion mixed with the sounds of Mrs. Armstrong whimpers and the rhythmic slapping of Mr. Armstrong jerking his cock. Why didn’t he use his wife? Why didn’t he just take her instead of watching us like a pathetic man?

Stefani nibbled on my labia, driving the question from my mind.

Pussy juices dripped from my lover’s pussy as Clint rammed into her. He buried his cock over and over into her pussy, churning her cunt cream to a froth. It glistened like a pearly foam on the edges of her labia.

I licked it up.

My tongue danced around their flesh. My lover and my brother united in passion. I loved it. I tasted her tangy passion on his cock. I sucked on his balls. They were full of the cum that had bred my pussy.

And would breed Stefani’s.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck her, Clint!” I moaned. “I want you cumming in her.”

“Ooh, breed me!” my lover moaned into my twat.

Her fingers found my pussy lips. I gasped as she thrust three of her digits into my depths. She filled me. I moaned out in delight. My legs trembled at the sudden intrusion. Her fingers pumped in and out of me while her tongue flicked against my clit.

She drove me wild. She caressed my bud, teasing me. The passion surged out of me. I trembled on the floor, my heart racing in my chest. Clint grunted as he drove his dick again and again into my lover’s depths.

“Yes, yes, fuck her, Clint!” I moaned. I sucked on his balls for a moment before they drew back. “Make her explode.”

“Yes, yes, I want to cum on your big cock, Clint!” Stefani moaned. She rocked back and forth, her tits sliding against my belly.

She thrust her fingers in and out of my pussy and sucked on my clit. She moaned with wanton passion. I could feel her pleasure building and building in her. She was cumming closer and closer to her orgasm.

Just like me.

Her fingers teased me. She stretched out my pussy. She drove me wild. I sucked on her clit, nibbling on it while Clint thrust forward, his balls smacking into my forehead. He grunted and groaned, plowing her hard.

“Damn!” growled Clint.

“Cum in her!” I urged, my orgasm swelling. Stefani’s fingers reamed me.

“Yes, yes, cum in my daughter!” Mrs. Armstrong groaned. “Breed her!”

“Darn that’s wild,” whimpered the wimpy Mr. Armstrong.

“Uh-huh!” I moaned, my pussy clenching on Stefani’s fingers. “Do it, Clint!”

“Give me that cum and breed my pussy!” howled Stefani.

Her tangy juices gushed out around my brother’s dick and bathed my face in her hot passion. I reveled in it, licking at her flesh as Clint drove his cock into her. His balls slipped over my mouth. My lips latched onto his nuts.

I felt them tense and then twitch.

My brother growled as he flooded my girlfriend’s fertile depths with his jizz. I shuddered, loving this moment. My pussy clenched down on Stefani’s fingers. She moaned about my clit, her body bucking atop me.

I joined them in rapture.

I moaned around my brother’s balls as he flooded her pussy. Ecstasy burst in my cunt. My pussy spasmed around Stefani’s fingers. My body bucked, my aching nipples rubbing into her belly. Pleasure washed over my mind.

Stars danced before my eyes as the bliss filled me. I drank it in as I trembled beneath my lover. I sucked on my brother’s nutsack as he basted her cunt with all his jizz. I loved this moment. My two half-sisters moaned in the background, all of us cumming.

“Oh, Yunie, yes!”

“Dandi!” I whimpered as her fingers pulled out of my pussy. “Did my brother fire a lot of cum into you.”

“So much,” she panted. “I hoped he did it. I hope I’m preggers like you.”

“Me, too,” I moaned.

“Yes, yes, yes,” whimpered Mrs. Armstrong. “That would be so hot.”

Stefani shuddered on me then gasped as Clint ripped his cock out of her. Before I could bury my face into her twat and lick up my brother’s cum, she stood up, pulling her pussy away from my hungry mouth.

I whimpered as I stared up at her, watching her pussy drip with Clint’s cum. I truly hoped that he’d bred her this time. I wanted us pregnant together. Both of us growing my brother’s child. I didn’t know if we’d have daughters or sons. Maybe one of each. I wanted them to be lovers. To share their passion the way their mothers had.

My lover seized her trembling mother by the hair. Stefani yanked hard on the MILF, forcing her mother’s face into her cum-filled twat. My lover threw back her head as her mother took a lick. I could see Mrs. Armstrong’s jaw moving, the muscles in her face working as she devoured her daughter’s fizz-filled pussy.

“She’s reveling in incest, Daddy,” Stefani said, glancing over her shoulder. “Are you going to stop her?”

“I… I…” He swallowed.

“If you don’t, I’m going to piss in her mouth,” Stefani moaned. “She’s going to drink my urine and… Mommy! Ooh, she wants it. Her tongue’s dancing around my urethra. She’s such a wicked slut.”

I trembled, licking my lips coated in Stefani’s tangy cream. It was a similar flavor to her mother’s cunt. A little lighter. Not as matured. Delicious and wonderful. I watched as Stefani stared at her masturbating father.

“Well, Daddy, you going to stop me?” she asked.

“N-no,” he groaned.

A smile grew on Clint’s lips as he stood over me, his arms folded across his broad chest, watching the sight. I shuddered and my eyes widened. He wanted this moment. I flicked my gaze to my lover. She arched her back, her face straining.

Then she let out a long, slow groan.

She pissed in her mother’s mouth. Urine spilled out the corners, the yellow running down her mother’s cheek as she soiled the woman. Mrs. Armstrong shuddered, her bound arms twisting as she pressed her mouth tighter.

She drank her daughter’s urine and moaned. Mrs. Armstrong welted ass clenched, the black knob of her butt plug peeking out. She whimpered with wanton passion as she drank more and more of my lover’s piss. I remembered peeing in Stefani’s mouth earlier that morning, how it felt as the piss streamed out of me and into her mouth.

“Damn,” Melody whispered in the background.

“Mmm,” Pam purred, her voice throaty with satiated bliss. The type brought by one sister making another cum. “What a slut.”

“Yes!” gasped Mr. Armstrong.

He came. His cum splashed on the carpet. A few weak spurts as his knees buckled. He was so pathetic for cumming while watching his daughter use his wife. Stefani had utterly dominated her mother. My lover’s body bucked. She groaned and came again.

I licked my lips, savoring that tangy musk staining my mouth as I watched my lover tremble through her orgasm. She held her mother’s auburn hair. Mrs. Armstrong’s jaw licked and lapped, drinking her daughter’s cream and piss.

“Oh, Daddy, I don’t think you’re strong enough to control Mommy,” Stefani moaned, glancing at her father. “You have to give her to me. I’ll keep her in line. I’ll make her into a good wife and mother. She’ll be my mommy slave and your perfect wife. What do you say?”

“I… I…” He swallowed. “You’re right. I just can’t do it. I tried… but I’m not Clint. Please, please, you have to keep your mother from being such a sinful whore.”

“Yes!” Stefani moaned in triumph, her eyes flashing to me, such delight in them.

I grinned. My brother had arranged this all. I smiled as I witnessed the completion of his plan. I trembled, eager to experience the delights of my lover’s new mommy-slave. Things were about to get wild. I rubbed my belly, hoping the naughty MILF would massage me when I was nice and round, eating my pregnant pussy,

Drinking my piss like a good mommy-slut.

I loved my family.

To be continued…

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