15 Mart 2023



My name is Russell Dawson, Russ to my friends. I’m just your average Joe. I’m an ex blue collar union worker that has worked himself up to a white collar manager at a power plant. I supervise twenty maintenance men, five welders, and ten plant helpers. Maintaining a Power plant requires a wide knowledge of how things work. We maintained everything from the drinking fountain in the shop to the water pumps that pull cooling water out of the river and everything in between. Due to the physical nature of my work my six foot one inch frame is one hundred eighty pounds of pure muscle. I’m not kidding myself I’m no Brad Pitt, but I’ve been told more than once that I’m a handsome guy.

The best thing about me is I make exceptional babies. I’m not bragging just stating a fact, my oldest, now a fourth grader, is not only smart, but sings good enough to be on Broadway starring in Annie. My son, even at eight has proven himself to be an outstanding athlete. And my baby girl is a blued eyed blonde that I’m sure will become a real heart breaker. All three are looked up to by their peers as social and academic leaders.

My wife, Kathy, is a five foot eight inch, one hundred twenty pound exceptional beauty. Even after three kids she could rival any of the playmates in the old Playboy magazine. She has green eyes, blonde hair, and a body made for pleasure. Her thirty-six D cup tits are truly the best looking tits I’ve ever seen, either in person or in any of the internet porn I’ve watched. Like I said they are perfect, her nipples and areolas are a deep shade of pink and are the exactly centered in her pillow like soft but yet firm boobs. They are also just the right size at just a little bit bigger than a quarter and perfectly round. You might have figured out by my detailed description I’m a total tit guy. Her hips are not as big as other guys seem to like them, but as far as I’m concerned they’re just right.

When she’s wearing heels her legs look like they go on forever. I Married her while I was in the Navy after dating through our senior year of high school. I defiantly married up, or at least I thought so at the time. Looking back, I should have seen the warning signs and realized something was wrong with her. She dated but her relationships never lasted. She would go out with a guy two or three times then they’d go their separate ways. There were rumors of her being cold bitch, but her exceptional beauty blinded me. Our sex life started going down hill almost from the first time when we clumsily claimed each others virginity. Now after ten years the quality and quantity just isn’t there anymore and really it never was.

One of reasons I got the supervisors job was I never miss work and when you work at a power plant where keeping the power flowing is your only job that’s kind of a big deal. I had not been feeling very well for the last three days and it has finally gotten the better of me. After puking for the third time in less than two hours I gave up and notified my boss I was leaving. Driving home in the middle of the day feels strange to me. It’s almost like being in a different town, everything looks strange. Little did I know how strange things were about to become.

For the last month or so Kathy had been more distant, our relationship was getting to the point that I had considered divorce, but like all the other times I quickly realized that I loved her and the kids to much. We had weathered bad times in the past and I was confident we’d get through this, whatever this was. We aren’t fighting but she’s so moody if I didn’t know better I’d think she was pregnant or something. The only other time she was anything like this is when she had wrecked the car and blamed it on a hit and run. The guilt was just too much for her. Under her, sometimes cold facade she is a good person and it ate her up from inside until she finally confessed, but that was just two weeks and this time her foul mood has lasted over a mouth. She’s also gotten even more distant sexually. As I said she’s not a sexual dynamo by any means, but for the last month the sex has completely dried up.

Well I’ll have the house to myself until the kids and Kathy get home after school. After Melissa had started school she had taken a low paying job at the school as a para-professional, an important sounding title for a teacher’s aide, so she could be home when the kids were and it worked out pretty well. She drove them to school and home again and anytime they were home so was she.

I turn on to our street and immediately see that a strange car is parked in our driveway. Not seeing anyone around I think we’re probably getting robbed I pull over trying to decide what to do. I reach for my phone, but my pocket is empty. ‘Fuck,’ I cuss under my breath realizing I must have left it at work in my haste to get out of there before I got the dry heaves again. As far as I know none of my neighbors are home so using one of their phones is out and I certainly don’t want to drive away to get the police, with Escort bayan my luck as soon as I round the corner whoever is inside will leave. After a few minutes of debate my curiosity gets the better of me so I get out of my car and sneak up to the house. Looking through the front windows I can see Kathy’s purse sitting on the couch. Had she gotten sick too, that thought quickly vanishes as I hear her laugh. My stomach is already doing back flips when Kathy walks into the living room. I can’t believe my eyes, she’s completely nude, she never walks around nude, not even when we were childless honeymooners. She grabs her purse rummaging through it she pulls out a package, my heart stops, it’s a package of condoms. She drops her purse and heads back to our room.

I’m in shock, I can’t move, I can’t believe my wife is… I couldn’t even think it, but I know it’s true even without seeing it. Kathy’s having an affair, suddenly the anger boils up in me. I race to the front door, keys in hand, but something stops me. Do I really want to do this, walk in on them while they’re in bed. My mind is spinning if I go in now I know I’ll lose it. I’m just too fucking mad. I’ve always been able to control my temper, but seeing my wife, the mother of my children, in bed with another man, I don’t know I might snap and kill them both. I have to think.

I head back toward the car when I hear Kathy scream. She’s being raped, I run back to the door and insert the key but before I can turn it I hear her scream again, “YES THAT’S IT FUCK ME.” I can’t believe my ears, she never talked like that with me. I silently let myself in, the sounds are unmistakable. Kathy’s moans are mixed with the grunts of a man and the sounds of bodies slapping against each other. My anger is fed by curiosity, I have to see this for myself. I peek down the hall before creeping to our door. The way the room is arranged I can’t just look through the door or I’ll be seen the bed sits sideways to the door so I peek around the frame of the door. I can’t believe it, Kathy is on hands and knees while a man I’ve never seen before pounds her from behind.

I turn and lean my back against the wall next to the door swallowing the bile rising in my throat. I’m sweating profusely and not just because I’m sick. My whole body is shaking as I try to control myself. What the fuck, she’s fucking this guy doggie style, my uptight, won’t even let me fuck her with the lights on wife is fucking this guy doggie style. I peek back around the door, not only is she fucking him doggie style, but she’s loving every bit of it. She’s moaning and urging him on and she’s clearly thrusting back against him. I’m both repulsed and mesmerized, I can’t take my eyes off them as they fuck like wild animals.

I watch as he slaps her ass with a resounding smack, “you like that, you little bitch,” the words are full of lust.

“Yes, yes, spank me,” she moans, “I’m a bad girl I need a good spanking.” I need to run, get away before I do something. What that something would be is a mystery to me. My brain won’t work, what do I do, I close my eyes tight and shake my head trying to get my brain working again, but nothing works I just can’t process any of it. Nothing I know about this woman fits what I’m hearing and seeing, yes I must leave but my numb body won’t move.

As I watch he rains slaps down on her ass until her cheeks are bright red. That ass, that ass that I thought was mine is now being claimed by someone else. Finally the shock fades along with my anger, all that’s left is a strange out of body feeling of what, hatred, shame, jealousy, no I realize the strongest emotion I’m feeling is envy. I’m envious of this man I don’t know, doing to my wife what I can’t, no not can’t, but have been rebuked at every turn from enjoying what this fucker is enjoying. I can’t believe it but my cock is growing hard, fuck I’m enjoying watching this, who’s more fucked up me or her. Finally my body responds and I turn to leave, I feel like I’m going to throw up again I have to force the bile back down. Half way down the hall I’m frozen by the sound of Kathy’s voice. “Yes fuck my ass,” from the angle I had at the door I couldn’t actually see, is he really fucking her ass. I’ve begged and begged her to let me fuck her ass, but she always flatly refused to even let me touch her ass. I creep back to the door and peek in, he has his cock held at the base as he pulls out and pushes back in each time aiming first high then low, he’s fucking her in both holes at the same time.

I turn and walk out to the living room and sit in a daze. She’s doing things with him that she would never do with me. Our marriage is a sham, she never loved me or if she did she doesn’t now. This is what’s been bothering her, she doesn’t love me and she doesn’t know how to tell me. I can’t face her now, not after what I just saw, I have to get out of here and clear my head.

I sit in my car in Walmart’s parking lot not able to move my stomach churning. I open the door Bayan Escort and puke my guts out, not sure if it’s the sickness or the fact that my marriage is more than likely over. I can’t get the image of him pushing his cock into her pussy just to pull it out and push it in her ass out of my head. My cock is hard as a rock and that bothers me even more, the fact that this turns me on. For my own sanity I have to confront her, but how, that’s the question. I can’t do it in front of the kids, so when. I can’t go home and act like I didn’t see what I saw, I’m not that good of an actor.

Do I want a divorce is the question? I wrestle with that question for hours before realizing that no I don’t want a divorce. I love my wife, my lying, cheating, whore of a wife. I’m so fucked, I love her and know that I’ll put up with anything to keep her. I’m going to be a cuckold, fuck how could his happen to me.

I pull into the driveway an hour later than normal. Getting out of the car I walk slowly to the door my stomach still doing back flips. I hear her voice as she helps Amy with her homework and I have to square my shoulders and steel myself, driving the image of her bucking back against her lovers cock out of my head. “Hi honey,” she says cheerfully when I walk in, “dinner will be ready soon. I was beginning to worry, what kept you?”

WHAT KEPT ME, WHAT KEPT ME, YOU FUCKING WHORE THE IMAGE OF YOU FUCKING YOUR LOVER THAT’S WHAT KEPT ME, I want to scream, but what comes out is “had some loose ends to tie up before I left work,” I say in a low voice.

She looks at me and gets up, “what’s wrong,” she asks as she walks toward me.

“I’m not feeling very well, I’m going to bed,” I say brushing past her before I lose control.

“Do you want me to bring your plate in there,” she asks following me.

“No I’m not hungry, I’m just going to bed,” I snap before closing the door in her face.

Thankfully she doesn’t follow me in. I look at the bed and the ghost of them pounding against each other is there. I sit in the chair staring at the bed, the sight and sound of their fucking plays in an endless loop in my head.

“Russ, honey, you asleep,” Kathy’s voice cuts through the fog.

I had fallen asleep in the chair without realizing it. I look at the clock it’s 9:37. “Are the kids asleep,” I ask.

“All tucked in long ago,” her chipper voice cuts into me. She’s happy because she got a good fucking this afternoon.

“Close the door, we need to talk,” I say knowing that I can’t hold this in any longer.

She shuts the door, “Russ you’re scaring me, what’s wrong.”

“I want you to know it doesn’t matter,” I whisper.

She’s at my feet on her knees holding my hands, “Russ what doesn’t matter?”

“I was here this afternoon, I saw you, I saw you and your lover, I saw what you were doing, and it doesn’t matter, I love you and I’ll always love you,” I say in a whisper having to fight the urge to run screaming from the room, then add, “but please don’t do it here anymore.”

“You saw,” she whispers. “wait what did you see?”

I raise my head and lock eyes with her and hiss, “enough”

She hangs her head and whispers, “do you want me to leave, do you want a divorce,” as she silently starts to sob.

“No, that’s what I’m telling you, you can have your lover, all I ask is that you don’t do it here, I’m afraid one of the kids will see you or a neighbor will see you and tell the kids, I don’t want them hurt.”

“But don’t you hate me after seeing how perverted I am,” she asks tears streaming down her cheeks. “After seeing the things I … I like, honestly I’ve tried, I’ve really tried to control my depravity, but I can’t, I just can’t,” she says with a sob.

“Can I ask you why, why will you do those things with someone else but not me, don’t you love me, no don’t answer that, I don’t care if you love me or not, I love you and that’s all that matters to me right now,” I say, now tears are streaming down my cheeks.

“Oh Russ, I love you, please you have to know I love you, that’s why I couldn’t, I never wanted you to know those things about me.”

“If you love me then why would you fuck him that way and not me? Why can’t I even touch your ass, but he can fuck it,” I say a little too load, my anger getting the better of me.

“You mean you don’t think that it’s disgusting, that I can’t control my sexual desires,” she asks in disbelief.

“No, I love you, nothing you could do would disgust me,” I assure her.

“You don’t know that, you haven’t heard what I really like,” she says with a sniff.

I pull a tissue out of the box sitting by the chair and hand it to her. “Are you saying that you did that today with him because if you did it with me you thought I’d hate you.”

She blows her nose and shakes her head yes.

“You fucking idiot,” I say shaking my head. “how many have there been?”

She looks up at me with questioning eyes as if she doesn’t understand Escort the question, then I see the recognition in her eyes, “Oh, you mean men, don’t you” she asks.

“No women,” I say sarcastically, “of course men.”

“You won’t believe me,” she whispers.

“Tell me the truth and I will,” I challenge her.

“Today was the first,” she says looking me in the eyes.

“What I saw today could not have been the first time,” I snap.

She looks at me as if trying to decide to go on or not. Finally she gets up and says, “stay here I’ll be right back.”

I hear her go downstairs to the basement then after a few minutes I hear her climbing the stairs. She’s carrying a small suitcase when she comes back in. She sits it on the floor in front of me and goes back and closes the door and locks it. Kneeling beside the case she says, “now it’s my turn to say I love you and no matter what you think of me after this I’ll always love you.” She takes the key from her pocket and unlocks the case, then taking a deep breath she pulls the lid up holding it open so I can see inside.

“Well I have to admit I am shocked,” I say looking at dildos, vibrators, a couple DVDs, and some lingerie wadded up under everything else, “but not because I find these disgusting, but because I never thought such an uptight frigid bitch as you would have them,” I say shaking my head, “I actually thought you were uptight and that’s why you never even let me touch your ass. Fuck I’m lucky to even touch your pussy let alone you ass.” I lean forward sticking my finger in her face, “not once have I been allowed to even touch,” I realize I’m shouting so I lower my voice to a hiss, “not once. And if you think I believe today was your first time just because you own a dildo then you really do think I’m a fool.”

She shrinks back holding her hands up as if to block me from hitting her, “I told you that you wouldn’t believe me,” she sobs.

My anger is getting the best of me, “put your fucking hands down, have I ever hit you, well have I,” I growl.


“After what I saw today maybe I should start, you seem to really enjoy it,” I say sarcastically as I push up out of the chair past her and start pacing the room, my stomach once again threatening to empty.

She doesn’t move other than to drop her hands resting them on her thighs. “These are how I’ve satisfied my perversion before today,” she whispers her head down motioning to the case.

“You really do think I’m an idiot,” I say exasperated, “I saw you today, I fucking saw you, nobody acts the way you did who’s an anal virgin.”

She’s been sobbing this whole time, but now she bends over burying her face in her hands and really looses it. I watch her uncontrolled sobbing for several minutes, my anger turning into pity. “I’m completely fucked,” I whisper to myself and step over her to sit back in the chair. “It doesn’t matter how many there were or how many there will be,” I say now my head in my hands. “I love you and the kids and if that makes you happy then so be it.”

“No, god no,” she sobs, “today didn’t make me happy, today taught me that I only want you. Please you must believe me today was the biggest mistake of my life and I swear on our baby’s lives it was the only time and it will never happen again.”

We sit in silence except for her quite sobs while I work through everything. If she’s lying, and I really think she is, what does it matter, I’ve already told her she can do whatever she wants.

I reach down and pull up her chin until our eyes lock, “where did you get the idea I was so narrow minded that I’d rather have you do that with someone else than do them with me? I mean I’ve begged you to let me do things that I saw you doing today.”

“I always assumed you were just testing me,” she says with a frown. “You mean this would have really been okay with you? You really could do those things to me and still respect me.

“Respect you? Fuck I’d worship you. How long have you been…a… craving this sort of thing,” I say noticing nothing in the case looked that old.

“I’ve had these wants since Melissa was born, but I kept them at bay until about six months ago. I was taking a shower and washing my bottom and before I knew I had a finger inside me and I was lost. Little by little I started doing more and more, I started buying these,” she says waving at the open case, “and the more I did the more I needed until I had to have what you saw today.”

“Who was that today,” I ask wanting to make sure if this happens again where to look.

“His name is Jim, I met him at school, he’s filling in while our regular delivery man is on vacation,” she says looking down with shame.

“Jim what,” I ask angrily.

She glances up at me then back down not able to meet my gaze, “I … I …er I don’t know his last name. I know how stupid that is, but I,” she looks up at me searching my eyes. Finding no symphony there she lowers her face again and adds, “I just thought that if it was a stranger that it would be okay, that I could do it and forget it, I’d never see him again and,” her words trail off then and she whispers through her tears, “but I was wrong, I was so wrong, I’m so sorry, it was so stupid I have no excuse.”

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