16 Mart 2023



On the night of my 24th birthday, Marc took me out to my favourite restaurant. It’s a tiny, unremarkable place, but the cuisine is to die for. In true Montreal style, we brought a couple of bottles of wine with us. Upon arriving, the server took our coats, opened our first bottle for us, and lit the candle on our table. With a wink he said, “Let me know when you’re ready.”

I took Marc’s hand and said with a grin, “I love this place.”

I found the quirky decor charming, and the bizarre music entertaining. We both scanned the menus, even though we already knew what we wanted.

I watched as he poured the wine, and admired how handsome he looked tonight. Not your typical ‘Tall, Dark, and Handsome’ type, but handsome nonetheless. He was wearing a collared shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and blue jeans. His smile was genuine, as usual, and his hair was messy. To me, that’s the sexiest a man can be. Relaxed, honest, and inspired.

After a glass of wine, we signaled to the waiter that we were ready to order our meal. After ordering, Marc took both my hands in his, and looked me straight in the eyes. He didn’t say anything, but escort istanbul that was one of those moments when silence is much more powerful than words. The lambent light from the candles bounced across our table causing shadows to dance to and fro, and the din from the kitchen seemed to blend with the chatter of the other guests creating a soft haze around us. For a moment there was nothing more than my hands in his, and my eyes, locked with his. Simple and complex, effortless and divine.

It was a wonderful birthday dinner. The food and the conversation were both fabulous. When we left the restaurant we were both pleasantly drunk, waltzing down the street arm in arm. I didn’t want the night to end. When we reached my front door, I sweetly kissed him goodnight before fumbling through my pockets for my keys. I found them eventually, and after sorting out which key was which, I put it into the lock and turned towards him to say goodbye. Before I knew what was happening, I was being thrown up against the door. Marc kissed me passionately and with one swift motion, unbuttoned my shirt, leaving my black lace bra visible to the world.

“I’ve escort bayan istanbul been dying to do this all night,” he growled, reaching around to undo the snap on my bra. “And I can’t wait anymore.”

When the cool night air hit my breasts, my nipples hardened immediately. I could feel myself dripping with excitement as he kissed my neck, and pulled my skirt up around my waist. I completely forgot that we were standing outside, as Marc began to run my throbbing clit through my moist panties. I moaned and dug my nails into his back. I had never wanted him so badly before in my life.

Marc got down onto his knees and pulled my panties off with his teeth, tormenting me with his adorable smile. He kissed his way back up my legs and towards my pussy, hovering only inches away and making me squirm with anticipation. When he finally licked my clit I let out a gasp of delight, and curled my fingers in his hair. There I was, receiving head on my front step, completely naked save for my skirt bunched around my waist, and more aroused that I could possibly remember. I felt an orgasm welling up inside of me, but bayan escort istanbul stopped Marc before I got too close. I pulled him towards me and said, “I need to feel you inside of me.”

He pushed open the front door and scooped me up in his arms, leaving my clothes in a trail on the ground behind him. He lay me down on the sofa and ripped off his own clothing, exposing his rock hard penis. He pulled me to the edge of the couch and lifted my legs up into the air, so that my feet wrapped around his head. With one thrust he was deep inside me, causing waves of pleasure to shoot through my body. I raised my hands above my head to push against the back of the sofa, knowing that he was going to throw his weight into me and really let me have it. It wasn’t long before I was brought to the verge of climaxing again.

“Marc, I’m going to cum!” I screamed, grasping frantically for something to hold onto as he fucked me like he was never going to stop. An orgasm exploded within me, causing my muscles to seize and my hips to buck. My contractions were so intense that they caused Marc to climax with me. Every time I pushed him out he thrust himself back inside, determined not to stop, until finally he collapsed by my side in exhaustion.

We lay on the sofa intertwined in each others’ arms, gasping for breath and falling even more in love. He kissed me on the forehead and whispered,

“Happy Birthday, baby.”

Written By Belle Roberts, 2010

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