15 Mayıs 2023

International relations


 I thrust hard into Jutta as her body tensed for her final climax. Her impeccable hair and makeup contrasting with the lust in her half-closed blue eyes pushed me onward, upward, and inward as I caressed her erect nipples and small breasts through her silk blouse and lacy brassiere. I thrust harder, knowing the stage she was at, and without fail it pushed her to the edge. Her eyes closed, blue irises replaced by light green and blue shaded lids, and then her head fell back as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. She screamed uninhibitedly, even proudly, as her hips fucked hard against me. With a groan I grabbed her hips and pounded hard into her, feeling her cunt squeeze the last few drops of cum out of me as I screamed in unison. She soon pushed me away and mopped up the cum dribbling from her with a towel, then smiled as I held up her skirt to watch. “You love my hairs, don’t you?”“As blonde above as below,” I smiled.“Hand me my panties,” she said, and quickly put them on. “We still have five minutes, so tell me, how do you expect to enjoy yourself while I’m home?”“I thought I might try celibacy, to let myself recover for your return.”She laughed, “That’s three months. Regular release is important for your health, you know. Remember, I don’t love you, but I lust you very much. Stay healthy. Find a nice Italian girl. Or three. Do them like you do me and improve public health around you. It’s the socially responsible thing to do.”We laughed and I said, “And I assume you’ll be doing your part to reduce prostate cancer risks back home?”“If I decide to swing that way,” she smiled. “And make sure to remember every detail so we can act everything out when I get back. Just…keep clean. You know what I mean. Not just health-wise. I don’t want to come back to find several Italian men have beaten you to death for poaching.”We laughed and she stood. “No wrinkles?”She twirled for me and I said, “Maybe a little where your skirt was hiked up.”She shrugged. “If any man notices that, let him wonder how it happened. Brighten his day if he figures it out.”We had been speaking a mixture of English and German, which we preferred when making love; I preferred the dorm staff not to know what we were saying, while Jutta thought it increased her mysterious sexiness in their eyes.She kissed me lightly so as not to disturb her lipstick and said in Italian, and rather loudly at that, “I’ll miss my Daily Dirty Dozen. I’ve never had a man before who could keep up with me.”“Probably the result of clean living and good nutrition for three generations.”“Yes, that must be it, all that Midwestern corn and beef. That and that talented tongue of yours.” She leaned over and whispered in German, “If those women are eavesdropping, that’ll give them something to get their juices started.”I whispered back, “They’re probably completely sick of young ones like us having the sex their husbands can’t give them any more.”“All the better for you, my friend.”We chuckled and she checked herself briefly in the mirror, then opened the door and said, “Accompany me to the door. And don’t wash your face, so they can smell all my perfumes as we pass by.”“You are shameless.”“I am. That’s why you like me so much.”“That and your blonde hair.”“As blonde above as below,” she smiled, “and soft under your nose.” I was amazed that she said such things so loudly, but she simply smiled and added, “All my lips will miss your lips.”I blushed a little and gave her the crook of my right arm after shutting my door, her suitcase in my left hand. We walked down the deserted dorm hallway, where for the past week we had been fucking and sucking without for once having to take care for the peace and quiet of our neighbors, who had all skedaddled as soon as classes ended. However, as graduate students, and foreign into the bargain, we had less reason to scram, though the unrelieved heat and humidity were good candidates.We passed the room two doors down from mine and saw Paola unhurriedly acting as if she had heard nothing. Jutta said, “Bye, Paola, see you in three months.”“Goodbye, Jutta.”“And take good care of my lad here. If he needs anything, you know, special, help him out.”She blushed slightly and replied, “Certainly. And travel well.”“I will.”We walked further along to the door to the main lobby and she whispered, “I will be so glad to return to a country where I can sunbathe nude. I spent so many months in the sunny south and my little bush hasn’t seen the sun once. It’s hardly fair.” We chuckled and she added, “I think Paola is the one who’s listened to us the most. Her husband drinks and cheats on her, so she needs comforting.” She winked and I blushed, and she added, “And don’t think I don’t know how much you love big breasts. You Americans are so much like me.”We laughed again and by that time we were at the door. Her cab was there, and I helped her into the back seat and put the suitcase in the trunk, and she blew me an air kiss as the cab drove away. I waved goodbye and walked back in past the desk, where Paola had joined the other two women at the desk. Francesca and Giulia smiled as Paola practically simpered, and Francesca asked, “Will you be going to the library today?”“Of course.”She said, “Just a moment,” and stood up and leaned over awkwardly and completely unnecessarily to look at a clipboard; as usual in this heat, her blouse was partly unbuttoned, though now the buttons were undone to below the swell of her breasts. She leaned over a little further and her cleavage pushed tight by a strong bra made my drained balls tingle again slightly. “Yes, here. They’re doing maintenance and won’t open until two.” She looked up and Anadolu Yakası Escort smiled wickedly as my eyes moved back to her face.“Ah, thanks.”Paola said, “Let me see that,” and leaned over so that I got a good view down her blouse, which was less tight and allowed me to see all of her right breast within the fabric supporting it. I looked up before she looked back up to see Giulia smiling at the goings-on, her Senegalese face as sweat-covered as the other two, and she stared into my eyes for a moment before glancing around the lobby.Paola then said, “Yes, as I thought, there are only two other students staying here over the summer. They’re putting the summer school students across campus. You each get a floor to yourself.”“So why don’t they close this one and dump us off with the others?”“Unions, my friend. Jobs for the girls.”They all smiled and Giulia added, “They decided that if we’re getting paid for it, we might as well work. There’ll be maintenance work enough in a month, and we’d be mostly functional anyway.”“What about laundry services? For the bedsheets?”“Once a week, if we’re lucky.”“And no food service?”“No food service. You have to go and eat healthy now. Build your strength for when your tight little German friend gets back.”They all laughed and I blushed, and Paola added, “Should be much quieter without the singing every three hours,” and they laughed again as I blushed harder.Francesca added, “I don’t know what she says in German, but it must be a very obscene language.”I nodded and waved goodbye as I walked back to my room, and heard a whispered “A dozen? Iddio!” A couple of hours later there was a knock at my door. I opened it to see Paola with two large cups and two sandwiches on a tray. “I thought you might be lonely, so I brought you a sandwich and coffee,” she said sweetly in Italian.“Thank you,” I replied in the same language, and indicated the softer chair I had bought for reading in the evenings.She sat down and nibbled at her sandwich. “Do you miss Jutta yet?”“Yes.”“And it’s not even one,” she smiled, “so I guess it’s not just the sex you miss.” I laughed, because Jutta always visited after she finished lunch and climaxed the last time that time around one. “I guess now you’ll have to find one of the young women around school.”“I never had any luck with Italian women.”“Whyever not? You have almost no accent, and what you do have is charming.”“Yes, but with my accent they either hated me as an imperialist or despised me for not being able to rap. Some of them for both reasons, I think.”She laughed delightfully and sipped her coffee as she looked at me appraisingly over the brim of the cup. Her jet black hair was lightly curled, falling to her shoulders and framing a squarish face with deep brown eyes, showing slight signs of age, and lightly covered with sweat. I glanced down to see her blouse opened most of the way down, no bra in evidence, and the lighter tan of her chest attractive against the darker olive of her neck and face. Her breasts sagged slightly in promises of hefty delight, and I looked back up before embarrassing myself with an erection, already threatening to arise only two hours after Jutta had received everything I had.She was staring into my eyes as I looked up, and we sat there quietly for a minute. She then said, “Tell me more about yourself,” and so I did, and with each question and answer she seemed to weigh each word and found it pleasing. “Twenty-three? I remember that age, ten years ago. I had been married for two years and he was still passionate. And what does your family do?”After ten minutes of fairly boring common currency, she smiled, “So you study our history.”“Yes.”“I loved history in school, though I hated everything else about it. Now I work at one, but at least I don’t have to worry about my grades.”We laughed and she asked me about my studies, and we talked happily about the past. She came over to look at my books, standing by me and bending over onto her fists to read the spines so that her blouse swung fully open, letting me see the entirety of her right breast, lightly tan, seemingly in my lust-drenched imagination large enough to fit overflowing into two hands, and tipped with a fully erect dark brown nipple in the middle of a wide brown areola. Frozen, I simply stared, and after a minute I saw her watching me staring, saying nothing and showing no embarrassment. She slowly raised herself and said, “You have some very interesting books. Maybe I could come during my breaks and read a little with you.”“I would love that.”She sat back down and fanned herself a little. “Even though I’ve lived here all my life, the south I mean, these damned tempi brutti…I still find the heat and the wetness hard to handle. So hard to relieve, you know?” I nodded, and she continued, “When I first married, I wore a sweet nightgown for my husband. It never stayed on long, thank the lord. Now I sleep nude without any covers, no, I never get covered anymore, thank the lord, so I can catch the breeze, and still I have no relief. So hot, so wet and stuffy.”I nodded again, not trusting my voice, and she smiled, “I probably shouldn’t say such things, being married and all.”I said, a little quaveringly, “I don’t mind. A woman doesn’t lose her need for friendship just because she’s married.”She nodded with a pleased smile and said, “With such a graceful tongue, you should have yourself a nice Italian woman in a very short time.” I simply nodded at the compliment and she asked, “What are you reading about now?”I told her, her eyes widening and then crinkling up in a broad smile. “So, they actually took Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan the Pope’s carcass out of his tomb and put it on trial?!?”“And convicted it and threw it in the Tevere.”“Ah, I did not realize they had such progressive religious policies in the Middle Ages.”“Ah, but people collected the body, all the parts falling off it, and started seeing miracles, so the Pope who got him convicted was strangled. Eventually they reversed the decision and put the pieces of the earlier Pope back in his tomb.”“Best place for him, really, sealed off so’s not to spread disease or puritanism.”“Quite the secularist, aren’t you?”“Oh, most certainly.” She sipped some more coffee and said, “So, will you go to the library today?”“Hardly a point now, is there?”“Then I’ll bring you some more coffee about four.”“I’d like that.”“And you can let me read about poor Formosus. He sounds much more interesting dead than alive.”We chatted a bit more and she returned to work. At 3:45 she knocked on the door with a thermos and poured us some coffee, then we sat reading for a few minutes, she mightily entertained and I distracted. After she finished the last paragraph of that section, she smiled and said, “Thank you! That was one of the strangest things I’ve read this month.”“Not this decade?”“My friend, have you seen our politicians?”We laughed and chatted easily about any number of things, soon enough returning to her personal life. “And yes, he drinks heavily, so…” She made a gesture with her index finger dangling limply over her thumb and we laughed. “At least with me. With other women he gives them one drink from the spigot before running dry, if you understand.”“I do.”“Or so rumor says. But we’re still friends even if he’s no husband to me any more.”“So, was he…well, you had experience before you married at least, right?”She nodded. “He was my fourth. And best, though after our third year that meant very little.”“And since then…?”She smiled and simply asked, “And Jutta, are you two in love?”“No, but we’re the best of friends. In and out of bed.”“She certainly sings a lot in bed, if not well.”I simply smiled and asked, “What about the other two students in the dorm? What are they like? Graduate students?”“The two unlucky fools who got stuck here because it’s the cheapest dorm to stay in because it’s a crumbling piece of shit they should have condemned two decades ago?”“The very same.”“Two teenagers here for sports camp. The sports camp dorm is filled up so they got placed here. They have pimples and bad breath and don’t feel the need to shower too often. And they stay out all night with the other students on their team and I gather come back, if at all, about 3 AM.”“Poor boys.”“Actually, they’re both girls, which makes it worse.” We laughed and she continued, “But then teenage boys see anyone who puts out as a beauty. Those who shower daily are their supermodels.” We laughed some more and she added, “No supermodels in that bunch.”“There was a French peasant once interviewed by one of the government agencies about health and hygiene back in, I guess, the 1910s or so. He said, ‘Who needs to shower? I sweat.’”She laughed uproariously, “Question asked and answered!” She then rose and said, “I have to return to work. Closing down for the day. We finish at 5:30, and we’ll be having a small dinner and a big bottle of wine. Come join us.”“If I won’t be in the way.”“Not at all. We’ll be seeing each other constantly this summer; we might as well start out on the right foot. Besides, there’s no night shift during the summer, so we’ll be all alone. We need you to protect us.”I laughed and agreed, and at 5:30 wandered down to the lobby. Francesca saw me and nodded, then went to the main door and locked it. I watched her as she walked back toward me and behind the counter, a little taller than Paola and almost as busty, with straight black hair to her waist. She too wore a wedding ring and had been married over a decade, Paola had told me, and was by far the best boss she had had at the school.She waved me back behind the desk and into the meeting room in the back, where Giulia looked up from putting out the last silverware and smiled at me as she pointed to a fourth chair stuck in the back corner. Paola came in with a bowl of salad, and then Francesca entered with a bowl of pasta. We served ourselves and ate happily, then as Francesca opened the wine and poured us each a glass, she said, “To a great team and our new gentleman friend.”We sipped and Paola said, “To two women almost as wonderful as myself, and to a man who appreciates the company!”We laughed and then Giulia toasted, “To the finest women of my adopted country, and to a fellow migrant away from home!”I then toasted, “To the three most beautiful women I’ve ever spent a summer with!”They laughed again and Francesca said, “Insulting your mother like that!”“She’s more beautiful than any of you singly, but she can’t compete with the three of you as a group.”They laughed happily and Francesca said, “I at least can stay for two hours, so we’ll have to clean up after an hour or so.”We nodded and Paola added, “Tonight’s Marco’s night out with the boys…this half of the work week, so I can stay as late as I like.”Giulia shook her head and said, “How can you stand that?”“I married him.”She nodded sadly, “As did I.”Paola had told me that her husband had left her, so I just nodded and avoided drawing attention to myself.We sat and chatted, my knowledge of obscene Italian slang growing by leaps and bounds, as always happens when grown women sit and drink and talk. After Francesca finished pantomiming her Escort Anadolu Yakası husband’s latest rushed failure behind her in the kitchen, she added, “And I knew he was full of hot air. He took less than a minute, like always. Of course my sauce didn’t burn!”We all laughed and Giulia, deep in her cups, asked, “So, what is the Daily Dirty Dozen?”The other two tried to shush her and then saw my face and laughed. Finally I said, “Well, Jutta insists on twelve orgasms a day.”“Twelve?!?”“Not all separate. She almost always comes three or four times in a row, two or three starters and then a really big one. So if you add it up, she always gets over a dozen.”“With you, you mean.”Brave with wine, I replied, “Well, yes, that goes without saying. In one way or another.”“She’s very pretty.”“Yes, and elegant and athletic.”“So you like blondes?”“They’re pretty.”They laughed and Paola said, “So, even three or four times at a time, that’s still at least three times a day. At ten, at one, and at four. Pretty much on the hour every time.”They all nodded sagely and I said, “And at bedtime.”They goggled a little at that and Paola muttered, “To be so young again.”Suddenly Giulia chuckled, “‘In one way or another.’ I see.”Francesca suddenly blushed while Paola laughed and said, “Bocca da lupo! May it never die!”We laughed and finished our glasses. We shared the last of the bottle and cleaned up, and I escorted them to the door. Each hugged me and said, “Sleep well, friend,” and left. Paola was the last to leave, and as she hugged me she pressed hard against my erection. “Nice.”“Likewise.”“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” I blushed and she added, “I’ll bring you breakfast tomorrow.”“I’d appreciate that.”She left and I went to my room, took as cold a shower as the crappy plumbing permitted, and read until midnight. I lay down in the stifling heat and suffered from the flush of the wine. I undressed completely and opened my window and door, and lay there drenched in sweat as I thought about the day. My thoughts grew increasingly confused and finally about two I drifted off in a frustrating half-dream of twisting conversations about deadbeat husbands and dead popes. I woke up twice to pee and slept poorly the rest of the time. I woke at eight still exhausted and with a ferocious thirst; fortunately, as a grad student I was a professional souse and had drunk nowhere near my limit. I only needed water. I lay there with a throbbing erection and a tight head, and suddenly I heard Paola say, “You’re awake at last. I’ve been waiting forever! Well, five minutes, but it felt like it.”I looked over at her in what was now her chair, watching me with an open smile over her coffee, and she stood and brought me a cup and poured it full from the thermos. I looked down and was about to cover myself, and she said, “I’ve already seen you, you know. There’s nothing to hide now. It’s seared on my brain.”She laughed as I blushed, and I sat up to drink my coffee. “You do seem to have the advantage on me. Thank you for the coffee. It’s just what I needed.”“Part of what you needed, it looks like,” she said with a raised eyebrow, and I laughed along with her. After a minute she said, “I had to sleep completely uncovered last night too. It’s even worse here. Utterly stifling. I can’t take it any more.” She stood up and began unbuttoning her blouse. I stared at her and she smiled and said, “Enough talk. You do it beautifully. But you know why I’m here. I have a husband, so not a word to anyone. The great thing about your situation is you’re stuck here and don’t know any of my friends. There’s no worry, you see? Besides that, there’s the fact that you’re gorgeous.” She paused and smiled, “Look at that! You got even harder! I am flattered!”By this time she stood before me in her bra and panties and said, “To answer your question yesterday, there have been two since my marriage. Neither was very good. I chose badly. At least they were discreet, so I didn’t have to bury their bodies in a field somewhere.”I blinked and she said, “I’ll let you decide if I’m joking. A woman has to maintain some mystery to keep her man’s interest.”She sat down next to me and smiled happily as I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. She kissed me back passionately and her body responded eagerly to my caresses. I quickly stripped off her bra, feeling the swollen flesh as she pulled my face hard to her breasts. I sucked from one nipple to the other, squeezing and hefting them as she whispered, “Yes, suck them like that, they’re all yours. I know you wanted them so much yesterday.”Soon her hips were circling in time with my tongue around her nipples as I squeezed her breasts together, and she whispered, “Do what you did to Jutta all those times. With your lips. Please.”I nodded and kissed her, then I knelt before her on the floor and slowly removed her panties, sighing as her thick black hairs came into view. I had seen women’s sexes in various states of arousal when first uncovering them, but I had never made the acquaintance of one that was already swollen in lust, the inner lips fully out like a snail, and I leaned in and immediately started sucking her. She groaned and put her hands on my head, and I put my hands over hers and squeezed them once, then began working my fingers inside her as I sucked more vigorously.In two minutes she came like a bomb exploding. Her body flailed in abandon as I sucked single-mindedly on her clit and lips, my fingers caressing the place inside that made her go wild, and she screamed as I sucked her first orgasm out of her. She held me tightly with her thighs and fucked vigorously against my face for half a minute.I continued kneeling before her, exploring her exposed cunt lightly as she lay there in temporary exhaustion. Her lips were a shocking purple-brown, and I continued rubbing the inside of her tunnel lightly as I imagined how it would feel to enter her. She looked down at me and smiled, “I knew you were the right choice.”“So are you.”

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