16 Mart 2023

Is This Seat Taken?


It was Friday night after work, and I was heading out to have a few drinks and maybe shoot some pool at Tom’s Bar. Something told me that this was going to be a good night. It had been about three months since my girlfriend broke up with me for my best friend, and while the depression and resentment had lessened, my sex drive didn’t. I was horny all the time. I mean, a lot of guys wake up with a morning stiffy, I’d wake up with a morning iron rod. So, needless to say, I really wanted to hook up tonight.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I got ready. I’m not a bad looking guy. 6’0, about 210, I work out regularly. Short dark hair, olive skin and steel blue eyes that make the girlies melt. But I took extra time to shave carefully and dress my best, I needed all the help I could get. With a little splash of cologne, I grabbed my keys and headed out to my car.

I found a parking space rather easily for a Friday night. It wasn’t promising, because there’s usually a good-sized crowd with a lot of ladies, but I remained optimistic. When I entered the bar, my eyes were drawn to her instantly. There’s something about red hair and a nice ass, just makes me stand at attention. She was sitting at the bar talking to Vonnie, the bartender, like she was a regular, but I had never seen her here before.

I took a seat across from her and Vonnie brought me my usual, shot of Jack Daniel’s and a Yuengling lager. From this angle I could see her face clearly. Big brown eyes, a few freckles, full lips curved into an impish smile. And the best part, that sassy red hair. She had great tits, I’d have to say at least D cup. A little thicker through the body, but I like that. Thicker girls always seem to give better head and are a nicer ride. More to grab hold of when we fuck.

I told Vonnie to get her a drink on me. She looked over at me when Vonnie handed her the beer and flashed me a smile. When she indicated that I should join her I couldn’t get off the bar stool fast enough.

“How are you doing tonight?” she asked.

“Not too bad, how about yourself?”

“Just trying to have a good time.”

God she had a beautiful smile. I stared transfixed into her eyes, my smile pasted permanently to my face.

“So what’s your name Sexy?”

I chuckled. “Nick, What’s yours?”


“So, I haven’t seen you around here before, did you just move or something?”

“I just got an apartment in the area not too long ago, but I have been here before.”

We chitchatted for a couple of hours, playing songs on the jukebox, even shooting a game of pool. She whipped my ass, I’m not too ashamed to admit, and I sure loved Antalya Escort the view every time she lined up a shot. The flirting grew heavier and heavier. I asked her if she wanted to get out of there and she asked me if I wanted to take her to my place. I whole-heartedly agreed.

I live in a typical bachelor pad, with the black lights and big screen TV and huge stereo. My apartment is a lot neater though. I turned on a small lamp and lit a few candles. I told her to pick out some music while I went to the kitchen for a couple of beers. When I came back into the living room she was reclining on my loveseat and giving me the sexiest smile. I joined her there and handed her a beer.

Being a little anxious about the situation, I just started talking about anything I could think about. I asked her questions about her job and told her about mine, talked about the weather and the recent death of my favorite reporter, Peter Jennings. She gave me soft replies and ran her fingers over my arm in a way that sent chills through my body. I was in the middle of a sentence about fixing my car when she said “Hey Nick,”

I looked at her questioningly. “Just shut up and kiss me.”

I grinned. ” That sounds like a good idea.”

Her lips were soft and tasted like vanilla. I kept my hand on the back of her neck as I gently kissed her, while she gently touched my face and neck. I could’ve have spent the whole night just kissing her, but when I ran my tongue across hers and felt a piercing there, it was like an instant erection. Tongue rings turn me on almost as much as red hair does. She straddled my hips and started kissing me harder, grinding her hips against my stiffening cock. I ran my hands all over her body, up her back and up under her shirt, feeling those wonderful tits. She arched into my touch like a cat and gave me a Cheshire smile. I played gently with her hair and neck, but when she started sucking on the tip of my tongue, I fisted my hand in her hair and pulled a little. She tensed a little and gave me a small moan of approval. “Oh, she likes it a little rougher,” quite pleased with the thought. When she started to take off my shirt, I caught her wrist to stop her. “Why don’t we take this back to my room” I said. She stood up then and let me lead her by the hand.

We walked down the hall to my bedroom; I opened up the door and pulled her inside, kissing her roughly. I crushed her beautiful body to mine, squeezing her ass before I pushed her onto my bed. She scooted back a little, unlacing her boots while I took off my shoes and socks. She threw her boots to the floor and took off her socks and then motioned Antalya Escort Bayan for me to join her. I knelt down on the bed and crawled to her catching her mouth in another hard kiss.

Her hands roamed over my body before starting to unbutton my shirt. Our mouths mated while she undid the buttons, pushed it open and then began to kiss and lick and nibble on my neck and chest. I went to undo her buttons when she stopped me, took hold of her shirt and ripped it open, revealing a red satin and lace bra. As I said before, red is my favorite color, and my erection grew larger at the sight of those lovely tits done up in red. I bent done and kissed her neck and nibbled a little and she sighed and arched her pelvis into mine. I worked my way to those beautiful tits, sucking on them through the lace and then the flesh after I took off her bra and threw it on my floor along with her shirt. I sucked and nibbled her titties into hard peaks and then began to kiss down her stomach. For a bigger girl, she had some well-defined abs, and a ticklish tummy as I soon found out.

I undid her belt and she gave me little help to pull her jeans off. Beautiful smooth toned legs and panties that matched the bra. It was like heaven. I pulled those off too to find that the carpet matched the drapes. Just a little strip of downy red hair and the rest of her pussy was bare. I buried my face between her spread legs, sucking her little clit into hardness. I swirled my tongue round and round her clit and then shoved it up into her cunt as deep as I could to lick out all her juices. When she writhing with excitement I slowly worked my way back up her naked body to let her tasted her juices on my tongue.

She sucked it all off my tongue and licked my lips and then told me it was my turn. She flipped me over and straddled me, grinding her wet pussy over my hips. She kissed my neck and nibbled at my throat, traveling down to my nipples, sucking on each, down my stomach undoing my belt and pants. I helped her take them off and she pulled down my boxer briefs and threw them on the floor. My cock was standing at full erection, a little bit of precum oozing out of its head. She wasted no time scooping that up with her tongue and then took my entire 9 inches down her throat. I about hit the ceiling when she began stroking my cock with her glorious mouth, letting me feel her barbell all over the head and shaft. Her hand massaged my balls and she even rubbed the little area under them. It almost made me cum right there.

Reluctantly, I pulled her off; I wanted to feel that pussy on my cock. She straddled my hips again, letting her wet heat tease Escort Antalya the head of my cock till I just grabbed her hips and pushed her down. She screamed at the thickness of it and then started to ride me real slow. She took her time on the motions of it, making circles with her hips, driving me out of my mind. I played with large handfuls of those beautiful tits as she fucked me, leaning back on my legs, and giving me the most amazing view. I played with her clit as she rode my cock, and she reached down behind her and started rubbing my balls and I was in heaven. She leaned forward again, took my mouth in hers and then told me to fuck her from behind.

She got on her hands and knees and I rubbed my cock up and down her slit a few times and then pushed it in hard. She moaned loudly and panted hard as I fucked her, smacking her nice ass a few times. She leaned forward and played with her little clitty and asked me to play with her ass too. I licked my fingers a bit lubed up her ass with some of her juices and then pushed two fingers in. Her moans became harder and louder, and mouth a little dirtier too. “Oh yeah baby, play with my ass while you fuck me.” “You like fucking this little girl huh? Like smackin her ass, don’t you?” I added my own endorsements while was having the time of my life pounding away in her. “Oh baby, fuck my ass please,” she moaned. I reached over to my bed stand and got out a tube of KY. I squeezed some into her asshole and then pulled out my cock from her tight little cunt. I squeezed some more lube onto my cock and then slowly pushed into her ass. “Oh that’s it baby, nice and slow…. Oh yeah, just like that… oh my god, your cock is huge.” She moaned loudly. Once it was in I started moving in and out real slow and she was loving every stroke. “Oh yeah baby, that’s right, fuck my ass.” “MMMM, you know how it’s done, fuck me baby.” She was playing with her clit in frenzied abandon while I fucked her. I felt myself starting to build and I wanted to cum in her nice tight little cunt, so I took it out of her ass and stuck it back in her pussy, which had gotten just a little bit tighter. Her moans signaled she was cumming so I let myself go as well. We collapsed together onto my bed and fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning she was gone, but my memory of the night before was still fresh in my mind. I stroked off twice to that memory, and again everyday through my workweek. The next Friday night I repeated my ritual, wondering if this weekend would be as good as the last. I got to Tom’s and she wasn’t there. I tried not to look disappointed as I sat down at the bar and started chatting with a couple of regulars. I had just ordered myself a beer when I felt a hand squeezing my ass. “Excuse me,” a familiar voice said. “Is this seat taken?” I turned around and looked into the eyes of my little red haired vixen and thought, “This might be the beginning of a wonderful night.”

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