12 Mayıs 2023

It was a warm summer


It was a warm summer, my parents went away camping. A romantic week away so they said except it was in scotland and the weather was rubbish most times…maybe they got lucky where they went… anyway I was left in the care of my older brother Tom, now don’t get me wrong I love being alone with him he’s fun to be around and he doesn’t take things too seriously but something has been a bit wrong lately. He has been all mysterious and every time I’m in the room he kind of just leaves without reason. We have been speaking a lot less and hanging out less as well. Every morning we used to have full conversations now it’s just a quick hello. His gorgeous brown eyes just missing mine, I would offer a friendly smile or a light joke about how his brown soft hair looks sexy when it’s messy but he would just dismiss me, ignore me and with a slightly noticeable boner in his boxers. Now we’re alone I can finally ask him what the hell has been up with him. It’s Friday evening and I just came back from my run, I’m all sweaty and my clothes are sticking to my body. I know my brother won’t be home because he’s at rugby training. I go up to my bedroom and lay out my underwear, a little white silky bra with black and red flower and a lace trim around the edges and matching boxer brief pants. I run into the bathroom naked with the Çekmeköy escort bayan towel in my hands. I turn the shower on and jump in. the cold water runs down my hourglass and curvy body. I pour strawberry shampoo on my hair and wash it, watching the soapy bubbles flow down my 36b boobs, down my stomach and shaven pussy. I put conditioner in my hair and start to caress my body my hands wandering lower and lower down…my head suddenly filled with the images of my brother who seems to be becoming sexier and sexier everyday. My fingers are rubbing my clit, going faster and faster slowly building up my orgasm, I hear myself moaning softly… “mmm Tom… ahh yes…” the next thing I hear is a shuffling of feet outside the bathroom door and a loud BANG from my brothers bedroom door. My heart pounding so hard I feel likes its going to jump out of my chest. Panic rushes over me I rinse the conditioner out of my hair and quickly wash my body with vanilla shower gel. I jump out the shower and turn it off. I dry my body and look for something to wear… the only thing I can see lying around is Toms T-shirt in fact his fave white T-shirt. I have no other choice, so I put it on and pull it down to cover my butt. I walk out the bathroom and knock on the door, even though I doubt he heard Escort gebze as loud music is blasting through his speakers now. Bon Jovi- It’s My Life. I always knew he had a good taste in music, we had that in common. I slowly open the door and see him on the bed pressing the button on his Xbox controlled madly, I looked at the screen, he was playing Black Ops and he wasn’t doing well. “Throw a grenade at them” I said but I was once again ignored and he lost. Throwing his controller at the wall and it lands at my feet. He looks away and I walk in turning the music down so I can talk. “Okay you need to tell me what’s up with you right now because I am sick of being avoided!” I look at him as he looks pointlessly at the floor, then he takes a quick glance at me then looks away again and mumbles. “You’re wearing my T-shirt…” I look at him anger building up inside of me, “Really you notice that?! What the hell is wrong with you, ever since summer started you have been ignoring me…why? Did I do something?” I step closer to his bed and stare at him. “You know that’s my favourite t-shirt… I was going to wear it tomorrow now you got it all wet…” he mumbles again. I sigh in frustration. “Oh for fuck sake I’ll give you the stupid t-shirt!!” I take the t-shirt off and throw it at him standing Şerifali escort there naked too angry to feel the least bit embarrassed. “Now will you tell me what the hell is wrong with you?” he looked at me shocked, I saw his eyes look me up and down and his cock rising up slightly. He opened his mouth to speak then shut it again and threw me the T-shirt. “Cover yourself up for god sake…” I caught the t-shirt but didn’t put it on, the way he looked at me, then it clicked. “Ohh…have I been making you uncomfortable when I was in my bikini?” “No! Why does everything have to be around you? I got kicked off the rugby team alright?” He looked at me and put a pillow over his crotch. I covered myself up and sat down beside him. “But that was today wasn’t it? When you came home…” my hand on his thigh moving up and down slowly underneath the pillow. “you didn’t get thrown of the team a couple of weeks ago…no something else happened, and it was to do with me” I put my hand on the side of his neck and trace his jaw line with my thumb. He turned and faced me; he put his hand on mine and looked into your eyes. “Can I tell you something? And promise you wont get mad at me?” he looked really scared or frightened, his eyes sad and but still gorgeous. “Sure you can Tom…I’m your sister you can tell me anything you know…” “I got kicked off the rugby team because…because the guys caught me by surprise…I-I was in the toilet…I was umm well I was masturbating..” his voice shaky and he sounds like he is about to cry, my hand unconsciously going higher, stroking along his upper thighs and very close to his growing bulge.

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