12 Aralık 2022

It’s time to stop time


Intro: Hey, my name is Joe. I am 16 years old, 6 feet tall, and I have dirty blonde hair. I am a junior in high school, and my school is filled with hot girls.

BEEP BEEP BEEP went my alarm clock at 6:30 am. It was time to get ready for school. I did my usual morning routine; take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast. The school day is long and boring, but I love going to my 4th period class. There are so many hot girls in that class. I sit behind one of the hot girls and just looking at her from behind gives me a hard-on.

All those girls are out of my league, they won’t even talk to me(well, actually they talk to me for answers on the test). I’ve always had this fantasy that I could just stop time completely and have my pleasure with their bodies. Of course, i’d be the only person not frozen in time. Anyways, right before I was going to bed that night, I saw a shooting star, and of course I made a wish. I think you know what wish I made.

The next morning, I woke up and everything was the same. I went to school, and finally 4th period came along. All the girls were smoking hot as usual. As I was sitting in my desk doing some book work, I thought in my head, jokingly, “Let’s see if my wish actually came true”. I whispered to myself, “time STOP”. At first, nothing happened. Then kocaeli escort bayan all of sudden, everything just stopped. Everyone’s movement stopped, the talking stopped, the clock stopped, everything. I thought I was dreaming at first. But the reality came to me, “HOLY SHIT, it actually worked!”, I screamed. I poked the girl in front of me just to make sure they were frozen in time, and sure enough, they were. By this time, my cock was so hard it hurt.

I immediately started kissing her hard, spanking her butt, and feeling her boobs. I quickly took her top off and unclasped her bra. Her tits were beautiful, and surprisingly they were getting hard even though time was stopped. I started sucking on them, and just doing that almost made me cum. I then took off her skirt, and before taking off her panties, took a deep breath. I gently took them off, and beheld her tight pussy. I then started to feel the texture of it, and looked at it closely. I started to lick her pussy vehemently. Her pussy was getting wet despite the absence of time. After a little while, it exploded with sweet juices.

I unzipped my pants, and slowly slid my cock past her labia. She was not a virgin, so I thought, “good, no mess from breaking the hymen”. I thrusted as hard as I could, and I could feel her body jerk violently. kocaeli sınırsız escort She felt so tight and wet, it was amazing. At the same time, I was caressing her boobs, and spanking her. I imagined her screaming, “oh fuck me FUCK ME”, and that made me blow my load. I must of ejaculated a glass full of cum into her tight little pussy. I did not think about if she was on the pill or not, I was way too into the moment.

I then started stripping all the other girls too. When my cock regained its hardness, I stuffed it into one girl’s mouth and started thrusting. It felt so good, but I didn’t want to cum yet so I stopped. I moved on to titty fucking the girl, which made me explode all over her face. I also put cock-like objects into the girls’ pussies. I liked seeing the object separate the lips, then come back out. I kept on pleasuring myself until I got tired, then I put all their clothes back on and thought, “hmm how do I start time again?”. But before I started time, I took several pictures of the naked girls on my phone, so I could always see them naked. I said, “time START”, and sure enough, time started again. It was priceless to see all the looks on the girls faces, they all felt very strange.

I could hear them saying that they felt something izmit anal yapan escort wet in them, and that their boobs and ass were sore. I couldn’t help but laugh. I got home, and my mom said, “Joe, come here, I need to tell you something.” “What, Mom?!”, I exclaimed. “Tomorrow your dad and I will be going out to a comedy show, and I still don’t trust you home alone”. “I got you a babysitter for tomorrow night”. “Mom i’m 16 I don’t need a babysitter!”, I whined. “Oh cut it out Joe, listen your mother” my dad said. “I think you might know her, she’s our new neighbor down the street.”

It turned out to be good, because our new neighbor was really, really hot. Her name was Carley, and she had long brunette hair, firm, perky boobs, and an ass to kill for. “Oh yeah, I know her.”, I said. “I guess she’ll have to be my babysitter, dang”, I sarcastically said. I was so excited that night, just imagining stopping time and getting all the time I want with her hot body. The next day finally came, and at 7:00 pm Carley came over. She was wearing a cute top, a bit revealing, and short shorts. I had to fight myself to not get a hard-on right in front of her.

“Hi Carley”, I said. “Hi Joe”, she replied in her angelic voice. We just talked for a few minutes, me fighting back my hard-on with all my energy. She wanted to watch some tv, so we both went over to the couch and watched some movies. Right when I couldn’t hold it back anymore, I said, “time STOP”…..

Part 2?
P.S. This is my first story, don’t hate please.

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