26 Mart 2022

Ivy, Jon & Me


Ivy, Jon & MeMy friend Jon, and I were talking in our house, we hadn’t seen each other for nearly a year, he was asking what I was doing etc, when Ivy came to the door, when she’d gone I said to Jon “I fucked her last month it was the first cock she’d had in 50 years”, he said “Never”, I said I had, she’s over 70, he said he wouldn’t mind doing her either.As we carried on talking I went to the recycling bin and Ivy was co0ming back from the shop, I said to her “Do you fancy a coffee”, she replied “Ok”, and with that she came in, I introduced her to Jon, saying he was one of my oldest friends, and she and he were talking in the lounge as I was making the drinks.I came into the room and she sat between us, taking her coffee off me we were all soon chatting away, Jon said he needed the toilet and went upstairs, I put my arm around Ivy and said “You remember last month don’t you?”, dikmen escort she replied she did, well it’s going to happen again today, but with Jon, she said she wasn’t sure, and I said “Oh yes you are”.I d****d my hands over her shoulders and moved it down so I was feeling her saggy tit, my lips kissing her neck, her hand on my knee. Jon walked in and I motioned him to do what I was doing, he came and sat next to her feeling her other breast as she put her head back, she slipped her left hand and put it on Jons knee.I unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it off her shoulders, Jon immediately started to feel her breast as I felt the other one, as I unclipped her bra I noticed she had her left hand on jons cock, he was still feeling her tit, I then bent down and sucked her nipple, she was sighing but still rubbing Jon, her right hand was still eryaman escort on the inside of my leg.I turned her to the left and she unbuttoned Jons jeans and as he stood up she pulled them down, pulling his boxers with them, he was there with a good 8″ solid erect cock, he made me look smaller than ever, as Ivy bent down to lick him I pulled her skirt up and was rubbing the front of her slit through her knickers, she was moaning and as before she was quite wet.I pulled her onto the floor and in doing so I pulled her knickers down, Jon had taken off his pants and was fucking her mouth, I stood up and took my pants down also rock hard, I lifted up Ivy’s skirt and after giving her a quick feel I found her to be very wet, I proceeded to inch my cock into her saturated cunt, slowly I started to shag her as she sucked Jon off.As she moaned I built etimesgut escort up speed and saw she seemed just to be wanking jon off, I said to him “You ready for your turn”, he acknowledged he was and I pulled out as he came round and slotted his cock into Ivys cunt I told Ivy to suck me as she did she tasted her own fanny juice. A few moments later I said to Jon “Two’s Up?”, he agreed and I made my way round to behind her.Jon took his cock out of her and I laid on the floor, grabbing hold of her on top of me I slotted my cock in her furry beaver, Jon entered her ass from behind, she screamed as she got fucked double penetrated, she screwed her face up as we fucked her hard, I knew I was close to cumming and presumed Jon was, we both pulled out of her and she grabbed a cock in each hand.She wanked us off in unison, Jon spurting down her tits, loads and loads of cum dripping off her saggy tits, as I was coming I told her to kiss me, as she did I shot my load on her face, sperm dripping off her nose, as Jon went to the toilet she said to me “I didn’t like it up my arse” I said but at least you know that. And we got dressed, she went home and later so dod jon.

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