8 Ağustos 2022



Subject: Man Cam (Jackpot Jacob (6) This is a fictional story about guys from an online chat site It’s purely fiction as all the guys live far away. Some gay, some straight and some bisexual But all the guys are hot. Enjoy +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Jackpot Jacob (6) ….. I sucked up the cock Jacob offered me. It was delicious and began to quickly respond to my mouth and tongue. I licked at the head and down the shaft. Tasting his delicious dick. My hands grabbed at his hairy legs and caressed them as he fed me. Moving my hands up and down those gorgeous legs. I was also thrusting my cock gently into his handsome face. “Hmmm” I cooed as I savored his dick He also sighed as he felt my mouth in his dick. A soft groaned as he played there in the bed with me. My head was bobbing uo and down as I slobbered in his bug delicious cock. My hand grabbed as his balls and tugged at them as he started to thrust down in my face. Then I felt Jacobs fingers at my ass hole. He started to fiddle around escort kocaeli back there. I felt as his digit moved around my hole. Then Jacob pulled off my dick and then he spit down at my ass hole. I cooed asiI felt the wetness at my doorway. Then he pushed a finger into my ass. “Ughnn. Fuckk yeahh baby” I groaned “Dig that into me Jacob” “Hmmm fukk” And he did. He started to slowly fuck my ass with his finger. Then he opened his mouth and went back down in my dick. Slurping me down to the root. This and the finger in my ass had me so hot for him. I was gently thrusting my cock into his face as he sucked me now. So I decided to reciprocate the action. I pulled off his cock. It hung there against my face as I licked on a few fingers . then I returned mphis dick to my hungry mouth and then started to play around his ass hole. Only to shove a digit into him. “Hmmf.” He groaned on my dick. So we lay there sucking and fucking in this position. Slowly inserting secondary and third fingers into each other’s ass. I was soon needing his bug dick in me. izmit yabancı escort Not just my mouth. But in my ass. “Fuck me Jacob!” I begged from under him “I need to have this big perfect cock in me” “Beautiful dick” With that I kissed his cock head. He shuddered as I then licked it. Jacob pulled off my raging cock and then sat back on the bed. He looked so damned sexy there. His perfect body and handsome face just a foot from me. His eyes were alight with desire, as much as mine was. “Sounds like fun” he then said But that’s when he got up off the bed. Then he went over to the dresser on the one wall of the room. He grabbed a strange looking item from it. It was oddly shaped. So I wasn’t sure what it was. Then he came back to the bed and gave me a controller. Then Jacob sat on the bed, pulled up a leg and then pushed the bulbous end of the pink colored item into his ass. There was a weird antenna looking thing sticking out of his ass. “Now hit the red button” he said So I looked for the button he mentioned. Then izmit eve gelen escort touched it. I heard a distant buzz, but then his body started to quake and Jacob c ried out in pleasure. “Awee fuckk yesss. That’s it” he shouted “That feels soo fucking great man” I at first looked at him like he was mad. But then I remembered his videos. And a few live shows. And he had had that thing in his ass. How it was linking to pokes on the site somehow. And how his body went crazy every time the tympony went off at a time. “Ohh shirt” I then declared “This is that thing” “Yeah. It isss… !” His body went into spasms again as I buzzed him again. I smiled as I watched the hot guy writhe there before me. “Ughhn. Awee fuckk!” He shouted I found this very hot to watch. So I hit the button again. I watched as Jacobs eyes rolled up into his skull as his body again shook. His hand reached out to me to grab it. To stop the violence of the button. But then I hit it again. And held it longer. “Hmmmff ohhh God!” He shrieked “Noo nnffpp. Ughnn!” His hand grasped my hand. I did also watch as the shaking and how the buzzer affected his dick. It was pulsating madly as well. ‘This was gonna be a hot and crazy fuck’ I thought to myself…….. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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