16 Mart 2023

Jack’s Treat


She felt restless in her apartment after he had dropped her off. Running her hands down the thin fabric of the shirt he had bought her for the occasion of going out she knew she would not be staying in tonight. She walked to his apartment, knowing that he would not yet be asleep, slightly surprised to see him actually sitting outside of his apartment building, looking through portfolios of the models he photographed earlier that week. She stood in front of him; her legs spread shoulder width and looked down at him. A cigarette lay smoldering next to him as he glanced up at her, looking not entirely surprised to see her standing there. Her shirt was unlaced and there were no panties beneath the short skirt. Kneeling down over his lap, she started kissing his neck vigorously. Her hands were on either bicep and she teased his skin with her teeth.

As she sat down in my lap I had little time to react. Knowing how she liked to start things off with my neck I leaned my head back against the wall and reached for her ass, grabbing at it with as much aggression as she had to my neck. I loved the way it felt in my hand, firm yet soft, and gave it a little slap to go with her biting me.

She kissed up his neck and around his jaw to his mouth, planting her lips firmly against his, sucking his lower lip into her mouth and holding it there, running the tip of her tongue against the bit she held in her mouth, running her hands down his arms and slipping her hands into his free one.

He clasped her hand in his and ran his hand up her back, making sure to go under her shirt, feeling her warm skin beneath his calloused hand. He reached up towards her neck, making a mental note that she was wearing nothing underneath that shirt and began to wonder what other items she might be missing from her ensemble…

She thrust her tongue deep into his mouth, running it heavily across his teeth and pressing it to the roof of his mouth, and then gently flicking it across the metal in his tongue, finally circling his tongue and keeping a rhythm. She could feel herself getting wet and started rocking her body against his even if it was purely for the motion, she was not quite settled enough to feel his hardness against her.

His hand reached up to the back of her neck and he pressed forward against her. His mouth connected with the soft flesh between her neck and shoulder and he sucked as hard as he could, feeling her skin sink between his teeth, feeling her weight against his arm and hand as she leaned back a bit and utter a low moan. His other hand let go of hers and reached up the front of her shirt. As much as he loved her in it, he wanted her out of it. His hand cupped her tit and squeezed firmly, hearing a chirp from her and a clench of her hand to his arm.

The sudden aggression he was showing towards her turned her on. Antalya Escort She no longer worked to hold herself up on top of him and let herself drop into his lap. Now she could feel his cock pressing against her, feeling his mouth work against her neck, his hand gripping her breast, her hard nipples nearly throbbing for his touch, for the way he would run his thumb across the bump in the middle of her tits. She sat fully in his lap, her legs spread wide for him and her knees on either side of his chest now.

He bent his knees up so she had something to lean against when he pulled his arm from behind her. Her new position was the most welcome of them all. He rubbed her nipples with one thumb and her clit with another, using long and heavy strokes against it. He kept this up for a minute or so and then slid his hand from her jugs down to her waist as he slipped two of his fingers into her wet and willing pussy, finger fucking her and getting off to the moans she let out as he did so.

She realized that Jack was not one to ever ask if he could do something, he would just go for it. So she unfastened the button on his pants and stuck her hand down, reaching around for his cock and finding it immediately. Her touch was feathery, running the length of his erection and the width of his dick. She applied as little pressure as she could and knew it was driving him crazy because he kept pressing his fingers into her deeper and harder, insinuating a pressure change from her.

He hated when she just teased him but wouldn’t give it up for the world. He could feel his stiffness quiver a bit when he got to this point, where he knew how badly he wanted her and could feel how badly she wanted him, yet she played these games. He put his mouth to her tit through her shirt, breathing hot air against her hard nipples, licking and sucking them through the fabric, biting into her soft tit harder than usual for he had compensation for his roughness.

She removed her hand from his pants for a moment and lifted his shirt up, getting him to help her so that she could get back to him faster. She was hungry for his skin, her hands massaging around his chest and nipples, gently pulling on his rings and watching his stomach muscles tense as she did. She pressed herself against his hand harder as he sucked her titty, not wanting him to stop but not wanting to cum either. She finally put both hands on his chest and wriggled against his legs until he lowered them, burying her face in his crotch. She licked through the fabric and took in the head as well, the damp cloth tasting funny to her. She toyed with her teeth and rubbed with her hand. She could feel just how hard he was for her. She was hoping that tonight he would finally do as she asked him to and tell her what to do.

“Put my cock in your mouth Clarice.”

Smiling Antalya Escort Bayan a bit she pulled the cloth away and took his dick into her mouth, sucking gently on the head and nothing else for a moment. She dug her tongue in and out and all around, flicking the bottom part of the tight skin and dragging her teeth gently across the top of it all.


She sucked him harder, she tightened her lips around his dick and sucked harder but still didn’t take any more into her mouth yet, as she wanted to save what she could for last.

“Hands, Clarice, use your hands.”

She pulled the clothing down as far as she could, trying to get them out of the way. She continued sucking the head and now had a hand on his shaft, her grip was tight but her pace was slow, the opposite of how she knew he liked it. Her other hand cupped his balls, rolling them from one side of her hand to another.

“More…I want more of it in your wet, warm mouth.”

So she bobbed down on his cock more. She went about half the length of it and used her hand for the rest of it. She rubbed so her hand met her mouth and they both pulled away at the same time, going in opposite directions for the entire time.

“Faster Clarice. I need it faster.”

She let her hand drop from his testicles to just her fingertips tracing against them and sped up her hand gesture and the bobbing on his cock. Nearly hitting herself in the mouth each time she went up and down, her tongue encircling his cock the entire time, licking away any pre-cum that might spill from him. She felt him hold his breath for a moment and realized how close he was, ceasing all motion at once.

On the brink of an explosion all his stimulation stopped. He stared down at her wondering if that was done on purpose or if she needed a break at the last possible instant that he had control of. He realized it was on purpose and was afraid that his commands had not been what she wanted and waited for a moment.

A moment was all she needed. She climbed back on top of him and lifted her shirt off. Her hands flew to her breasts as she played with them herself. She played rough, squeezing and pulling on her nipples, letting them drop and then pressing them together as she leaned in towards him.

“Do you like that Jack?”


He couldn’t really say much. Here she was on top of him playing with her own jugs and he was fascinated by it. His hard cock was still exposed to the chilly morning wind but she kept creeping up on him and he could soon feel the warmth of her against him. How he just wanted to slide into her and fuck her silly…but he knew he had to wait. He didn’t want to take away from anything she might give.

She reached down and rubbed her clit, a mischievous smile came across her face. She Escort Antalya was watching his face, the look in his eyes as she did so and finally, close to her own orgasm she hovered above him for a moment, grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it as fast as she could for a minute, watching his mouth gape open and his eyes roll back before she sat down on it, twisting her way around it, watching him bite his lower lip as he ripped into her tightness.

His instinct was to grab at her jugs as she sat down at him, biting into his lip until he nearly bled as he tore into her. It was a different sensation than before, probably just the positioning. His hands worked her tits and she worked his cock and he liked it all.

She pushed herself off him and dropped back onto him with great force, not able to get enough of his dick into her, her hips twisting in a circle to hit every wall within. She pushed his hands down so her tits could bounce freely as she pushed and dropped on him, working towards her own orgasm. She could feel it building up slowly. Her hands felt around on his chest, lightly pulling on his rings. Feeling his hands dig into her waist she felt him beneath her, working for his own now.

“Oh fuck…”

He began to thrust into her as hard as he could, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out for long but wanted to make sure she came first. He thrust as deep and fast as he could. He watched her tits bounce around on her, mesmerized by them. Had he been able to he would have bitten into them but he was near laying down, just his shoulders and head against that wall. He knew she was getting all that she needed because they were on a hard surface, he could feel his cock pushing into new territory. He watched as she held her breath and threw her head back, emitting a scream as her nipples reached full erection and her bouncing increased, pulling away from him almost so much that he slipped out of her each time.

“Jack! Oh my god Jack!”

A low moanish whimper was all he heard after that and he felt her fingertips dig into his chest. That was his cue to finally let go. He fucked her harder than before (if that was possible) holding her as still as he could with his hands on her waist. He thrust as hard and fast as he could, watching her jugs bounce around, remembering the way she sucked him off, feeling her clench her pussy around his dick and finally with one gasp of air and the loudest moan he had produced during any sexual episode he exploded in her. Exploded was the only term he could think of, he shot off so much he could feel it run out of her and back down onto him, he felt an eruption of cum from his own dick and continued for what seemed like an eternity, making sure to drain himself of everything he had accumulated. His hands held her so tight he was sure he had left marks as his thrusting came to a slow and then a stop.

She leaned down and pressed a hard kiss to his mouth. She then stood up, found and replaced her shirt still leaving the lace undone, zipped her skirt once more and walked back the way she had come, satisfied that she had gotten what she came for.

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