15 Mayıs 2023

Jaime’s Way (Part 3)


As Jeff closed the door he grabbed me by the hand and spun me around, pulling my nude body close to his, breathing in my perfume before locking his lips over mine. My fingers found the button on his jeans and opened them with urgency, more than a little pleased when his huge cock sprung out. “Damn, I want you so badly, Jaime,” Jeff moaned when he broke the kiss. “I’m yours to do with as you please,” I answered and wondered where THAT cheesy line had had come from. Pulling his jeans and shorts down, I helped him out of his shoes and then the rest of his clothes. “Damn I want you inside me,” I groaned. Even though I was in five inch heels and he was totally nude, Jeff still towered over me by at least six inches. “Oh yea, that’s where I want to be,” he said and held me next to his strong body. Taking his big hand in my small one, I lead him through the house and into my bedroom. I looked up into his eyes and whispered, “I want you so badly, Jeff.” He leaned down and kissed me passionately, slowly walking me back to the bed. One we were in bed he rolled me onto my tummy and really surprised me by using his lips and tongue on my yearning asshole. He was so tender and loving and I can say I’d never felt anything so good in my entire life. Reaching to the night stand, I took the tube of lubricant and handed it to him, all the while relishing his tongue as it invaded me in so many wonderful ways. When he began applying the slick gel to me, he made sure it was all over the outside as well as the inside of my tight asshole. He slid a finger into me several times and then added a second, and then a third, opening me slowly so I could easily accept his monster dick. Rolling me onto my back he began sucking my titties, which drove me insane while he filled my ass with his finger again. After several minutes he moved his mouth up to mine and I greedily let his tongue invade me. Of course by now, I think I was ready to take a telephone pole up my ass with even blinking. Reaching back, Jeff took my ankles and raised them to his broad shoulders as he moved closer and closer to me. I smiled up at him and moaned, “Take me, baby. Mmm, put that big fucking cock in my little slut ass!” He smiled and moved close enough to put the head of his cock against my puckered opening. “I’m so fucking hot! I need your cock! Do it! Fuck me, baby!” Jeff pressed forward, the huge head of his hard opening me easily. “You’re so damn big!” I squealed. “And you’re so fucking tight!” Jeff laughed, pushing harder and forcing more of his dick into me. “Oh, damn, it hurts! You’re too big! Oh fuck me! Damn, I need to feel you inside me!” He was big enough that it really hurt while he was entering me but I didn’t care. I wanted him to fuck me and I was more than willing to put up with a little pain. As the head of his cock opened my little asshole I almost lost my resolve. Then he was in me and his rigid cock slid completely into me, stopping only when his balls were flush against me. “Oh fuck! Oh damn! It feels so good! I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, baby! Fuck me good and hard!” When he pulled back and then pushing inside me I thought I would lose my mind! “Yyyesss!” I hissed as he slid back inside. “Harder! Faster! Fuck me!” I started moaning again and again. He pulled back and then slammed into me and it felt truly wonderful. So good, in fact, that I couldn’t say anything at all, only open and close my mouth speechlessly. Gradually Jeff increased the speed as he fucked me harder and faster. Within a few short minutes I knew I was going to cum hard, but whether my dick would be involved, I hadn’t a clue. Another five minutes and my body began shaking as wave after wave or lustful pleasure washed over me. “I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming!” I squealed as he plowed into me. I wasn’t positive but I think I spilled my seed onto my belly. Within minutes I felt a ball of fire glowing brightly in my belly and knew he was going to take me to another orgasm in record time. “You’re ass is so fucking hot and tight,” he growled. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I pleaded over and over on my way to a second orgasm. And boy did he ever. I wondered if he would ever cum and fill my ass with his creamy goodness. But he kept on hammering me, taking me beyond a second orgasm. “Oooohhhh! Oooohhhh! Make me cum again! I’m so fucking close! Oooohhhh, yyyesss! Yyyesss! Yyyesss!” I screamed, climbing into heights I’d never been to before. “Oh yea! Oh, fucking yea!” Jeff growled. “Here it comes! Oooo baby, I’m gonna blast your ass!” “Give it to me, baby! Oh, please! Please! Cum in my ass!” His body shuddered violently and I knew he was there. It seemed as if his cock doubled in girth and lengthened by at least five feet. I just knew that when he started cumming it was going to be coming out of my mouth but I didn’t care just as long as he was satisfied. I doubted that I would achieve another orgasm but when I felt the heat of his cum blasting into me I screamed and bucked against him. My body shook so violently I thought I might push him off the bed, but he managed to ride me all the way through. Jeff finished and fell on top of me, pushing my knees almost to my ears. I was bent like a pretzel and so happy as he kissed my neck. My man had used me for his pleasure and given me so much more than just a healthy load of thick, creamy cum. “That was fucking fantastic,” he exclaimed and let my legs free. I wrapped them around his waist and held him in me as my shuddering became slower and slower. “You’re wonderful,” I gasped. I’m really Beşevler escort not certain how long we remained locked together but when my eyes opened next two hours had passed. Jeff was sleeping next to me, his arm possessively draped across me and holding me next to his warm body. I was more than content to lay there and watch him sleep. After only a few minutes his eyes popped open, “I’ve got to go pee.” He climbed over me and hurried to the bathroom where he probably raised the water level by a couple of inches. As soon as he finished I moved in and sat on the toilet to relieve the pressure on my bladder. “You want to go eat lunch somewhere?” Jeff asked while I sat there. “Yea, lunch would be good,” I replied and smiled up at him. I finished and stood at the sink to freshen my makeup while he watched. “You know, you’re really beautiful.” “Do you sat that to every girl after you fuck them?” “Nope, only the beautiful ones. But you know, a whole lot of transvestites look more like a guy in a dress than they do real girls. You look like a real girl. Very dainty from head to toe with a great figure. And it looks like you’re growing boobies as well.” “You noticed? I didn’t think they were getting very big.” “They’re filling out nicely I believe.” “Thanks.” “Why don’t you go without a bra when we go out to eat. Do you have a halter?” “Yes. I can do that,” I smiled and then asked, “Panties?” “Nah, don’t bother with those either.” “Okay, that’s almost how I was dressed the first time I sucked a cock, except Sherry was there to show me how to go it and the clothes I had on were basically my guy clothes that she’d modified and my cock was in a cage,” I laughed. “Well, I just think you’re a sexy, horny girl and going on a date without any underwear and that’s just about the next best thing to going naked.” I found a pale yellow halter top and slipped it on. It was the type that tied behind the neck and in the back, so it would be very easy to shed if we were to get carried away. From a drawer I chose a pair of shorts that Sherry referred to as my “slut” shorts. They were by far the shortest and tightest pair of low rise cut offs I owned. Finally I took off my heels and slipped on a pair of flat sandals. “Wow!” Jeff exclaimed when I presented myself to him. “I thought you might like this,” I laughed. “Damn, if we don’t leave pretty soon, we’ll be back in bed,” he laughed. “So? Is there something wrong with that?” “Come on,” he insisted and aimed me toward the door. “Let me get my purse,” I giggled. During the drive to the restaurant I sat next to him. His hand was on my bare leg almost the entire trip. “Before we go eat,” he said, “I think we should stop at the park and get some pictures for your site.” “Sounds good to me.” He turned into one of the many parks in the city. I didn’t know he was going to do a full photo shoot but he did. We took pictures of me in the playground, walking through the wooded area, out in an open field, on the baseball diamond, and on some picnic tables. Then, seeing that no one was around, we took over a hundred nude photos as well in all the same places. In the nude pictures we got some shots of his rock solid cock in my mouth while in the wooded area and on the picnic tables. “You’re just too damn sexy for me to leave you alone, Jaime,” he said as he snapped few more shots. “I’m ready to skip lunch and just take you to bed again.” I didn’t get to suck him off all the way while doing these shots, not because I wasn’t trying, so we were both quite horny when we finally made it to the diner. We sat at a table, looking like any other couple. We were about halfway through our meal when Jeff took my hand and said, “I’d really like to spend the night with you tonight, Jaime.” “That would be nice,” I replied and smiled broadly. “But I’d like to take a few more pictures. You’re so beautiful and sexy that I think we should do that before anything else.” “Okay. But you should know that the more pictures you take of me, the hornier I get,” I laughed. “Works for me,” Jeff stated and laughed heartily. “What kind of pictures are we doing?” “I think we should go to an adult book store so every can see, and realize, how far you’ve come since those first shots she took of you.” “Sounds good to me.” “Of course, you’ll have to suck at least as many dicks as you did that day,” he said and grinned evilly. “Sounding better and better, I love sucking cock!” “I know you do.” As soon as we finished eating Jeff drove us to the same book store Sherry had taken me to that very first day when she was just beginning to show me that I was a sissy cum slut. This time I didn’t feel any reluctance walking inside even though I was barely clothed and attracting all kinds of attention. Jeff took several shots of me outside before we walked through the door. As luck would have it, the same guy was working today that had been on duty the last time I was in here. He watched as Jeff took more pictures of me in various sexy poses and locations throughout the store, making certain that none of the other customers were accidentally in the picture. For my part, I approached any guy in the gay or transvestite areas and told them I was a tranny and I was going to the booths if they were interested. Several of them were and some even let us take pictures of me and them. I got felt up and cupped, and did some feeling of my own, so many times I lost count. When I went to the counter to get a bill changed for the booths the man working back there smiled and said, “I remember Çankaya escort bayan you. You were in here with a really cute woman one afternoon and spent several hours in the booths. Man, we surely had a bunch of happy customers that day.” “Yep, that was me,” I replied and took my money. “If you get a chance, come on back and play for a little while.” “Yea, thanks, I will. How long will you be here?” “I don’t know. I guess it depends on him,” I said and indicated Jeff. “He said the goodwill I generate might turn into more subscribers for my website.” “Good thinking. Give them all a business card when you finish, talking to them,” he laughed. “That’s the way it works,” I smiled back at him. Jeff walked me back toward the booths and untied my halter along the way. The only reason it didn’t fall off completely was because I caught it and held it in place. Well, I held it in place until we passed through the curtains, then I took it off and seven or eight guys saw my little boobies. By the time we reached a booth I had my shorts unbuttoned and pulled open, not that anyone could see anything. It was, however, quite evident that I had on nothing beneath them. Once I was inside the booth I slipped my shorts off and gave Jeff a big kiss while he fed a bill into the machine. Before I even had a chance to have a seat there was a hard cock sticking through the hole. I bent over and took it into my mouth, enjoying the masculine taste of the throbbing tool. Jeff began taking pictures a second before I started sucking cock. Reaching into his bad he took out a folding tripod and set it up so the camera continued taking shots of me. I heard Jeff’s zipper going down and then I felt him applying lubricant to my puckered little asshole. When he plunged a finger into me I moaned and that’s when the cock in my mouth began firing away. When he finished he pulled back and I faced the camera with an open mouth before swallowing. In a couple of seconds I heard his door open and close just as a second finger made its way into me. The door opened and closed and then a second cock presented itself. Being the greedy cocksucker that I am, it didn’t take me very long until I had this one filling my mouth with creamy goodness. While I was busy with this cock, Jeff shoved his monstrous cock up my ass and began to slowly fuck me while I sucked more cock. The door opened to my booth and a man took a picture while he enjoyed the sight. He smiled broadly and said, “Damn, she’s already full!” He was about to leave when Jeff said, “Come on in, guy. I get to hit this ass later.” That opened a flood gate of men coming through the door. One after the other slid their cock into me and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. Most of them shot thick loads of cum inside me but some of them spewed onto my bare back. Similarly, most of the cocks I was sucking came in my mouth but a few of them painted my face instead. I have to admit that I didn’t have as many orgasms as I would have liked, but I did cum a few times, twice through my dick. And yes, I heard quite a few comments, like, “Hot little bitch,” or “Pretty little fagot,” or “Sissy cum slut,” or “Damn, your ass is hot,” as well as the standard things telling me to “Suck my cock, cum whore,” or “Take it all, bitch.” Being told these things was somewhat humiliating, but I felt like I deserved it, and it kept me hot and wanting more cock. On that particular day I was totally insatiable, wanting more and more cum, which the men gladly obliged. When it was over and I walked on unsteady legs back through the store I had cum on my back, running down my legs, all over my face, on my hands, and still more seeping out of my very well fucked asshole. Of course, Jeff took pictures of me at almost every step. “You were fantastic in there, Jaime. I can see why your wife has turned you into a little cocksucking sissy. You’re a natural at getting fucked and sucking cock,” Jeff informed me as we drove back to my house. “And I love every second of it,” I smiled. I had no idea what time it was or how many men had enjoyed the use of my body. More importantly, Jeff fully supported my activities. As soon as I got into the house I made my way to the bathroom and took a long, hot shower before going to sit beside Jeff while he let the camera download into a new folder he created. “Um, Sherry wants to meet you,” I said after a few minutes. “I hope she doesn’t want me to fuck her,” he laughed. “Hell, its been ten years since I fucked a woman. Frankly, I’d rather sleep with you than her.” I kissed his cheek, “That’s a sweet thing to say.” “You know, there’s something else your website needs.” “What’s that?” “You need to have an area where you’re with another tranny. That’s pretty hot. I was at a party once and five girls like you got after it pretty hard and heavy. It was better than watching two women getting after it,” he laughed. “I don’t know any others,” I confessed. “You’d be surprised at how many crossdressers are around. Of course, you’re the prettiest and sexiest I’ve ever met, but there are others around who would be more than willing to be just a footnote on your site.” “You know, even if it didn’t lead to having sex, I’d like to meet some other girls like me. You have no idea what it’s like to not have anyone you can talk to. I mean, someone who understands what you’re going through.” He smiled, “I think I can make that happen. In fact, I know a crossdresser that lives just a few blocks from here. She’s not full time like you are but Escort Cebeci she still knows what you’re talking about. And on top of that, she’s always horny.” “I’d like to meet her sometime.” “I’m pretty sure she’d like that as well,” he smiled and then pulled me onto his lap. Our lips met and I was once again lost is a lustful daze, especially when he began caressing my sensitive titties. “Oh, baby, you’re making me want your cock again,” I mewed. “And that’s what you’re going to get,” he replied. “I want to fuck you so badly,” he groaned. “After watching you service all those guys today all I can think about is taking you to bed and fucking the daylights out of you.” “That sounds like a wonderful idea, baby. I want your cock inside me,” I groaned as I fumbled with the zipper of his pants. Jeff stood and easily picked me up, carrying me to the bedroom and gently placing me on the bed while he stripped. “Doggie style this time,” he smiled. I rolled onto my hands and knees, presenting myself to him. I didn’t have to wait long. Jeff lubed his long cock and climbed between my open legs. Without any further foreplay he began pushing into me. Instead of feeling any pain, however, my asshole opened up for him without any prodding. In seconds he was all the way inside me, his gigantic cock resting nicely in my fuck hole. “Oooo yyyesss! Oh baby, fuck me hard! Mmm, I want you so badly,” I groaned when he stirred in my bottom. “Yea. Oooo, yea, baby, I’m gonna fuck you so hard!” “Yyyesss! Fuck my slut ass! Oooohhhh, baby, fuck me!” Jeff pulled back and then slammed forward, driving his cock deep into me. Again and again and again, he hammered my tight asshole while I moaned loudly. “Harder! Harder! Oh, please fuck me harder!” Even though he was already fucking me hard and fast, Jeff somehow managed to increase the strength of his lunges. The harder he slammed his massive cock into me the harder I wanted him to do it. I knew I was going to have an immense orgasm because the fireball in my belly seemed more like an inferno than a campfire. When my body began to shake out of control I found myself lost in pure orgasmic bliss. “I’m cumming! Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” I screamed. At that point I didn’t care if my dick was shooting anything or not. This had to be the best orgasm in the history of orgasms. My mind began to lose any cohesiveness to reality as another wave of pleasure crashed throughout my body. “Oooohhhh, I’m cumming!” I screamed again, pushing back on his rod and shivering delightfully. It almost seemed like I was cumming again and again with every stroke of his dick instead of one long, continuous orgasm. Holding my hips, Jeff slammed harder and harder into me, slowly growing closer to his own release and also giving me untold amounts of pleasure. Finally, with one last mighty lunge, Jeff drove me into the mattress and began erupting his hot cum into me, giving me yet another beautiful orgasm. This orgasm, however, pushed me beyond my limits and my entire body went limp beneath him as my world faded to black. “Jaime? Jaime, wake up,” I heard a voice calling in the distance. “Jaime! Jaime, wake up!” the voice called again and this time I felt a light slap on my cheek. “Huh? What?” I blurted, aware that I was now laying on my back and in what seemed like a lake of his cum. “You blacked out and I was worried,” Jeff said, the look of concern etched on his face. My hands moved around his neck and I pulled him down to me, “Kiss me.” He did and although the kiss made me horny again, I also found myself soothed and back in control of my body. “How long was I out?” “Five minutes or so.” “Damn. Well, it’s your fault for making me cum so many times,” I smiled. “Okay, then I won’t say I’m sorry,” he laughed. “You better not,” I giggled. “I’m starving. How about you?” “Food would be good.” “I better get up and go cook us something,” I said and wormed my way out from under him. “You cook as well?” “Of course,” I laughed and walked unsteadily to the kitchen, my ass still leaking his massive load. “I may be a slut, but I take care of the household duties.” A little over an hour later we were munching heartily on homemade tacos. “I’ve got some more tributes for you, just like I said I’d get,” Jeff laughed, “and you know what that means.” “A gang bang?” “Exactly.” “Not tonight.” “No, not tonight. Next Saturday. Is that okay?” “I’ve never turned down a hard dick. You should know that by now,” I answered with a giggle. “But in the meantime, I’ll call the other girl and see if she’d like to meet you tomorrow.” “Wow, that soon.” I laughed. “Um, is she bisexual?” “I’m not sure what all she’s into but I know she likes to suck cock.” “You know this from personal experience?” “Surely.” “Cool. At least I know we have something in common.” “I wouldn’t have suggested it if I didn’t think you had something in common with her. Oh, by the way, how do you feel about having sex with another sissy?” “I’ve never given it any thought but it might be fun.” “And I know she’s into having her picture taken. In fact, that’s how we met. Well, we met online and she mentioned it and I told her I’d like to take some good pictures of her so she came to my studio one evening and I took quite a few shots of her, some of them with my dick in her mouth. I’ve been with her a few more times but we never really clicked.” “You know, I think I’d really like to meet her,” I said with a broad smile. “I thought you might.” Jeff and I watched some television and then went to bed. It wasn’t very often that I slept in the nude but I did so tonight. Before calling it a day we made love, not just had sex, for more than two hours. It was so nice taking our time for a change and when I climaxed it seemed to go on forever and left me feeling more satisfied than ever. The next morning I slept later than usual and when I awoke I was in bed alone.

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