16 Mart 2023

Jamie Ch. 13

Big Tits

I woke to Jamie getting ready for work the next morning. I was still unsure if I would work or not since I was on a “call in and find out” status. I was starting to get a little worried about whether or not I still had a job and if I’d be able to make rent.

“Hey sexy,” Jamie said, putting an earring in her ear as she came in from the master bathroom.

I smiled at her, all of my negative feelings disappearing at the site of her. Jamie was dressed in her classy business attire, ready to counsel troubled kids. She did pretty well for herself financially; she could probably afford the apartment on her own without even Jeff’s help.

“You alright?” she asked me.

I shrugged and looked at my work cell phone on the night stand.

“No work?” she asked.

“I have no idea. I need to call in and find out. I just have this bad feeling I won’t have a job for much longer.”

Jamie crossed the room and I sat up on the edge of the bed. She looked down at me with those gorgeous, loving brown eyes. “Jason, I love you. No matter what happens, we will be fine, okay? Just call in. If you work, great! If not, oh well!” she said and gave me her best smile. “I promise, I’ll make you feel better if you don’t work,” she said with a wink and then went back to the bathroom to check herself out in the mirror before she left.

I grabbed my work phone and called the office.

“Hey, Jason, hold on,” our receptionist said and transferred me to the production department I worked in.

“Jason!” Sasha, our dispatcher, said, answering. “How’s it going, buddy? Good trip?”

“Yeah, man. Really good,” I answered. “Do we have work?”

“No, but, uh, we need you to bring your stuff in,” he said in a regretful tone.

I nodded sadly. “Gotcha. I’ll be in in a little bit.”

“Okay, buddy. Sorry, man,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said and hung up.

“That didn’t sound good,” Jamie said.

“I think I’m losing my job,” I told her.

Jamie stood in front of me again and bent over to make her face level with mine; I could see down her white blouse, which was what I think she was going for.

“I’ve got an idea to cheer you up, okay? Just, be prepared for anything when you get home,” she said with another wink and then kissed me deeply.

“I think your plan is already working,” I said when we broke the kiss.

She laughed. “That wasn’t even part of it, but I’m glad you’re already feeling better,” she said and then gathered her purse and headed for the door. “I love you,” she said, stopping at the bedroom door.

“I love you, too,” I said back and then she left quickly, her wavy hair whipping around her face as she did.

I groaned as I rubbed my face, unhappy about what I was about to face at work. It wasn’t really a job I wanted to have the rest of my life, but it would have helped provide for me and Jamie as a married couple; especially if we decided to have kids one day. Although, one blessing with losing this job was that I could find a job with more free time. Currently I was on a rotation that went on call every four weeks with going on backup the following week. It made it hard to make any plans for half of a month. It paid decently, but hopefully this will force me to find something that paid about the same but allowed me to have more time to spend with Jamie.

I hopped in the shower and got ready quickly so I could get shit over with. I was curious as to what Jamie had set up for me to cheer me up today. The possibilities had me grinning already.

When I arrived at the shop, I found my partner cleaning out the van we worked out of and the other drivers were doing the same. I took the shirts, cell phone and various other tools they’d given me to do my job into the office and collected the few personal items I’d left in the van. Once I was signed off as having returned everything, my boss (an old friend of my parents) handed me my final paycheck and suggested I apply at another flood/fire restoration company the others were already applying to.

“I think I’d like to look into another field. As great as this job could be, I don’t think it’s for me,” I told him.

“I understand. If you need a reference, please feel free to put me down,” he said and shook my hand.

“Thanks,” I said and then turned to leave.

Ermin, the driver I worked with, was removing the last of his personal tools from the van, so I went to say goodbye to him.

“Jason!” he said in his strong Croatian accent.

“Ermin, it was great working with you. You taught me a lot.”

“You were a great partner,” he said. “Take care of yourself. I’ll see you around,” he said and shook my hand before we parted ways.

I got in my car and called Jamie through the sync system my car offered.

“Hey,” she said cheerily. “So, what happened?” she asked.

“I was right. But, it wasn’t just me. The whole company is closing their doors.”

“Oh wow! What happened?” she asked.

“Well, we just weren’t getting any more work. Triple A stopped giving us jobs and the owner Antalya Escort who was kinda over our department never looked into other insurance companies. So, they’re finishing up what jobs are left to complete and closing up shop. All that’s left right now is the repairs department,” I explained.

“Well, at least it’s something out of your control,” she consoled.

“Yeah, still sucks though,” I said sadly.

“I know, baby, I’m sorry. Hey, I gotta go, a client just arrived. Your first surprise is waiting for you when you get home, okay?”

“You’re not gonna tell me what it is?” I pried.

She laughed. “No, but you’ll like it, I’m sure,” she told me seductively. “Gotta go, baby. I love you!”

“Love you, too!” I said and then she hung up.

I made my way home, stopping at a grocery store to deposit my last check into my account at the ATM. When I walked through the door of the apartment, I was definitely in for a surprise. Tracy was reclined on her side, propping her head up with one bent arm while the other rested lazily over her naked hip. Did I mention she was completely naked?

“Surprise!” she said sexily. My cock twitched, but I did my best to keep him under control. I would not cheat on Jamie.

“Tracy, um, what’s going on?” I asked her dumbly.

“I’m Jamie’s first surprise for you,” she said.

“You…what?” I stammered, completely confused.

She looked at me amused. “Jamie texted me while you were gone and told me to make you feel better after losing your job.”

“What if I hadn’t lost my job?” I tested her.

“Then she wanted me to be here to celebrate with you just in case it was good news,” she replied.

I pulled out my phone and texted Jamie real quick, asking, “Why is Tracy naked on our couch?”

A few seconds she replied with, “Surprise!”

“What’d she say?” Tracy asked.

“Well, I asked why you were naked on our couch and she just said, ‘Surprise!’,” I told her dumbfounded.

“Told ya!” she said and stood up. With each slow and deliberate step she took towards me, her beautiful tits jiggled playfully, seducing me into fondling and suckling on them. My mouth literally began salivating for the large mounds on her chest.

With a twinkle in her eyes, she grabbed them, one in each hand and hefted them up and down enticingly. “Like what you see?” she asked, squeezing them together.

I nodded dumbly and let her complete the distance between us. She let go of her tits and let them bounce back down to her body as she reached up and ran her fingers through my hair with her left hand. She grabbed the back of my head and gently pulled me into a kiss. I let go of my resolve and allowed her to press her lips against mine. She parted my lips with her tongue and I accepted it hungrily, mashing our mouths together while letting my own tongue loose to wrestle with hers.

Tracy began pulling at my shirt, and I lifted my arms so she could get it up over my head. Our mouths parted just long enough for her to toss the clothing aside. As she forced her lips back on mine, she reached down and grabbed my hardening cock through my shorts. My knees immediately felt weak at her touch, but I quickly regained control of myself. Without breaking our kiss, she unbuckled my belt, quickly followed the button at my waistline. I heard the unmistakable sound of the zipper next and then my shorts were pulled down by gravity.

The eighteen year old sex goddess broke our kiss as she pulled the elastic band of my boxer-briefs to fondle my engorged member. The feel of her smooth hands on my cock sent a jolt through my body like an electrical current; it forced me to press my mouth tighter against hers. She matched the intensity for a moment and then pulled her mouth off of mine with a grin. I smiled back at her as she lowered herself to her knees, took hold of my cock at the base and then wrapped her lips around the crown, flicking the tip with her tongue. My head fell back in ecstasy as she slowly worked the rest of my member into her pretty mouth. She grabbed onto the backs of my legs and I grabbed onto the back of her head, forcing her farther down my cock. She took it like a pro; it was as if she had no gag reflex.

Tracy pushed back against my hands and I let her release my cock for air. Her lips smacked as my prick popped out of her mouth and she gasped for breath, saliva dripped down her chin while some clung between her lips and my cock like a tightrope. She jerked me off while she caught her breath and then quickly put me back in her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth in quick rhythm. I placed one hand on the back of her head again, encouraging her to go deeper, but not forcing her. My hips began to buck on their own accord.

Pulling off of my cock again, she spit on it to lube it up more and then rose up so her beautiful tits were even with my cock. I grinned down at her, nodding as she squeezed them together over my rod. The smooth skin of her perfect tits jerking my cock off felt amazing as I got to fuck those Antalya Escort Bayan titties again. As much as I was madly in love with Jamie, she didn’t have the tits Tracy has and I had missed fucking them like this. Tracy kept her tongue out to lick the tip of my cock each time it popped up between the tops of her breasts. I suddenly felt an unexpected orgasm build in my cock and I involuntarily picked up the pace.

“Cum on my tits, baby,” she encouraged. “We have all afternoon to fuck. Come on, baby, come for me. Come on my tits!” she repeated her encouragements as my orgasm came to a conclusion, exploding in her face. She backed away quickly and I jerked my cock to empty the rest of my cum on her tits. When I finished, my legs began to give out, so I sat on the couch to catch my breath.

I watched as Tracy spread my jizz over her tits like it was lotion. I shook my head, amazed that Jamie would set this up for me. I really couldn’t wait to marry that girl.

“I think I need a shower now,” she said with a wink and then walked towards my master bedroom where she planned to shower in the connecting bathroom. “Are you going to join me?” she asked seductively from behind the couch, whispering in my ear.

“Fuck yeah,” I said and got up, hopping over the couch to chase her into the bathroom.

She let out a scream as she ran from my playful advances. I caught her in the bathroom where I spun her around, planting my mouth on hers. Her sticky breasts smashed into my chest, but I didn’t care since we were about to clean up in the shower anyway. Without breaking our kiss, I opened the shower door and stepped forward. Tracy followed, stepping backwards into the shower stall. She pulled the door shut as I turned the knob to start the water. The shock of cold water caused us both to react; her with a scream and me with a gasp which both resulted in laughter. One thing I loved about that shower was how quickly it warmed up; within seconds the water was almost too hot to stand, I had to turn down the heat.

I turned Tracy to face the water and began rubbing my cum off her breasts. She reached up for Jamie’s body wash and squirted a glop into her hand. I took the bottle from her and replaced it while she lathered up her tits with the liquid soap that smelled like raspberries. The sight of her massaging the soap onto her big, firm tits mixed with the scent of the soap was intoxicating; I nearly lost my mind. My softening cock began to stiffen once again as her ass pressed into me when she arched her back.

“You are so damn sexy,” I told her and then began kissing her neck.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she replied, reaching up and rubbing the back of my neck as I licked and sucked on hers.

I turned her around so she faced the tile wall and then reached for her pussy from behind. She let out a moan as I entered two fingers in immediately. My thumb pressed into her ass and she began to squirm.

“Oh, shit, Jason. That feels so good,” she praised and I began pumping my fingers in and out of her ass and pussy piston-like; I’d press into her ass as I pulled out of her pussy and vice-versa. Her knees began to shake so I supported her around the waist with my free arm.

“How does that feel, you dirty slut?” I asked, whispering roughly in her ear.

“So fucking good,” she replied.

“So fucking good, what?”

She looked over her shoulder with a grin. She seemed to like me taking control like I was.

“So fucking good, Master,” she repeated.

“That’s right, bitch. You call me Master from now on,”

“Yes, Master,” she responded.

“Very good,” I said and increased the intensity of my finger fucking her; her moans turned immediately into screams that grew in volume as she neared her climax. Just before I sent her over the edge, though, I stopped, pulled her by the hips and spread her legs apart farther. I then grabbed the base of my cock and aimed it at her pussy, rubbing the tip along the lips.

“Just fucking stick it in me!” she demanded.

I slapped her ass as hard as I could. “What was that, bitch?!” I yelled at her.

“Sorry, Master. Please, stick that big hard cock in my pussy, Master,” she corrected.

“This cock here?” I asked, teasing her more with the tip.

“Yes, Master. Please, shove that in me and fuck my ever loving brains out, Master,” she begged.

How could I refuse such a desperate request? Simple. I couldn’t. I lined the tip up with her pussy, pushing just the head in and left it there until I heard her whimper for more. I then grabbed her hips again and pulled her down onto my cock forcefully.

“FUCK!” she screamed. “Again, please, Master,” she begged.

I slowly pulled out until only the head of my prick was still inside and then shoved it right back in, my pelvis slapping loudly against her ass cheeks. I repeated the motion, slowly building up speed and reducing the amount of cock I pulled out of her. We built up into a rhythm and our breathing became ragged. Due to the fact I’d just Escort Antalya cum all over her chest a few minutes ago, I knew I’d be able to last a lot longer, but, still I slowed us down into a slower rhythm until we caught our breath.

When I pulled out of her, she spun around with a hungry look in her eyes and then attacked me, locking her mouth on mine. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up off the floor. My cock found its way back into her cunt and she slammed herself down, impaling herself with my rod.

“FFFUUUCK!” we both shouted together. I then slammed her into the wall of the shower which forced us both to let out a satisfied grunt.

Tracy wrapped her legs around my waist as I fucked her pussy good and hard. Her arms locked around my neck as tight as her legs did around my waist. I squeezed her ass as tight as I could with a cheek in each hand. I rocked my hips forward, slamming her back into the wall with each thrust.

“Don’t…ever…stop…!” she cried with each slam into the wall, repeating those three words over and over again.

I felt my orgasm finally start to build, but I wasn’t ready to cum yet. I wanted this to last just a bit longer.

“Fuck my ass,” she commanded, forgetting to call me Master again, but this time I didn’t care. I was done with the dominance thing; all I cared about was fucking.

I set her down and she turned around again. I pressed the tip of my cock, slippery with her juices, against her ass-hole and I felt her relax her muscles. I pressed a little harder, the tightness of her ass threatening to make me cum already, but I willed myself to hold back. Her ass relaxed a little more and she pushed back against my cock. Inch by wonderful inch, my cock disappeared into her beautiful ass. Once I was buried deep inside her, we stayed that way for a minute.

“Holy shit, I feel so full,” she said. “Is it all the way in?” she asked.

I nodded. “All but a half an inch,” I told her.

She pressed her ass into me a little harder and my pelvis rested against her bubbly butt cheeks. Electricity coursed through my body starting at my cock.

“Fuck,” she whispered and shuddered. “I just came,” she said.

“Are you serious?” I laughed.

She chuckled as well. “Yeah, but there’s more where that came from. Slowly start fucking me again,” she requested quietly. Our mood had completely changed from the rough sex from a few short minutes ago. I pulled about halfway out of her ass and then slid back in all the way. Every time my pelvis connected with her ass, I felt that same surge of electricity course through my veins.

We slowly began to build a rhythm until her ass became much easier to slide in and out of. I picked up the pace, loving every second of her tight ass muscles clenching my throbbing cock. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before I came.

Tracy began fingering her pussy as I banged her in the ass. Soon I felt that familiar sensation of my orgasm building again, but this time I didn’t want to hold back. I wanted to coat the insides of her shitter with my seed. She could tell I was nearing the edge, so she doubled her efforts on her pussy, rubbing her clit with a blur of her hand.

“Fuck me, baby, yeah. Fuck that ass. Fill me up, lover. Fill my eighteen year old ass with your cum. I want to feel it shoot up in me,” she continued her rant of dirty talk as I slammed my cock into her ass, the slapping sound of flesh against flesh echoed off the walls of the bathroom. I felt the water begin to cool, so I turned the knob to increase the temperature.

“Cum for me, Jason! Shoot your load in my ass!” she screamed and I doubled my efforts. My cock tingled with the need to cum and then four big thrusts later, the first jet of cum shot into her ass and she exploded into a piercing scream I wasn’t expecting. Another stream of jizz blasted into her ass as I thrust again and then again. Soon, I was spent and could barely stand. I fell against her, both of us leaning against the cool tile of the shower wall.

“That was so good, Master. Thank you for punishing my ass like that,” she praised me.

“Thank you for giving me your ass,” I whispered into her ear.

As I began to soften inside of her ass, I pulled out and then leaned against the wall, letting Tracy have the showerhead to clean up again.

“You know, you have a pretty amazing fiancée to set this up,” Tracy reminded me and I suddenly felt guilty for fucking Tracy. “Hey, don’t do that!” she scolded, seeing the look on my face. “She planned this and told me to let you have your way with me to cheer you up. And if you think it’s stopping here, just wait until Jamie gets home from work.”

I perked up at this information. “Are we talking threesome fun or does she have a special evening planned for me and her?”

“I’m not sure, yet. She just said to take care of you until she gets home,” she said with a wink. “So, rest up, I may attack you again later,” she said seductively. I wasn’t surprised that my cock hadn’t twitched; he was a little spent after the events of the past hour or so.

We finished cleaning up and then laid down in my bed together. We didn’t bother with any clothing, because a couple hours later, we woke up from our nap, fucked and then went and got something to eat (we did get dressed for that, of course).

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