4 Ağustos 2022

Jane’s Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 04



She stood frozen in terror. The order was harsh, totally unexpected. Her mind whirled furiously about; her body did not respond. Finally, she managed to stammer a few, incoherent phrases. “I didn’t know… I wasn’t sure… maybe I have the wrong address… maybe I should leave… I don’t know…”

“You knew damn well. There is no sign on the door outside. You came in knowing what you were getting into. Strip. NOW!”

She undressed, her hands trembling harder and harder with every button that came undone. With every piece of garment she shed, her body shook more and more. When she was stark naked, standing and shaking like a leaf in the wind, she looked around. Men and women in varying states of genital tattooing were staring at her. The artists themselves had ceased decorating their clients and they too were staring at her.

Jane approached her. Looking at her from top to bottom, she announced, “Your name will be Draguette. You WILL obey all my commands. Is that very clear?”

Draguette lowered her face and nodded. Jane grabbed her head by the hair, “And one more thing: when you talk to me, I want full eye-contact.”

Draguette raised her head, started into Jane’s eyes and for the first time in her life shuddered at what she saw. In Jane’s huge, pale blue eyes she saw the look of a domineering woman, a woman that could and would mesmerize any man or woman into sexual submission. Draguette felt she had fallen under Jane’s spell forever.

Jane looked her over while the other artists and clients admired her from a respectful distance. Draguette was a tall redhead, standing over 6 foot 2 inches, with an athletic body. Her breasts were large, full, firm; she had broad shoulders and the broad back of the swimmer she was; her tummy was taut; her legs powerful and solid. Her eyes were the deep green of the finest emerald, sparkling and alive.

In addition to her natural beauty, what caught everyone’s attention was Draguette’s skin. It was white. Not just a euphemism for white: Draguette’s skin was perfectly white and smooth. Her breasts were just a shade pinker, but still extremely pale. Save for her red hair, her deep green eyes, and a tuft of red pubic hair, Draguette was extremely white.

Jane looked at her and turned to her tattoo artists, “Draguette’s body doesn’t need any further embellishments. She is just too perfect.”

They nodded in agreement. Jane continued, “So that means Draguette will get the Special Treatment.”

The konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort entire tattoo parlor turned into a frenzy of activity. After many preparations, they were ready. They puffed Draguette’s body with extremely fine talc and led her to another room that was darkened. Tying Draguette’s wrists to an overhead beam, she was raised off her feet, the beam rolled across the room, and Draguette was lowered slowly into a very deep bath. Draguette felt like a return to her mother’s womb. She was immersed very slowly until the bath level reached her jaw. The bath was warm, ever so slightly viscous, perfectly still, enveloping her body like she had never felt, much better and far different than a warm tub bath. The warm liquid seemed to encompass her completely; she felt the liquid ooze between her toes, almost seeping in through her natural openings between her legs. Draguette felt she could live forever in that immersion.

Minutes passed. She felt the beam overhead start to raise her. Draguette moaned. She did not want to leave the bath. Suddenly Draguette became aware that just like the bath was perfectly warm, the outside air into which she was being raised was icy cold. She started to shiver. And then the feeling startled her.

Draguette was coated in latex!

Her entire body was coated in an extremely thin coat of white latex, less than a thousandth of an inch thick, thinner than surgical gloves and just as tight! As it cooled off, it contracted, leaving her with a sensation of being shrink-wrapped extremely tightly. And yet the latex was so thin Draguette could feel everything upon her skin. The latex kept contracting. Draguette felt it closing in between her toes and fingers. She felt it contracting until her large breasts were pushing hard against it to get out. She felt it contracting between her legs. Draguette was in heaven!

Jane led her back out to the tattoo parlor. The artists and clients gasped in amazement! Draguette was stark naked, totally covered in white latex, the thinnest latex imaginable, so thin that every pore seemed visible. Between the cold air, the pressure on her breasts, and her intense sexual arousal Draguette’s nipples were fully engorged, clearly visible for miles away, every bump and crevice on her nipples greatly exaggerated. Between her legs, one could see the individual pubic hairs under the latex. Even on her legs and under her armpits, the konyaaltı otele gelen escort hairs that Draguette had not perfectly shaved that morning were also perfectly visible!

Jane called over a few tattoo artists and told them what she wanted them to do with Draguette. They complied. Draguette was led to the center of the room and the artists began to decorate the latex with their markers. The broad brushes and the fine tips applied colors and shades. Every movement, every stroke seemed to resonate deep into Draguette’s body. She had never felt so sexually stimulated in her entire life. For once, just this once, men and women artists knew exactly how to elicit sexual responses from every inch of her perfect body. Draguette felt mini orgasms rush up and down her body.

When they had finished, they stood back. The clients were amazed how Draguette’s body had been transformed into a canvas of sexually explicit scenes. Jane walked over, took a long look, and examined their work while everyone present held their breath. Finally Jane gave her approval.

The crowd went wild, cheering, coming over to kiss Draguette’s lips and congratulate her!

But Jane had something else in mind. After all, this was a sexual tattoo parlor and Draguette had to be of use to her.

Jane motioned to one of the artists and told her to go get her car. While the artist drove, Draguette and Jane sat in the back seat. Draguette was shaking. She had a premonition. It was a combination of sexual desire and sheer terror of what was to come.

Her fears did not last long. The driver drove to the sleaziest part of town. There, at night, were the homeless, the winos, and all the other losers in life. Jane ordered Draguette out of the car. Draguette protested that she was stark naked, that all she was wearing was the extremely thin coat of latex, that it was covered with sexually explicit scenes depicting natural and unnatural acts.

Jane’s icy blue eyes locked into Draguette’s deep green eyes, “Get out. Perform. NOW!”

Draguette started to walk up and down the sidewalk. At first, the losers were not sure if this was for real or not, if this was just another trip or if it was the real thing, if this was a cop or a setup or not.” One by one they started to approach Draguette gingerly. At a distance at first, they called out to her. They came closer, touching her body. Draguette tried to shirk away. The losers realized konyaaltı rus escort she was for real. They started to paw her, to fondle her breasts, to tweak her nipples. They crowded around her. Draguette cast a desperate look back at the car. Jane and her driver were smiling. Jane nodded her approval.

Draguette had no choice. She was trapped among the lewdest, grossest, and filthiest of the human race. They were fondling her body, touching her and taunting her. They could not possibly understand — in the stupor of their vices — how such a beautiful woman could not be penetrated. They tried in vain to finger her vagina, to finger her ass, but the latex was as tough as it was thin. A few men started to masturbate in front of her. Soon, others followed. In time, Draguette was covered in semen. One even tossed her to the ground, pounced on top of her, started to hump her, and ended up cumming with his huge penis hard against her tummy.

Jane knew when enough was enough. She got out of the car and walked slowly to the crowd. The look in her icy blue eyes told them time was up. She smiled sweetly at them, thanked them for treating Draguette so kindly, tossed out a few twenty-dollar bills, and as they retreated respectfully, Jane led Draguette back to the car.

At the tattoo parlor, the head artist used a special pair of diamond-blade scissors to cut the latex down the middle. The talc on Draguette’s body let the latex peel off easily. Draguette sighed deeply. It was a mixed sigh. She was relieved to get all the horrible stench of semen away from her. She felt her skin invigorated again. And yet… Draguette yearned to be back encapsulated in that magical latex full-body suit.

The artists wasted no time. Quickly Draguette was led to the stirrups and one of the artists shaved off all her pubic hair, catching every single hair into a plastic bag. Draguette did not understand what was happening.

But she would a week later when she came back for her second — of many –appointments. This time, Jane ordered that when Draguette was taken out of the latex bath and it had dried off, the artists were to recreate her pubic patch of red hair exactly the way it was before shaving.

“Oh, and one more thing, THAT thing” Jane had ordered. The artists knew what Jane wanted. Before her immersion in the latex bath, Draguette had been fitted with a balloon catheter deep into her urethra.

Jane approached her, sweetly and softly whispering as only one woman knows how to another, “Draguette sweetheart, we are going to a party. It will be a very classy, elegant party. You are going to be the star of the night. There will be lots of drinking. We cannot let you pee inside your new suit, now can we?”

Both women laughed and kissed affectionately.

Draguette became the sensation of Jane’s sexual menagerie — until her next experience!

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