17 Ocak 2023



I was attracted to Janet the first time I saw her. She had a short dark blonde bob, stood about medium height, thin, and well proportioned, with rounded breasts, a nice, well-rounded butt, and intense eyes. She had a pretty face and a pretty smile.Janet was wearing a navy blue dress with a hem just above the knee. It was very modest, but sexy, and it highlighted her features.I saw her walking along and moved in her direction.”Hi,” I said.Janet smiled. “Hi.””We seem to be going in the same direction. Do you mind if I walk with you?”She smiled again. “Not at all.” We walked together for a few minutes. We chatted; Janet laughed and giggled a lot. I think she caught me glancing at her. I know she was glancing at me.I opened escort kocaeli the door. Janet thanked me and went down the hall.”My class is down this way,” she said. Mine was the opposite direction. “I enjoyed our walk. We’ll talk again later.” Smiling, she glanced over her shoulder and waved.I thought about her all morning. I sat through a couple of classes, but my mind was on the beautiful young lady I had just met.Lunchtime came. I wandered into the cafeteria and I saw Janet sitting there. I smiled as I walked by her. She grinned. I got my food.”Mind if I join you?””Not at all,” she said, smiling. We had a lovely chat over lunch and I walked her back to class. “See you later,” Janet said with a smile and a wave.”Janet,” kocaeli anal yapan escort I said, “Have dinner with me.””Are you asking me out?””Yes.””I accept.”Dinner was good. We talked and laughed. I put my arm around her. She smiled and put her head on my shoulder. Shortly, my hand went to her breast.”We’re in public,” Janet said softly.”And if we weren’t in public?” I asked. She giggled.Janet smiled, leaned towards me, and tilted her head. “You want some dessert?” she said. “I could definitely use something more.” She chuckled.”Are you flirting with me?” I said. Janet looked at me and sighed.I dropped her off. “I had a good time,” Janet said.”So did I,” I said. izmit yabancı escort I turned.”Didn’t you forget something?” Janet said.”What?””This,” she replied, and she kissed me. It was more than a friendly kiss.”See you,” I said.A couple of days later, I found out one of Janet’s favorite bands was playing just about an hour from us. I got tickets. “I have a surprise for you this Saturday,” I told her. Janet scrunched her face.”What?” she said.”If I tell you, it won’t be a surprise,” I said.Saturday came. Janet piled excitedly into the car. We drove about an hour to the concert.Janet really enjoyed the concert and she was somewhat flirty on the way home. There was a gleam in her eyes.”My roommate lost her virginity last week,” Janet said with a little grin.”Oh?” I wasn’t particularly interested in her roommate’s sex life, but curious as to why she brought it up.”She can’t stop talking about it. She goes on and on about how great it was.””OK,” I said. “And you?””I listen,” Janet replied with a grin.

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