12 Aralık 2022

Jasmine’s 35th birthday


    Today is my 35th birthday! It’s going to be a wild day.

    I have 2 guys that wants to take me out somewhere for my birthday.

Benjamin and Stephen. I’m so confused right now. I don’t know what to do. I really like them both. I been talking to Benjamin for 3 years now. One year after I moved here. I meet him at the local grocery store.

    He was hawking me as I was doing my weekly grocery shopping. I was shocked by the way he was checking me out all over the store.

I’m not the prettiest woman on earth or have the greatest body. I’m 5’6 197 pounds with my haircut short like Nia Long. 47 bust, 40 inches in the waist and 57 inches in the hips. The food goes to all the right spots. When I was checking out, I noticed the guy that had been following me over the store is now standing behind me in line.

    As I was putting the groceries into my car I heard a charming voice. “Excuse Shawty!” I look back as I’m still putting my groceries in the car. Yes I said. My name is Benjamin! I didn’t mean to walk up and startled you. You didn’t startled me I told him. [Continuing putting my groceries in the car]

  I was wondering if you had a man? He said. No Benjamin! It is Benjamin right? I said. Yes it’s Benjamin. He says. No Benjamin I do not have a man. I’m single. I said. Your beautiful and sexy. I want to take you out for dinner one day. He says. That’s real nice of you Benja but as you can see I need to lose some pound!   Awww fuck that! Your the perfect size woman for me! He said.

What is your name by the way? Jasmine. Jasmine! That’s a pretty name. Nice to meet you Jasmine! Nice to meet you Benjamin!

    Are you from around here Jasmine? No I’m not Benjamin! I just moved over on the east side a year ago. Ok, I live on the north side.

We exchanged phone numbers in the parking lot after talking for about 15 minutes.

    Stephen is an old college friend. Whom I just found out, lives on the west of the city. He sent me a message on Instagram after seeing a photo I was tagged in with some people we went to college with.

    “What’s up Jasmine! How you been? When did you move down here? 555-555-5555 call me sometime.” I messaged him back. “Hey Stephen! I’m good. I’ve been down here for six months now.” I didn’t call him right a way. I waited for 2 months before I called him.

    Stephen and I hooked up one weekend had some drinks. I had to go to church with my mom in the morning so I didn’t stay out long. We talked over the phone for 3 weeks. The following weekend Stephen and I hooked up again. This time we fucked. It was good too! He has the perfect size dick! It’s 7 or 8 inches long and very thick. He definitely knows how to slang that dick.

    Three months after me and Stephen started fucking. Benjamin wanted to take me out for dinner. I know Benjamin just wants to fuck and move on to the next bitch! It’s something about him! While Stephen and I did our thing. Benjamin was blowing my phone up after I had gave him my number in the parking lot at the grocery store.

    I didn’t know what me and Stephen really had going on so I took Benjamin up on his dinner offer.

    Benjamin came on a Friday night. We went downtown for dinner. After dinner we stopped by the local neighborhood bar around the corner from my house. He order a double shot of Hennessy and I got a Blue Motorcycle. Since I didn’t know what me and Stephen are doing beside fucking and since I figured all that Benjamin wants to do is fuck me and move on.   I started to get my drink on. I order another Blue Motorcycle and a double of Grey Goose. Benjamin order himself another double shot of Hennessey.

We started playing pool. Now I’m starting to feel really good off of those drinks I had. Are you ready to take me home? I asked Benjamin. Yes if your ready to go. He says. I wasn’t ready to go. I started getting horny.    We got back to my place. I offered Benjamin to come in. He says “No! I’m drunk Jasmine and I have to be at work in 3 hours.” I was shocked by the answer he gave. I just knew he wanted to fuck me and move on to the next bitch! I was wrong.

    He walked me to my door. I went for a kiss trying to convince him to stay. Benjamin kissed me back and released saying “I gotta go I’ll call you whenever I get off.” My pussy is so wet because I had warmed myself up for a one night stand and it didn’t even happen. [Sigh]

    I walked into the house mad grab my phone called Stephen but he didn’t answer. [I scream]

    It’s now 5am so I walk into my bedroom an undress. I pull out my box from underneath my bed. I put it on the bed [gasp] opening it.

   I take out the bullet, turn it on. Laying it on  my clit [hmmm] My body starts to tingle as I move the bullet up and down my pussy. As I play with my pussy I imagine Stephen’s big dick filling my pussy up. I pull my box closer still playing with my pussy I grab one of my several dildos. I put in my mouth slowly deep throating it. [Gag] I pull the dildo out of mouth, then I push it deeper down my throat causing myself to gag on it again. With my saliva still on the dildo I work it into my soaking wet pussy. I start rolling my hips, working the dildo in deeper and deeper until it’s all the way in. Pounding the dildo into my pussy with one hand and holding the bullet down on my clit with the other. I slowly start to build up a orgasm. Oh shit! Oh shit! That’s it! Fuck! That’s it! I close my eye’s and started to pound the dildo harder and harder into my pussy. Every thrust into my pussy was bringing the orgasm closer and closer. Fuck! Oh my God! Oh! Oh! My! God! [Splash] Fuuuuuuccck! [Splash] [Splash] Oh my God! My body shaking from the intense orgasm I just gave myself.

    Benjamin called when he got off. Stephen called me back from when I called him this morning. I told Stephen I must have pocket dialed him. I didn’t tell him that I wanted to feel his big dick in my pussy up this morning.    Benjamin met me at the neighborhood bar around the corner from my house. We had some drinks and talked. Before we was leaving the bar Benjamin asked if we can pick up where we had left off. I told him “Yes absolutely.”

    We get back to my house and started making out. Undressing each other as we kiss. I grab his dick. OMG! It’s a nice size. I kneel down on my knees to get a better look at Benjamin’s dick. It’s a little bigger than Stephen’s I think. I put the head of Benjamin’s dick into my mouth. Hmmmmm! [as I close my eye’s] Oh shit! Says Benjamin. I start to move my mouth up and down his big dick. Benjamin grabs the back of my head as his dick gets fully erected in my mouth. Hmmmm! I go again as I rub his balls.

    I see his head fall back. Now he’s slowly starts to fuck my mouth. Holding my head as he thrust his big dick in and out of my mouth.    My pussy is getting wet. Wetter than it’s ever been! No one has never did what Benjamin is doing to me now. I never been face fucked!   Every time I gag on Benjamin’s big dick my pussy tingles.

    Start working your hands on that dick Benjamin says. I put both of my hands and my mouth around Benjamin’s big dick. Oh shit! You a fucking semen demon! Says Benjamin. I must be sucking the soul out of Benjamin’s big dick right now. [closing my eyes] I take all of Benjamin’s big dick into my mouth [gagging]

    He stands me up and walks me over to the sofa. Lay down! Benjamin says. I lay on my back spreading my legs. Benjamin’s big dick is rock hard all covered with my saliva. He gets on his knees and starts licking my pussy. That’s it baby! Lick my pussy! Benjamin slides 2 fingers into my pussy. Oh shit! Look at the professional pussy eater. I say. He sucks on my clit. Damn baby! Who taught you how to eat pussy? He didn’t answer just continued licking my pussy.

    I don’t know who’s better at eating pussy. Benjamin or Sheila! One day I gots to find out. Yes baby! Yes baby! Oh! Oh baby! Eat my fucking pussy just like that! Yes baby! Fuck! Fuck! I’m about to cum. Do you want to taste it? You fucking pussy eater? [Moaning louder] Yes I want to taste it. Says Benjamin. Here it comes! Here it comes! Oh shit! Fuck! Stick your tongue out bitch! Taste my pussy. Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccck!

    Turn around and get on your knees. Benjamin says.

   I turned around to get on my knees. My titties are now resting on the back of the sofa. He pushes down on my back and tells me to spread my legs.

   Benjamin starts licking my pussy from the back. Oh shit! That’s it’s! I started to roll my hips. Grinding my pussy all over Benjamin’s face. Yes baby! Yes baby! [moaning louder]

    I feel Benjamin spread my ass cheeks apart. He glides his tongue to my asshole. Oh fuck! Holly Jesus! Hold on baby! Hold on!

    Ignoring my commands Benjamin keeps licking my asshole. Damn! Oh shit! This feels good.

    Having my asshole and my pussy licked. Is making my knees buckle. [moaning louder] Yes baby! Yaaaaaasss! That’s how you do it. I said. A orgasm is building up stronger than ever before. Oh shit! Fuck! Fuck! [Splash] [moaning louder] Got Damn! Benjamin says. [wiping Jasmine’s cum from his eye’s]

    I’m to stiff to move as my orgasm still tingles throughout my pussy. My body is shaking.

    I gots to tell Sheila about this shit! She has to let Benjamin do this to her. [Thinking to myself] Still trying to recover from the best orgasm I ever ever had in my life.

    Where your bedroom at? Benjamin says. Follow me! I said.

   As we walk towards my bedroom. I’m thinking about what I’m going to tell Sheila. Legs shaking from the best orgasm I just received.

Benjamin is somewhat holding me up as we walk to my bedroom.

    I dive across the bed ready to tap out.

I’m not done with you yet. I’m about to turn you all the way out. You about to become my bitch! Get on your hands and knees, put that pussy and ass high in the air. Benjamin says.

    Even though that sounded very aggressive. It made my pussy wet all over again. Yes daddy! I said. [as I got onto my hands and knees] With my ass high in the air. I look through my legs and see Benjamin squatted down about to lick my pussy again.

    Watching Benjamin licking my pussy from the back is making me hotter. He starts licking my asshole again. I collapse onto the mattress. Now I’m literally “Face down” “Ass up” [moaning loud] I can feel another orgasm starting to build up. Shit! Don’t stop! Lick my fucking asshole! Yes you nasty motherfucker you! Benjamin stops. Gets up. Walks up to my face and glides his big dick towards my mouth. Shoving his big dick into my mouth making me gag on it.

    He takes it out and shoves it back into my mouth making me gag on it again. No bitch! Did I tell you to suck that spit on my dick? Benjamin says. Slapping me on the face with that big dick. No daddy! I said. He shoves that big dick back down my throat. [gagging sounds]     He takes it out and shoves it back into my mouth. [Mmmmm] That big dick goes down my throat. [Gagging sounds] This time leaving it in my throat. [Gagging sounds][Gagging sounds] I about regurgitated on his big dick. That’s how you do it Jasmine you nasty bitch! Says Benjamin.

    He stands behind me. Swiping my wet pussy with his big dick head. I can feel him pushing it in. Oh my God! He’s not wearing a condom [I say to myself] I never had sex without a condom before. [Gasping for air] I relax and let Benjamin stick that big dick in me without a condom on. Oh Benjamin! I said. [His big dick entered my soaking wet pussy] Fuck me real good. Make me your bitch! I said. You already my bitch Jasmine.  I’m about to make you my slut. Benjamin says.

    Working his big dick in and out of my pussy already made me cum on his big dick. He grabs a hold of my widely hips and starts thrusting his big dick into like a wild animal. Pleasure and pain at the same damn time! I never been fucked this hard. Sheila’s strap-on dildo is bigger than Benjamin’s dick but it didn’t feel like this. Oh my God! Your dick feels so good! Fuck my pussy baby! Fuck my pussy! The more I relax the better Benjamin’s dick felt banging my pussy walls. I started rocking my big 57 inch ass against Benjamin. I must’ve caught him off guard because he lost strive. Once he got back into rhythm. He became that wild animal again. I’m about to cum all over your big dick daddy!

[Screaming out loud]

I felt something very wet hit my asshole. I’m thrusting my hips and grinding on Benjamin’s big dick as he’s giving me a good pounding from the back. My ass cheeks spread apart and I feel a finger pressing at the entrance of my asshole. [I take a deep breath] I relax my asshole and Benjamin’s finger goes in. Oh my God Benjamin! What are you doing to me? I asked. I never felt so warm on the inside as he drives his big dick escort kocaeli in and out of my pussy while fingering my asshole.

    Shit baby! This feels so fucking good! Don’t stop daddy! Please! Yeah Jasmine your getting fucked like a slut now. Benjamin says. Yes daddy I am. Oh shit! Benjamin says. [Stopping at the same time] Still in “Beat this pussy down position.” Looking through my legs seeing Benjamin reach for something. Benjamin what’s wrong? I asked.

    I hit my toe on this box. [Holding up my safe box full of dildos in his hands] Oh I’m so sorry, I meant to push that further under the bed. [It opens]

    What do we have here? Says Benjamin. Oh my God! Give me that Benjamin. Nope! Benjamin says. This one looks about like six inches. [as he compares it to the size of his dick] This one is about my size right here! Benjamin says. [Pushing the safe box back deep underneath my bed]

    Get back like you was slut. Benjamin commanded [With a big smile on his face] I hesitated because I definitely didn’t know what was about to happen. A man with 8 inches of hard dick and has a 7.5 inch dildo in his hand.

    I put my ass back high in the air. My face down on my mattress. Benjamin starts licking my pussy. Looking through my legs I see Benjamin reaching for the dildo. Benjamin swipes my clit with the dildo. Spits on my pussy and pushes the dildo in my pussy. Oh! [Moaning] as Benjamin starts to push that dildo deeper and deeper inside of me.

    I start moving my hips while he bangs my pussy walls with my dildo. Benjamin stands at my face while still fucking me with my dildo. I take he’s big dick into my mouth. Moving my mouth off and on to Benjamin’s big dick while he pushes and pulls the dildo out of my pussy. Felt amazing! I felt like a slut for real now. [moaning] With his dick in my mouth must feel pretty damn good because Benjamin closed his eye’s.

    I take the dildo from Benjamin. Lick the bottom of it and mounted on to my headboard. I deep throated the dildo one time [Gagging] leaving my saliva all over it.

    I turned around putting the dildo in my pussy. Benjamin lays across my bed placing his big dick right at my mouth. I put that big dick in my mouth and started rocking back and forward on the dildo. That’s when it hit me. I know what I want for my 35th birthday. [Thinking to myself]

    I’ve nutted 3 times in 5 minutes. Benjamin stops me. Get back on your hands and knees sult. Keep your face on the fucking mattress. Get that pussy and ass high in the air. Benjamin says.

    I put my pussy and ass high in the air. Benjamin puts the dildo in my pussy. Slowly he pushes it all the way in. I hope he’s not going to put his big dick in my pussy too. [Silence fills the room] He starts licking my asshole working the dildo in and out of my pussy. Shit! [Moaning loud] Baby! Am I being a good sult for you? I asked. Yes you fucking are! You nasty bitch! Benjamin says. Fuck this feels good! Don’t stop Benjamin! I nutted and was about to cum again. Benjamin! I scream out. I’m about to cum! [Splash] I squirted all over Benjamin again. [Splash] [Splash] Oh yeah! You fucking sult! Squirt all over me! That’s it Jasmine! Let lose. Benjamin says.

   That turned me all the on! Fuuuuuuccck! [Splash] Oh shit Benjamin! [Splash] Yaaaaaasss! I’m a fucking nasty little sult! I scream out loud. While Benjamin still ramming the dildo in my pussy and licking my asshole. [Splash] I start to trimble in pure ecstasy.    Looking at me through my legs. Benjamin says. I think your ready now!

    He stands up. Walks over to me. Shoves his big dick in my mouth. I’m so weak from those  multiple orgasms. Benjamin’s big dick goes down my throat with ease. [Gagging sounds]

    He pulls out.

    I leave saliva all on that big dick. From the head to his belly button.

    He walks behind me. [Dildo still deep in my pussy] Benjamin spreads my ass cheeks and spits directly on my asshole. Pressing that big dick head against my asshole, I gave in. I was to weak to resist anal sex.

    I never had anal sex. Now I’m about to with no lubrication! Just his saliva and mine. Not to mention I still have 7.5 inches of dildo in my pussy.

    In the “Face down” “Ass up” position. Benjamin is slowly pushing his big dick into my tight virgin asshole. Benjamin baby! Benjamin baby! I scream out loud.

    Relax Jasmine! Just relax! Benjamin says.         He’s starting to get deeper and deeper into my asshole. I relaxed the best that I could. Having both of my holes filled and stretched out. By my own dildo and Benjamin big dick. I nutted within seconds. The pain had gone away.     Benjamin had one of his fingers or thumb in my asshole.

    Look at you! You nasty sult. I told you I was going to turn you all the way out! Benjamin says. Yes I’m tuned all the way out! All the fucking way out! [Moaning louder and louder]    The dildo is moving in and out of my pussy as Benjamin works his big dick in and out of my asshole. Oh shit! Benjamin says. What is it daddy? I’m about to nut all in your asshole Jasmine! Benjamin says.

    I was working on my next orgasm as well. I started rocking back and forward. Tighten my asshole. Pulling the semen out from Benjamin’s balls with my asshole. He starts working like that wild animal again. Oh yeah! Fuck my asshole! That’s it baby! I cry out.

    You like this shit don’t you? Benjamin says. I really do like this shit! [Blurting out loud] I really do. I said.

    Here it comes! Benjamin says. Give it to me Benjamin! Give it to me! [Moaning louder and faster] Oh got damn! Jaaaaaasmine! I can feel Benjamin hot semen exploding deep in my asshole. Yes Benjamin! Give all to me! I said.     Working my asshole to the head of his big dick all the way back down until my asshole completely swallows Benjamin big dick. [Splash] I squirt pushing the dildo out of my pussy. [Splash] That’s it Jasmine! Enjoy that fucking shit! Benjamin says. Shaking uncontrollably as I squirt all over myself and Benjamin. [Splash] Benjamin starts licking my pussy like he’s trying to drink my cum! [Splash] [Splash] Oh my God! I scream out loudly? Squeezing my pillow so tight, I thought I was ripping it apart.

      Benjamin takes a shower. I still have the shakes and strong tingly sensations in my pussy. My asshole is gapped open. [30 minutes later]

    Benjamin walks out of the bathroom. Starts to dress himself. I’m so weak right now! All I can do is smile. Benjamin is saying something but I’m slowly nodding off.

    He grabbed my leg and shakes it. I’ll call you in the morning. Benjamin says. Ok sweetie! Let yourself out and lock my door. I said. Before falling asleep full of cum in cum.

    I finally got myself together. Took a hot shower to get the sult of me. [Laughing] I get dressed and head for work.

    I park in my parking space in the parking deck. Sheila is parking beside me. We get out of our cars at the same time. Hey Sheila! [Smiling] Hey Jasmine! Why are you smiling so hard? Sheila asked. Let me tell you about my weekend Sheila!

    Do you remember that guy I was telling you about that was hawking my fat ass all over the grocery store? Yes Benjamin! Sheila says. Yes Benjamin! Ben-ja-min! [Laughing loud] Tell me about Ben-ja-min! Sheila says. [sarcastically]

    I finally gave him some of this good fat bitch pussy!

    You didn’t call me over to watch! Sheila says.

    No! Didn’t have time. I said.

    Benjamin was telling me how he was going to “Turn me all the way out.”

    Girl no he didn’t! Sheila says.

    Oh yes the fuck he did!

    I think Benjamin was right too! [Laughing loud]

    So what did he do to you? Sheila asked.

    He licked my pussy and asshole.

    Sheila you gotta let Benjamin lick your pussy and asshole! It’s one of the greatest feelings in the universe. [Smiling hard]

    Girl I don’t know about that. I don’t even know Benjamin. Shit I haven’t even meet Benjamin. Sheila says. [Laughing loud]

    Then he stuck his big dick in my asshole.

Oh my God girl! Sheila says.

    While Benjamin was fucking me in the ass. He had left “Iron Man” in my pussy.

    Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Sheila says. Your telling me he left “Iron Man” the dildo in your pussy while his dick was in your asshole? Sheila asked.

    Yes Sheila! I said.

Damn Girl! He did “Turn you all the way out”. Sheila says.

[Laughing loud]

    The week goes by pretty fast.

Stephen texted me Tuesday.

    “Hey Jasmine! My pretty flower! I’m going out of town this week for business. I’ll be back Friday night in time for your birthday on Saturday! I’m going to take you to the greatest restaurant in the city! We’re going to party Stephen loco lol. Call you later.”

    Benjamin called everyday of the week. On Thursday when he had called Benjamin also said that he was “going to take me to the greatest restaurant in the city!”

    Now I can put my plan into motion. [Rubbing my hands together]

    This is going to be the greatest birthday ever! [Smiling]


[Phone ringing] Hello!


    Thank you Sheila! I said.

Your welcome Jasmine!

    After talking with Sheila on the phone for over an hour.

    I masturbated, went to the grocery store and to Adam and Eve.

    I’m cooking my favorite meal that my mama use to make for me when I was coming up.

    Mushroom Melt Stuffed Chicken!

That shit is so damn good!

    I got me a sexy maid lingerie outfit, that I’m putting on for the entry night tonight!

   A long with some more knick knacks that I had needed for a while now from Adam and Eve.

    As I prepared the food. Stephen and Benjamin called telling me “Happy Birthday!”

    I talked to them both for about 30 minutes each.

    I told them both to be here at 7 o’clock. They both agreed not knowing that I’m having both of them to arrive at 7 o’clock.

    Now my plan is really in motion. [Rubbing my hands together]

    Getting all excited!

I’m starting to get butterflies in my stomach and becoming nervous.

    I like Benjamin. He fucks me really good. Definitely knows how to eat a pussy. We have good times when we go out together.

    I like Stephen too! He fucks me really good too!

It’s like he knows my body. He be hitting all my spots at the right times.

    Jesus! I get chills just thinking about it. Plus we go way back. I enjoy the time we spend together also.

    I’ve always had my cake and ate it too! But this plan could go terribly wrong tonight. I can lose Stephen and Benjamin.

    I been sexually active with both of them for over 3 years now.

    They never crossed paths or have reason to believe that it’s another man involved in my life. Tonight I’m bringing both of them under the same roof.

    Even though I’m not looking for a relationship from either one of them. They both give me great sex. In different forms. That’s what I like the most. I took two men and made myself the perfect man!

    Tonight I want to enjoy, feel and taste the perfect man!

    Dinner is almost ready. I get myself dolled up! I put my sexy maid outfit on that I got from the Adam and Eve store. With my 7 inch high heel stilettos.

    As the clock gets closer to 7 o’clock. I start to sweat!

    I checked on the food.

    Stephen texted saying he’s on the way.

    Now I’m getting nervous.

    It’s 6:30 and I haven’t heard anything from Benjamin.

    He’s going to show. I hope! [talking to myself]

    15 minutes go past.

    Stephen just pulled up in front of my house.

    I opened the door to invite Stephen in.

    He has a rose, a small balloon, a small teddy bear and a bottle of wine in his hands as he’s walking up to the door.

    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ” [kissing me on the cheeck]

    I got you a little something, something for you. Stephen says.

    A bottle of Dom Perignon! Thanks you didn’t have to! I said.

    Why are you dressed up like a maid? I left my car running. Thought you’ll be ready to go to the greatest restaurant in the city! Stephen says.

    I’m sorry Stephen! I have other plans for us tonight. [Closing the door]

    It smells really good in her Jasmine! Why are you cooking? What are cooking? What’s going on? Stephen says.

[Benjamin is parking behind Stephen’s car]

    Oh my God! Here we go! Here we go! [Panicking]

    The butterflies are back and strong. [Benjamin rings the doorbell]

    I opened the door.

    kocaeli anal yapan escort Benjamin has a small teddy bear as well with a bottle of Peach Ciroc in his hands.


    Here you go.

    What in the world? Why are you dressed up like a maid? I thought we was going out to have dinner? Benjamin asked.

    I’m sorry Benjamin! I have other plans for us! I said.

    I nervously invite Benjamin in the house. [Closing the door]

    It smells real good in here Jasmine! What are you cooking? Benjamin asked.

    Stephen this is Benjamin!

Benjamin this is Stephen!

    What’s up!

What’s up!

    Jasmine why is he here? They both say. [At the same time] For my secret birthday dinner! I said.

   How do you know him? Stephen asked.

  A friend with benefits! I said. [Putting their presents together]

A friend with benefits? [They repeat]

What the fuck! Stephen says.

Hold on! What do you mean? Benjamin asked.

    I get dick from Stephen, Benjamin! Benjamin, I get dick from Stephen!

That’s what I mean. I said.

Why are you telling us this Jasmine? Benjamin asked.

    I’m out Stephen says. No the fuck your not Stephen!

    It’s my birthday and I have plans for us! I said.

    Get to know one another!

Now follow me into the kitchen fellas.

[Small chatter coming from the men as we walk to kitchen]

    Benjamin on the left. Stephen on the right. I commanded them.

    Who doesn’t eat mushrooms? I said. I fixed a few without mushrooms because my brother didn’t eat mushrooms.

I eat mushrooms! Stephen says.

I do too! Benjamin says.

Great! I hope you both enjoy!

[Fixing our plates, bringing them out one by one]

This looks good? What is this? Benjamin asked.

 Mushroom Melt Stuffed Chicken! I said.

So what’s really the deal? Stephen says.

Bowel your heads! I say. [Silence for 5 seconds]

Ok let’s eat! I said.

Answer he’s question! Benjamin said.

Ok! Ok! Claim down sweetie! I said.

[Taking a bite to eat]

   Tonight is going to be a very very special occasion for all three of use.

How? Benjamin asked. [Anxiously]

    I’m going to take turns jumping on and off of dicks! I said.

    No way! [Laughing] This is some type of joke! Isn’t it? Stephen says.

No! I’m not joking around Stephen.

We’re all going to be fucking tonight!

I’m sucking dick and taking dick tonight! I said.

    This is crazy! Are you really going to fuck both of us tonight? Benjamin asked.

Yes! Let’s finish eating now. I said.

    Benjamin and Stephen started to loosen up! Talking to one another.

My plan is slowly coming together!

Since I planned on being dessert! I didn’t make any. I don’t think the fellas mind.

Dinner was good Jasmine! Benjamin says.

Yes it was! Says Stephen.

Thanks you guys glad y’all enjoyed.

No Jasmine we’ll clean. Says Benjamin.

No I got it! Is there a sport games on? I asked.

We’re cleaning, don’t try to talk us out of it! Stephen says.

Ok! Fine. I said.

While Benjamin and Stephen clean up.

 I fixed us some shots of Peach Ciroc.

Here you go fellas.

Thanks! [They repeat]

    I turned on some music an started dancing.

Oh shit now! Says Benjamin.

Get it Jasmine! Stephen says.

Making my ass shake. I noticed how the fellas eye’s where glued to my hips. It’s turning me on! I walk over to Stephen and sit on his lap.

Giving Stephen a lap dance.

Benjamin is watching with a smile on his face.

I straddle Benjamin.

Leaving Stephen with his dick hard.

As I’m giving Benjamin a lap dance. I unzip Stephen pants and start to play with his big hard dick. Kissing and grinding on Benjamin while I jack off Stephen is making my pussy wet.

I stand up, bending over in front of Benjamin and Stephen. Grabbing my ankles, I try making my ass to make that clapping noise.

Make that big ass clap! Benjamin says.

That hadput a big smile on my face.

I focus on making my ass cheeks clap together. [Clap] [Clap] [Clap] I hear my ass cheeks clapping together. That’s how you do it. Make that big ass clap. Benjamin says. [Clap] [Clap] [Clap] Still making my ass cheeks clap together. I feel different size hands rubbing on my fat ass.

Stephen has one hand on my left ass cheek. Benjamin has one hand on my right ass cheek.

    Look at that fat pussy! Benjamin says to Stephen.

I see it. It’s getting wet for us. Stephen says to Benjamin.

With their hands still on my ass, I start wiggling my fat ass from side to side.

Hold still Jasmine! Benjamin says.

I stop wiggling my ass, looking between my legs at Stephen and Benjamin.

I feel my thong being moved.

Benjamin and Stephen are taking my thong off together.

My thong is now resting at my knees. Both of them starts rubbing me on my ass and my pussy.


    I have my legs spread far apart. Holding onto my ankles tighter. As Benjamin and Stephen continuously rub all over my body.

    When I feel a smack!

[Smack] Benjamin hits my right ass cheek.

[Smack] Stephen hits my left ass cheek.

    Making both of my ass cheeks jiggle. Both of them leaving a stinging sensation over my fat ass.

    Look at that Stephen! You don’t know shit about that! Benjamin says. [Smack] [Smack] [Smack,Smack]

    My thong hits the floor.

    Shit! Benjamin you don’t know nothing about that! Stephen says.

    Gentle boys! I said [In my seductive voice]

    All that rubbing and smacking leaves my pussy tingly.

    I start back wiggling and making my ass cheeks clap together.

   Yeah that’s it! Stephen says.

    Take another shot we me. Benjamin says to me and Stephen.

We sit back on my sofa and take 3 shots each.

    I start back dancing.

Stephen is standing in front of me and Benjamin is standing behind me. Making a Jasmine sandwich.

    Now is the perfect time to make my move.[Thinking to myself]

    We’re in the perfect position. Just like I had imagined it to be.

    I start kissing Stephen. Automatically Benjamin starts grinding on me. I can feel his big dick growing against my ass through his pants.

    Still kissing Stephen I unzip Benjamin’s pants. Benjamin’s big dick fell directly in my hand. I spit on my left hand and start rubbing Benjamin’s big dick head.

    Stephen pants still unzipped from when I was jacking him off. So I feel and pulled his big dick out too!

    I spit on my right hand and start rubbing Stephen’s big dick head.

    Pulling on their big dicks at the same time. Made my pussy get creamy. Bringing the butterflies back!

    I bent down taking Stephen’s big dick in my mouth. Licking the head of Stephen’s big dick.

    Benjamin slides 2 fingers around my pussy. Hearing my pussy juices splashing as Benjamin fingers me. [Gagging sounds]

    After deep throating Stephen a dozen times! I turned around, placing Benjamin’s big dick in my mouth.

    Licking the head of Benjamin’s big dick. Stephen starts licking my pussy from the back.

    Oh fuck Stephen! Let’s get this party started then. I said.

    Benjamin takes his hands and places them on the back of my head as he thrust his big dick in and out of my mouth. [Gagging sounds]

    Yeah that’s it! I said.

Having my pussy licked while sucking on a dick. Made me cum quickly!

    That’s it Stephen! Lick my wet fat pussy [Gagging sounds]

Hmmm! Hmmm! [Gagging sounds]

    That’s it Jasmine!

    Eat all that dick! Benjamin says.

    Benjamin holds my head down! His big dick is so far down my throat! My lips are literally touching his body! [Gagging sounds]

    I cum hard!

    My knees buckle!

    I walked into my bathroom to get a towel. I come back to where Benjamin and Stephen is standing in the middle of my living room.

  I wiped my pussy dry. Turned around taking Stephen’s big dick in my mouth. Wasting no time I started deep throating Stephen! Benjamin starts licking my pussy. Rubbing Stephen’s balls as I deep throat his big dick.

Fuck baby! Stephen says.

He starts fucking my face. I cum within minutes. Benjamin spreads my ass cheeks apart! I take all of Stephen’s big dick in my mouth. Benjamin licks my asshole, sticking his thumb in my pussy.

Oh Benjamin! I scream out. Reaching back to spread my ass cheeks further apart for Benjamin.

    Stephen big dick goes down my throat. [Gagging loud]

    I about threw up my dinner!

    My eyes tear up.

    That’s how you do it Jasmine! Stephen says.

    I never sucked on Stephen’s big dick the way I am now.

    Oh Benjamin! Don’t stop!

    Rubbing my pussy while Benjamin licks my asshole with a big dick in my mouth.

    Makes me melt. I feel like I’m in heaven. [Splash] I squirt all over the floor.

    Damn! I never seen you do that Jasmine! Stephen says. [Splash]

    Oh my God! [Splash]

    Next time you’ll have to get it on film! I said. [Sarcastically]

    We sit back on my sofa.

Are you serious about getting it on film? Stephen says.

    No! I was just playing around with you! I said.

    In the back of my mind! I really wanted to have sex on camera. Just to see what I do!

    We take more shots. I’m feeling a real good buzz going.

    I stand up almost falling back on the sofa. I suck Stephen’s big dick, deep throating it a few times. Leaving my saliva on it. Like Benjamin taught me.

    I straddle Stephen in the reverse cowgirl position. Placing my hands on his thighs. Sliding down slowly as Stephen’s big dick impales my pussy. [Moaning] Stephen’s big dick goes down deeper! Oh Stephen! How is my pussy? I asked. Warm, tight and wet! Stephen says. Moving up and down on Stephen’s big dick, rubbing my titties! I tell Benjamin to come stand in front of me. Benjamin big dick is semi-hard. I grabbed it. Stroked it a few times before I stuck it in my mouth.

    Oh yes Stephen! Give me that big dick! Moving my mouth off and on Benjamin’s big dick as I ride up and down on Stephen’s big dick.

    Feels so amazing! Benjamin starts fucking my face. Stephen starts thrusting his big dick into my pussy. Now I’m not in control. I’m bouncing off and on Stephen’s big dick.

    Oh! Oh! Stephen, I’m about to [Hmmmmm] Benjamin shoves my head down making his big dick go down my throat with force. [Gagging sounds] Fuuuuuuccck! [Splash]

    I squirt on Stephen’s big dick [Splash] Oh my God! Fuck! Fuck! [Splash] Benjamin holds my head still! Jas! Jas! Jasmine! Benjamin shots he’s hot load down my throat! [Hmmmm] Trying to get my mouth off Benjamin’s big dick as he nuts. I can’t because of the way he’s holding my head. I swallow all of Benjamin’s cum.

    Damn baby girl! Benjamin says.

    Seeing me squirt all over Stephen’s big dick must’ve made Benjamin cum quickly. Quicker than he ever has with me in the past. Stephen is still pounding away bringing me closer and closer to my next orgasm.

Oh Jasmine! You feel so good! Stephen says.

    I started bouncing up and down faster on Stephen’s big dick. Squeezing my pussy making it grip his big dick as I bounce. Oh yes! Oh! Oh! [Breathing fast] Work that big dick Stephen! Fuck me good! That’s it! That’s it! I cry out.     Ride this big dick Jasmine! Stephen says  [thrusting hader] Give it to me Stephen! Give it to me! Fuck! Fuck! Oh shit! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh my… [Splash] Oh my God! [Bouncing harder] Stephen! I… I… [Splash] Benjamin pulls me up just a little bit so Stephen can get a better angle. Pound her shit Stephen. Benjamin says.

    Fuck! Fuck! Stephen baby! Stephen is beating my pussy up good right now. [Splash] Got Damn! Stephen! Stephen! Stephen! Baby! [Splash] I stand up. As I’m standing up. I’m still squirting. I leave a trail of cum from Stephen’s big dick to his chest! Oh my fucking God! I turn around. Get on my knees. I put Stephen’s big dick in my mouth. With my mouth and hands. I go up and down Stephen big dick.

    Damn Jasmine! Stephen says.

    Benjamin gets behind me. Licking my pussy and ass again. Oh shit Benjamin! Eat! Baby! Eat! Yes! Yes! [Gagging sounds] Stephen is now pushing my face up and down his big dick. Stephen holds my head down. Ah! Fuck! Stephen says. He shots is load down my throat forcing me to swallow izmit yabancı escort just like Benjamin did. Oh Jasmine! Stephen says. As I swallow the last of his cum.

        Do you like getting used by two dicks? Benjamin says. [Gulping] Yes the fuck I do! I said [with pleasure]

      Is this what you wanted Jasmine? Benjamin asked. Yes this is what I wanted. I said

     Do you feel like a slut now? Benjamin says

No I don’t! I said.

      Do you want to feel like a slut? Benjamin asked. Yes I do!

      Do you want to feel like a slut? Benjamin asked again louder. Yes I fucking do! I said loudly

     Now that’s more like it Jasmine! Benjamin says.

    Benjamin looks at Stephen and says. Follow my lead. Ok Stephen says.

    Let’s all take another shot. Benjamin says

Now I’m starting to feel like a slut but I didn’t say anything. I just played a long. It is my birthday! [Smiling]

      Round 2! I said [Laughing] Yes I’m ready. Benjamin says. Follow me! I said [walking towards my bedroom]

    On my bed. I lay down on my back. Leaving my head hanging off. Benjamin walks right up. Sticks his big dick into my mouth. He starts fucking my face. Gagging me several times. He stops. Just like that! He says to Stephen. Stephen walks up. Puts he’s big dick into my mouth. He starts fucking my face. Gagging me several times just like Benjamin did. They do this 3 more times each. Leaving saliva running down my face. Like a volcano. I enjoyed the way they took turns fucking my face. I squirted a little bit.

    Get on your hands and knees. Benjamin commanded me. I get on my hands and knees. Put your knees at the edge of the bed. So me and Stephen can kill this fat pussy. Benjamin says. With my knees at the edge of the bed. Benjamin says. You know how the fuck I like it. Show Stephen how you be giving me that pussy. Benjamin says. Placing my head flat on my mattress putting my pussy and asshole high in the air. Yeah! Yeah! Just like that! That’s it! That’s how the fuck I like it! Benjamin says.

    Stephen have Jasmine ever gave you pussy like this? No! Stephen says. Stephen don’t you fucking lie like that! I said [With attitude] I mean! We’ve done doggystyle but not like this. Stephen says. Stephen this is what you call “Face down” “Ass up” Benjamin says. Walking towards my face.

    Taking Benjamin’s big dick into my mouth. He forces it down my throat. Gagging me! Make it wet. Benjamin says. [Gagging loud] I leave saliva all on that big dick.

    Just like me Stephen! Just like me! Benjamin says. Before mounting me.

    Benjamin rubs my clit with that big dick head before sticking it in me. Oh! Yes! Give me that big dick Benjamin! [Moaning] Give it to me baby! Give it to me! Let me feel it. I said.

    I start slamming my fat ass back against Benjamin. That’s it Jasmine!

    Look how she takes long dick Stephen! Benjamin says. Oh fuck! Benjamin! Slamming my fat ass faster, harder and harder into Benjamin!

    “Spread her ass cheeks apart for me Stephen”. Benjamin says. I feel my ass cheeks spread apart.

    Oh my God! Benjamin! Benjamin! I cry out. It’s all the way in that pussy now! Aww! Aww! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! That’s it! Yeah that’s it! [Splash] Nut on my dick Benjamin says. [Splash]  Yes! Yes! Yes I am! I cry out.

    I can feel Benjamin’s big dick hitting my cervix. [Splash] Yes! That big dick is all the way in my pussy! [Splash] Feed her Stephen! Benjamin says. Stephen sits on the bed. Still holding my ass cheeks apart.

    I take Stephen’s big dick in my mouth. Rolling my tongue around his big dick head. Stephen let’s go of my ass cheeks. She sucks a mean dick! But hold them ass cheeks apart. Benjamin says.  Benjamin is pounding my pussy hard. I squirted once and had two orgasms.

    I’m really enjoying myself right now! I can’t believe I have a dick in my mouth and a dick in my pussy. I just nutted thinking about it.

    This is it! It’s really happening. Just like Benjamin and “Iron Man.” But even better this time because both dicks are real.

    Give it to me Benjamin! Let me feel all that big dick in my pussy. I said.

    Benjamin stops! Fuck her good Stephen!Just like that Stephen! Just like that! Benjamin says.

    I  left saliva on Stephen’s big dick just like Benjamin’s.

    Stephen is not as tall as Benjamin. I lower my back! Benjamin pushes down on my back making the arch deeper in my back. Keep that pussy and asshole high in the air Jasmine! Benjamin says.

    Stephen is now sliding into my pussy slowly. Oh yes Stephen! I cry out.  Stretching my pussy out. Stephen’s big dick is not long like Benjamin’s but it’s girth size is bigger. Oh yes Stephen! Stretch my tight fat pussy. That’s it! Deeper! Deeper! Let me feel all that big dick inside of me!

    Benjamin spreads my ass cheeks apart like Stephen had did for him. Oh my God! Stephen is stretching my pussy out deep. Give it to me Stephen! Give it all to me big boy! I scream out.

    I look over and see us in the mirror that’s on my dresser. Seeing my pussy and asshole high in the air like it is. Reminded me of how I was fucking Sheila with the strap-on.

    Stephen is slow stroking that big dick in and out of my pussy.

    Benjamin still has my ass cheeks apart. So that I can feel every inch of Stephen’s big dick stretching my pussy out.

      I like the view that I’m getting right now! Seeing a big dick go in and out of my pussy while I suck on another big dick! Makes me want to have it on film.

      Oh yes Stephen! Give it to me! Give all to me!

      I start rocking on Stephen’s big dick meeting him half way with his strokes. Benjamin releases my ass cheeks and starts pushing me onto Stephen’s big dick. Causing Stephen to go deeper than he’s been all night. Oh fuck! Got damn! Yes! Yes! [Moaning louder] Stephen is now standing still as Benjamin continues pushing me onto Stephen’s big dick. [Splash] Ok Stephen let her have! Fuck the shit out of her! Hoping that Stephen doesn’t fuck the shit out of me. He listens to Benjamin anyway! Stephen starts thrusting his big dick into pussy hard. Benjamin spreads my ass cheeks apart again. Unexpectedly Stephen hits my cervix with that big dick. Making me grip Benjamin’s thighs tightly. [Splash] That’s it Stephen! Harder! Harder! Benjamin yells out. [Splash] Looking in the mirror I can see myself squirting. [Splash] As Stephen’s big dick stuffs my pussy while I’m squirting. [Splash] My cum is going everywhere. I feel running down my back and legs.

      Benjamin shoves his big dick back into my mouth as Stephen is thrusting his big dick harder than ever.

       I want all of us to cum at the same time. I start squeezing Stephen’s big dick with my pussy muscles. Sucking Benjamin’s big dick like my life was on the line. Oh shit! Stephen says. Is the fat bitch pussy good to you Stephen? I asked. Yes Jasmine! Yes! Stephen says. [Hmmmmm] I spit on Benjamin’s big dick head.         Putting my hands and my mouth around Benjamin’s big dick. I start deep throating. Oh Jasmine! Benjamin says.

       Rocking myself harder on and off of Stephen’s big dick. Stephen says. I’m about to cum! Let me feel it Stephen! I said.

       Me and Benjamin lock eye’s. [Moaning] I take in all of Benjamin’s big dick. Leaving none of Benjamin’s big dick out. It’s deep in my throat. [Gagging] Benjamin grips my head tight. I noticed there is a puddle of saliva.

        Stephen is thrusting his big dick faster and harder. I know Stephen is about to cum. 

        I’m about to cum! Benjamin says.

     Knowing that Stephen and Benjamin is about to cum. My final orgasm of the night is here!

      Stephen pulls out quick! Jacking his big dick, He shots his hot load of semen onto me. Ahhhhhh! Stephen screams out. The first drop hits directly on my asshole. Bullseye I said. As the rest of his cum hits my ass cheeks, back and legs.

      Oh fuck! Fuck! Jasmine! Benjamin screams out. Shooting his load of hot semen filling my mouth up. Swallow that shit! Benjamin says. [Holding my lips together]

       Stephen takes his big dick. Shoves it back into my pussy. Making me squirt. [Splash] Oh my God! [Splash] I start shaking. [Splash] Damn! Damn! Damn! [Splash] I collapsed in pure ecstasy.

     Benjamin and Stephen rubs my body. I feel fucking amazing.

     What a way to celebrate a birthday! But the party isn’t over. I said.

    Walking over to my nightstand. I grab a bottle of KY Intense lubricatant. Who’s ready to have some real fun? I asked. [Waving the lubricant in the air]

     Pick a number between 1 and 10. I said.

8! Stephen says.

    3! Benjamin says.

You both where so close! The magical number was 6! I said.

Stephen since you where the closest to the “Magical Number” Would you like to go 1st or 2nd? I said.

    1st! Stephen said.

    I get on my knees. Putting my hands then mouth around Stephen’s big dick. Sucking on his big dick with force. I make myself Gagging! [Gagging sounds]

    I opened the bottle of KY and squirted a line across Stephen’s big dick mixing it with my saliva.

    On the bed. I get onto my hands and knees.

Stephen I want you to fuck me in my asshole. Benjamin here put some lube in my asshole for Stephen. I said [Tossing the KY over to Benjamin]

    Stephen! Be gentle with that big dick. I said. Benjamin spreads my ass cheeks apart. Stephen pressed his big dick head against my greased up asshole. I close my eyes and relax. Ready to feel Stephen’s big dick deep in my asshole.

    Stephen pushes and my asshole opens accepting Stephen’s big dick.

    Oh my God! Stephen baby! Ahhh! Fuck! Ah! Ah! Ah! Go slow! I scream out.

    Deeper and deeper as Stephen’s big dick sink into my asshole. I start rocking.

    Benjamin sits on the bed and sticks his big dick into my mouth. The momentum of Stephen beating against my fat ass cheeks. Is making me deep throat Benjamin’s big dick.

    Oh yes Stephen! That’s it baby! Nice and slow baby?

    What are you doing baby! Benjamin says.

    I’m getting fucked in my asshole! I said. [Moaning]

    Stephen slows down.

    Oh yes Stephen! Long stroke my asshole! I said.

    I cum!

    Leaning forward. I hop off of Stephen’s big dick.

    I put lube onto Benjamin’s big dick. Mixing it with my saliva.

    Grabbing the towel. I wipe off Stephen’s big dick.

    Rotate! I said.

    Stephen sits on the bed and Benjamin stands behind me ready to mount.

    Benjamin has no problem getting his big dick into my asshole.

    Yes Benjamin! Nice and slow for me! I said. [Moaning]

    I start rocking and sucking on their big dicks. Oh Yes! This feels so fucking good! Give it to me Benjamin! [Gagging sounds] Give it to me! That’s it! That’s it! [Gagging sounds]

    I cum hard!

    Leaning forward. I hop off Benjamin’s big dick.

    Grabbing the towel. I wiped off Benjamin’s big dick.

    Now I’m ready to get double penetrated. I hope my fat ass can be double penetrated!

   I tell Benjamin to lay down.

   I deep throat Stephen’s big dick. Taking the KY and mixing it with my saliva.

   I deep throat Benjamin’s big dick. I climb on top of Benjamin and put his big dick into my pussy.

    Ok Stephen! Come put that big dick back in my asshole.

    Spread her ass cheeks apart! Stephen says.

    Stephen entered into my asshole. Now I have both big dicks inside of me.

   Oh my God! Yes! I’m a slut now. I’m a fucking nasty little slut. I scream out. [Rocking on the big dicks]

    Benjamin and Stephen start to move in their own different ways.

    Oh my God! This is amazing! Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me boys!

    I have a big orgasm.

Oh fuck! I’m about to cum! About to cum!

I collapse onto Benjamin’s chest and just start shaking uncontrollably.

   Switch! Benjamin says

   Stephen grabs the towel. Wiping off his big dick.

    Benjamin puts lube on his.

Come give me those big dicks! I said.

   I sit on Stephen’s big dick.

Benjamin sticks his big dick into my asshole.

    I look into my mirror. My fat ass is taking 2 big dicks on my birthday!

   Oh shit! Oh shit! [Splash] Damn! [Splash] Yes! Yes! [Splash]

   I collapse onto Stephen’s chest shaking uncontrollably!

    I get on my knees. Taking turns sucking Benjamin and Stephen big dicks.

    Stephen shoots his hot load in my mouth first! I swallow all of it.

    Benjamin shoots his hot load in my mouth. I swallow all of it as well.

   Thank you guys so much for spending your time with me on my birthday! Giving me dick, making me cum and have multiple orgasms all over myself.




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