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Subject: Jason and Shaun – Chapter 3 Warning: This story doesn’t contain any sex. It’s the story of gay teens. None of the characters are based on real people nor are they meant to resemble any living or dead people. Let me know what you think of the story by emailing me aol_ I want to thank everyone who has emailed. I also want to thank those who have read the story. It means a lot hearing from you. Please continue reading! There is a lot more to come. I own all rights to this story. Chuck B. I want to thank Pete ahead of time for taking the time to edit the story. Jason and Shaun, Life Together Chapter 3 — Admittance It’s Monday around 12:00 pm and classes are done for the day. I don’t exactly have plans for the day but with everything that I’m feeling I think its best that I talk to Miss White. Only two people know that I’m gay, Miss White and Matt. There might be others who know about me. Miss White welcomed me my first day here at the apartments. She is wise beyond wise, which is why I am coming to see her today. I knocked gently on her door. I could hear her hurrying to the door. She partially opened the door, just enough to see who was there. When she realized it was me, she undid all her locks and let me in. “What a nice surprise!” Miss White said. “How were your classes?” She asked. Her interest in my classes helped to motivate me to do well. Disappointment in me and seeing it on her face is not an option. “Classes were fine… but they’re not why I came over,” I said as my thoughts drifted to Jason. Miss White eyed me as the cats came out to check me out. “Miss White, I… I’ve done it again. I’ve fallen for one of my room-mates, but after Payton I’m just not sure that I want to take the chance. I’ve also made some stupid choices since he arrived.” I stopped talking because I could see her mind running a mile a minute. “So you like this guy, huh?” There was no doubt that this lady had me figured out. “Yeah!” I admitted, knowing that if I did anything less, she would bust me. “So what stupid things have you done?” Miss White always was pretty blunt. “Well, I’m falling for another straight guy. We both know how that works out for me. To make matters worse, I listened in on a conversation between him and a friend. It wasn’t like it was hard to hear but that isn’t the point.” Now I just had to wait for her to think things over. I knew she would quickly make sense of all of this. “Shaun, you know there is no hope if he’s straight. It’s not worth putting all of your energy into. Now did you hear anything useful when you were listening in?” I thought back to yesterday when I heard them talking. My mind quickly filled with their words. “Yeah mezitli escort I remember Jason asking his friend if he really thought I was gay, and I remember the friend saying that he thought I was hot.” Again, I went quiet to give her time to think things over. I felt like a fool for even considering falling for Jason. She is right; there is no hope for anything if he’s straight. “Hmm… Shaun do you trust me?” Now that was a silly question! “Of course I trust you.” She smiled as she spoke, “You need to tell him that you’re gay.” I can’t. I went that route before and it almost cost everything. How can I tell him that I’m gay? “I… I… I don’t know if I can.” She gave a look; a stern look. “You like this guy right, then you had better be willing to be a little uncomfortable at first. You need this guy in your life. I need to get my lunch made, I will talk with you later.” I hope she is right. It’s easy for her to say to tell him that I’m gay. She won’t have to live with him during the aftermath. Oh well, back to my apartment. Have to admit that I do feel much better after talking with her. I came home to find Jason on the couch reading over a paper he had been working on for his English Comp class. Seeing him there was enough to make me nauseated. Why do I need to tell him that I’m gay? Can’t I just leave a note in his room somewhere? No… that would be chicken-shit, I need to tell him. Jason looked a little uneasy with me standing above him. “Umm… Shaun, can I help you?” “No, I need to tell you something and… and I need you to relax.” Actually I was the one who needed to relax. “Jason… I… I’m gay. I was afraid to tell you… afraid that you’d move out… or worse. You are only the third person that I’ve ever told…” Jason interrupted just for a second. “Hey man… I think it’s pretty awesome that you’re telling me this, who are the other people?” I went back to telling Jason what I wanted to say “…the other two people are Miss White and Matt. I have to be really careful because of my family. See… I’m Mormon and if my family found out I would be disowned in the best interest of my brothers and sister. It wouldn’t be a good scene.” Jason took my hand and gazed into my eyes. “Look… I promise not to tell anyone. I think you’ve really been brave.” There was something about the way he looked into my eyes that set off an erection. What happened next caught me totally off guard. Jason removed his hand from my hand and then reached across me and engulfed me into a hug. Man, I hope that he doesn’t feel my hard on in my pants. Jason asked if I was hungry and he ordered a large pizza with sausage, extra cheese, and mushrooms. pozcu escort After the pizza came, we ate and joked around a bit. It feels so nice to just be free. We said good night. I grabbed my journal and started writing. “Dear Self, Today I told Jason, my room-mate, that I’m gay. Talk about terrifying, I was afraid that he would attack me the way Payton did. I’m still shaking. He knows now and so far there hasn’t been any aftermath. When he looked into my eyes, there was electricity in the room and it gave life to my penis. I wonder if he felt my erection when he hugged me. In a way, I hope he did but in another way, I hope he didn’t notice. Night!” I’m sure there will be more to write about later. Chapter 3 — Admittance — Jason’s Point of View I came right home from classes and headed straight to my room. Picked up my phone and checked my voice mail. Hmm… only one piece of voice mail, it’s from April. “Hey Stud, umm… I think your room-mate has issues. Last night I literally grabbed a hold of his cock. He actually blew it off. Dude… I think he’s gay. Anyway, I need to get going.” Hmm… first Tom and now April, could they both be right about Jason? Well, I’ve learned never to assume anything about anyone. I don’t want to assume he’s gay. I want him to tell me himself. It’s the right thing to do. I went to the computer and started it up. When it was all the way up, I opened up the word processor and printed off my paper for English Comp class. It’s a paper about Lucy and what it takes to care for her. Hopefully, I’ll get a good grade on it. As I’m sitting there reading, the apartment door opens up. Shaun enters our abode and he looks a little worried about something. He walks up to me and just hangs there for almost a minute. It annoys me when someone reads over my shoulder. To be honest, I was really getting a bit nervous. He stood so still, that I knew whatever he had to say was going to be mind blowing. “Umm… Shaun, can I help you?” I asked hoping he would speak up. “Uhh… no, I need to tell you something and… and I need you to relax,” he said. “Jason… I… I’m gay. I was afraid to tell you… afraid that you’d move out… or worse. You are only the third person that I’ve ever told…” He’s gay! He’s actually gay. I can’t believe everyone else saw it and I didn’t. “Hey man… I think it’s pretty awesome that you’re telling me this, who are the other people?” Why didn’t he tell me earlier? Someone has really messed this kid up. “…the other two people are Miss White and Matt. I have to be really careful because of my family. See… I’m Mormon and if my family found out I would be disowned in the best escort bayan interest of my brothers and sister. It wouldn’t be a good scene.” I don’t understand how anyone could reject their child just for being gay. He’s Mormon! Hmm…I wonder if that explains anything. You know I’ve not heard him jerk off since I’ve been here. My heart is broken for him. I took his right hand and gazed into eyes. I was hoping that I could search his soul. He needs to know that I care for him. “Look… I promise not to tell anyone. I think you’ve really been brave.” I meant it too. After all, he is family. For some reason, I thought perhaps he might want a hug. As I reached across I felt nothing strange, but when I pulled him into me I felt something. He had a nice-sized piece of steel in his pants. Not sure how big it is but it’s wasted on this guy so far. I wonder if he knows that I know it’s there. Hmmm… I’m hungry. I made a point to order a pizza on my phone and used my credit card to pay for it. We talked until the pizza arrived. We ate and laughed a lot during our dinner. But then, when dinner was over, we retired to our rooms. I find myself being a bit restless tonight. I have so much on my mind, but it’s meant for Shaun. I think I’ll write him a letter and then seal it up until the time is right for him to read it: “Dear Shaun, I’m writing this letter on the night that you came out to me. I want you to know that I’ll forgive you time and time again. You have such an amazing spirit about you. You’ve had me from day one. For whatever reason, I didn’t see it right away. Knowing you has greatly blessed me. I needed a room-mate and you were there. I needed a friend and you are here. I want you to always to be yourself around me. There is nothing, I won’t do for you. I cannot imagine what it must be like to hide yourself from your loved ones. As I heard your story, I heard the pain in your voice. You held back from me so that your heart wouldn’t take any more damage. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my family’s support, and I can’t imagine not having it. If at any time your family finds out, I know my family will gladly take you in as their own. I hope with all my heart that your family never finds out. I will never hurt you. I will never purposely do anything to hurt you out of anger or hate. Shaun, I am ready to be with you. I want to face the challenges of life together. I’ve wasted enough of my life being alone. Shaun, I’m waiting to hear “Will you be my boyfriend?” come out of your mouth. I’m not very good with mixed messages so don’t expect me to pick them up. Shaun, I’m never going to cheat on you, and I hope you’ll never do me wrong. I’m willing to work through any problem. I’m here no matter what. Remember, I love you no matter what! Your friend always and forever, Jason” I folded the letter and stuck it inside an envelope and hid it on the top of one of my shelves. Here it will sit until I feel the time is right for him to read it.

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