16 Mart 2023

Jay Gets Juiced at the Gym Ch. 06


Jay Gets Juiced At The Gym Ch. 6 Juice looks to porn for financial help

As I looked at my phone ID, a smile grew on my face as I answered the call.

“Hey Juice, we haven’t crossed paths for a while now. How are you doing?”

“Things could be better. I have a problem and I need your help.”

“You know I am always there for you Juice. What can I help you with?”

There was a moment of silence as I heard Juice take a deep breath.

“After I hurt my back, I wasn’t able to earn any money and accumulated a large credit card debt. The monthly interest charges are eating me alive and I am starting to lose sleep. George, a new guy at the gym, made me an offer that would help me reduce most of it, and I am going to accept.”

“Juice, I have some money saved and I would be happy to loan it to you until you are ready to pay it back. No pressure to repay.”

“Thanks for your offer, but I am looking for your support, your friendship, and your discretion, not your money. Now please don’t judge me. The guy works in the porn industry and said that there is a growing demand for bodybuilder type women that earn good money posing for a 5-minute video. I would be naked but no sex involved. Can you pick me up and stay with me during the shoot?”

“Juice, are you sure you want to do that! That is a big decision.”

“Jay, I need a friend, not another mother. Trust me, I spent a lot of time with the pros and cons and for my mental and financial health, I want to do it.”

“Don’t you think Little John or Bear would be better to go with you?”

“Neither of them has a car, and I would prefer them not knowing about this. I have enough confidence that this will remain between us.”

“If you are certain, then give me the details and it will be my pleasure to escort you.”

“Thanks Jay, I appreciate it. I am pretty desperate and I was counting on you.”

It was Saturday morning when I arrived at Juice’s apartment. She opened the back door and threw in a gym bag before taking a seat next to me. Her hair was tightly braided which highlighted her high cheekbones and sculptured face.

Driving into a surprisingly full parking lot, of a rather nondescript office building; we headed to the front door. A very pretty receptionist greeted us, whose double D breasts and low cut top would turn any man’s head.

“My name is Juice, and George is expecting me.”

Picking up the phone we could hear her paging, as we took a seat in the reception area. The reception was nicely decorated. Shiny awards filled one wall acknowledging porn movies achieving certain milestones.

It didn’t take long for George to appear. He looked nothing like what I could have imagined. He was short, flabby, and bald. He resembled my father’s accountant and not an executive in the porn industry.

“Juice, thank you so much for accepting my offer. We are going to make movie magic today. I have the studio ready and I have a great crew to work with us. I see you brought some gym stuff with you. Who is your friend?”

“George, this is Jay. Jay meet George”

George held out his hand to shake. “Don’t worry Jay, I just washed my hands,” he laughed. “A porn industry joke,” he continued as he shook my hand.

As we walked down the hallway, it was evident that the place was bigger than it seemed. There were various studios and sets set up on either side of the corridor. A buzz of activity and flow of people, in various stages of undress, moved through the studio like ants going about their daily affairs.

“It can be a bit overwhelming at times,” George said, as he saw my eyes darting back and forth.

Looking at Juice, “So here is the plan. We are making a 5-minute video. The first two minutes, you will pose with your string bikini, the next minute, off comes the top, the next minute off comes the bottom, and the last minute you try to seduce all our viewers watching. We hope you give an orgasmic performance for our viewers; if you catch my drift.”

George sounded like a quarterback giving his wide receiver instructions.

George, looking in the opposite direction, “Sheila, come do Juice’s makeup but leave her hair like it is. It frames her face so nicely. Then take her to studio five.”

Sheila was about 6 feet tall, very slim, with over the top makeup. Her pastel dress was form-fitting and clung to her oversized breasts and remarkably small ass. Like the receptionist, Sheila had major sized implants that were disproportionate to her slim frame. I wasn’t quite sure, but Sheila had an Adam’s apple!

Looking at Juice, Sheila said, “Come sit sweetheart, we have to make you look fabulous for the camera. You have lovely features and I need to give you a few accent points.”

Sheila deftly danced about Juice applying an abundance of eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick. “Don’t worry dear, it may seem Antalya Escort a lot now, but it doesn’t show up on the camera.”

As Sheila guided us to Studio five, she gave Juice and me a business card. Smiling suggestively at Juice, “If you ever need makeup, hair, or any other services, I can be incredibly creative.” Turning to me, “Same goes for you Jay, I adore young flesh, Ta Ta.

Whispering into Juice’s ear, “We have officially fallen down into Alice’s rabbit hole. I think Sheila is more of a He than a She,” I said laughingly.

Studio five was rather small with a backdrop to photograph against. There was no changing room so Juice started to disrobe. Leaning into the bag she tossed me a bottle of oil.

“Hey massage guy, do your thing. Oil brings out the best definition in pictures”

“I thought I was here as a chaperon. I didn’t think this was a working assignment,” laughing and pouring some oil onto my hands.

Since dating Stretch, it had been a while since I had my oiled hands-on Juice’s body. But this time it was to cover her tanned flesh and not to play with any of its oiled parts. None the less, rubbing the oil over Juice’s well-muscled body was always a turn-on for me. I ensured my hands covered her breasts, her stomach, inner thighs, butt, and all parts between. It was obvious that Juice had been training. If she was not in her top form, she was close to it.

George and the videographer entered as Juice was tightening her micro-small posing bikini. Both George and Bob, the videographer, smiled their approval. George cued up some sultry music, nodded at Juice and Bob.

“Anytime you guys are ready.”

I had never seen Juice compete, but I am sure she was a top competitor. Her years of training and experience allowed her to maximize each pose, highlighting the muscle set that the pose was designed to project. Juice started by highlighting her back and the deep V from the shoulders to her small waist. As she posed I recited all the muscle groups as they morphed out from her near paper-thin flesh. Her Latissimus Dorsi, Tres Minor, Tres Major, External Spinae, Erector Spinae, all jumped out as if I was reading it from a bodybuilder’s chart. When it comes to anatomy I guess I am an anatomical nerd, I laughed to myself. These were all the real names of the muscle group, not that any of the viewers would give a damn about that. When she flexed her butt, her calves protruded enough to make anyone envious.

Still focusing on her back she popped her biceps, allowing the three heads of her Traps and Delts to take front and center. Showing muscle definition than any bodybuilder would respect.

But it was not the poses that held my interest, it was the flow of her movements, her acknowledgment of the camera, and how to best present herself. Much like a stripper, Juice spread her legs and bent forward, grabbing her ankles. Enticing the viewers to move the thin material between her legs two inches to the right, and allow their imagination take over.

As she turned to face the camera, the oil on her stomach accentuated her six-pack. Small pieces of fabric-covered her triangle and her breasts, but they barely hid her natural D cups. Her hands wandered all over her body, challenging the viewers to replace her hands with theirs.

At the appropriate moment, Juice undid her sting top and tossed it to the side. She flexed her chest presenting her pecs and ample naked breasts. She toyed and caressed them lovingly, smiling as her nipples grew with excitement.

Juice was glistening, either from the oil, the perspiration from posing, or the excitement of showing off her body to the world.

Off came her bottoms, as she continued to pose and rub her hands over her firm inner thighs, moving them close to her pussy but never touching it. I was still a captor to her teasing. Juice was playing to the camera like she used to play to the judges. Her muscular body played a secondary role to the sexual energy and appeal that she intended for her viewers.

With a hand motion from George, he signaled the conclusion.

“Juice, that was so hot, my dear. The camera loves you and your magnificent body. I had to resist touching myself while watching. I hope our viewers have less restraint than me,” he laughed. Here is the cash I promised you. But I have another offer. If you will do a full 10-minute porn scene I will give you triple the amount.”

I could see Juice doing the money mathematics in her head.

“How would it work?” Juice asked.

“You can pick your partner. I have several scripts if you want to call them that. A ten-minute shoot, full oral, fucking, and you’re out of here with lots of cash in your pocket.

Looking at her bewildered, I spoke, “Juice, we need to talk.” Moving to the side, “Posing nude is one thing but full-blown porn is another. What if people you know see you? You wanted to be discreet.”

“I know Jay, but I have an agreement with George Antalya Escort Bayan that nothing I do will be available on the east coast. There is little chance of being recognized. And I can get rid of my debt with some excess cash leftover. Jay I am going to do it!”

“George I will do it for four times my posing money.”

“You drive a hard bargain, but I agree. Come let’s choose a partner for you.”

“Don’t bother, I have one. I choose Jay.”

“WHAT!!!! Juice this is your thing, not mine. I have never been in front of a camera besides the school plays my parents videoed during pre-school. And this is PORN; fucking in front of a camera. You may be nuts but not me!”

“George, can you give us a minute,” as Juice looked toward George.

We watched as George and Bob moved to the side.

“Jay, man up. It isn’t like we haven’t fucked before. You met George, you see the studio, this is a first-rate place and what I earn today gives me freedom. Freedom, Jay! You might not understand it now but you might one day. I won’t do it with anyone else but you, so you are making the decision for both of us.”

Juice continued, seeing the hesitation in my eyes. “Besides, this will also put money in your pocket. You can take Stretch out for dinner, buy her clothes. She knows what it is like to live on a minimal budget.”

“But what if Stretch finds out about this.”

“Trust me, she will love you more, because you are helping out a friend in need. Besides, didn’t you ever fantasize about being in a porn movie?”

Not able to hold back a smirk, “Of course I did, don’t all guys! Feeling my defenses weakening, “OK I will do it. But if we are doing this thing, it has to be hot, something special, not the everyday sort of porn that is rampant on the Net.”

“So you moved very quickly from actor to director,” she laughed, placing her reassuring hand around my hip and pressing my body close to hers.

“George, Jay, and I are in. Is Jay paid the same as me?”

“No Jay only gets half. Guys in porn are a dime a dozen; unless you have a 10-inch cock or larger. Jay, are you over 18? Got any ID?”

I pulled out my driver’s license and handed it over.

“Good, now, are you and Juice family? Related in any way? If no, take off your shirt and pants and let me see your body.” George, assessing me like he was buying cattle, “Not bad, a little on the skinny side but a nice build. Based on your age difference we will do a mother and son scene. I know the age differential is not that realistic but our fans seem to forget that when they see two hot bodies. Let me go find a script and set up a studio. Juice, you can take a shower and remove the oil. Then find Sheila to redo your hair and makeup. That goes for you also Jay.”

“See you later mom” I shouted as I watched Juice’s naked ass walk down the corridor toward the shower.

Juice didn’t acknowledge my comment except by slapping that firm ass and continuing to walk.

“Jay”, said Shelia, “I didn’t think I would get my hands on you so quickly,” running her hands through my hair. “I hear you are taking the deep plunge into the abyss of porn depravity,” she said laughingly as she applied blush to my cheeks. “I am just screwing with you, not really screwing, but you know what I mean. I remember my first role as a male lead in MMF threesome vid. It was so exciting. I have the vid at home if you ever want to come by for a drink….”

Sheila continuing, “Ok, off with your pants and underwear, I gotta make sure you’re shaved.”

As I undressed, I saw Sheila preparing a fresh razor and shaving cream.

“Lovely cock sweetheart. Now lie down and let Sheila make you smooth as a baby’s bottom.”

Applying the shaving cream, Sheila seemed to spend more time covering my hairless shaft than to the hairy patch resting on top.

“This cock is a natural for porn,” she said, as she finally started to razor off the little hair that existed. “I do wish that I can continue rubbing that shaft of yours, but I know that would be selfish of me,” giving me a pouty smile. “Now go see George in his office, I have “your mother” to take care of now,” looking at Juice walking down the corridor.

Getting dressed, I headed to George’s office. It was quite elaborate with a large TV and viewing area to the side.

Following my eyes, “I call that my quality control area,” George laughed as he handed me a script.

Looking over the two pages, “George this dialogue looks like a 12-year-old wrote it.”

“It might have been. We use our money for the actors, the writers are way down on the food chain. Feel free to adapt and adlib. Remember, “This is a fucking business, but it is also a fucking, business! If I have to reshoot or edit, it costs me money. If I have multiple takes, you get paid less. Understand? Studio three is being set up. You can review the script with Juice and be ready in ten minutes.”

Before Escort Antalya long I saw Juice walking toward me. Her braided hair was now loose and allowed to fall over her muscular shoulders. Unlike her posing video performance, Juice’s body was now more relaxed. Although you could not hide the fact that she was well built, her body was more sexy than buff. Her makeup was fresh and appealing. She was wearing a pair of yoga pants with a sports bra, leaving a large gap of flesh between the two.

“Now don’t you look like an attractive MILF,” I said smiling as she approached.

“Well son, if you got it, flaunt it,” was her jokingly retort. “By the way, did Sheila make a pass at you as well?” I am lasered smooth, yet she said she still needed to shave me using lots of lube,” she continued laughingly.

Handing the script to Juice, “This is terrible, but I was thinking we change it as follows.”

As we discussed a revised script, we worked out a series of hand signals to know when to change sexual positions. As I tapped her thigh we would move from oral, to doggy, cowgirl, missionary, etc.

“So you know Juice, this is porn; you are going to get pounded by me.”

“Promises, promises,” she laughed. “But I do admire that you are taking this seriously,” as we headed off to studio three.

George was waiting for us with two camera guys. The room was set up as a boy’s bedroom with a desk and a queen-sized bed. The pinup pictures on the walls added to the authenticity of the set.

“OK”, George started, “Mother/Son, oral giving and receiving, many fucking positions, use the works mom and son several times, don’t look at the camera, and the finale has to end up on Juices face and tits. You have any problem with that?”

I looked at Juice who gave me a reassuring nod.

“No problem George, we are good to go,” I replied

“Oh, one last thing… Have fun!” George said as he moved into the background. “At nine minutes I will flash a light so you can prepare for the finish.”

I took my position sitting at a desk with Juice ready to walk into the room.

“Ready, action!

As Juice walked into the room, I turned my head away from my book.

“Hey mom, you are looking hot.”

“It is always nice for a mother to get a compliment from her son.”

“I meant you look sweaty, mom! Gee Whiz.”

“I just finished an online yoga class. How is the studying going?”

“Not well at all. I have a sex-ed exam tomorrow and nothing seems to be sticking in my head. Who knew that a vagina had so many parts, and why do they all have to be in Latin?” I said frustrated.

Looking over my shoulder, I feel her breasts press against my back as she scans the pretend sex- ed book.

“Part of the problem is that two-dimensional images can be confusing. I took anatomy in college so I can help.” What is the first part?”

“Labia Majora”

“Labia majora is the thicker outer lips of a woman’s vagina. Majora means major. If you don’t discuss this with your father, I will show you.”

I watched as my porn mother removed her yoga leggings and took my hand, placing it between her legs.

“Wet your fingers and feel the thick outer lips of my vagina. As you touch them they might swell up a bit. Next?”

“Labia Minora”

“If you spread back the labia majora, you will find the labia minora. It is a pinker more sensitive area. Be cautious with your nails and feel how soft the flesh is.”

Following my mother’s guidance, as if it was the first time I have ever touched a woman’s private parts. As I touched and played with the soft flesh, a wetness was forming.

“Now place your fingers deeper inside me. You pass what would have been my hymen, broken years ago, into my vagina. That is where your penis goes when having sex. Now I will show you something, not on the page. Turn your fingers upward and make a “come here” motion. You will feel a soft spongy layer called a G spot.

As I followed her instructions I felt her body respond to my touch. Her hips were moving ever so slightly as her hand was toying with my hair and pressing my head firmly against her sports bra. Her head may have been acting but her body was responding naturally. She seemed to be enjoying giving instructions and having them followed to her satisfaction.

She continued, “The G spot can lead women into a vaginal orgasm, as opposed to a clitoral orgasm.”

Hearing her words but not paying much attention to them. I was enjoying my fingers meshing with her growing juices, massaging that spongy layer that I know she totally enjoyed.

“Mom, why is it so wet and squishy inside here?”

“When a girl gets sexually excited, her body generates juices to help both the cock and the vagina enjoy the sexual experience.”

“So mom, are you sexually excited now???”

Removing my hand from inside her, “That is none of your business, now strip out of your clothes and we will move on to part two; the male genitalia.”

Following her request, I strip out of my clothes, my cock already standing at full attention.

“My my son, when did cock get so big? I swear your father’s cock looks like a cocktail wiener compared to yours.”

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