15 Mayıs 2023

Jenna and Viola, first time for everything


Jenna and Viola have always had a dark side to themselves. Both have had a secret desire to experience sexual intercourse with the same sex. But like any other person, has always hesitated trying. Jenna and Viola have been good friends, not close friends but close enough. They hung out together throughout high school, parted their ways when it came to going to college and grad school. One day, Viola was walking down Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago. She was in a rush and was worried she’d be late for a job interview. As she got to the office she noticed a familiar face. It was Jenna! Viola said, ” Hey! What are you doing here?! Long time no see!” “Oh My Gosh! This is so crazy! I’m a secretary for an associate here. Are you here for the position?” said Jenna. “Yea! I got an email, and knowing my broke self I had to make it here.” Viola stated.”I get you hun! Well, good luck! Kadıköy Escort We should catch up!” exclaimed Jenna A few weeks later Viola got a callback for a second interview and decided to take extra time getting ready. She still had closet feelings for Jenna, and was determined to get the job AND Jenna in one day. After her interview, Viola was able to catch Jenna in the copy room:Viola said, “Hey girl! Want to meet up for dinner tonight? I’m feeling pretty confident about my interview, so I feel like celebrating.””Oh yea for sure! Shall we meet somewhere?” asked Jenna.  After arranging for a place to meet, Viola couldn’t resist but to hug her old friend. As she hugged her she could feel her nice firm 38C breasts, and squeezed her nice firm ass. As she pulled away Jenna let out a soft moan, to be quite honest it turned Viola on. They Kadıköy Escort Bayan met for dinner and laughed and caught up on old times. As the waiter came and asked if they’d like desert, Viola quickly replied, “Oh I actually have a new recipe for a cake I made earlier. We’ll just have that.” Jenna was excited, ever since that hug earlier, she was hoping she could make her moves on Viola. She too was determined to have her first girl on girl experience. As the two were walking to Viola’s they happened to pass by a sex shop. They couldn’t resist.”I’ve always wanted to buy a rabbit, I heard it was the most effective vibrator out there,” stated Viola”Really?! I heard the Trojan Vibrator is best!” Jenna exclaimed.Viola challenged her by saying, “Well why don’t we buy both and see?” “Hmm…,” she said slyly, “why don’t we?” She then Escort Kadıköy walked away licking her lips and swishing that firm, tight ass. As they got to Viola’s Jenna could hardly wait. Viola confessed, “Well to be honest I lied about the cake, I just wanted to keep you to myself. As a matter of fact, I kind of always had a small crush on you.””Viola! Why didn’t you tell me? I’ve always had the same, but too was nervous. I’ve never had a sexual experience with another woman.” Jenna admitted. Viola then said, “Same. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long.” Jenna then asked, “So… do you wanna try it? With me? Now? We have vibrators.”Viola then said in a sexy voice, “I don’t want to use vibrators.”All Jenna could say was “okay. ” They both went into Viola’s room and Jenna couldn’t wait any longer. She started to slowly kiss Viola. Unbuttoning her shirt, and caressing her 36D tits. Viola did the same, but moved her hand lower, and could feel Jenna becoming a little wet down there.” Mmm, that feels sooo good Jen,” Viola said as she felt Jenna.  Jenna confessed, “I’m really turned on right now.””I can tell.” Viola said with a smile. Viola took Jenna and laid her on the bed.

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