25 Aralık 2022

Jenna the Sub Ch. 04



Once home and safely behind closed door, Jenna made no haste in starting the bath that was suggested or ordered by Janice, which one it was, she still couldn’t decide, but still for some reason she felt compelled to do as she was told.

Moving into her bedroom while the bath ran hot to what she figured she could stand, Jenna rather quickly discarded of workout clothes, including her panties that had somehow become wet and laden with her unexpected arousal.

Standing now and looking at her naked self in the full length mirror attached to her bedroom wall, Jenna turned to finally witness just how red and fiery her ass cheeks had become during this frightening, yet somehow strangely erotic episode she had just endured.

“Sssss…Ahhh…” She winced through gritted teeth as she cautiously smoothed her hands down over each of the burning, sore and still very red orbs.

“Oh God…” she said aloud at feeling the heat, feeling her skin react to her touch as she once again let the scene of what had happened replay in her memory. Jenna pictured herself being afraid in this beautiful, older and very dominant woman’s presence – and yet still allowing herself to be led into something that most people would consider being horrendously improper, however she did it anyway. Something was over-riding her natural senses, it was like there had been a ‘click’ with some kind of switch had been thrown in her head.

“Why..?” she pondered thinking to herself wondering at how she had let this woman take such control over her, but more than this, she began to wonder why after everything and through it all, why did she feel so different so – erotically charged – so alive..?

Pulling herself together and having made her way back to her bath, having checked the temperature with her hand and then turned off the taps, Jenna once again clenched her jaw tight as she gingerly stepped in and began to lower herself into the hot water.

“Aaah-Aaah…” She sighed aloud while trying to hold herself aloft in aid of keeping her stinging ass cheeks above the water’s surface until she felt that she was able to let herself go and become completely submersed.

Once in and seated, the hot bath water rising to chest level with her submergence, and having given herself a moment or two while she adjusted to the waters heat, especially on and around her ass, Jenna slowly began to feel herself relax as the water and the heat took its effect.

With her eyes closed and in a moment of quiet solitude, she once more let her mind drift back, and once more she began to wonder and think all of the ‘why’s’ she had attached to this confusing, albeit somehow alluring and oddly arousing occurrence.


Having never really been attracted to women, Jenna wrestled with the conflicted feelings she was having about how turned on this woman had made feel her while letting her take complete control of the situation – not to mention the sexy, older woman taking control of her as well. Even allowing her to levying out a punishment spanking at first under the guise this being a form of therapy used to stimulate blood flow back to her injured leg and then, as the sexual tension rose, it became and true ‘spanking’ – a ‘punishment’ for acting so foolishly and getting hurt.

Yet in knowing a little beylikdüzü escort bit about herself Jenna knew that one reason she let herself be led so easily – and at no time tried to stop the ‘therapy’ being given to her was because she was and had always been the type of person who was more likely to follow rather than to lead. She was one to take direction, rather than to be one who would take charge and delegate. It was just in her nature to be this way, a natural submissive.

For as long as she could remember It had always been this way with Jenna, it was always in her make up for her to simply give in and do whatever was asked of her, it was her way of coping through not wanting to make waves, rock the boat and upset people and to not have them left feeling disappointed with her. It wasn’t a quality she was all too proud of, but for Jenna it had become all she had known when dealing with people.

Having come to terms with aspect of herself, her willingness to please rather than to upset, the largest and most frightening question she had to ask was the ‘why’ in just how turned on and wet she had become during the whole ordeal and more so during the spanking, or her ‘punishment’ in particular.

‘Why’ had she become so aroused? ‘Why’ had her pussy flooded so easily leaving her in such a state when Janice, or “Ma’am” (as she insisted on being called) had hiked her boy-shorts high up into the crevasse of her ass cheeks allowing the panties to mop up her unexpected flow of excitement…

Thinking of this aspect with a subtly of shame, Jenna still couldn’t help but let her thoughts centre on how naughty it all had been. How taboo and how at the same time, more exciting than anything else she had experienced. Like seeing shooting stars in the sky, the images again came back to her in a flash – picturing it all again – being berated, being pawed, being rough-handled, being spanked…

For the moment while pushing aside any reasoning she let her mind run away from her and feeling now like she was in some kind of sexually induced trance, Jenna let her right hand travel down her naked body, her knees drawing up to fall as wide as the sides of the bath would allow, yet still leaving her pussy open to her own touch. “Aaah…” She softly mewed, letting her fingers ply through her submerged pubes, continuing down to touch her exposed and excited sex.

“Oooh…” She gasped in a whisper; her eyes fluttering open and shut with the feelings of deep desire washing over her. “Aaahgg…” She cried out a bit louder now as she let her fingers drag upward through her parting lips and across her stiffly sensitive clit… She hissed again, her teeth clenching tightly, her mind and body revelling in the taboo feeling and loving it all…

Masturbation wasn’t something that came easily to Jenna because although she did have a relatively normal up-bringing, this unmentionable act was still something that she had been taught to believe was a selfish and shameful thing. Therefore anytime she had ever ‘explored’ her body in such a way, she had always come away from it feeling the pangs of guilt that had been instilled in her from a young age. Thus for Jenna, masturbation, although quite enjoyable, it wasn’t something of a regular occurrence.

Someone else who had frowned upon her beylikduzu escort playing with herself was her now ex-boyfriend Curtis. “Diddling” as he used to call it, was something that he said was like cheating on him if she ever got herself off while he wasn’t around. He also told her that it was selfish and a waste of time that could be otherwise spent taking care of him.

With a distracted smile, Jenna remembered how dumb Curtis was in his thinking. He would even masturbate himself because he’d say if he was playing with a dick, he might as well be gay. He was such an idiot.


Yet through all of her resent changes, and never more so then after today, she was starting to see it now. Jenna began to realize that this was just another one of the tools he used in his efforts in trying to brainwashing her into doing his bidding, manipulating her into doing whatever he wanted her to do, like a puppet bound to his will.

While recognizing this and finding herself lost in this heightened moment, she was easily able to push the thoughts of Curtis out of her mind completely by concentrating her efforts elsewhere – and for once, she could truly feel like she could let herself go.

Following the aching desires rising up from deep within her being, brought on by her own touch and the images of this commandingly beautiful woman occupying her mind, Jenna began freely touching and pleasuring herself where others had always told her it was not becoming of a young girl to take part in such a selfish and shameful deed – but still, she did it anyway.

It was the vision of a woman she was masturbating to, the thoughts and recollection of the woman she had encountered were again dancing around in her head. Her name was Janice Golding… Or ‘Ma’am’ as it was put to Jenna, to whom she quickly adjusted herself to saying in her even wanting, need to please…

Reliving the moment again and again, Jenna felt her body tingle at the mere mention of the name…

“Ma’am”… She said it in a whisper, eyes closed… “Ma’am…”

Saying it to herself as she had earlier in the evening… “Yes Ma’am… Yes Ma’am…” It sent shivers of excitement all over her body. Down from the tingles in the top of her head, through her now painfully stiff, dark brown nipples, continuing and finishing deep within the core of her now ultra sensitive clitoris she moaned aloud once more “Oooooohhhggg… Ma’aaaam”

Repeating it again… “Yes Ma’am… Yes Ma’am…” like a mantra paying homage to the woman who had taken her. Speeding up her actions, moving her hand and fingers quickly over her burning clit, pushing herself father, pushing herself closer to falling over the edge…

“Ahhhnnggg… Ahhh… Oh Ma’aaaam… Yes Ma’a-a-a-m…” she cried in a low gasping breath, sending herself past the point of no return, feeling herself go tense all over as her orgasm began erupting from her fiery core to sweeping throughout her entire being as quick as a brush fire. . With her eyes rolling back and gasping, Jenna was cumming… Cumming harder than she had yet to remember…

Sweating, panting and gasping. Jenna let the tide of her orgasm crash over her in like an angry storm laden sea crashing violently into a rocky shore… “Unnnggg – Unnnggg…” she cried incoherently struggling for breath, escort beylikdüzü feeling as if her sexual being was ripping itself out from within her skin, shedding and discarding the old Jenna, giving birth a new… The power of it was more than orgasmic; it was life-changing to say the least…


Panting still and heavy of chest, Jenna remained lost, taken away to some other plane of being, it wasn’t until some moments later while slowly regaining the breath that had been so powerfully pushed from her lungs, and with feeling the last of her body’s orgasmically-induced spasms subside, Jenna regained her senses while she lay still in the bath. With no real thoughts to gather just yet, it was just her, there alone sweating through the after-glow of such a wonderfully, self-induced orgasm.

Soon enough though, the high of sexual ecstasy waned and the feeling of elation was being replaced with some of her old habitual mind-sets. It was her old thoughts creeping back in leaving her feeling somewhat remorseful and guilty for pleasuring herself as she had, and to make matters worse, she had just done so, had just masturbated and made herself cum to the thoughts of who of all people but a woman.

Masturbating was one thing, but to do while replaying the events of earlier this evening, reliving the experience of letting another woman control her in such a way, and to become aroused by these trials was indeed something she was finding somewhat troubling.

After a time, Jenna resigned herself to knowing that there was nothing more she could do about what had happened, at least not now and with feeling the bath water growing colder around her – all she long for now was her bed.

It had been a long week for Jenna. Where it had started with the surprising and rather abrupt departure of her boyfriend Curtis, to where it had ended with her masturbating while laying the bath she was ‘ordered’ to take by the female owner of her local gym, this tall, statuesque and much older woman who had ‘punished’ her for so stupidly letting herself become injured while on her premises.

It was too much indeed, Jenna was exhausted and knowing that before she was to make any sense of what had transpired today and the entire week for that matter, she was going to have to sleep on it long and deep, let her mind clear and let her body recover…


Tired and weary, Jenna pulled herself from the bath and began to wrap her nude, wet form in one of the large fluff bath sheets that she loved so much. However while doing so; she once again caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror causing her to halt, holding the towel open. Looking at herself she wondered for a moment if she shouldn’t do something about the abundance of pubic hair she had admittedly let get out of hand for far too long.

This was one of the tactics that Curtis had employed in his own want to control Jenna and through no fault of her own she had heeded to his demand that she leave herself untrimmed and unkempt, reasoning to her that if she remained looking this way, no other man would want. As ridiculous as this was to Jenna, it was as if she was talking to a brick wall when trying to convince him otherwise, Curtis wouldn’t listen.

But once again, Jenna reminded herself that Curtis wasn’t around anymore and after the awakenings of today, things were different. Smiling to herself for the first time in a long time, Jenna decided that if she were to do any grooming at all, it wouldn’t be now, for right now, what she needed most was to get herself off to bed…


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