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JENNY TAKES A DETOURMy name is Jenny. My story is about a major change in my life. I’m 35 yearsold, married and have two c***dren. My husband is a Minister in a smalltown in Texas. We’ve been married for 17 years. My life has been very primand proper but satisfying until recently.About two weeks ago I started out to attend a bible seminar in Dallas,which is about a three hour drive from home. I kissed and hugged my twosons Brad and Jeff and husband Jim and promised that I would be careful onthe road. I told Jim that I would call him from the hotel to let him know Iwas OK.The trip went fine until I got near Dallas. A road construction crew wasworking on the road and had set up a detour. I checked my map to see howfar this would put me from my final destination. No problem, it turned out,if I used a county road about 5 miles from the detour. Unfortunately, mycar decided to die after about 10 miles down the county road. I lifted thehood to take a look at the engine even though I know nothing about cars. Ihad hopes that someone might come along and help. I hadn’t passed any carson this stretch and I was worried it might be some time before someone cameby. It was a hot July day and I was beginning to perspire.My worries ended when a pick-up truck pulled up behind my car. Two verylarge black men got out and walked to the front of my car. I was startledat first and a little afraid at the sight of these two giants. They seemedpolite enough when they asked if I needed help. I smiled and answered yes.Both looked under the hood and after a few minutes’ one of the men saidthat it looked like a bad fuel pump. He offered to give me a ride into townto arrange a tow. I accepted his kindness and introduced myself.The man that offered the ride told me that his name was Fred and hisfriend’s name was Joe. We all got in their truck with me sitting in themiddle. The pick-up was old and had no air-conditioning. It was a standardsize pick-up but I was still cramped between these huge men. I noticed thatmy shirt was beginning to cling to my skin. Fred and Joe had noticed aswell. They kept stealing glances at my chest as the wet material of myshirt outlined my breasts. They remained gentlemen, however.The attention is something I am used to. I have blond hair and blue eyes. Ihave been considered pretty since I was a little girl. When I entered myteen years my body blossomed beyond my parents’ expectations. They kept atight rein on me. They knew I would be the target of every boy in school.As a result I lived a very sheltered life.The sheltered existence continued after I met and married my husband. WhenI was fitted for my wedding dress, I measured 38DD-23-35. I’m 5’7″ tall andweigh 120 pounds. I have maintained my shaped through the years withexercise. My youthful face allows me to pass for 25. Hardly anyone canbelieve that I’m the mother of a 16 year old son. The attention has neverreally been a problem for me. I have always be content to be a wife andmother. Sex just has never been a big priority with me.Now, that priority seemed to be changing for some reason. I tried topinpoint why I felt different. Was it because I was away from home? Was itbecause it had been a long time since I had made love to my husband? Was itthe heat, or was it the sizable bulges forming in Fred’s and Joe’s pants?All I knew was that my face felt flush and an itch was forming between mylegs.I found myself staring at the bulge in Joe’s pants. It continued to grow tomy amazement. I felt my vagina lubricating. I couldn’t believe what washappening. I was a married woman who led a conservative religious life, andyet I was beginning to imagine myself having sex with this man I’d justmet. To top that off, the man was black. Now, I don’t have a prejudicedbone in my body, however, I was raised in the South and the tradition hereis that when it comes to sex and marriage the races don’t mix. I tried toget control of myself. I just couldn’t commit adultery and yet my vaginawas yearning to be filled.Joe noticed my stare and said, “Please pardon my arousal ma’am, but its notoften that a beautiful white woman with a big chest sits this close to me.”I pushed my chest out with pride and said, “Thanks for the compliment,Joe.” I added, “You fellas are handsome, yourselves.” And they were. Iwasn’t just being nice. My attention returned to Joe’s bulge as I asked,”Looks like you have something big there, as well.” Joe replied, “Its atribute to your beauty, ma’am.” He added, “I wish I could get my mind onsomething else, my trousers are beginning to get cramped.”I looked at Joe with concern and said, “Oh Joe, I’m sorry, I wish I couldhide.” Joe said, “No ma’am, this is my problem.” I said, “I don’t want youto be uncomfortable, Joe.” To my surprise I added, “Open your pants if itwill make you more comfortable.” Joe looked at me with a surprised look,then looked at Fred who looked equally surprised. Joe said, “Well, if itwouldn’t bother you, ma’am, it would sure make me feel better.”Joe unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He tried to keep his substantialmember hidden but it was too big. I stared at Joe’s penis with awe. It musthave been a foot long. The head was as thick as a coke can. I said tomyself out loud, “I caused that.” I was surprised when Joe answered, “Yesma’am, you did.” I looked at Joe with sympathy and said, “I’m sorry thatI’ve inconvenienced you two and I wish there was something I could do.”Joe shook his head and said, “No inconvenience, ma’am. We’re glad to help apretty lady.” He added, “There is only one thing that will get my bone backinside my pants right now and I don’t think you would like it.” I had mysuspicions but I had to ask, “What’s that, Joe?” Joe’s politeness gave wayto frankness as he said, “Ma’am, you have to suck me off!” I looked at Joewith surprise although I wasn’t. I looked at Joe’s penis again. All I couldthink about was Joe’s penis. I tried to remember who I was. I was in astrange truck but it was like a dream.The next thing I knew I had three inches of Joe’s penis in my mouth. Idon’t even remember leaning over and taking him in my mouth. Joe had asurprised look on his face that began to change to pleasure. My lips werestretched to their limits. Joe’s penis was to much for my mouth. I began tolick the head while I stroked the shaft. Joe began to growl with passion. Icouldn’t believe I was given this man oral sex. It was the first penis Ihad ever tasted. My husband would never ask me to suck his penis and Inever brought it up. I found that I was enjoying the feeling of suckingthis large black penis.While I sucked, Joe unbuttoned my shirt and began to rub my breasts. Hesaid, “Fred, look at these big titties.” Fred grunted his approval. Iwanted to feel Joe’s hands on my nipples so I unsnapped my bra. Joe tookthis as an invitation. I felt his hand cup my right breast. A moment laterI felt Fred’s hand on my left breast. They pinched my nipples sending amessage to my vagina demanding attention. I began to rub the wet areabetween my legs.Within seconds I had an orgasm. Shortly afterward, Joe flooded my mouthwith his sperm. I jerked my head away causing Joe’s second squirt to hit mein the face. I decided that the taste wasn’t that bad so I swallowed Joe’spenis again and collected the remainder of his sperm in my mouth. Iswallowed the liquid with each delivery into my mouth. I couldn’t believehow much Joe came. I now had a belly full of his sperm.Just then the passenger door opened and Joe and Fred helped me out of thetruck. I hadn’t noticed that Fred had pulled down a dirt road out of siteof the county road. He had pulled over at secluded spot. Fred led me aroundto the bed of the truck and had me crawl up on a bunch of old blankets.Fred unzipped his pants and pulled out a penis that was easily two incheslonger than Joe’s and just as thick. He crawled up into the truck bed anddangled his penis next to my head.Without hesitation, I began to suck and lick Fred’s member. Meanwhile, Joecrawled in the truck-bed on the other side of me and began to remove myshirt and bra. He then removed my shoes and jeans. Lastly he pulled mypanties off leaving me naked. Fred’s penis had meanwhile gotten rock hard.I removed Fred’s penis from my mouth and said, “Put it in me, Fred,please!”Fred laid back on the blankets and grabbed me by the waist. He lifted mewith ease up over his penis while I guided the head to my opening. I wasvery wet, however, I was not sure I could take such a large member evenafter two pregnancies. Fred slowly lowered me down. His penis entered mestretching my vaginal lips thin. Fred was able to penetrate me withoutdifficulty but it was incredibly tight. Slowly I was impaled the fulllength of his shaft. I never felt so full. He began pumping me up and down.I immediately had an orgasm. It continued while I pumped up and down onFred. I had never had an orgasm like this. I didn’t want it to end.After about five minutes of riding Fred, I felt a pressure between thecheeks of my bottom. Before I could say anything, Joe had four inches ofpenis buried in my anal opening. My orgasm intensified. They began to pumpme together. I now had over two feet of penis filling my holes. The onlything that could be better was to have a third penis in my mouth. Iscreamed for them to pound me harder and they did, while Joe squeezed mybottom and Fred squeezed my breasts.After about 15 minutes of sex, Joe pulled out of my anus and stuck hispenis in my mouth. He unloaded another load of sperm in my mouth as Fredflooded my vagina. I was dripping at both ends. I licked Joe clean notminding where Joe’s cock had just been, then cleaned up Fred. They thankedme for the sex. I told them that I wanted to go again. Fred said, “Ma’am,if you want more I’ll have to take you to the pool hall. I’m just not readyfor any more fucking now.”Without thinking about my situation I said, “Anything you say, Fred.” As Igot dressed I was amazed at how wonderful I felt. I had more orgasms inthose few minutes than I had my entire life. My husband had never satisfiedme and it had been many years since I had climaxed by my own hand. I nowrealized that I would not be able to survive without the feelings andsensations I had just experienced.As we drove into town I realized that I told my husband I would call himwhen I arrived. Guilty feelings suddenly overcame me. I thought about myfamily and then about what I had just done. My thinking became confused. Iknew that it was sinful for a married woman to have sex bayan escort istanbul with another man,much less two at one time. It couldn’t have been me, a white woman, withtwo huge black penises buried in my vagina and anus. Surely, it wasn’t Iwho sucked the sperm out of Joe’s penis and swished the gooey liquid aroundmy tongue to savor the taste. And, it must have been someone else wholicked the residue off the big black cock that had moments before been 12inches deep in my bowel. I recalled an earlier trip to the bathroom thatmorning before I had left.I was shocked at what I had done, but I loved every minute of it. I’m notsure if it was the nastiness of the acts or whether I genuinely like thetaste of sperm, but I knew I wanted more. As for the musty taste from mybowel, it seems impossible to me now that I tasted it, however, I know thatat the height of my sexual state it was exactly what I wanted to do. Thefeeling of two penises rubbing together inside me gave me pleasure thatnothing else had come close to. I only hoped that the rest of the day wouldbe as fulfilling.I decided that I would see about repairing my car and then find a hotel. Ididn’t mind the sweaty sex, but I felt like I should get cleaned up forlater. I asked Fred to take me to a place where I could get my car towedand fixed. We arrived at Nate’s garage a short time later. When Fred pulledup a tall black man about 30 years old walked out with the widest eyes I’dever seen. I guess he was surprised to see me sitting between Joe and Fredlooking like I had just been in a wet T-shirt contest. I know what you’rethinking, but I’ve been around enough to know what a wet T-shirt contestis.The tall man whose shirt identified him as Nate said, “Fred, where did youfind that princess from heaven?” Like I said, this was the South and awhite woman riding around in a pickup with two black men was rare. Fredsaid, “The young lady here had car trouble back down county road 1305. Wegave her a lift here figuring you could fix her up.” Nate was now lookingat my nipples, which were clearly visible though my shirt. I hadn’t put mybra or panties back on after Fred and Joe fucked me. Thinking about ourthreesome reminded me of the feelings and sensations Fred and Joe hadproduced in me.I noticed that Nate was developing a sizable bulge in his pants. My nipplesresponded by getting rock hard. His eyes began bulging at the site of mygrowing nubs. I interrupted the silence by saying in my best attempt at asexy voice, “Nate, would you please fix my car?” I smiled and continued,”I’ll make it worth your while.” Nate began stuttering, “Ma..Ma’am, yesma’am, right away.”Without taking my eye off Nate I reached in my jeans’s pocket and pulledout my underwear. I turned to Fred and gave him my panties then kissed himfull on the mouth letting my tongue wander inside his mouth. I gave Joe mybra, knowing how he likes big tits. I gave Joe the same sloppy kiss as Imashed my chest into his side and rubbed against him. My nipples were onfire. I turned back to Nate a said, “You’ll get yours when my car isfixed.” I thanked Fred and Joe for their help and ask if they would pick meup at eight and take me to the pool hall. They both nodded. Nate piped up,”You’re taking the lady to the pool hall. Does she know about the poolhall?” Joe answered, “She’ll know tonight!”It sounded kind of scary to me but I was still looking forward to it. I wasalso anxious for Nate to fix my car but I don’t think as anxious as he was.It made me feel good to use my feminine charms to make a man do what Iwanted. I had noticed a motel across the street. It didn’t look like muchbut it would do. I ask Nate to send my bags over after he got my car. Ithen said with a wink, “I expect that you will personally deliver my carwhen its ready.” Nate said, “You can count on that, Ma’am!” I then turnedand walked across the street to the motel.I checked in and told the bell hop that Nate would send over my bags. Iasked the handsome young black man of 19 or so to bring my bags to my roomwhen they got there. I squeezed a five into his hand and gave him a wink. Icould tell by his stares that his young hormones were working overtime. Inew that soon I would have to take care of him as well.Up to this point I hadn’t seen any white people. I figured I was in apredominately black neighborhood. So far, everyone had been very nice. I’msure the possibility of fucking a buxom blond white woman would cheer anyman, black or white.When I got to the room, I called my husband and let him know thateverything was fine. I tried to act as if nothing out of the ordinary hadhappened. I’m sure I succeeded, however, I was feeling mighty guilty by thetime I hung up. I filled the bath, then took off my sticky clothes. Ilooked at my body for a while. It was though I was looking at it for thefirst time.. I forgot about my husband and family. My breasts were flushedwith the squeezing of a half hour before. I pulled on my nipples andreceived a jolt of sensation sending me back to the time when my vagina andanus were being pounded. My knees became weak and gave way. I landed on thefloor on in a sitting position. The force caused a trickle of sperm to flowfrom my vagina. Without thinking I scooped up the bead and put it in mymouth. The taste of cum and the musty smells of the remnants of Joe’s assfuck sent me into another orgasm. My vagina belched out a mixture of myjuices and Fred’s sperm. I lapped it up using both soiled hands. I finishedby cleaning my rectum in the same way. I was exhausted so I lay down on thefloor and fell asleep.I awoke some time later still in a heap on the floor. I picked myself upand crawled into the tub. I warmed the water up with the tap and lingeredin the tub after I washed. I heard a knock at the door and yelled, “Comein!” In walked Ron the bell hop with my bags. “You’re luggage, Ma’am,” Iheard him say. I saw his face in the full length mirror outside thebathroom and knew he could see me as well. The soap and water covered mybody except for the substantial tops of my breasts. I thanked Ron and toldhim I’d call if I needed him. He left me to my bath.Soon after I got out of the tub and dried my body and my hair. My energyhad returned and I began to admire my body again. I was proud that mybreasts were still firm with only a hint of sag. I bounced lightly on myfeet and watch my breasts jiggle. I felt that tingly feeling again andbegan to realize just how sensitive my breasts were. I wasn’t sure if mysexual desires were just developing late or that they had been suppressedall these years. All it took was a slight jiggling of my breasts or a brushof my nipples and a jolt of what felt like electricity would start at mynipple and go directly to my vagina.A knock at the door brought me back to my senses. I wrapped up in a toweland opened the door. It was Nate with my car keys. He pointed outside at mycar and said, “Its as good as new, ma’am.” I replied, “That was sure fast!”He said, “Just a minor repair, ma’am.” Nate had that same anxious look andbulging trousers I had left him with earlier. I said, “Come on in, Nate,and take a break.” I didn’t have to ask twice.Once inside I told Nate to have a seat on the bed. Without any fanfare Iremoved the towel covering my body and stood before Nate with nothing onbut a sexy smile. Nate’s eyes bulged as big as the lump in his pants. Isaid, “Nate, I’ll do anything you want for the next 30 minutes.” He smileda big toothy grin and said, “Suck my cock.”Immediately, I pushed him to the middle of the bed and helped him removehis boots and socks. I undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants. Hissubstantial penis made a tent in his boxer shorts. He shed his pants and Ipulled down his shorts exposing the biggest penis I had ever seen. Ithought I would never see anything bigger than Joe and Fred. I asked Natehow big he was and he replied, “15 inches long and 8 inches around.” It wasalmost as long as my forearm and wider than my wrist. I told Nate that Iwould give all my effort to see to it that all 15 inches got buried insideme.I went to work on the head of his penis like a mad woman. I wanted to tastehis sperm. I couldn’t wait. I tried to take as much of his fat penis as Icould. By adjusting the angle of attack and by opening my throat, I wasable to get about half of it in. I could see my reflection in the mirror onthe wall and it was as if I was watching someone else. I watched this whitewoman taking this huge black tube of flesh and attempt to swallow theentire length. The sight amplified my determination. I pushed and pushedNate’s penis down my throat until the image on the wall showed no hugeblack tube and the woman’s nose was flat against the man’s belly. A largeunusual bulge appeared on the woman’s neck. I realized it was me. I haddone it. If I could take Nate on I could take on anyone. Not only was Ihungry for sex, I was proficient at it.Nate began bucking wildly. Evidently, he had seen the image in the mirrorand erupted in orgasm. I couldn’t tell for sure but the throbbing in myneck suggested that Nate was pumping a large load directly into my belly.By the time I had pulled off his big tool he had stopped cumming. I askedto be sure, and he confirmed that he had cum. He said no woman, black orwhite, had ever swallowed him whole, and for that the auto-repair was onhim. At that moment I realized that I had become a prostitute.I looked at the clock and noted that Nate still had twenty minutes. He toldme that he wanted to fuck me in the ass and cunt but that he needed a rest.It occurred to me that I could use the time to take care of Ron the bellhop. I asked Nate if he minded a threesome. He said it sounded interesting,so I called the desk and ask for Ron. He was at my door in five minutes. Iopened the door careful not to show my naked body outside and invited Ronin. He noticed my naked body after I had closed the door. His eyes got verywide. He noticed Nate on the bed naked from the waist down and said verynervously, “I don’t want no trouble.” I walked over to Ron and crushed bybreasts into his chest and said, “Don’t worry, Baby, you and Nate are goingto fuck me for a while.”I helped Ron out of his clothes and asked Nate to move to the chair whileRon fucked me. I put Ron on his back and began stroking his penis. It wasbig but it didn’t measure up to Nate. I figured it to be about 10 incheslong. I stuffed the entire thing in my mouth with ease after learning howon Nate’s penis. I was drenched istanbul escort bayan in sperm after only two pumps. I lapped upall the spilled cum which impressed Ron. His youth allowed him to stay hardso I crawled on top of Ron and impaled myself on his tool. I bounced up anddown on Ron for ten glorious minutes, cumming twice, before I notice thatNate had positioned himself at my anus..Nate struggled for a moment but finally popped the huge head of his penisinto my anus. Slowly he inched his way into my bowel. I didn’t notice howfar because I was in the middle of another mind bending orgasm. When I cameout of it, both Nate and Ron were pumping me smoothly. This continued forseveral minutes during which I had a long continuous orgasm. Suddenly Natepulled out of me and appear in front of me his penis bobbing in front of myface. I took him to the root again cleaning him thoroughly. He came again.This time I was able to taste some of his sperm before it was sent to mybelly. It had a strong flavor that I liked tremendously.Soon after, Ron filled my vagina with his load. I tasted some of drippingsat my vagina and learned that Ron’s sperm tasted milder than Nate’s. Ronhopped up and thanked me. He said he had to get back to work. He dressedand left. Meanwhile, Nate had one more fuck in him. He put me on my backand slowly entered my vagina. It stretched to fit his huge tool.Fortunately, I was well lubricated. He pounded out two more orgasms in mebefore having one of his own. Rather than cumming in my vagina, he sprayedmy chest and stomach with his sperm. I managed to catch one squirt in mymouth.Nate dressed and left shortly after our last fuck. I had great admirationfor Nate’s penis and his manner. I wondered if he was married. I realizedthat another bath was in order. I had sperm dripping from my vagina and myface. The sperm on my breast and stomach had dried. I realized that it wasalmost 7. I had an hour to get ready. I quickly bathed and dried off. Myhair did not need to be washed again. I fixed it in my normal fashion, thatis, up. I dressed in one of my suits and had just finished my makeup whenthere was a knock at the door.I opened the door to find Fred and Joe. I invited them in and gave each onea hug. I noticed a look of indecision on Fred’s face and asked what waswrong. He stuttered around and finally said bluntly, “Miss Jenny, we’re notgoing to church tonight. You may want to change your clothes if you want toparty the way I think you want to party.” I looked at my suit with a frownand said, “Not very sexy, huh?” Joe piped up, “Don’t get us wrong, ma’am,you’re very beautiful, but, you may want to show more skin and curves andmaybe a wilder hairdo. You understand what I’m saying?” I nodded with afrown, “Unfortunately, all my outfits are like this.”Fred said, “Don’t worry little lady. I know just the thing. We’ll go to mysister’s place.” He opened the door leading the way. We hopped into thepick-up and hit the road. A short time later Fred pulled into the parkinglot of a strip shopping center. He parked in front of a store called’Winnie’s Fashions’. We walked in as Winnie was about to close. Fredintroduced me to Winnie who was giving me the usual stare that I had cometo expect in this black neighborhood.Fred explained to Winnie that I needed a party outfit. She smiled andturned, walking to another area of the store. The racks were full of veryskimpy brightly colored tops and skirts. Winnie showed me a few dresses andI picked two. I wasn’t wild about some of the colors, but I found a red oneI liked and a white one. I went to the dressing room and tried the red onefirst. Everybody liked the dress. It had a frilly short skirt and straplesstop. I was a bit insecure about the top so I went back to the dressing roomand put on the white dress.This dress fit me like a glove. It was very simple. The material was smoothand shiny. Spaghetti straps held up the top which showed a great deal of mybreasts. My nipples were plain to see through the material. The tightnessof the dress suggested that I might need the next size up. I decided thattight was what I wanted. Besides, I liked to way the dress pushed mybreasts together, producing a long deep cleavage. The dress hugged my everycurve. I decided to remove my panties because they showed through. Theresult was pleasing. The hem-line was very high. I knew I would likelyexpose my pubic hair when I sat down. I would have to be careful unless Ididn’t want to be.Fred and Joe agreed that I looked great. I selected a pair of white fiveinch spiked high heels and a white handbag as accessories. I went back tothe dressing room and collected my things. I almost forgot about my hair. Ilet it down and brushed it out. Using a little hairspray I fluffed it up. Igave it a slightly wind blown look. It hung smoothly over my shoulders anddown my back. I wore bangs to make me look younger. I liked the result andso did the boys. I paid for the clothes and we left. As we were gettinginto the truck I noticed that Fred and Joe were sporting bulges again.As Fred pulled away I instructed him to find a secluded spot. I told Fredand Joe that they looked like they could use a fuck and I sure knew that Iwanted it. Fred developed a big grin then pulled the truck around the backof the shopping center. We got out and I walked to the front of the truck.I liked the way it felt walking in the high heels, feeling the stretchydress material rub my naked body underneath. I stood facing the hood of thetruck and spread my legs about three feet apart. I bent at the waist andbraced myself against the hood of the truck. The invitation was plain. Theboys new what to do.Joe opened his fly and pulled out his growing penis. He stroked it a coupletimes and it reached its full length. Joe pulled my skirt up only a fewinches exposing my vagina. He pushed the big head of his tool into me andbegan banging me hard. After about five minutes I orgasmed hard. I lost allsenses for a moment while the pleasure washed over me. When my hearingreturned I heard Joe grunting and new he was about to cum. I looked over myshoulder into Joe’s eyes and pleaded for him to cum in my mouth. A momentlater he pulled out and I spun around. I opened my mouth wide and Joelowered the head of his penis to my tongue. Soon, squirt after squirtfilled my mouth. I swallowed the whole gooey load.I turned back around and assumed the position for Fred. Before he began hetested the ease of lowering my top. By simply hooking his thumbs around thestraps of my dress and pulling them over my shoulders, Fred was able tofree my breasts. He began to pull at my nipples as he impaled my anus withhis 14 inch penis. The electric bolts that were now shooting from mypinched and stretched nipples to my vagina were joined with jolts eruptingin my ass with each thrust of Fred’s member. Without knowing it I began tomoan loudly. This caused Fred to pull harder on my nipples and pound my assharder. My moaning increased. I had another blanking orgasm. When Iregained my senses, I noted that Fred had pulled out of my ass. He washolding the pent up sperm in his penis. I opened my mouth and Fred releasedthe contents into my mouth. I lapped up the sperm, savoring every drop. Ithen licked Fred’s soiled penis clean.At that moment I looked to my left and noticed a third man. It was thefirst white man I’d seen in town. He looked like he was drunk. He had hiscock out and was stroking a sizable rock hard penis. I wasn’t going to letit go to waste so I let him fuck me. He didn’t last long and I didn’tclimax, however, it was the first wine flavored sperm I had tasted. Itturned out the man was just a bum that I had awakened with my loud moans.When I was finished with the man I looked over and noticed Fred and Joejust smiling and shaking their heads.I stretched my shoulder straps back into placed and pushed my tits backinto their confines. Finally, I pulled my skirt down. I marveled at theease of being fucked three times and becoming presentable in less than aminute. I still needed to reapply my lip stick, but I could do that in thetruck’s rear view mirror. We drove off to the pool hall with Fred and Joesatisfied for a while and me hot and horny as ever. I was looking forwardto three or more men fucking me at once.We pulled into the parking lot of a run down dirty looking bar. Fred parkedthe truck then turned to me and said, “Jenny, this place is pretty wild andcan get rough. The police avoid this place. Now is the time to leave if youdon’t feel up to it.” I said, “Thanks for your concern Fred. I just want toknow one thing.” Fred said, “What’s that?” I continued, “Can I get fuckedby a lot of men, here?” Joe piped up, “Ma’am, you’ll be the only whitewoman in the place. There’s boys in there who have dreamed of banging awhite woman all their lives and you, my lady, are more beautiful than theirdreams would ever allow.” I said confidently, “Lead on.” Fred smiled andgave my nipple a pinch. My hand immediately went between my legs as theusual electrical charge jumped from my nipple to vagina. Fred laughed andsaid, “We sure know how to jump start Ms. Jenny!” All I could do was moan.Fred entered the bar first. I followed swinging my hips. Joe followed me.My dress conformed to my body and the gentle rubbing on my nipples as Iwalked kept me in constant heat. I could feel the blood running through myveins. I never felt so alive. The place was busy. I watched as each pair ofeyes got to know my body intimately. The dress was just a second skin. Iwas essentially naked. Even my pubic mound was accented by the dress. Everyman in the place knew he had a golden invitation to fuck me. I licked mylips as I walked to make sure there was no mistake about it.Fred led me to the bar in the back and pointed to a bar stool. We sat downand Joe order drinks for us. I had just taken a sip of my beer and set themug down when a large hand caressed my shoulder and rotated me aroundgently. There stood a large black man about 6’6″ and 260 pounds. I noticethat he was stroking a rather large penis. Before I realized it he hadspread my legs, causing my skirt to spring to my waist, and plugged his 13inch penis into my dripping hole. Once his pole was safely lodged in myvagina he gripped my bottom with both huge hands and pulled me onto therest of his penis. My shock gave way to loud moans. He had my back pinnedto the bar, my bottom on the bar stool and my legs over his shoulders. Hewas pounding me so fast that it istanbul escort was a blur. After about three minutes hepaused for only a second to lower the straps of my dress, exposing my tits.His hands went to work pulling and pinching my nipples. I began to moanloudly. I noticed a crowd forming. After five minutes of this treatment Iblacked out with a hard crushing orgasm. I learned that the more physicalthe fucking the harder I orgasm. I hoped my body could hold up. When mysenses returned I notice the signs of an oncoming male orgasm. I lockedeyes with my partner and calmly said, “In my mouth.” That was all it took.Roughly he pulled me into a sitting position and then down to his penis. Istuffed it in my mouth in time to take a large gooey load down my throat.I licked the man clean and before I knew it my legs were over another pairof shoulders and another penis was plowing my vagina. Man number two hadseen the previous fuck and he knew that pulling on my large tits made mewild. He grabbed both nipples and began pulling. It was a little scary tosee my nipples stretched out two to three inches, then pulled in alldirections. It looked sort like the cow hand yanking on a cow’s udders. Theslight pain I was feeling was instantly transformed into sexual pleasure asthe pounding and pulling continued. I had another hard orgasm. I noticedthat I was discharging a considerable amount of fluid with each orgasm. Ithad collected on the bar stool and I was now sliding around in it.It went like this for about forty minutes and eight guys. I was gettingjust what I wanted. Each man was kind enough to come in my mouth. I enjoyedthe taste a great deal. After number eight I asked if I could take a rest.Number nine looked perturbed but relented when I promised him my anus. Atthat moment the bartender brought a beer mug half full of what looked likemilk. On closer inspection I realized that it was not milk but sperm. Itmust have been from twenty or thirty guys. The bartender explained thatmany of his patrons were so turned on by my fucking that they strokedthemselves off. He said he noticed that I seemed to like cum so he passedthe mug and they all filled it up for me. I thanked him and began to drink.I downed the whole thing to their cheers and applause. I handed the mugback to the bartender and told him to keep it cumming.I asked the bartender how many men and women were at the bar. He paused andthen said, “I figure about a hundred men and four women.” I looked aroundand noticed a black women naked on a pool table with a penis in her vagina,anus and mouth. They were giving her hell. I couldn’t see any other womanbut the place was bigger than it looked from the outside. Number nine wasnow getting irritated. I suspected that his balls were about to explode andI was eager to taste the contents. I noted a line of about 15 guys lined upbehind number nine and they looked angry and frustrated while waiting. Thelast thing I wanted was to be hurt by a angry mob.I stood up, pushed the material of my dress to my waist, and bent over thebar stool. The men now had access to my anus and vagina in back and mymouth and tits in front. The stool was still sticky with my cum. Numbernine plowed his penis into my frothy vagina and pumped me a few times tolubricate his shaft. He then gently entered my anus and slowly embedded histool in my bowels. The tightness had us both moaning. I motioned for thenext man to fuck my mouth. I also had the on-deck men pulling at my tits.For the next hour I took on twosomes in this manner. When the line haddwindled to no more than six, I had enjoyed seven anal fucks and fourvaginal fucks and had swallowed another eleven wads of sperm and had aleast a dozen hard mind blowing orgasms. On the floor underneath me was alarge cake pan that had collected the drippings from my vagina and anusthat included the cum of eleven well-hung black men and one well-fuckedwhite woman. The gooey mess looked like the kind of cake frosting that isput on coffee cake. I asked for a break and slowly stood up carefullyavoiding the pan. I smiled at those around me and said, “You fellas thinkof everything, don’t you?” I picked up the pan and proceeded to eat thewhole slimy mess.The reaction was another round of whistles and hoots. The bartender handedme another sperm mug. This one was only a third full. I looked back at thebartender and he shrugged, “You’re wearing them out, lady.” I beamed withpride and said, “The next one should be full.” The bartender nodded as Idowned the latest collection of cum. I looked around and asked if there wasany place we could be more comfortable. A handsome black gentleman who hadbeen waiting a long time took my hand and led me to the other side of theroom. There was a large thick mat that covered the floor. A woman I had notseen was getting up off the mat as we approached. Her face was covered withsperm and her vagina was leaking down her leg. She was busy wiping thestuff off. I was tempted to lick it off her.A new crop of men had gathered around me. I explained that I wanted to fuckthree men at a time. I told them I preferred for them to cum in my mouth.If they didn’t that was OK too. For the next hour and a half we got down toa serious white woman gang bang. This corner of the bar was darker and theonly light given off was the reflection off my white skin and the shinywell-lubricated black penises that kept disappearing inside me. It was asurreal experience. I loved the feeling of a 14 incher in my vagina andanother 14 incher in my butt. When a good pair established a rhythm, all Iwanted was to stuff a third cock down my throat and have a heart stoppingorgasm. I would just stop with my nose buried in some man’s wiry pubic hairand shudder on the two black poles buried in my vagina and bowel. Icollected a good deal of sperm like that. I began to notice that I sloshedwhen I moved. Now that’s a belly full of sperm. I also found that I likedgiving the men a tongue bath after they came. I started by licking theirpenis, then cleaning their balls and finally I tongued their anus. Many hadrecently had bowel movements and I found that I licked harder and cleanedmore thoroughly in those cases. My tongue, to my new found delight, isquite long. I estimate that I was able to penetrate most of their anusesover an inch.This nonstop fucking continued with one man cumming and another taking hisplace. All three of my holes were constantly filled. The orgasms began torun together. At one point I regained my senses after a strong long lastingorgasm and noticed a change. Rather than feeling the sweaty skin of athrusting man at my rear, the feeling was soft and dry, like… As I turnedaround to look I realized why the feeling was like that of a fur coat. Alarge black dog, a Labrador I believed, had his paws around my waist andhis eleven inch cock buried in my anus. I realized also that the men hadback away to watch. I was in the middle of this mat getting fucked by ana****l as dozens of men looked on and cheered.Despite the activity of the past hours, the countless men who had fucked meand the large quantities of sperm I had drunk, I was shocked. I couldn’tmove. It all began to come back to me. I was the respected wife of the townminister with c***dren who loved me. If they could see me now, gettingfucked in the ass by a dog. The problem was it felt so good. I liked theway the dog caressed my waist. I could feel another towering orgasmbuilding. Oh, the immorality of it. I had come a long way from thepreacher’s sweet wife. I was now enjoying getting dog fucked. As I began toblank out with orgasm I remembered thinking, I wonder what dog sperm tasteslike. When my hearing returned the dog was yelping and I realized that hewas pumping his load into my bowels. I also noted that his cock felt likeit had swollen to twice the size. He was stuck inside my ass. I thenremembered from the days I spent on my uncle’s farm, that many male a****lsget a knot in their penis after ejaculation. This was to hold the sperminside the female so that pregnancy could occur. I new that I would be likethis for a few moments so I decided to rest. I collapsed down on the mat.The dog crossed one leg over my back, so that we were butt to butt, andwaited.After about five minutes the dog and I separated. He moved a few feet awayand began to lick his penis. I knew what I wanted to do. I crawled over tothe dog and gently began to suck the dog’s penis. I managed to get somemore sperm out of his cock. It tasted similar to human sperm but wasthinner. Once the dog was clean I lapped up the trail of sperm that hadleaked out of my asshole. I finished by sticking two fingers in my anus andcollecting what I could to eat. I was about as low and depraved as a humancould get. Here I was, a beautiful woman who could have just about anythingI wanted and I was here at a dingy bar being gang banged and dogfucked. Thestrange thing was I couldn’t think of anyplace I would rather be.After my session with the dog, I looked around for another cock to suck orfuck. I was content to suck and fuck all night. Unfortunately, the men hadthinned out. I was now alone with my thoughts. Before today, I was the typeof woman who would never be caught in a place like this doing what I haddone. Now, I was simply a sex toy, a nasty slut who has sex with a****ls.It occurred to me that I now felt comfortable with the slut label. I alsoknew that it was incompatible with my former status.Fred and Joe offered to take me back to the motel. The boys dropped me atthe motel and declined my invitation to a private session. It seemed thatthey were all fucked out, as well. Alone in the room I thought aboutcleaning up in the tub. I decided against it, however. I liked the feelingof all the dried sweat and cum coating my skin. I curled up on the bed andbegan to lick my limbs. I fell asleep with the most blissful feelings Icould remember.I awoke the next morning to a most offensive smell. I recalled theactivities of the night before with horror. I also recalled the wonderfulfeelings that I knew I could never live without. More exploration was inorder. I cleaned up and made it to my bible seminar just a little late. Forthe next two weeks I studied the bible during the day and hit the streetsat night. I’ve now experienced all the sexual activities Dallas has tooffer, from the single’s scene to being the main entertainment for abachelor party.I’m going home tomorrow. I’ve been trying to figure out how to return to mylife as a minister’s wife and mother of two and still enjoy my newfoundlife as a slut. I guess I will just have to make more trips out of town. IfI get a chance, I’ll pass along what happened in Dallas over the last twoweeks. We’ll talk soon.________________________

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